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In the field of electronic gaming, many questions are raised on how to get one dragonvale air dragon from the list of the many other dragons out there. You might be confused on how to get one because there is no such thing as an air dragon on your dragon’s list and maybe you might be wondering on how to make it a part of your own dragon list. Well, it might be tough to think but the only remedy to your problem is quite simple than you think it is. All you have to do is to follow some very simple tips which we will share right away.

An air dragon in your favorite electronic game Dragonvale is a product of its enhancement. That is why you cannot see any air dragon in your list. To get one, you must breed two of the most popular and mostly used dragons in the said electronic game. These are fire dragons and water dragons. This mean that the only way to have your most desired air dragon is the union of the two most powerful dragons in your magical land. And, it only takes two hours to breed and an additional two hours to hatch. It’s that simple. You can also clearly identify an air dragon egg by merely observing its physical appearance. It canDragonvale Air Dragon be described as an egg with pale purple color and have some blue wind swirls that signifies or symbolizes air.

From the name itself, air is the only habitat of your air dragons. Do you know the coolest thing about air dragons? They spend most of their entire lives in the air. They can even sleep and eat without touching the grounds. No one could ever reach them and have the chance of viewing them up close. However, they are one of the sweetest dragons in the magical world of dragonvale.

In regards with earnings, air dragons can give you different earning rates which are based on your game level. Of course, a level higher will definitely give you more earnings than those lower levels. The minimum earning which your air dragon can give you are six gold during level one while its maximum earning is thirty eight gold on level ten. Your most loved air dragons evolve twice which is in level four and in level seven. But, do you want a faster and easier way of having one? Do you badly want to have an air dragon without spending four hours waiting for it to be breed and hatched? Here’s the catch.

Air dragons can be purchased with the aid of some gems. In the world of dragonvale, it will only cost you five hundred gems to solely own an air dragon.  Or, you can ask a friend to sell his air dragon to you on the cost which the two of you agreed. It’s the fastest and easiest way to acquire a lovable air dragon pet in your dragonvale. Now, it’s up for you to decide which choice you’ll take—the easy and the fast way or to breed and hatch them like a mother taking care of her child. Experience the magic of air dragons and let your friends experience the same thing you do. Dragonvale air dragon is such a worthy creature to have in your dragon land.


  1. Rosemary says:

    U mean we can trade the dragons ? How?

  2. Andrew says:

    How do we trade dragons?

  3. Elena says:

    Huh? TRADE? Never heard of it!
    (I am not being nasty too near christmas…)

  4. Elena says:

    BUT… I have no friend so i – i cant make a selling dragon offer. :(

  5. Ryan says:

    How do you exchange money for gems? Please help!

  6. Ryan says:

    How do do you get a moon dragon?

  7. Random says:

    Wait, so how do I get an Air Dragon by breeding it?

  8. Yizhak says:

    To breed an air dragon i think u should try sun and moon

  9. jacobfarrow says:

    the only way to get an air dragon other than buying it for 500 gems is to breed fire + water.

  10. You breed water and fire not lvl 10

  11. Jen says:

    Breeding a lvl 10 water on left, and lvl 10 fire on right got me air dragon first time.

  12. money83x says:

    i got air first time with water (r) and fire (l).

  13. petr 43 says:

    i got the air dragon on firts time water lvl 10 (r) fire lvl 10(l)

  14. Kulol says:

    Idk How can i breed the air dragon guyes? Pleassssssssasssse help ;-)

  15. I thinks it’s water on the right and fire on the left hope it works!!!!! :D . Please Be my friend on Game Center!!!!!!!

  16. Aviv says:

    Fire and water

  17. The left and right thing as well as the lvl10 thing doesn’t matter a
    April people

  18. xabiabris says:

    Add me to game center, name xabiabris!

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