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Most of today’s gadgets and devices are embedded with the software android that enhances it’s ordinary features into a more interesting, exciting and breathtaking scenes. Dragonvale android is another manifestation of having such cool features using the android software. Differences are clearly seen between the games using those ordinary software and those that are using theDragonvale Android advanced and updated versions of android.

With the aid of the said software, dragonvale had shown its thousands of players the cool and exciting way of electronic gaming using its more advance features and effects. The software itself had transformed many game applications into a visually attracting game application. Many gaming industries like the Backflip studios is creating games with the android software to make it more convenient and attractive for individual game enthusiasts. The dragonvale android can be acquired either through downloading an android software to your phone or the software is already been a part of the built in software of your electronic device so you need not to download the said software anymore. But, one has to consider that most devices nowadays are having built-in android software with them to enjoy.

Dragonvale android, as a product of enhanced technology, had reached its full potentials through its high quality graphics which is powered by its 3D effects. The said effects have the ability to make every scene more realistic in the eyes of its users. Also, due to its enhanced capability of making things a little bit real, dragonvale android is powered with a good quality audio that makes a great visual reach its utmost potentials. Of course, everyone loves to enjoy a good team up of visual and audio. There are lots more in store for you in acquiring your own android application.

Today’s generation are getting more aware on how to make use of things more effectively and productively. This had brought experts into the path of continuous improvement in our gadgets and devices to make things easier and worthwhile to use. This whole thing of enhancements and modification process aims to lead us towards an ultimate goal and that is to produce not just good quality products but the best quality products which best suites our personality and wants. This, too, is held true in the world of electronic gaming. The producers and creators of electronic gaming aim to produce the best games with a high quality features and designs. This is to satisfy individual wants towards electronic gaming.

Dragonvale android is indeed another breakthrough in the world of electronic gaming. It best suits and well defines its purpose. It is not important what game you are playing with as of this moment. What really matters is the kind and quality of the game you are playing. You must ensure that the overall spice of assessing and evaluating a game justifies the worth of your time. Time is very valuable to let go by making use of some low quality scraps. Using the dragonvale android application is an assurance that your time is at its best use. It’s worth sharing with others too!


  1. Kenny says:

    Where can I find the DragonVale app for Android? It’s not present in the Android Market, and I cannot find a download online. Thank you!

  2. Kenny says:

    Where can I find the DragonVale app for Android? It’s not present in the Android Market, and I cannot find a download online. Thank you!

  3. Nic says:

    same ! i wanna play this !

  4. Blakely says:

    I am looking for Dragonvale Android for my daughter’s Kindle Fire for Xmas – it is not in their Android App store – has it been released yet? When/where can I get it?

  5. anne says:

    Where can i find dragonvale for Android to download??

  6. Bkdoor says:

    Yea can noone really answer where you download it?

  7. stefanie says:

    there is no one for androit by now only for Apple.but i hope it will come soon i like it also

  8. Jose says:

    Im trying to download the app for android and cant find it….. please help.

  9. Tyler says:

    I can’t find dragonvale on my phone market; can someone help?

  10. JJ says:


  11. JayS101 says:


  12. Moo161 says:

    Where is it for android tablet!!!???? I need it ASAP!!!

  13. Mary chong says:

    Will be thankful if android could launch dragon vale soon for android users. I believe thousands are looking forward.

  14. Jays101 says:


  15. sharlene bloom daizy lee says:

    Why can’t I find dragonvale on android

  16. sofie says:

    i have played this on my ipad…and now i wanne have this on my phone to…..i an not fine this game on android…so what should we do? and the android better hurry…!!

  17. ollon says:

    This is what you need to do
    1 buy an iphone
    2 install the game
    3 stop asking the same q all the time.

  18. Mary says:

    It might be interesting if people could trade or give as gifts dragons or eggs. Another suggestion would be to make the game playable with out internet access. You would not be able to interact with other players at that time but still be able to build your park and breed…

  19. Thanks to Jays101 for telling everyone that it doesn’t come out till June.

  20. hi1234 says:

    june what i can’t wait that long that sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Ethania says:

    I love this game. Playing it on my girls phone. Must have it on my android phone. Just dont remove any content. This is a 5 star game!

  22. Kid who loves dragonvale says:

    I have dragonvale on my iPad but if I get it on android can I continue from we’re I left off or do I hav 2 start all over

  23. joanne says:

    Does anyone know how to get dragonvale for androids?

  24. rza says:

    Were can I find this game for Android its not in the market ..I also love the game lol

  25. MW says:

    Does anyone not read the previous comments? Seriously… How many times do people have to say it is NOT OUT YET for Android… Haven’t found anywhere saying when it would be available. Honestly, I think this should be taken off, or unlinked for now, because it is misleading people into thinking its available for android when it obviously is ios only for now.

    • raulbrey says:

      There are previous comments? It’s amazing to me people ask the same question, over and over and over and over…..
      By the way, is it out yet, LMFAO!

  26. Seas7 says:

    Its not out untill june :)

  27. ZwYx says:

    Does anyone know the release date if the game for android?? Thank you.

  28. Draco says:

    when will it be out for android??

  29. Bawb says:

    Because there should be no end to the textual beating given to idiots who know how to type but not read….this game will not be out for Android phones until June. Please refrain from being retards and asking again. Thank you

  30. Echo says:

    Ohhh…. I Was SO Looking Forward To This…….. COME ON JUNE!!!!

  31. Come on Dragonvale just release it already !!!!

  32. hello says:

    Come ON JUNNE plzzz be here I am so darn anxious to play dragonvale on my phone


    • Jasper says:

      Nobody’s sure itll come out this june yet, maybe it comes even three months later. Anyways, I hope it comes out asap cuz i want it!

  33. Bryan says:

    If no one is certain that it is definitely coming out in June, then where did that idea come from? I’m not giving my hopes up completely, but I do hope that there is some truth to it. What I don’t understand is why on earth they just didn’t prepare and release it for the android, at the same time they did for apple. I hate when gaming companies do that “committed to one name brand” bull crap.

    • Em says:

      A user above said June and I guess everyone just believed him……….agreed why not release for all. I knw why but it still makes me mad.

  34. Peter says:

    I was in contact with tech support at Backflip Studios in March due to a problem I had with my Dragonvale install on my kids’ iPods. I asked at the time if they had an Android version, and was told “We’re working on it, but do not currently have a release date.” I would just keep checking, as they will eventually have it available. The bad news, is it will probably require Honeycomb or higher on Android.

  35. Crymzun says:

    I got my girl to tweet backflip studios and they said somewhere around june 21…. I know this is alil late but hey:P and I sure hope karen is correct:/… Cuz I’m borrowing an ipod to do my dragonvale and I faint wanna have to restart T.T

  36. Bella says:

    Just go to Apple and purchase an iPad with the new retina display! You WON’T be disappointed and after playing on an iPad, who in their right mind would prefer to play on a tiny screen anyway???!!!! Don’t knock Apple till you’ve tried it and actually learned all the cool features pc’s, androids, etc DON’T OFFER!

    • mini says:

      I’ve had an iphone, and honestly, I’ll never get a new one. But we all have our own preferences and if you prefer apple, then feel free. Just don’t preach that it is the only right thing.

  37. hello1239504 says:

    i know why dragon vale came to andr. so soon
    1. is many android mobiles with diffrent size on the screens
    so they must fix for ALL sizes. apple only have one size: 3,5 tum
    2.its more apple users than andr. so backflip ( dragon vales creator ) will earn more money on apple users than android

  38. karin says:

    i was wondering if you guys have dragonvale for the android phone systems? and if not if you guys are going to make it for the android system, cause a friend had that game and i really like it, but i cant find an android version

  39. hannah says:

    How do you download this for android!

  40. anne says:

    well you all said it was out in June where is it?

  41. johnathan says:

    This game is so good i wake up at six in the morning when my mom is not awake to play it because she won’t let me play on her work phone

  42. zedxrgal says:

    Ok. So it’s June!!! Any news????? I’ve been waiting for months. Ca’Mon already

  43. ty says:

    Ive been waiting sooooooooooooo long

  44. Littlbob44 says:

    Yeah I’m moving back to android soon…soon as I can get my dragon fix somewhere other than iPhone that is.

  45. Lukis85 says:

    Can’t wait till it’s released on android cause my iPad Died a few days ago so here’s to praying it happens sooner than later :-)

  46. Android fan says:

    Any word from the developers as yet ??

  47. ty says:

    Its supposed to come out today!!!!!

  48. Bryan says:

    Guess all the rumors were false.

  49. john says:

    Well, when it will be released then ?

  50. Tate says:

    I heard that it was suppose to come out on june 28. Just what i heard.

  51. dragon fan says:

    For all you people it comes out june 23 check there maintill site … duh lol so a day

  52. Incognito says:

    So where did you find that it says ” DragonVale for Android on June 23rd 2012″ on the backflip studios website?

    As far as I’ve seen. I have yet to of read anything published from official back flip studios about a release date.

  53. Dragonvalee! says:

    What happen dragon vale has not came out yet!!!

  54. Android Fan says:

    Well still no sign…Other devs are bringing out similar games to Dragonvale on Android. If I dont see it soon will go with a ‘copy cat’ version.

  55. jessi says:

    Everyone please stop asking that same question. I sent a message to the support team at backflip. They have no specific timeline nor an expected release date for the android compatible version of dragonvale. Just be patient, it is such a huge game that I am sure it will be one of the featured games in your playstore when it finally becomes available.

  56. omg cant wait for tomorrow!!!

  57. van E says:


  58. why hasnt it come out i want it on my tablet!!!

  59. Lucca says:

    PLEASEE, RELEASE!!! We really want this game!

  60. jaaccckkkk says:

    omg! this not been released, i had it for iphone but then got a htc desire hd, god sake, cant have the game and i was like level 19 on it. these developers chat some stuff dont they.. #letdown

  61. July 2019 says:

    I’m from the future and i’m here to tell you that it has yet to come out yet.
    lol sorry, I couldn’t resist.
    No really, when will this come out? why have a post on it on the official site but never have the app for android?

  62. Derp says:

    Will you be able when the dragonvale on android comes out to transfer your acc i dont wanna start over

  63. ty says:

    I just figured out it’s sopposed to come out the 30th but who knows

    • bandit says:

      Yeah and everytime you figure or heard it comes out on a certain date, you were always wrong……… Go get your facts first before posting moron!

      • Lo says:

        When backflip studios knows a date they will release that date to the public. That date also might not be for several months.

  64. Amy O says:

    I love this game so much. I have a iPod touch with this game on it and i bought a phone that is Android powered and i check the app store all the time and iam waiting for ever. Just release it already!! Please and thanks

  65. NA says:

    They are ganna release it like temple run. Right when it becomes boring and no more fun.

  66. Come on backflip other companies came out with copycat versions and you still have nothing not to mention this forum is basically a year old too

  67. ty says:

    I’m starting to have my doubts

  68. Eduhardo says:

    send email to support@backflipstudios.com
    and request application for android

  69. DANIEL says:


  70. Come on! says:

    When is DragonVale releasing??!

  71. Bandit says:

    To all you Dragon lovers out there……… Forget Dragonvale and head on over to Dragon Story. It took awhile, but at least Team Lava was able to put Dragon Story on the android market. You heard Dragonvale, you lose out on all potential customers……… Dragon Story it is………….

  72. Bandit says:

    Oh and yeah just an FYI……. I also sent a love letter to backflip studios. Now whether or not they respond, it’s their decision. But I told them of how stupid they are not to release dragonvale to android. If they decide to move faster, it’s their decision. But to me, I play Dragon Story more often now, because they are more challenging and plus too they have it out on the android market too, so thumbs up for Team Lava and Thumbs down for backflip studios.

  73. derp says:

    its called “little dragons – dragonvale” by playcomo…….im playing it right now x

  74. catherine says:

    how do you download dragonvale on your kindle fire/

  75. dragnlvr101 says:


  76. brad bates says:

    I wish that This DragonVale is on Android so i can download it to my Galaxy Tap 2.

  77. louies says:

    need more gem

  78. Anne goh says:

    I know how to get dragonvale on android but only I can assess to it and not you

  79. La Frin says:

    I played dragonvale on my friend’s iphone, i really really want to play it on my galaxy tab :(
    Please release dragonvale android version

  80. Ava says:

    U DUMB ASS PPL IT AINT OUT!!!!!!!!!!
    srry i said the a word im just angry cause my bff hazz it on her android and i dont! ( anywayz she bragging! )
    Plz Help!!

    • jean says:

      oh my u said the a woed mizzzy ava thts weird! plz dont say a word anymore or i will get ur website and tell everyone u said tht then thy wont lik ur website!!!!!

  81. armando says:

    All you guys asking when will it be released IT WONT its a game center game meaning ONLY on IOS game center is Android !!!!

  82. nicole says:

    An awesome alternative for dragonvale for Android users is dragon story!

    • someguy says:

      Naw, Dragon Story isn’t nearly as good as Dragonvale.

      • dabandit says:

        I believe that Dragon Story IS BETTER than Dragonvale. To me Dragonvale sucks! Dragonstory has better dragons now than before. Especially with Mercury and the Diamond. To top that off it has the infinity and the Angel. A lot of others hybrid from the Diamond. Can the Rainbow dragon breed hybrids? I think NOT! DRAGONVALE SUCKS!

  83. kassie says:


  84. xJustin says:

    IF dragonvale comes to android, can we use the same account that we used to play on the ipod, iphone, or ipad?

  85. Jim says:

    If you want to play Dragonvale stop whining and buy an apple product!!!

  86. someguy says:

    The wait is almost over! Check out Dragonvale’s Facebook page!

  87. Sam says:


    Backflip are looking to release on android, but it is still not available. See Below:

    Update: 29/10/2012
    “When will more Backflip Studios games be available on Android or other platforms?

    We are working as quickly as we can to make more of our Backflip Studios Games (including DragonVale) available on the Android platform. We don’t have an official timeline for this yet, but be sure to check the Android Market for updates!”

  88. that guy says:

    If you want Dragonvale for android, Look it up on 1mobile.com (google play alt. store)

  89. adam says:

    I can’t find the kairos perch at all can u help thnx

  90. Jim says:

    My son and I are trying to figure out, on an Android system, how to invite friends. when we try, it launches facebook, and then… what do we do then?
    Help please!

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  92. Karen says:

    Hi there Dragonvale Blog! I need help getting friends. Have tons on my ipad anda huge park but not Android and no friends. My number is 65467955. Can you help?

  93. Karen says:


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