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Dragonvale App CheatsCoins, gems and foods are considered as the most basic necessities in raising a dragon in your very own dragon park and of course, it’s never easy to gain one. Dragonvale app cheats is created along with the game in order to have an easy access to gain those necessities without making your pockets pay. It is more convenient to use especially for those players who don’t really have enough time to make their necessities grow because of some more important matters. However, one should be guided that what we will teach you in this article may not be effective in all kinds of technological gadget.

For iPods, iPhone and iPad, you can use this kind of trick for cheats:

  • First, your gadget must be jail broken. Jailbreaking is a process that is used by cheats which is both intriguing and dangerous. However, beyond its danger, people are still fond of using the said process to have the access they want to have. So let’s go directly on jailbreaking your device. Simply plug in your device so it would be recognized by iTunes. Then, back it up with your iTunes library and sync it. This is to ensure that all your files are kept untouched or restorable. Then, open your spirit jailbreak tool and click the button “Jailbreak”. Allow jailbreak routine in a few minutes and restore set up. Now, your device is ready for cheat.
  • The next step you’ll do is to open your device’ new icons called Cydia and click the button which states “Make my life easier, thanks!”
  • Then, add the source “http://apt.xsellize.com/. This will allow you to have an access for iAP cracker installation. After such, install iAP cracker in your device.
  • Lastly, go to the Dragonvale device and purchase anything you wish to have. You can have additional coins, gems or have an easy access on free food for your dragon pets.Dragonvale App Cheats

But, there are very important points which you, as a player, needs to know if you will take on some cheats on your Dragonvale apps. If a dialogue box appears asking for some payment information, cancel the transaction. Never give any information that will lead you to your own loss. This only indicates that the cheat is not successfully done. It’s either you’ll take the same process again, except for jailbreaking, or you’ll have to totally stop the whole cheating process. The whole decision is still up to you. Therefore, you have to be very careful in clicking any of those dialog boxes and keep your eyes on your screen.

You have to be extra careful not to put on any information about your credit card to ensure that what you have on your account will be securely kept. You must remember that nothing harms a person when he ensures safety and security to what he has. Dragonvale app cheats is surely a great deal for fast and easy dragonvale upgrades if done properly and securely. Make it a source of leveling up with your friends!



  1. Michael says:

    What? I wish there was some way to do this without the device being jail broken. Btw, how do u trade with friends? I cannot give my friend a dragon egg, but a site says that i can!

    • Jenn says:

      I don’t think you can give them eggs. Because there are only two buttons: ”free gift” and ”visit”

    • bill says:

      how do u jail break???

      • jp says:

        Redsnow for Iphone 4 and other thing
        and absynthe for iphone 4s and ipad 2

      • katlyn says:

        i no i cant find it in the app store and its all like what then its like huh and its really confusing

      • kyle says:

        Sorry But Jailbreaking can get you kicked off of itunes forever
        plus during jailbreak process if you do anything during the process you will get the curse witch i had for 4 months. Your device shuts down. If you want to try jailbreaking you green poison.
        or redsnow or cydia. Green poison is the best. Red snow is 2nd
        and Cydia is 3rd GOOD LUCK!!!!!

        • kyle says:

          Sorry But Jailbreaking can get you kicked off of itunes forever
          plus during jailbreak process if you do anything during the process you will get the curse witch i had for 4 months. Your device shuts down. If you want to try jailbreaking USE green poison.
          or redsnow or cydia. Green poison is the best. Red snow is 2nd
          and Cydia is 3rd GOOD LUCK!!!!!

          • kyle says:

            The first note i messed up sorry about that

          • Weirdo502 says:

            The majority of comments so far have made me seriously facepalm… First off idk what the hell you are talking about, Cydia isn’t even a Jailbreaking software, it is a jailbroken devices app store so to speak. It’s what gets installed to your iDevice after you have jailbroken it. Secondly, jailbreaking is very safe, when it first started it was dangerous and illegal, but nowadays it is safe, easy, and legal. Apple even said that jailbreaking is legal, the only thing it does is void your warranty which is no big deal because nothing is going to happen to your phone. Thirdly, jailbreaking your device is not goin to get anyone removed from iTunes, the app store, or any other apple marketplace. The other day I talked to someone who worked at an apple store and his phone was jailbroken. Seriously guys, it’s easy to do, it’s safe, it’s legal unless you download pirated apps and movies, and it’s fun. So read up on how to do it, then get out there and try it. If you don’t like it, you can restore your phone to its basic formatting and get your warranty back, it’s as easy as that. Thanks for letting me vent guys,

    • Kyla says:

      Well I have got 2 rainbow dragons and

    • maggie says:

      I don’t have any friends plz send me request I am desperate!!I have a sun dragon, and other cool stuff even though im just a level 14

  2. Kathy neuman says:

    How do you get the moon and sun dragons?

  3. Kerby says:

    Does Jailbreaking Harm an ipad??

  4. Tailorthepup says:

    Have tried this and get no where. I do I get it to download everything tells me that my browser is not compatible . I have an IPhone y won’t it work

  5. Faith says:

    I can’t find jailbreak on my iPhone please help

  6. Faith says:

    Never mind I didn’t know u had to buy it :(

  7. Elena says:

    ………………………….. NO! I DONT WANT TO BE IN TROUBLE!

    • KitKat s says:

      I know how 2 get 10free gems with out jailbreak: here’s how
      1. U log out of Game Center
      2. Open dragonvale
      3. It will ask u to sing in 2 Game Center
      4. Click cancel
      5. It will make a new game
      6. Sign back into Game Center
      7. Open dragonvale
      You have 10 free gems!! :)

  8. I got sun by breeding scorch dragon&mountion dragon and odds or low but it 1 in100

  9. trololol says:

    i was checking a theorie on dragons genes and 1st step to have a rainbow was to breed a lvl 10 sonic and a lvl 10 lave. i started to breed them together, sonic left and lava right and i got a 1:23:59:55 :D so it could be a moon, sun or rainbow but i just wanna have a rainbow!

  10. Sam says:

    Does this work on other games

    • Taimur says:

      yeah when ur downloading iap cracker under or above it there will be iap cracker list or somethin like that so when u download that go to settings scrool down n yoll c it
      itll hve the list of games

  11. Abby says:

    Does any one know how to breed a moon dragon?

  12. im not aloud to jailbreak is there any other way exept from paying

  13. how do u get xp without spending all your treats

    • david says:

      my game glitched out when i was buying gems but it gave me 9,999,999,999,999,999,999 xp i am now level 35 and i was a level one also i got like i don’t now if this is right but 555,555,555,555,555,555,555, treats it was close oh wait it was 555,555,555,555,555,555,556,

  14. cant find make my life easier button

  15. jake says:

    cant find where to dl the jailbreak thingy

  16. Dsteing25 says:

    Go to jailbreakme.com and do it

  17. Mr.happy says:

    How do you download cydia?

  18. In case y’all don’t know jail breaking is not illegal the intaluos app is but cydia is not some packages are but downloading anything from Cydia is legal

  19. Noname says:

    I got a rainbow dragon by breeding a crystal & bluefire lv.10

  20. me says:

    cant jailbreak ipad….. only cuz im not allowed:( i wish i didnt have to pay

  21. Briannah says:

    I got a moon dragon by breeding a sonic and storm on my first try hope u hav some luck

  22. Briannah says:

    Hey everyone Im back to tell u that if u breed a sonic + storm at 10:58 u will get a moon dragon

  23. For rainbow, sun, moon dragons always use the blue fire dragon (make sure his name is FANG) and the crystal dragon in that order. I have bread 7 rainbows, 5 sun, 5 moon using only this combination. There is a catch……. it does not work every time!!!!! It’s random! You will get other dragons in between. However, these are the only 2 dragons you can use to get the royalty dragons. Be patient. I have been playing since the app came out. Be patient and enjoy.

    • Richard says:

      All I can say is, breeding any of the rare dragons is completely random. My friend got a sun by breeding a lightning and cold, but I didn’t. I got a rainbow with blazing and mud. And just recently got another two day dragon. Idk what yet. But the chances with blue fire and crystal are said to be higher. I just don’t like the chance of getting a crystal or blue fire with it because they take forever to hatch. What I use keeps times shorter

    • Tori says:

      OH MY GOD. this works!!!

  24. Jaxson says:

    Can I do it from my iPod??????

  25. Davis says:

    I would like a Panlong,Blue fire and a frost fire dragon and I’ve tried like 10000 times for each. I can’t get them anybOdy know how to breed them?? Thanks :)

  26. Jrizzle says:

    Edwardo how did you do that?

  27. Phill says:

    How do the cheats work on a 4G iphone? because this is for the 3G

  28. Pat says:

    When it’s jailbroken do the prices disappear?
    And what if you don’t use a credit card and only use iTunes gift cards and still have some change

  29. Sandra says:

    I got a sun and moon dragon by mixing fire level 10 with a storm dragon level 10 sun I the morning and moon at night

  30. darklite says:

    is there an dangers to jailnreaking an ipod

  31. Ddffcf says:

    Umm I need help so bad on the blue fire dragon it’s so impossible. I’ve tried fire and ice a billion times each way. It doesn’t work plz help me I wanna get rare cuz I got crystal but not blue fire.

    • William says:

      I got both my bluefire dragons on my first try and so did all my friends by breeding a level 10fire dragon and a level 7snow dragon.Hope this helps and also add me on gamecenter my account is blazingwill and make sure you say when you send me the request say why you gave me one just say I helped you get the bluefire dragon and I’ll send you a gem every day once you send me one.

    • david says:

      keep trying with fire and ice because i got it in 20 days with the island and 31 with the cave any order don’t keep switching order any level i now have 10 of them

  32. Mia says:

    I forgot my GC pass so I can’t go on it anymore

  33. safir says:

    there is a way without jailbreak but you need a laptop\computer

    • Shaun7M says:

      How? I tried to get gems and breed the rainbow dragon forever!
      I am desperate! I want a rainbow!

      • I used a Lve 10 crystal then Lve 10 mud in the epic breeding island
        48 hours breeding. Got my first rainbow on my first try then it took a few times cause it is random. I did same combo yesterday and got LEAP YEAR dragon. Hope this helps

      • Colin says:

        I have tried many times and still waiting.

        Question also my Partner also plays but when we have same Dragon sometimes the earnings are different for each of us?

        Does anyone know why?????

      • david says:

        i had 1 month of trying with crystal and lichen and it worked on my like 100th time any order or level keep trying if it doesn’t work i now have like11 rainbow dragons

  34. tyler says:

    moon- lightening and cold (both lvl 8) 48hrs
    sun- firefly and cold (both lvl 8) 48 hrs

  35. yaw says:

    Please i need help this jailbreaking Programm Zelle me thet my iPod is not supported what shod i do? I realy need help.

  36. yaw says:

    Please i need help this jailbreaking Programm Zelle me thet my iPod is not supported what should i do? I realy need help.

  37. Andy says:

    How do u jail brake your iPod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you know add me Andypandy24

  38. Cody says:

    I’m rather new to this game. I’m not sure how to get friends or gems. I know you can buy the gems but is rater not. Can someone please help me?

    • Someone says:

      Your friends are your game centre friends if they have dragonvale. You can give gems to your friends, and they give to you. These gems do not come out of your stock pile, they are the thre gifts a day you can give, but unfortunately you can’t give gifts to yourself

    • david says:

      if you friend me my game center name is Soulman i will give you gems daily for free or tell me your name and i will ask to add you no lie

  39. coon says:

    how do i add the source?

  40. Alexamon says:

    What if I CANT jailbreak it?!

  41. Taimur says:

    i want to give my friend some gems so is there a way u can?
    plz replie

    • Someone says:

      At the bottom of the screen is three buttons. Right to left they are market, friends and something else (I think options). Click on friends. Now you can give gems by clicking give gift (or something along those lines). A gift is a gem.

  42. kai says:

    jailbreaking makes dragonvale no fun. and you can friend someone who has jailbreak and they can get the stuff for you.so that means that is not the only way.

  43. sky says:

    i got a rainow using lv 10 mud and poison on my 1st try

  44. shy says:

    how do u get a blue fire dragon?????????

    • david says:

      i did ice and fire it does not matter what order it took me about 20 days with the epic breeding island with the cave it took me 31 days but it works don’t get mad if it takes more then that just keep trying.

  45. Neg says:

    I need like3 more habitats is their any way of getting more with out waiting till the next level?

  46. Flyingfury says:

    Is there any other way?!?! You guys should know another way to hack the game you have a guide for!!

  47. Adarsh says:

    Search on google dragonvale breeding sandbox and click the one that starts with numbers

  48. Brennan says:

    i cant use jailbreakme because my ipod 4G has the newest upgrade which sucks

  49. Brennan says:

    Does anybody know how to trade stuff because my friend “hunter of mann” has a lot of gems and id like to trade my moon dragon for them
    i got a moon dragon the first try with Fire(on the left) and Storm(on the right) has to be at night best time is 01:30 am and yes its the combo for sun but i got moon somehow

  50. Summer says:

    I have my jailbreak but how do i give gems to my friends because i tried going to their place and pressing on their gems but it wont let me give any…. What do i do???

    • ace says:

      The sites are live only to their owners. You can look but not manipulate.

      You click on Friends [at the bottom of your site] and when the new page comes up, Click on Friends List, click on the friend you want to gift. It will tell you how many “Gifts Available To Give Today” you have. Next, hit Free Gift. They will receive ONE gem. You can’t give them more that day.

  51. Sandy says:

    Hi: I got Moon with cactus and storm, Sun with cold and lightning, pan long with blazing and mud and last but not least I got Rainbow with Storm and lichen and I’m sick of looking at red eggs with a green lightning bolt on them.


  52. Sandy says:

    Hi everybody, after bitching about all the scorches I have gotten lately, I threw in flower and mud in that order and I now have a 48 houser. I’m not allowed anymore habitats so what happens in this situation leave them out in the cold (g).

  53. Nancy says:

    i have an Iphone 4, but it says it is not supported. my IOS is5.1. why can’t i put jailbreak on it?

  54. Randomizer4.0 says:

    try cactus nd brass dragon same level that is the highest probability to get rainbow
    blue fire and crystal for any royal dragon (sun, moon, rainbow)

  55. ElLiOtZ says:

    what does it mean by spirit jailbreak tool?

  56. Poppa says:

    Rainbow breeding is … Swamp lvl 10 on left, firefly lvl 10 on right make take many tries.
    Moon and sun is either cactus lvl 7 or up on left and storm lvl 7 or up on right.
    Crystal lvl 10 on left and storm lvl 10 on right. I have 2rainbow, 3 moon & 3 sun.

    Search the web for all kinds of suggestions for breeding. You don’t need gems just patience.

  57. brandon says:

    With the Cydia for the Ipod 5.1 , it doesn’t have the button “Makes me life easier, Thanks!” What do I do now..?

  58. Iwanthacks says:

    Is this legal can anyone reply plzzzz I really need to know if iap cracker is legal.

  59. Leus says:

    DoeS anyone know how you can jailbreak a ipod 32GB please answer

  60. Scheryar says:

    I got a rainbow by breeding blazing with lichen

  61. Yaaaaaman says:

    Omg I need help I’ve downloaded iap cracker like 5 times and it doesn’t eworkkk

  62. Miomar says:

    It says it there is an error and it can’t make in-app purchases! Help me out?

  63. Cl0v3r666 says:

    Having a crappy time trying to figure out how to open Absinthe, lol I wish I was tech smart. Any help would be awesome

  64. Yancastel says:

    Some one could you give me some gems please please because. I has been tried to jailbreak my phone and i can’t please please o someone can help me :)

  65. Tia says:

    I got a sun dragon on my first try by breeding a storm lv.9 and poison lv.6. It’s all random!! But I’ve been trying a blue fire dragon and all I get is storm! Wats the correct match?!?! It’s so frustrating :P

  66. Scared says:

    Does this use money if connected to Game Center? If so I’m dead.

  67. ace says:

    Why cheat a game designer out of what you owe them? I won’t try this jail break thing because it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  68. david says:

    by dangerous do you mean possibly get in jail

  69. Amy says:

    People, is jailbreaking dangerous……… And if you say it just messes up your warrant what is that. Also is there any other way to get gems without jailbreaking!?

  70. Daisy says:

    I need friends, daisy7477 gamecenter

  71. Becaq says:

    I tried this hack and when I try to purchase it says ” Purchased failed. There was an error completing your transaction. You have not been charged. Please try again later “. Any suggestions?

  72. Marilyn says:

    I need some friends will send you a gem every day please, chatty 54

  73. Poopyt8 says:

    Add me to trade gems Gagger25 is my name

  74. kayla says:

    please add me: kayla123122013. i will send u gems everyday if u do the same. thnx! also, is someone can tell me how to get free gems without cheats or jailbreak i will be grateful and add u + send you gold everyday if you do the same. like before. if anyone has any questions about games like pokemon or moshimonsters let me know on dragonvale. cuz i can help! :)

  75. Anxkid123 says:

    It would be cool if they allowed you to donate one dragon egg to your friends a week or every two weeks as that could help your friends out. But not too many as that would make the legitamousy of the game fall.

  76. SpyroCrazy says:


  77. bob says:

    but what do i do if i dont have a phone

  78. Jordanz says:

    I got a rainbow
    From a bluefire in left and quake on right although it may take more than one try to get it u may also get any other rare dragOn from this i got a rainbow on my FIRST TIME TRYING THIS

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