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In this generation, anything that deals about dragons are one of people’s top choices as their most favorite and well-loved illusions. In fact, many Hollywood films which have a dragon-tale theme shows a magnifying positive results by becoming one of the blockbuster hits. DragonVale app is one of the many manifestations of how people embrace the thoughts and adventures of being a part in the world of magical dragons. DragonVale, developed and produced by Backflip studios, enhances every person’s standard stimulation on electronic games.

DragonVale has its own way of entertaining every game enthusiast. You will be acting as a wizard who will be taking good care of your own dragon park—from customizing your park and your dragon’s inhabitants. DragonVale has its own way of making things more exciting and fascinating to its individual players by giving every player the chance to choose their own dragons and raise them towards reaching their utmost potentials. The game application gives its subscribers the opportunity to make every game more personalized and tailor fit with their own personality. It is more personalized to make their game in line with their mental and emotional standards.

The setting of the said dragon theme park will be in a floating island up in the blue skies wherein, as stated above, is tailored fit based on your own perspectives. The aim of every player should revolve around making his magical land into something more attractive to its prospect visitors. Of course, the development and enhancement of your dragon park depends upon your game level. Your magical land can undergo expansions later on as your level increases to give your dragons some more environments to dwell with. Every level showcases a new level of fun, excitement and challenges in creating a more attracting environment and dragon upgrades. You will certainly enjoy seeing your baby dragons grow and transform into giant and lovable pets while discovering their upgraded skills and strengths as they jump a level higher.

The application shows many other features like hatching a dragon egg, feeding up dragons, leveling up your dragon, breeding them, make them compete to earn prizes and many more. You will also be taught on how to crossbreed your pets to have a new kind of dragon which possesses a new personality and a new strength. You can choose your own kind of dragon out from the variety of choices. There are around dozens of them.

One of its highlights, which Backflip studios are very proud to have, is its capacity to remove or transfer any features seen on screen like its decorations, paths and amenities. You don’t have to spend another expense just to remove a feature and purchase a new one. Also, it is backed up with high quality visuals and sound tracks which add up to the game’s excitement and fun. DragonVale app is, indeed, another breakthrough in the world of electronic games and had shown the development of technology and entertainment in line with game applications. Tell your friends now and share the same fun and thrill of raising your own dragon in your own magical land.


  1. Jennifer says:

    I think it would be awesome for the makers of Dragonvale to make T-shirts with all the eggs on the front and all the dragons on the back. We would totally buy them!

    And next spring, Dragonvale Easter Eggs could be all the rage for Easter! Each egg could have a tiny toy dragon inside. The shell could have the same design as for the game. It would be a big hit with all the kids and parents who are hooked on Dragonvale.

    I bet it would be a big money maker!!!

  2. Taylor says:

    How do you get the apps?

  3. Taylor says:

    How do you get the apps?I can’t get level 20 to proceed.

  4. DongDong34 says:

    How do you get the apps?

  5. chandler says:

    How do you get the app for Android

  6. Maria says:

    I cannot download the upgrade and now I am stuck? It keeps saying, unable to download so I try to choose option(done) or ( retry) and just keeps spinning in a loop. Help I can’t play dragonvale now because it is stuck in this upgrade loo

  7. Sam says:

    How do u make a sweed dragon? please help thanks;)

  8. Franki Stanwyck says:

    I have two gems I can give away daily, anyone want them.

  9. johnny says:

    I want them franki stanwyck

  10. Carole says:

    Trying to save for a rainbow dragon got the gem tree but no good for me I would like your gems please.

  11. Gplolo1949 says:

    How does this race track benefit the dragon in the stretch always I.e. your dragon slows so much because the boost lines are too far apart so third place seems to be it? Why……..?

  12. Rachel Jones says:

    My best bud has been takes down to level 1 twice! When she got to level 16, and when she finally got to level 21!!! Does anyone no how to fix that??? She won’t ever play again unless it is fixed!!!

  13. karly says:

    hey is there a way to download dragon vale on your computer?
    if there is, PLEASE TELL ,ME!!!!!

  14. Hannah says:

    I’m having trouble purchasing gems. :(

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