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Is there a new seasonal dragon known as the dragonvale autumn seasonal dragon? Well, it is somehowdragonvale autumnand summer dragon both true and false that there is a new dragonvale autumn seasonal dragon. According to dragonvale backflip studios, the seasonal dragon was released last month and since then, it is the same dragon that has evolved into the autumn dragonvale dragon.

As Backflip Studios will tell you, seasons change and as they do, the seasonal dragon will change with seasons. If you have your summer seasonal dragon, you will notice that its colors have changed to fall colors marking the beginning of autumn in dragonvale.

If you are interested in keeping up with seasons in dragonvale, then, it will be best if you breed the seasonal dragon. You may be wondering whether apart from the color, any other changes have taken place for your seasonal dragon. Are the breeding combinations same? Is its incubation period and its breeding time same? Is the egg of the autumn dragon dragonvale similar to that of the seasonal dragon from which it has metamorphosed?

So far, when changes are considered, everything else remain the same as seen in the other seasonal dragons. The only change experienced is the change of the habitat into seasonal dragon habitat which in the essence has also changed its color from green to dark orange with leaves falling down from the trees to indicate that autumn is here with us.

It is believed that when another season comes by, the autumn dragon will change to the colors of the new season. However, for now, let us enjoy having the dragonvale autumn seasonal dragon around. If there is something that we have forgotten to state about the autumn seasonal dragon, then, we will appreciate if you post it here and let our huge base of fans know. Otherwise check back often for more updates on this mobile game.


  1. Josh says:

    You breed the dragon with plant and blazing. Your welcome! :)

  2. smooch says:

    i have tried this for ages now, getting very frustrating….

  3. Destany says:

    I got it with blazing and seaweed. It took FOREVER

  4. Marcia says:

    HI I bred a bloom and sakura dragon and got 48 hours im hoping I got this dragon but idk if I did can someone please tell me what they think I got? I bred this in the morning btw

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