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Dragonvale Blazing DragonIt’s always fun to get new breeds of dragons and add them to your own dragon zoo. If you want an additional member to your growing dragon family, then it’s time to discover things about the Dragonvale Blazing Dragon. In this post, we’ll be covering various facts about this fiery-looking yet adorable dragon (no wonder it’s called the Blazing dragon).

First things first—how do you breed the Dragonvale Blazing Dragon? Unlike other dragons with complicated breeding methods, the Blazing Dragon is actually easy to breed. All you need is to have an Air Dragon and a Fire Dragon mate with each other at the breeding cave. You’ll get a purple-colored egg with red flame-like spots in it. Just wait for 8 hours to finally get your baby Blazing Dragon. Once this dragon hatches, you will earn a total amount of 15,000 XP. The evolving levels of the Blazing Dragon are at level 4 and level 7.



Want to know about the earning rates of the Dragonvale Blazing Dragon? Check out our list below:

  • At level 1 the Blazing Dragon earns 6 coins per minute
  • At level 2 the Blazing Dragon earns 10 coins per minute
  • At level 3 the Blazing Dragon earns 15 coins per minute
  • At level 4 the Blazing Dragon earns 19 coins per minute
  • At level 5 the Blazing Dragon earns 23 coins per minute
  • At level 6 the Blazing Dragon earns 27 coins per minute
  • At level 7 the Blazing Dragon earns 31 coins per minute
  • At level 8 the Blazing Dragon earns 35 coins per minute
  • At level 9 the Blazing Dragon earns 40 coins per minute
  • At level 10 the Blazing Dragon earns 44 coins per minute

The Dragonvale Blazing Dragon acquires the elements of its parents, which means that it has the elements of Air and Fire. Therefore, you need to place this type of dragon in Air and Fire habitats.

Dragonvale Blazing Dragon Habitats

A Dragonvale Blazing Dragon is expensive when bought from the market. It costs 1000 gems. Upon hatching it, Blazing Dragons can be sold at a high price of 1,000,000 coins. Since you already know how to breed the Blazing Dragon, don’t spend your gems on this amazing dragon.

Do you have more information about the Blazing Dragon? Do you have more questions regarding this dragon? Then we encourage you to post them below. Our fellow Dragonvale fans will be able to help you.

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