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Halloween is coming soon and with your Dragonvale app, not only you will experience a Happy Halloween in real life, but you will also enjoy this year’s spooky season with your lovely dragon pets. The latest update (version 1.1.2) includes a new dragon called the Dragonvale Bone Dragon. This type of dragon is available for a limited time only. So if you have not yet updated your Dragonvale app, hurry and download the latest version today from Apple iTunes.

Dragonvale Bone Dragon

The Dragonvale Bone Dragon spends most of its time buried underground with other bones in cemeteries so it would probably stay in your dragon island if it’s near other bones. It only appears a few weeks in a year. It looks like the skeleton of the Dragonvale Scorch Dragon.

To be able to have the Dragonvale Bone Dragon you can try breeding it or buy it from the Dragonvale Market for only 25 gems. To get this type of dragon by breeding you need to mate a Fire Dragon with an Earth Dragon in the Breeding Cave of your dragon island. You need to patiently wait for the total incubation period of 10 hours to hatch the Dragonvale Bone Dragon.

The elements of the Dragonvale Bone Dragon are fire and earth. Therefore, to successfully raise this dragon, you need to keep it in a fire or earth habitat. It evolves at levels 4 and 7.

Let us look at the earning rates of the Dragonvale Bone Dragon for each level:

At level 1 the Bone Dragon earns 6 coins per minute

At level 2 the Bone Dragon earns 10 coins per minute

At level 3 the Bone Dragon earns 14 coins per minute

At level 4 the Bone Dragon earns 18 coins per minute

At level 5 the Bone Dragon earns 22 coins per minute

At level 6 the Bone Dragon earns 26 coins per minute

At level 7 the Bone Dragon earns 30 coins per minute

At level 8 the Bone Dragon earns 34 coins per minute

At level 9 the Bone Dragon earns 38 coins per minute

At level 10 the Bone Dragon earns 42 coins per minute

Are you excited in breeding your very first Dragonvale Bone Dragon? Then try it out for yourself as soon as you get ahold of the Dragonvale Version 1.1.2. This update was released last October 18, 2011.

Also included in the latest update are brand new decorations and a brand new dragon called the Dragonvale Sandstorm Dragon. To make the Dragonvale playing experience more enjoyable this Halloween season, several limited edition Halloween decorations have also been added. The Dragonvale Halloween decorations include the Witch Hut and the Jack-O-Lantern.

After browsing this Dragonvale Bone Dragon guide, you have to tell your friends to update their Dragonvale app as soon as you can. Since its a social game, it would be more enjoyable to have friends who are playing the latest version of this mobile game. You can have them visit your dragon island and have them see the new additions if you’ve played the Halloween edition ahead of them.

Don’t forget to tell your friends about this new Dragonvale Bone Dragon guide here at Dragonvale.net!


  1. Tk says:

    I only started playing after Halloween, any way for me to get the bone dragon?

  2. JK says:

    Wait until next Halloween, don’t cry I started in late November

  3. Elena says:

    I got the skeliton!!!!! does it belong to a scorch dragon!? ;)

  4. how do you trade coins, gems, or dragons?

  5. do they have it for facebook?

  6. Keanu671 says:

    What happens when we breed lava and cold

  7. Keanu671 says:

    I tried breeding the lava dragon and cold dragon together just now I’m just wondering what it will make cause no site shows what itt will breed

  8. Jack says:

    Does any one know how to trade coins for gems? Been searching for three hours now (it’s like midnight) and a few weeks ago I heard of it. Any help?

  9. michael says:

    wow i tried blue fire and crystel and i got a leap year dragon on my fist try lol

  10. ming says:

    You did!!!!!! email me if you want to know how to get a sun dragon or rainbow dragon. my gmail is minglei2001@gmail.com.

  11. Me says:

    How do you get a panlong

  12. Richadroks says:

    Hey I just got the bone dragon and it’s the middle of may

  13. KKU says:

    Hi, how did you get the bone dragon?

  14. Devin says:

    Hey add me on dragonvale mistawang69 and also I’m trying to get a moon dragon do you have to breed when it’s night time to get it?

  15. Frederik says:

    This is just some shit!! I can not get it

  16. Boomer says:

    how do you get a bone dragon? I’m freaking out, I’m going insane, I’m going to exsplode, I need to know now, tell me nnnooowww.

  17. diana says:

    Hi everyone!!! i just started to play Dragonvale a couple weeks ago and got super fan inmediatly!!! i’m just level 10 and there’s a lot of things i still don´t know… my biggest question right now is can i get any of the limited dragons that already expired??? as i said i only have 2 or 3 weeks with the app and i don’t have any rare dragon…

  18. It is not possible for you to get expired dragons. Maby it will appear next year?

  19. Dragonvale11 says:

    Can i ask you guys isnt dragon vale addicting. I think that this game is backflip studios best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love breeding rare dragons and other dragons i love u all

  20. I play dragon vale every day i live dragonvale

  21. Jettagirl07 says:

    Will the Bone Dragon be coming back this year? I missed it last year. Though I’ve missed several bc they’re so hard to get the correct combos to breed them O.o Still love the game xD

  22. Sancha531 says:

    Got it with lava & mud

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