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How do you breed the dragonvale ouroboros dragon? The dragon was released on July 18 and not much isDragonvale Ouroborous Dragon known about it by many dragonvale fans. However, we have everything you need to know about this dragon including its, incubation period, its buying price, its breeding patterns and much more. Before we introduce you to the best combinations for breeding the Ouroboros dragonvale dragon, here is everything you need to know about this dragonvale dragon:

  • According to the game descriptions, “Scholars agree the hatching of the first Ouroboros dragon coincided with the day the Scar of the World was created. Some call them a harbinger of ill, but even more say they are a living prophecy; promising that someday the Scar will be healed.”
  • As some will tell you, there is an ancient symbol of a dragon eating its tail. This symbol is called the auroboros. The ouroboros dragon may have been derived from this symbol.
  • The ouroboros dragon is available as from the seventeenth level of game play. Therefore, if you are still at the lower levels of dragonvale game play, there is no need trying to breed or buy this dragon from your game market.
  • Is the ouroboros dragon a limited time dragon?┬áThe answer is no. This dragon is not limited and as such, will be available for your breeding throughout the year.
  • The Ouroboros is an apocalypse dragon. This means that it has the apocalypse habitat as its habitat.
  • If you are not interested in breeding the ouroboros dragon and would prefer to instead buy it, the dragon sells at the game market for 1,888 dragonvale gems. However, the selling price of this dragon is 1,250,000 coins.
  • Breeding time for the ouroboros dragon is timed at 26 hours and 24 minutes which similar to its incubation time. However the breeding time can be reduced to precisely 21 hours, 7 minutes and 12 seconds.
  • The ouroboros earning rates stand at forty coins per minute at level one of game play, a hundred and thirty six coins per minute at level five and two hundred and sixty one coins per minute at level ten. From this analysis, you can say that the ouroboros draogonvale dragon will sure give you many coins regardless of its level of game play.
Dragonvale Ouroboros Breeding
The dragonvale ouroboros dragon can be bred through selecting any dragonvale magnetic dragon to breed with a dragonvale water dragon or any water dragon hybrid. The breeding can take place in either the normal breeding cave or the dragonvale epic breeding island. Here are some sure combinations for getting the ouroboros dragon:
  • Dragonvale Magnetic Dragon bred with dragonvale water dragon
  • Dragonvale Plasma Dragon bred with dragonvale Magnetic Dragon
Are there other working combinations for getting the ouroboros dragon that you know about which you want to share with the dragonvale fans? Are you having problems breeding your ouroboros dragon? If there is any matter pertaining to this dragon that you would wish to share with the rest of the dragonvale fans, be free to post it here and let us help you spread the word!

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