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How do you breed the dragonvale peridot dragon? The peridot dragon is the recently released gem dragonvale peridot dragondragon and it replaces the ruby dragon that was available for the month of July.

Apart from the peridot dragonvale dragon, there have been other dragonvale gemstone dragons such as the emerald dragonvale dragon and the pearl dragonvale dragon. The peridot dragon is the gemstone dragon for the month of August.

For September, we will have the sapphire dragonvale dragon. However, Even before we talk about the peridot dragonvale dragon breeding, here are some facts you will have to know about the peridot dragonvale dragon:

  • About the dragonvale peridot dragon

Many dragonvale fans have complained that unlike the other dragonvale gemstone dragons, the dragonvale peridot dragon is ugly. Is this true? Well, it is for you to breed your peridot dragon and make a decision based on your perception.

Even if the peridot dragon may be as ugly as stated by the dragonvale fans, the dragonvale peridot dragon gemstone earnings still remain the same and this is enough reason why you will want to get your peridot dragonvale dragon!

  • Dragonvale Peridot dragon level recquirements

Do you know the level that you have to be in for you to breed the dragonvale peridot dragon? If you dont, then, you have to be in at least the eleventh level of dragonvale game play for you to breed this dragon. If you want to buy your peridot dragon instead of breeding it, you will have to buy it at 1475 dragonvale gems. However, the selling price for the peridot dragon is 1,500,000 dragonvale coins.

  • Dragonvale peridot dragon earnings

A level one peridot dragon will give you one dragonvale gem in a month while a level ten dragonvale peridot dragon will give one dragonvale gem in a week. Also good to note is that the habitat for the dragonvale peridot dragon is gemstone habitat.

  • Dragonvale Peridot Dragon Incubation period

If you want to breed the new peridot dragonvale dragon, you have the whole of this month to breed your dragon. Therefore, you should not panick when you dont get your peridot dragon on the first try. However, if you get a dragon with 31 hours incubation period, then, you have most likely landed yourself on the dragonvale peridot dragon. This is because the incubation period for the peridot dragon is 31hours.

  • Breeding the dragonvale peridot dragon

Here are the best combinations so far for breeding the dragonvale peridot dragon:

- Dragonvale iron dragon combined with dragonvale fog dragon

- Dragonvale iron dragon combined with dragonvale evergreen dragon

- Dragonvale lava Dragon with Dragonvale malachite dragon

The best combination for the peridot dragonvale dragon is the dragonvale cactus dragon and the dragonvale crystal dragon. However all the other mentioned are also good at getting the peridot dragon.

Do you have any other combination for breeding the peridot dragon that we know not of? If you have a working combination for breeding the dragonvale peridot dragon that we know not of, feel free to post it here. Otherwise, we are still updating this blog post with more about the dragonvale peridot dragon and it will be good if you check later for more information regarding to dragonvale peridot breeding time, dragonvale peridot dragon eggs and much more! Also, be sure to check on more about this mobile game!


  1. IdaJ says:

    When Will it be in the market?

    • A says:

      What is a shrine. Other posts talk about them and that you need 50 dragons of an element to activate it. Also do the dragons have to be pure of that element ie. metal dragon for metal shrine. Or does the dragon just need to include that element Like a rustl dragon that has metal and water. Also if you can use one that has two element like the rust dragon can it be used as one of the 50 dragons for both the metal and water shrines?

      • Dillonzgirl says:

        You find the shrines in the market under buildings I believe. And yes if it’s metal and water it counts towards both shrines. After you have 50 lvl 10′s you can then lvl them up to 15. They also
        Count if you lvl them up and then sell them when they hit lvl 10.

      • M says:

        A rust dragon would count for both metal and water shrines. The dragons don’t have to that pure element they just have to include it.

      • Biskit says:

        The shrines are in your market. I believe you ave to hit a certain level before they appear. No the dragons don’t have to be pure. Mixed breeds are great because the two elements in one dragon work towards both shrines. Just a little heads up once you have gotten the 50 dragons to lvl 15 your dragon shrine goes from bronze to silver and the next challenge is to get 50 dragons to lvl 20. So in other words try to keep all your high lvl until you reach lvl 20

      • Drew says:

        The shrines activate and allow you to level up your dragons to level 15. Hybrids count to the shrines. Like the fire shrine, you can have pure breed like fire and have hybrids like lava dragons that will count towards two shrines (fire and earth). And also if you have level 10 dragons and you sold them they will still count towards the shrines.

    • cookie says:

      It is in the market now

  2. Rheece says:

    Probably at 12:01

  3. Eddie.C says:

    Just got a 31 hour dragon with breeding Level 12 Iron and Level 10 Evergreen :)

  4. Garty says:

    Iron & Evergreen just got me a 31hour dragon! Is that the peridot??

  5. Rheece says:

    Guess not

  6. Niki says:

    All my dragons are level 10. I see that other players have dragons level 12 or 15… How do you do that? How can you grow your dragons? Mine it says max 10. Please can somebody tell me?

    • poison says:

      You have to have the shrines of each elements (8). Then you have to have at least 50 dragons (all level 10) of each element to activate the shrine (i.e. 50 level 10 plant dragons to activate the plant shrine)…. Only then, could you level up your dragons.

    • coreen says:

      get the water,plant ,ect, shrine then you have to raise 50 dragons to level ten then you can start raising their level again but the shrine has to be silver after you raise the 50 dragons

    • Angela says:

      you have to upgrade your shrines to 50 dragons at level 10 before the game allows you to max out at level 15.

    • Theman says:

      Get some shrines

  7. Poison says:

    You have to have the shrines of each elements (8). Then you have to have at least 50 dragons, of each elements, to activate the shrines. Only then could you level up your dragons.

  8. Joey Ooi says:

    I hope I can get one. I mean I had written about how to breed dragons and special ones like sun, moon, rainbow, pearl, gold and solstice dragon!

  9. AJ7/62/13 says:

    When does the peridot dragon come out. It is august first but i still have the ruby dragon in the market

  10. Cure says:

    You have to have a shrine for a specific type of dragon EX:plant dragon shrine then you have to feed 50 plant dragons to lvl 10 after that you can feed them to lvl 15.20 is the highest though

  11. Od says:

    Add me guys! You wont regret it: udihh

  12. Lucy says:

    I got the Peridot dragon first try with seaweed and pollen ! Add me: £ucy10

  13. Hally says:

    What are the combos to breed it? P.S There is a app that tells you eggs how to breed things and information about the dragons so you can get it it is free! And called dragoncalc.

  14. Kool Hippo says:

    Well I don’t think the peridot dragon is ugly. I think it’s cool.

  15. .*[lolli]*. says:

    This dragon isn’t showing up on market, anyone know why??

  16. When will the peridot be in the market?

  17. Kara says:

    iron and sonic. 28 hours on the epic breeding sanctuary. Could this be a peridot?

  18. TheXperts says:

    To get the dragon you simply have to breed iron and evergreen.

  19. Ja says:

    Its crystal and cactus. I’d post a pic but don’t know how

  20. Diana says:

    Olympus dragons have a 35 hour incubation for breeding and hatching… 28 hours incubation is not Olympus or even Peridot… I have been trying cactus and crystal (20 + tries) and NOTHING… Guess I will be trying the other combos… : (

  21. Sperka says:

    I got it twice using Cactus and Crystal.

  22. Jesi says:

    I got 31 hrs with cactus and crystal, both level 10

    • Eric says:

      When in market!!?? Mr.Whoever created this app when will it be in the market?!?!Please i needa buy it, someone tell me please!!!! Do u need yo update!? Whens it in market!?. My gamecenter is FD GOD10. So please tell me anything!!

  23. Adelica123 says:

    Add me for gemtrading: adelica123

  24. parsa says:

    you need to be lvl 14 to buy the peridot dragon!!!!!!

  25. Deborah Good says:

    Cactus and Crystal after 3 tries worked for me.

  26. HELPME712 says:

    is the breeding in the regular breeding cave or the epic breeding island???

  27. rbgsnol says:

    crystal + Cactus = 31 hours

  28. Cinnamini11 says:

    Add me GC: Cinnamini11. I really want to get a gemstone dragon badly, especially the really cool looking Peridot Dragon. I really hope to get it since it’s my birthstone..or birthdragon, so what’s the best combination? I tried cactus and crystal but got nothing…though I’ll keep trying . Also, trying to save gems for epic breeding island and I do gem4gem, though I’ll try to give back as soon as possible.

  29. Bob says:

    This is directed at Eric. How can we take as many gems as we want from u?

  30. Scott says:

    No, you need to be lv 11 to get peridot dragon

  31. Rocky says:

    Cactus and crystal worked for me on my 3rd try.

  32. Draglion says:

    I got 22 hours

  33. AkHonea says:

    I have tried three times with catus and crystal…keep getting a tree dragon. Getting really frustrated….

  34. AkHonea says:

    The peridot is only three days on the market. I have tried three times with catus and crystal…keep getting a tree dragon. Getting really frustrated….Both my dragons r level 10

  35. dra says:

    i got 31 hrs on breeding cave could it be peridot???????

  36. Imariobros99 says:

    I got 31 hrs with blazing and cristal wish me luck

  37. Luch360 says:

    Try crystal+cactus

  38. Lazze says:

    I have breeded more then 15 eggs but got no f..ing peridot dragon.
    And ive try’d almost all the best combinations. What shall i dooooooo???!!???

  39. Lazze says:

    After exactly 32 try’s i got it. Just 1…….. Why……

  40. Donut says:

    How do u buy the peridot dragon with coins? Please reply, this really confuses me! thanks

  41. Hello Dragon Vale friends, I got some questions, like HOW DO YOU DOWNLOAD CYDIA??? Which app is it? Thanks.

    Please add. Ling Chen. I am a boy but my sister chose it

  42. Rheece says:

    Got 31 hour breeding time crystal + cactus add me yoshimaster 5

  43. Beau Guy says:

    How can cactus and crystal make peridot. 1.Cactus and crystal are both lightning type and to make a gemstone dragon you need 4 different elements. 2.Crystal was already used for Emerald dragon Lichen and Crystal makes Emerald.

  44. Tman says:

    Getting friends?
    Can I add someone that I visit?
    No one I know plays this game not sure how to get neighbors to give and receive gifts with?

  45. Yo says:

    So sorry!!!!!!!

  46. Meh says:

    Damn all! I have bred the cactus with the crystal at least fifteen times (no joke). No peridot dragon. You guys have all the luck!

  47. Mr. Epic says:

    Still can’t get 1 >:( !!!!!! Plz reply w/ proven combos. Thx

  48. Taila says:

    How can you breed this dragon at level 11 if you still can’t get iron or malachite or fog? O_o I think that’s kinda cheap don’t you think….

  49. CC Bach says:

    Ok so I have tried catus plus crystal at least 30x and crystal plus catus the same amount and now I’m doing iron plus evergreen ad still no dragon… I there a certain time of day to get it I’m really getting frustrated

  50. Brian:82 says:

    Tried cactus and crystal about 20 times with no luck. Does anyone have another working combo?

  51. Patchwerq says:

    I have definitely tried crystal and cactus in both the EBI and the breeding cave about 20 times in each cave and zero luck. I hope I can get it, starting to worry i wont.

  52. p says:

    it is good time pass game

  53. Gigante131 says:

    I got mine with crystal and cactus

  54. Capi2006 says:

    I did iron and evergreen and i got the rainbow dragon come and see ( add me )

  55. momma_frog says:

    I have a huge question…i am currently using an iphone4 but i dont want to jailbreak it because it is still under warrenty…i still have my iphone3 though, what im wanting to know is if i jailbreak my iphone3 will i be able to download Dragonvale onto it because right now with it not jailbroken it says ” This app is incompatible with this iphone”…can someone please help me because i would hate to go through all the trouble of jailbreakung it for it to still not work…

  56. DJ says:

    I got my peridot from cactus and crystal.

  57. Amalie says:

    If I add you through my game center how do I make it where I can give you gem gifts through dragon vale?!

    • Jettagirl07 says:

      Click on the friends tab in bottom right hand corner next to the market. There it’ll show you all your friends and you can give 3 gems to 3 different friends a day or 6 to 6 friends of you have the Dragonsai Gifting Tree

  58. Bunkl3 says:

    Add me. I can only add people via emails or Facebook.

  59. Furiina says:

    Finally just got my Peridot. The combination is definitely Crystal and Cactus. Don’t let the blog or anyone else say otherwise. There can only be one Gemstone combination!

    That being said, both were level 10 on the Epic Breeding Island. Have fun, this one’s a toughie.

  60. Nonsi says:

    There should be more levels past 35

  61. Bunkl3 says:

    I still haven’t got a peridot yet :( I’ve tried each of these combos but natta yet. Any hints from anyone?

  62. jessmac says:

    i bred a level 10 cactus and a level 10 crystal dragon on my epic breeding island and got the peridot on the FIRST TRY! i am soooooooooo happy :) thanks for the advice! xoxox

  63. Shellbelle71 says:

    My game center name is shellbell71 I need gems. Also this has got to be the hardest ever. I have yet to get peridot what stinks is I keep getting Crystal and it tied up my breeding for 24 hours. I’m over using crystal for all the special dragons.

    • Akihsh says:

      Don’t worry you’re certainly not the only one. I’ve had no luck with ANY limited or rare dragons. While I’ve been able to get all of them so far, it always takes me countless breeding attempts. With Peridot, it was the first time this website stated more than one combination, so based on the comments I tried:
      - Iron & Evergreen in EBI + Crystal & Cactus in breeding cave
      - Evergreen & Iron in EBI + Cactus & Crystal in BC
      - Crystal & Cactus in EBI + Iron & Evergreen in BC
      I’ve tried well over 60 times in total and still nothing :( Also, is anyone else struggling to keep up with suddenly being bombarded by so many new dragons lately? After finally getting Ruby, I only had about 5 days to try for Gold before Peridot came out & since then they’ve released the Olympus dragons, the Seasonal dragon, and now 2 new standard dragons, none of which I’ve been able to even try to breed. Ahhhhh! Give me a break!! I’m all for regular updates, but this is too much. Backflip Studios, please calm down – no one is going to quit playing Dragonvale from boredom because you haven’t released a brand new dragon for 3 days. I really want to try for Gold again but I’m still here trying to get this stupid effing Peridot!! I’m afraid I’m starting to love this game less than I used to…

      • M.A says:

        Yep…I hav no luck with peridot or the new seasonal…all combos…many many times. Only thing I do hav is all the Olympic! Dont even hav a rainbow or a blue fire. Not very lucky. Arh well…gotta keep trying. Oh I hav the EBC and that hasnt helped. Using all lv 10.

      • Jettagirl07 says:

        Im right there with u. I keep getting a 24 hour breeding time and August is almost gone. I still don’t have any of the new dragons. I did get the Seasonal (Panlong + Evergreen). Heck I still don’t even have a Moon Dragon yet. No time to try for it. =(

  64. PSGunner says:

    You can also get the Peridot Dragon with Cactus 15 and Crystal 15. Got 3 so far with this combo…..check it out at PSGunner on DV……Squeeeeee!!

  65. hfzktxtx says:

    add me i need gems!!!!! chenny524

  66. nada says:

    ive been trying to get this dragon the entire month and yesterday was my bday so i was rlly hoping to get this dragon. any tips? (add me chenny 524)

  67. Sparrow hawk says:

    I’ve been trying to breed the peridot dragon but keep getting rainbow dragons!!!

  68. Neddih says:

    I am starting to get just a tad bit frustrated. I have followed the suggested breeding suggestions as well as the suggested combination in the sandbox (generally the sandbox is a good resource)… But so far I have not gottoen either the peridot or the seasonal dragons. And I agree the new dragons are coming so fast that I can’t get all the new dragons.
    I enjoy playing but after 23 days (well actually 22 or 21 days) and I still haven’t gotten the peridot… I am staring to Get a tad disappointed and not want to play this game, also Experianced this back in May when I didn’t get the emerald, but was restored when I got the pearl right away.
    Just think that times they make it too difficult get the special dragons

  69. boxergirl says:

    Have been trying constantly with all the combos, but mainly cactus and blazing, since peridot was released. No luck at all:-(

  70. boxergirl says:

    Oops! I meant cactus and crystal :-)

  71. Shellbelle71 says:

    I still don’t have this gemstone dragon. I’m sooooo aggravated. Add me.

  72. KAllaneCR2011 says:

    Needing friends!!! Add me on game center! KAllaneCR2011

  73. Jem says:

    Hi, I’ve just bred iron and evergreen on the epic breeding island and its given me 47/48hrs. Does anyone know what it could be as I thought the Peridot was 31hrs?? Thanks

  74. Jettagirl07 says:

    ThiS dragon is making me sad I have tried since it was released in both breeding places and still nothing and FYI August is almost over. =( It should not be near impossible to get. =( Very very sad.

  75. Booknerd says:

    I have tried 15+ times but I can’t get it!!!!!!! I’ve don level 10 cactus+level 10 crystal everytime!!!! Any suggestions?

  76. Carin says:

    I have never had so much difficulty getting a dragon. Like MANY on here, I have save tried all the ways of getting this freekin dragon that i have seen on many sites…. mostly Crystal and cactus….and have tried it in both caves, and both ways. NOTHING. August only has one more day …and I don’t feel too lucky. I understand these are rare dragons…but they should not be impossible…especially when yu put out several dragons n the same month that are limited (Olympus Draons). They were difficult also. But not as hard a this freekin Perdot … Help us out!

  77. Scoopearly says:


  78. Misslibet says:

    Just got 31 hrs for crystal & cactus on ebi… Finger crossed..

  79. Sandy says:

    I just got a 31 hour incubation…. So I figure that means I finally got a peridot. If I wait it out, it will be into sept before it hatches. Will it still hatch or turn into a pumpkin at midnight on the 31 st ( tonight)

  80. Sueb3373 says:

    I tried all month and could not get the Peridot dragon. I agree with you Carin!

  81. Juju says:

    Well… It’s now September 1st. Guess I’ll have to wait till next year… Way to release 10 million limited dragons in one month and then make the monthly rare dragon impossible to breed.

  82. Sky says:

    All month long , only breeding for this bloody dragon. I did the two combos and nothing else. I usually just play to waste time but This was the one dragon I wanted seeing as it is my birthday stone or birth dragon , and nothing what so ever. Didn’t even pay any attention to the new dragons bc this was a dragon I had to have , but sadly wanting and waiting to did not pay off. Now I have zero desire to play. For real what is the point on playing when a dragon comes along that you actually want but can’t get. Ps I have never spent money on this game and to get this one dragon would have cost $100 that is stupid and not worth it In any form or shapes.

  83. Tried entire month of August for peridot dragon with no luck! Level 25 & both breeding grounds and all combos! Many…. Many……Many…. Times!

  84. AMME1390 says:

    Gem for gem add me AMME1390

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