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Dragonvale Clover_dragonThe newest dragon in dragonvale is the dragonvale clover dragon! The dragonvale clover dragon is an exciting dragon that is a must to have in your park.

It is a dragon that as the description suggests, delights in playing tricks on other dragonvale dragons and will often hide things such that your guests may have to check their pockets before they leave!

As such, there are many hidden wonders that come with the dragonvale clover dragon.

What do you need to know about the dragonvale clover dragon? Well, here are some information about this dragon that will help you better understand all about dragonvale clover dragon:

What is the clover dragon in dragonvale?

If you did not know it, then, you have to be informed that the clover dragon is a Saint Patricks day dragon and as such is considered as a holiday dragon. The breeding of the clover dragon will take place on the breeding island or the breeding cave. We shall talk more on how to breed the dragonvale clover dragon in another post. Meanwhile, here are some basic information on dragonvale clover dragon:

  • Habitat for Dragonvale Clover Dragon

The dragonvale clover dragon has plat properties and therefore the correct habitat for this dragon will be either plant or earth. It will also be good for you to note that the opposite for the dragonvale clover dragon is cold and air.

  • Incubation Time for Dragonvale clover dragon

Even as dragonvale gets more exciting and with new dragons for the old players, the dragonvale family has once again been provided with a dragon which takes little time to breed in the name of the clover dragon. As such, the incubation time for the dragonvale clover dragon is seven hours.

  • Buying the dragonvale clover dragon

Some people are too lazy to breed the dragonvale clover dragon and feel that the best alternative would be to buy the clover dragon. Should you decide to go this way, you will need seventy seven dragonvale gems to buy the clover dragon. However, the selling price for dragonvale clover dragon is seven thousand, seven hundred and seventy seven dragonvale gold coins.

Do you something about the clover dragon that we don’t? If you do, then post it here and let the other fans of dragonvale know! We will be providing you with more updates soon including how to breed the clover dragon in dragonvale soon. However, come back and check on latest updates on the dragonvale mobile game from our blog as often as you can.


  1. Backman says:

    Well I tried tree and moss it doesn’t work

  2. CherryLee says:

    I have tried moss and plant, tree and flower, plant and mountain, I still haven’t got it :o (

  3. Andrew says:

    Use a lvl 10 flower then a lvl 10 moss I’ve got 3 that way in four try’s!

  4. rileyyyyy says:

    i got it with tree and moss

  5. Jaden says:

    I’ve seen lots of info saying that a way you can get the clover is moss and flower in that order.. I don’t know that level but try level 10 or 7 cause 7 is the number that is unique about the clover dragon,the lucky dragon..

  6. Heather says:

    I got it with lvl 13 flower and lvl 13 moss on epic breeding island first try. The higher you get their levels the better chances you’ll have for rare dragons.

  7. Judith says:

    I used moss first followed by tree and also followed by flower dragon. Each time I got one. Both dragons were of the same level. One time on the epic breeding island, the other time in the regular breeding cave.

  8. Billy kid says:

    I tried using grass and earth and it worked on the first try

  9. Jrod2k88 says:

    I been trying tree on the left and moss on the right and still no luck! But if u have the clover dragon

  10. thumper1009 says:

    In breeding cave i used flower on left and and moss on right and on second try it says 7 hrs so should be clover.

  11. Niki says:

    I got mine 1st time using epic breeding island
    With level 10 tree and level 10 moss

  12. Cat says:

    So they have a St. Patrick’s day dragon but not a St. Davids’s day dragon. :(

  13. BlackSheik says:

    I got it on my first try with Moss and Flower, in that order. You can add me if you want.

  14. BlackSheik says:

    P.S. They were both level 10.

  15. Colbynolan says:

    I bought shamrock and the clover cottage, and then I breeded both level 10 flower on left and moss on right. I got this on my first try and alot of people recommended that this is sure to work,it should come at least by the first, second or third time so good luck.

  16. Haley says:

    I get it with a level 7 moss and a level 7 flower on the first try, with just a regular breeding cave.

  17. Epicazeroth says:

    How does it play tricks? Is that legit or just the description?

  18. How do you get your dragons above level 10?

    • thumper1009 says:

      as you level up in the game, you will be able to buy shrines. With the shrines you need to level your dragons up to 10 and have atleast 50 of them at level 10 reguardless if you sell them or keep them. After you level up 50 or more dragons for each type (plant, fire, earth) etc. you will be able to level them up past lvl. 10.

  19. Vanessajavik says:

    I got it on my first try; flower and Moss. Both were level 4.

  20. Judith says:

    Earnings are as follows:
    level 1 12,
    level 2 19,
    level 3 26,
    level 4 33,
    level 5 40,
    level 6 48,
    level 7 55,
    level 8 62,
    level 9 69,
    level 10 77,
    level 11 84

  21. Nomita says:

    I got it with tree and posion, booth lvl 15

  22. Snuuuuzer says:

    I did as colbynolan stated and on the second try it .. i have been trying since yesterday with no luck.. bought the cottage and the sham-rock and it worked .. so thank you Colbynolan!

  23. Potion says:

    When will it be taken off?

  24. Jack Wagner says:

    i got one tried endlessly finally gave up and bought 1 with gems

  25. TurtleRun says:

    I try moss and love for 3 times and got it at the third try.. Both lvl 10

  26. Natalie says:

    I breed pillow dragon & Florence dragon and got a table dragon

  27. MrE says:

    So I now have a clover dragon egg. It finally showed 7 hours breeding time after 16 failed attempts to breed a level 10 flower to a level 10 moss. I honestly can’t remember which was on the left and which was on the right. I was thinking it might have more to do with the time on the clock when you click breed. Because its 77 gems to buy, and 7 hours breeding time and 7 hours incubation time, and $7,777 to sell. I clicked on the breed button at 11:37 and success, 7 hours breeding time which equals the clover dragon egg. I’m at level 18, and I added the clover cottage and sham-rock to the same island as the breeding cave. I do own the epic breeding island, but these were bred in the normal breeding cave.

  28. Leo says:

    Level 10 moss and level 10 tree youl get it got it in my first try.

  29. Epicazeroth says:

    Please someone answer me, how does it play tricks? Is it real, or just in the description?

  30. Jasmond says:

    Plant and moss both level 10 got it on the first try.

  31. _rDaddy_ says:

    Moss on the Left plus Flower on the Right got me at least one Clover Dragon in 5-6 attempts. Add me to trade gems daily.

  32. Honeybea says:

    Is everyone telling truth cause I’ve tryed all different ways and still no luck

  33. Mr. Semtex says:

    any idea what would happen if you bred the love dragon with the clover dragon? or any other holiday dragon? im curious to know…

  34. Enter your name... says:

    I’ve tried flower and moss both level 10 and NOTHING ive tried like 30 times…literally. I’m losing hope

  35. Jrod2k88 says:

    I just hacked dragonvale and got myself inf money gems and food!!! Add me and give me a gem I will send u 5,000 gems back:)

  36. Couldnt get mine in about 8 tries with level 10 flower and level 10 moss on the epic breeding island. Finally got mine with level 10 tree and level 10 moss in regular breeding cave 2nd or third try.

  37. Ryan says:

    Hope they have a St. Andrews day dragon

  38. make1717 says:

    I got one with flower & moss!

  39. Kmh says:

    Flower and moss worked for me….I have a gem tree will trade name is kmhornak on game center

  40. brianflyin says:

    Tried plant and rock 3 times still no luck

  41. :) ten10 says:

    Tried plant and Earth and it said it would take 12 hours any ideas what it is

  42. k4r2 says:

    i got 2 clover dragons in just 5 tries- on the 1st and 5th try. i used flower (left) and moss (right)

  43. k4r2 says:

    btw add me my username is the name above

  44. Amikira says:

    Success first AND second try breeding Flower x Moss in the Epic Breeding Island. For those interested, I used level 13 dragons. No success breeding Flower x Tree in normal Breeding Cave. Have fun!

  45. Sharon says:

    I doubt is the time I just got a seven hour incubation time and it is 2:20 pm but I used a level seven moss and level seven flower in that order in my ebc.

  46. kjg328 says:

    tried forever with flower and moss. finally tried tree and moss in that order and got it! breeding lot of clover now! also put a shamrock stone right by the regular breeding cave. :)

  47. Vina says:

    When does st Andrews day end?

  48. :) ten10 says:

    Add me. My name is ethankelsall

  49. **7Mandy7** says:

    Finally got the 7 hour time with the level 10 plant on the left and level 10 moss on the right. Been trying since the beginning of march. Tried every combo too. Bought the shrine and the cottage. At one point even tried breeding during 7 o’clock hour. Nothing in particular seemed to work. My advice is to keep trying and eventually you will get it. I almost didn’t believe that I finally got the 7 he wait.

  50. Roger says:

    My friend did plant and sandstorm, even if you don’t get it you could sell the dragon for 1 million coins.

  51. dark 81 says:

    Is the clover dragon for a limited time?

  52. mimzi11 says:

    i mated my flower dragon and moss dragon and breed a clover dragon on my first try. I wasn’t even trying to breed this dragon

    • Gabby says:

      Yeah that’s what happened to me…I think it’s really funny how all my friends are trying to get this dragon, and I got it accidentally twice…

  53. Mr. Semtex says:

    y is it so difficult for me to get the clover dragon? i tried at least 4 times and all i get is either another tree dragon or another moss! its agitating!

  54. Missy says:

    I used a moss (level 8) and poison (level 7) and got the clover. I had four sham-rocks around the breeding cave too – heard that they help….

  55. Got it 1st try mud+moss

  56. They should make a star dragon (blazing and sonic)

  57. blackshadow says:

    i got one with tree then moss both lv 10

  58. ten10 says:

    Tried everything still no luck :(

  59. ChicGeek says:

    Moss and flower (in that order) was what FINALLY worked for me!! It took two times- but having tried flower and moss 4x and plant and earth 4x- twice was a cinch!!

  60. Ziggywhizz says:

    Really really can’t get this dragon :(
    Tried all combos at level 10!!

  61. Dan B. says:

    I have tried everything to get the clover dragon. Please help me.

  62. Bob says:

    I can’t believe that they didnt mention that because everything about the clover dragon is 7, 7 is the lucky num

  63. matt says:

    i got flower with moss both lv 10 now i have 8 clover
    dragons ill prove it

  64. weewilly73 says:

    I have a moss and a lightning dragon at the love shack and it’s taking 24hrs !! Any idea what I’ll get ?

  65. Mr. Semtex says:

    Whats the deadline of getn the clover dragon? i tried moss and flower 10 times and no success

  66. Big!guy says:

    I put my Clover dragon in the same habitat as a level 1 dragon. After some time, the level 1 dragon turned into a level 7 dragon. I put it with a level 4 dragon and it turned it into a level 11 dragon. I wonder if it adds 7 levels to other dragons? Now I am trying to put it with a level 8 dragon to see if it will level to 15. Has anyone else noticed this?

  67. Rheece says:

    I got clover with lvl 10 moss and lvl 10 flower

  68. gfkjdehrkje says:

    i am so mad i breed moss and flower like 83346836473463846386438946387 times and STILL NO LUCK I AM LOSSING HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you trade dragons????

  69. Dmisty says:

    I have tried everything to get the clover dragon, but no success. I’ve just purchased the clover cottage and some shamrock to see if that boasts my chances. I’ll keep you posted (waiting for the previous breed to finish!!)

  70. Philly says:

    i dont know if you can and i tried but idk how. they say you can. ive tried to get clover dragon but no luck any leads? where do you have to breed it? (cave, island ) i need help before it is too late.

  71. Lourdis aire says:

    I’m level 21 I used flower lvl 10 on left and moss level 10 or right. In the cave not island also bought a few sham rocks and house thingys. This was the most common way that I saw so I tryed it. Have 7 hours wait time. I did try this a few times before and went back when getting sandstorm failed. ~need sandstorm, blue fire, sun, and pan long. Plus the othe holidays… Mad I didn’t breed the leap year wasn’t high enough level just started.

  72. Piper says:

    Was never able to get one waaah I tried so hard! I’ve not been able to get any limited edition ones by breeding and I’m a smart breeder. I never have an issue with other dragons, bluefire sun etc. I just have bad luck when I have a time limit!

  73. luke says:

    the events over you cant by it anymore

  74. Sophie says:

    I cant BELIVE some of u dont have this!!!! It was sooooo easy!!!!

  75. Ketterx00 says:

    Anyone need an extra friend on the game add me

  76. Hana says:

    I tried poison and moss and I got the clover dragon

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