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If you have never been surprised before, then you are in for a surprise. Get ready for dragonvale dododragonvale dodo dragon dragon. What is suprising about this dragon? For one, this dragon has been released as a secret dragon. This means that it has been released in the manner which dragonvale frostfire dragon was released.

It is for this reason that you will not see the dragonvale dodo dragon in the market place. However, this does not mean that you cannot breed the dodo dragon. It simply implies that it is a secret dragon for now and will be availed during the next dragonvale update.

Although we will discuss into details how to breed the dodo dragon on another article, here are some tips you have to know about the dragonvale dodo dragon:

  • Deagonvale dodo dragon’s elements

For one, the dodo dragon is not easy to breed. If you have been missing the challenge in breeding dragons, then, with the new hidden dragons just released, you will have fun trying to get the dodo dragon. More to this, the dodo dragon looks like the earth dragon with a different color. The elements for dragonvale dodo dragon are still hidden but many have managed to breed it with earth dragons combined with air dragons.

  • Breeding Dragonvale dodo dragon

Though dragonvale dodo dragon breeding will be discussed in depth at another article in this blog, it would be good to provide some combinations that you can use to breed the dodo dragon so that you can start trying your hand in getting one. Here are some of the combinations that work in breeding dragonvale dodo dragon:

- Try dragonvale earth dragon with dragonvale chrome dragon

-Try dragonvale earth dragon with dragonvale fog dragon

The breeding takes place on the normal breeding cave and if you don’t get the dodo dragon on the first try, you should not be discouraged. Just keep on trying and you will end up getting the dragonvale dodo dragon. How do you know that you have a dodo dragon comming up? When you get 16 hours breeding time, then, you will know that you have managed to get the dodo dragon. Also, the dragonvale dodo dragon egg is brown in color¬† with blue swirls that look just like the ones found on the dragonvale air dragon egg.

Do you know something more about dragonvale dodo dragon? If you do, then, do not hesitate to post it here so that the rest of the dragonvale fans can know. Should you also know of other ways of breeding the dragonvale dodo dragon, post it here so that the rest of the fans can know.


  1. Courtney says:

    The breed time is 16 hours, not 13. The egg is brown with blue whispy swirls, similar to the Air egg.

  2. Shoddy says:


  3. Bigbrolove says:

    Cant find it in market

  4. Mad says:

    How can we breed the Dodo Dragon by breeding Air and Earth Dragons? Aren’t they opposites? However, it’s a super cute dragon, and I’ll be certain to make my friends envy my Dodo Dragon. Thanks! :)

    • rusty369 says:

      You have to take a hybrid. I just got my Dodo (16 h!) by using left earth, right fog. ebi. I read, that you could only bread it on ebi and you must have lev. 19. That ‘s how it worked for me. Good luck!!

    • Tom says:

      It didnt say Breed Air and earth it said breed Air dragons and earth dragons meaning that on of the dragons has to have 2 elements with earth as one for example I got Dodo with Chrome and Earth

    • Karla says:

      its only cute when baby when it grows up looks ugly :(

  5. Rheece says:

    It’s a secret dragon that’s why it’s not got 3 try earth+chrome and willow+earth add me yoshimaster 5

  6. sdarren7 says:

    add me sdarren7 gem for gem daily

  7. Ef909 says:

    Just got dodo epic breeding island earth and chrome

  8. Jan says:

    Have 16hr incubation brown egg with blue swirls :) . First try with Earth and Chrome looks like Dodo Dragon on the way yayyyyyy

    • Jan says:

      Now have Steel Dragon incubating using Metal & Bloom in standard breeding cave, so feeling very happy…just wish we could have more habitats so we don’t have to keep selling :)

  9. Jan says:

    Have 16hr incubation brown egg with blue swirls :) . First try with Earth and Chrome looks like Dodo Dragon on the way.

  10. Yusef says:

    I can’t breed earth and air why?

  11. Lorrie says:

    Got the dodo dragon with earth and willow – 16 hours.

  12. Canking says:

    Add me to trade gems! I play everyday. Im saving for a gem tree :D

    Canking <—— Add me

  13. King ofek 2003 says:

    Try do make one….. Earth+chrome ….. Got chrome )-:
    Add me -> king ofek 2003
    Game=game (-:

  14. LeapYearOne says:

    Earth+Chrome = Dodo 2nd try.

  15. Brandon says:

    How True is this?
    Is there such thing as a Secret dragon?
    Ill Try it soon…
    Thanks anyway’s!=)

  16. Gindhara says:

    Tried Earth & Chrome twice Then on the Thrid try, Bammm, Dodo Dragon… Egg is Brown with Blue Swirls… I also have the Secret Steel Dragon… Metal and Cold…. 14 Hour Incubation Time, try it!!! Good Luck…. Visit me: GINDHARA

  17. Spark says:

    I already have 4 and plan on getting another. Try Willow and Earth.

  18. ~Ash ley~ says:

    After 4 tries of the Earth + Chrome combo..I got 16 hour Dodo!

  19. Mr. Semtex says:

    i thought earth and air were incompatible at first

  20. Cam says:

    They’re opposites

  21. Will says:

    Not in my market. :(

  22. Mr. Semtex says:

    since they made a dragon with opposites they should go on and make a steam dragon too (fire +water) & i know f+w get u air but it doesnt hurt in imagining right?

  23. Froggm says:

    Tried and tried to breed dodo in breeding cave could not get one breeding earth and chrome so I moved them to ebi and had a dodo with three times breeding so cool luv dragons

  24. that boss dude says:

    they should make moon & sun to make eclipce:<) that would be a boss

  25. that boss dude says:

    they should make moon & sun to make eclipce:<) that would be so cool

  26. Isabella says:

    Where is the Sakura dragon? it’s not on the breeding list

  27. Abudy says:

    I am very happy because I bred a fog with earth and I got 16hr means dodo dragon!

  28. upgrade your game or get to a higher level

    • Lynn says:

      How do you upgrade your game? I have reached highest level with no updates so to “upgrade” what needs to be done?
      Please help me Dragon Master!

  29. Hello says:

    Earth + Chrome…. No luck. On my seventh try but not giving up!

  30. Hello says:

    They should make seed dragon with earth and plant AND water. That would be awesome

  31. Marie says:

    I crossed bred a lichen and lightning, it’s incubation time is 2 days..what is it? I’m hoping moon!

  32. anna says:

    PlEASE HELP ME! I just tried to purchase Pop N’ Slide for my ipod touch & it says it’s incompatable. Does anyone know who do I contact for help! I really would like my free gems guide! Thank you! :(

  33. Karla says:


  34. david-94 says:

    Tryed willow and earth dragon both ways and ended up getting the tree dragon both times, I’m next going to try earth and chrome because I’m just waiting to hatch my chrome dragon now, if that doesn’t work then Ill try earth and snow, after that I guess ill give up because I can’t get any gems at all, don’t have a gem tree and I only get about 3 gems a day and can’t get an epic breeding island because again I don’t have gems, could anyone help me? Add me if you like dav

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