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What do you know about the dragonvale egg pedestals? If like the many dragonvale fans out there you seek for information on the dragonvale egg pedestals, then, you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss with you all you need to know about the dragonvale egg pedestals.

  • About Dragonvale Pedestal

The dragonvale egg pedestals were introduced into the dragonvale game play in the month of May when the dragonvale version 1.8 update was introduced. Even though many fans have laid claim to the original idea of the dragonvale pedestal, their claim only shows the willingness of dragonvale backflip studios to listen to their huge base of dragonvale fans.

  • What is the dragonvale pedestals used for?

Why was the dragonvale egg pedestal ever introduced into the game? The egg pedestal in dragonvale brings in a new interesting aspect of the dragonvale game in that it now enables you to do the initially unimaginable which is to lay down your eggs outside on your island as a form of decoration.

  • Decorating your Island with the Dragonvale egg pedestals

As already stated, the dragonvale egg pedestals are just another way to decorate your dragonvale park with your dragonvale eggs. Here are some facts about deecorating your island with dragonvale egg pedestals:

- There are different dragonvale egg pedestals for different types of dragonvale eggs. As such, you will need to have the right pedestal for the right egg.

- Eggs that are placed on the dragonvale egg pedestal cannot be hatched but can be used as a way in which to decorate your park. Why not try placing your dragonvale eggs on the dragonvale egg pedestals and see what beauty they bring into your game?

  • Types of Dragonvale Egg Pedestals

There are many pedestals depending on the egg type placed on the pedestal. Here are some of the types of dragonvale pedestals.

 Dragonvale Ice Dragon Pedestal

Dragonvale Ice PedestalThe dragonvale ice pedestal is used for the placement of the dragonvale ice dragon eggs.

Dragonvale Dodo Dragon Pedestal

Dragonvale Dodo PedestalThe dragonvale dodo pedestal is used for the placement of dodo dragon eggs.

 Dragonvale Air Dragon PedestalDragonvale Air Pedestal  Dragonvale Blazing Dragon PedestalDragonvale Blazing Pedestal
 Dragonvale Current Dragon PedestalDragonvale Current Pedestal  Dragonvale Firefly Dragon PedestalDragonvale Firefly Pedestal
 Dragonvale Mine Dragon Egg PedestalDragonvale Mine Pedestal  Dragonvale Seaweed Dragon PedestalDragonvale Seaweed Pedestal
 Dragonvale Mud Dragon PedestalDragonvale Mud Pedestal  Dragonvale Snow Dragon PedestalDragonvale Snow Pedestal

Is there any missing dragonvale egg pedestal? If there is, then, post it here and help us update our list of dragonvale egg pedestals.


  1. racer1828 says:

    what about rainbow, sun, & moon pedestals

  2. joshua says:

    add me joshuac72 for gem 4 gem.

  3. Maxisexian says:

    Hate that there are no pedestals just for hybrid dragns v

  4. I noticed also that you do not get exp for the dragon either. I was going to pedestal the rainbow but after 96 hours I think not I’ll hatchet then sell it. To bad you can’t upgrade the sun moon rainbow habitats or be asked to pedestal ahead of time

  5. Minnow says:

    The pedestals are based on the first element of the dragon. You do not have a picture of a plant pedestal, lightning pedestal or a metal pedestal. What you have displayed are three cold pedestals, two earth pedestals, two air pedestals, two water(?) pedestals, and a fire pedestal each with different eggs on them.

  6. Ryan says:

    I have a few moons and suns, Ive pedastaled my sun and moon, now if only I could get two rainbows…

  7. Abdul7777 says:

    Saintshields I added u, add me. And yes there’s egg pedestals missing.

  8. random says:

    but how to you sell them? when i try i sell the whole building!

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