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Dragonvale Epic Breeding IslandIf you’re trying to get the rare dragons, limited edition dragons and opposite dragons in Dragonvale and you want a higher chance of getting them, there is only one solution: the Dragonvale Epic Breeding Island (or commonly shortened as EBI). This island can be found on the Islands section of the Dragonvale Market.

Here are some quick facts about the Dragonvale Epic Breeding Island:

  • Players can unlock this island at level 13.
  • Its summon time is 3 hours.
  • This is available from the market for 125 Dragonvale Gems.
  • In-game description of the Dragonvale Epic Breeding Island: “More than merely another breeding cave, this island is dedicated solely to creating that special ‘I-don’t-know-what’ which leads to making dragon eggs. Plus, our magical projections lead us to believe that some of the rarer dragon hybrids might come about more frequently without the distractions of a normal breeding cave.”

The Dragonvale Epic Breeding Island is actually the smallest island in Dragonvale. You cannot place anything in this island because its sole purpose is for breeding dragons (especially the ones that are hard to obtain). If you feel that the Breeding Cave is not enough, it will be best to have the Dragonvale Epic Breeding Island because it increases your chances of getting the dragons that are hard to breed.

Here’s a list of Dragons that are best bred on the Dragonvale Epic Breeding Island:

  • Sun Dragon
  • Moon Dragon
  • Rainbow Dragon
  • Leap Year Dragon (limited edition – Leap Year 2012)
  • Bone Dragon (limited edition – Halloween)
  • Reindeer Dragon (limited edition – Christmas)
  • Panlong Dragon (limited edition – Chinese New Year)
  • Love Dragon (limited edition – Valentine’s Day)
  • Clover Dragon (limited edition – St. Patrick’s Day)
  • Bloom Dragon (limited edition – Spring)
  • Sakura Dragon (limited edition – Spring)
  • Butterfly Dragon (limited edition – Spring)

Currently, the limited edition dragons that you can breed are Bloom Dragon, Sakura Dragon, Butterfly Dragon, Leap Year Dragon and Panlong Dragon. The rest of the limited edition dragons have already expired.

Have you told your friends about the Dragonvale Epic Breeding Island? Remember that the Dragonvale Epic Breeding Island is an important investment in our favorite dragon raising game. If you see that they still don’t have this island, tell them about this post so that they’ll know its importance. Make sure to check out the other parts of this blog for more tips, tricks and secrets.

We welcome all comments and suggestions. If you want to add additional information about the Dragonvale Epic Breeding Island, you can post them using the comment box below. You can also ask questions about this small island.


  1. Jenna says:

    It says here that you can still get the Bloom, Sakura, and Leap Year dragons, but they are expired too.

  2. PattiMN says:

    It says I can upgrade the EBI for 1800+ gems. What will upgrading this island do? Does the upgrade allow me to breed more than one pair at a time, shorten the incubation period, or allow me to select the outcome I want? Anyone know?

  3. PattiMN says:

    Never mind. I found the link to the ‘Epic Breeding Sanctuary’ and it is only 1250 gems ;) What a bargin!

  4. Shadowjess says:

    48gems out of 125 <3 Getting there slowly and I've only been saving for about two weeks now :D something that I want to get. The upgrade though…I'll be saving for years.

  5. What level can u get the epic breeding island with only money?

  6. Robert says:

    What are the benifits and are they worth it. They say the EBI you can breed the rear dragons but the ones I have bread in the breading cave.

  7. banna says:

    at what level is it available?? i am at 12 and cant get it. And i need another breeding cave!!!

  8. Ricky says:

    Wow I am on level 18 and what level r u on? /:)

  9. Ricky says:

    Oh!Read the discription!!!!Its level 13!!:P

  10. Timothy says:

    This was very helpful, but I want to get more gems. How do you get friends?
    P.S. Dragon Vale fans, its best to do acheivements as fast as you can. All acheivements completed gets you a rainbow dragon!

  11. Carolyn says:

    I just got the EBI I will keep you posted if any special breeding happens. i didnt have much luck in the regular breeding cave. The only special dragon I got so far is Fireworks from that cave. So im hoping to do better with this island!

  12. I have not found the Enchanted Breeding Cave at all and I am at level 19. Does anyone know what happens if you upgrade the Epic Breeding Island?

  13. Paula says:

    Is the apic breeding island any faster?

  14. Paula says:

    Oops meant epic breeding island

  15. Robotbolt says:

    Anyone wanna be my friend?

    I’ll give gems 5 gems a week

    heheheheheheheheeehehehehehe add me



  16. Robotbolt says:

    Anyone wanna be my friend


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