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Wondering what Dragonvale gems can do in nurturing your adorable dragons in your own dragon land? There are actually tons of advantages in getting a lot of Dragonvale gems. Aside from making money, getting gems is a way to have upgrades on your dragon land.

Without these Dragonvale gems your gaming experience with this mobile game will be nothing more than a waiting game. So are you ready to make your dragon zoo a better place for both your friendly dragons and visitors? Do you want to make your Dragonvale play more fun, convenient and enjoyable? Below are some tips on how to get more Dragonvale gems.

1. Purchase Dragonvale gems from the Apple store (link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dragonvale/id440045374?mt=8). You can get a pile of gems for $1.99 (contains 50 gems), a sack of gems for $4.99 (contains 130 gems), a bag of gems for $9.99 (contains 275 gems), a box of gems for $24.99 (contains 700 gems), a chest of gems for $49.99 (contains 1500 gems) or a trunk of gems for $99.99 (contains 3750 gems). Dragonvale is a freemium game. So if you’re an extreme Dragonvale gamer, you can purchase extra gems from the Apple store. If you are not willing to spend money on Dragonvale gems, you can still get these items using other means.

2. Get your friends to play the game. If you know friends who are also addicted to playing Dragonvale, you can send gems over to all your friends and ask them to send Dragonvale gems back. On the other hand, if you have friends who have not played this game yet, you can invite them to play the game and you can help each other out in nurturing your dragon zoo by exchanging Dragonvale gems.

3. Look for an online community of Dragonvale enthusiasts. This is the internet age after all. So there are a lot of people out there who enjoy playing the game. You can join various online gaming forums and look for people who are willing to add you as a friend to exchange Dragonvale gems.

4. Dragonvale hacks. You can only do this when your iPhone, iPod or iPad has been jailbroken. You need to go to Cydia and add the source by typing in http://apt.xsellize.com. After doing so, you need to look for the iAP and install it on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. After completing the installation, you can now make purchases in the game. So it’s time to purchase the Dragonvale gems. You can not only buy gems through this procedure, but you can also buy as many items as you want to make your Dragonvale experience more enjoyable. The good thing with jailbroken Apple devices is that you won’t be charged for any Apple account purchases. You can now get an infinite number of Dragonvale gems.

Watch this YouTube video to see how to install the hack:

Now that you’ve learned about the different tips on getting Dragonvale gems, it’s time to share the knowledge and fun by telling your fellow Dragonvale players and fans about Dragonvale.net. You’ll also learn about how to make the most out of your Dragonvale gaming by browsing other tips found in this website.

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  1. Joannes says:


    I want to restart my dragonvale if it is possible…what should i do???

    • Andrew says:

      You mean like starting from the very again? If so, delete the game and download it again.

    • helper says:

      You should keep pressing the app the deleted and then redownload it. :)

    • etw says:

      make a new gamecenter account and then you can start a new game

    • Jesse says:

      Delete the app and when it asks to keep or remove on gamecenter press remove. You will then start over

    • Nicholas says:

      Yo have to restart your game center account

    • Evan says:

      You should upgrade to summer form

    • mikeyrod5118 says:

      you can change your game center profile

    • collin says:

      you would have to restart your ipod on your itunes account.sorry:(

    • answerman says:

      delete the app and then get it again

    • Nelly says:

      Delete the app when it says remove from game center click yes get the app and you will have to start again

    • Marie says:

      As you go up in levels you get more

    • Marie says:

      You have to delete game and change game centre name

    • jbro4308 says:

      i believe if u delete it and when it ask if u wanna delete the extra’s click yes and it will remove everthing and then just redownload it and i believe it will start u over if it is like anyother game i have deleted and red/l

      • the3bratz says:

        I have a new iPad and went to the site to download and read tons of things written regarding the new iPad and not sure if it is safe to download yet? Do you know if they have worked out the bugs, etc yet. I got tired of rading after approx an hour and just left the site. Don’t want to ruin my new iPad and VOID the warranty! I just signed up for this new group and can’t wait to get started, I guess I should wait till I get an email, huh! I downloaded the penquin game! Dude! That game is HARD!!! Haha. I wrote my review, filled out the form once my review posted the next day and was directed here!

    • Trey says:

      Create a new game center account and go into dragonvale and it will be completely restarted.

    • aef666 says:

      Just delete the game and then re-download it

    • Double click the home button and the running apps will pop up t the bottom of the screen. Find dragonvale and press on it until a minus sign pops up. Click it. Then click home and click on dragonvale from there. That’s like refreshing it.

    • Mr Noname says:

      Just erase the game and download it again ;)

    • luke says:

      well go to gamecenter and press new acount and type in the infomation and wala and if you want to restart the old a count do not because you can get 10 gems by doing this go to game center andtype in your old password and username and then go back to dragonvale it will say start new account or continue this account press new account and you will have a new accout but do not do any thing to the new account cause then you will not git your gems ok the go back to game center and log out and log back in as the oldone that you restarted then after go to dragonvale and it will say do you want to play account were your lv1 or the level you were pick your account then youll see the nice 10 gems my game center name is crazy john45 and crazy john54 cause i have two accounts please note you have to use the 10 gems before you trie to get more if you dont thats fine acept you wont get more gems or lose gems also please note your doing this at you own risk cause i you dont listen to these directions right you could lose all of your stuff the account but im 82% youll listen to me and add me as friend and i dont care if you dont invite crazy john54 just do crazy john45 and see all my rare ones

    • How do you get “Cydia?”

    • How do you get “Cydia?”

    • Luis says:

      I send gems back


    • Philip Manson says:

      If you are already signed in to game center and want to restart, sign out of game center, go to Dragonvale. The it should ask you to sign in to game center. Press no or whatever it says. It should start at level 1. Then you exit out, go to game center, and sign in. Then go to Dragonvale, and it should say that you want to sync this game to game center. Press continue. You then press the left button and it will say something about level 1 and press that. Good luck!

    • Umm. you can delete the game and then re-install it.

    • tke1998 says:

      delete from game center wen u delete it

    • AstroCAR says:

      You do NOT have to create a new Game Center account in order to start Dragonvale from level one. NOTE: Following these directions will PERMENATNLY DELETE ALL PROGRESS. I have not confirmed if it deletes in app purchases as well, but believe it may.

      1. Close Dragonvale
      2. Sign out of Game Center
      3. Open Dragonvale
      4. When prompted to sign in to Game Center, Select “Cancel.” (A new game will begin.)
      5. Close Dragonvale
      6. Open Game Center and sign in.
      7. Open Dragonvale
      8. When prompted to sync with Game Center, select “Continue”
      9. Select “LVL 1″ to reset back to the beginning.

    • juanmiguel says:

      u need to get a new account for gamecenter because if u delete it and download it u come back AGAIN in your real account. but if u change ur account in gamecenter u will restart in lvl 1

    • Stephen says:

      Im new to this game I need friends and gems id is swpedano thanks

    • magnag58 says:

      change your game center that’s all I can tell you. not a typo in my game center btw!!!!

  2. Tom says:

    How do you get a lot of gems in dragon vale with out jailbreaking and for free (for iPad)

  3. Dante says:

    how do you get your ipod iphone or ipad jailbroken?

  4. Lexi says:

    How do you get it for free WITHOUT it being jailbroken or friends OR paying! I JUST WANT GEMS FOR FREE!!!

  5. Michael says:

    I think the rainbow dragon is a dangling carrot that back flip studios is using to entice. I’ve bred all combos literally at least a few hundred times, no rainbow, sun, or moon dragon. Jailbreak is starting to look pretty good

  6. Rowan says:

    in the new update, the collosm gives you gems for getting first and second place

  7. Spencer says:

    You can get more gems by placing in a coloseum event. Up to Level 20 you’ll get exp and coins also

  8. Macon says:

    i tried buying that gem package but each time i try it says i need to download the app that they are in, what app do i buy?

    • Keira says:

      My bro had the same problem we had to delete his dragonvale app without removing the data from Game Center now it works perfectly. Just delete the app by holding down on it until it shakes then click the x button on it n u have deleted it then redownload it and it will let u buy stuff

  9. Monica says:

    How do i get money for free? Without jail breaking!

    And btw to get…

    Rainbow= seaweed+lava
    Sun= Lightning+fire
    Moon= Sun+plant

    I think this game is so addicting!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone know what to breed to get the reindeer dragon

  11. Evan says:

    I think this website helps a ton but I wish u could pay for gems with cash in the game.

  12. Evan says:

    Breed a flower dragn and storm and u get a sun/moon dragn ( depends on the time u breed around midnight ya get a moon ans noon ya getta sun

  13. Sansan says:

    Helo, want to ask how to send 50k gems to friends ?


  14. TYAN says:

    How to hack without jailbreak ??

  15. Erin says:

    I just brought a pile of gems using my gift card but although the money amount has gone down, I didn’t get the gems. What do I do ???

  16. SherryJMack says:

    Same here. I just bought 50 gems for 1.99 on my iPad and never received the gems.

  17. Neil says:

    Sun= storm lvl 10 + crystal lvl 10.

  18. vijay says:

    i need to understand how do i add friends in dragonvale through my phone app.
    i just don’t understand the process.
    can some one please detail it down for me?
    thanks and regards,

    • You first go to the friends tab, then you click add friends. Or, you can do it the ole granny way/old fashion way. You.can.just.go.to.a.real.friend.and.ask.them.to.go.on.
      Hope this helped!

      send from iPad

  19. Outstanding post it is definitely. My teacher has been waiting for this content.

  20. Ommar says:

    Hi guys how do u get a sun or moon dragon

  21. katrina says:

    hey was just wondering if i could get some friends for my gamecenter so i have neighbours for dragonvale if so search helpmenowplease

    • juvan says:

      tell me how to do it and ill join you

      • Melissa says:

        Go to the game center then you will see a tool bar at bottom, click on “friends” then when it opens into a new page click on the “+” on the upper right corner. A pop up box will appear where u can input your friends name .. I.e. Natgnat is mine, then hit send and the request will b sent to that pson. They have to accept your request and once they do, when you go into the game and hit the “friends” link it will show them there.

    • Merteb says:

      We can be friends, little update I cnt figure how to sen thm. Kno there is a block for it but it stays dark. I defianity have giftes and gems,plus a gem tree that I can’t figure out either,. So be patient and I’ll help a lot (once i can figure how) e-mail m at elibeth.merrik@aol.com if I succeed). First e have to friend each other.

  22. Matt says:

    What does a crystal dragon and blue fire dragon make

  23. Oliver says:

    Where can i Find cydia.

  24. David says:

    How do you add friends on dragonvale

  25. John says:

    For Anyone Who needs help with anything, here are breeding types for a bunch of things:

    Reindeer: Tree+Cold or Ice/ Moss+Cold or Ice. This dragon is SUPPOSEDLY only able to hatch or be bred to as the outcome around Christmas time, or somewhere in December.
    Sun Dragon: Fire+Storm(Most Recommended)/ BlueFire+Storm/Sonic+Storm
    Moon Dragon: (Same as Sun Dragon, only at night time, as the Sun Dragon is bred in daytime, but Im not really sure how the timing works everywhere)
    Bone Dragon: Breed Fire+Earth or Lava and Earth, but it may not work as this pattern also has a 50% chance of hatching a Lava Dragon, though they both have the same egg pattern, as I heard, so finding out what it is may be a last minute thing. By The Way, This dragon also SUPPOSEDLY has to be bred near Halloween. Im not sure if this, or the Reindeer Dragon time-to-be-bred in Christmas or December statement is true.
    Sandstorm Dragon: Breed Earth+Air or Earth +Willow, etc.
    My email is: jcimino07@gmail.com to ask for gems or info as I have TONS of knowledge of DragonVale as I’m on it very often. Hope you enjoyed this info! :)

    • Mertheb says:

      I have made friend to share gem and gifts. The problem is the name comes up under friends and I have six to start with plus the tree that makes more, when I enter friends list my send gifts is dark and will not let me share. Help

    • Mertheb says:

      Is there a difference between gifts and gems. How do you know your friends are getting your gems and or gifts

  26. Noob Below says:

    HaHaHa. My Name Rocks. How U Hack?

  27. Nerdchick says:

    Hi, my iPod is jailbroken and I was wondering if there is anyway for me to send my friends more than one gem? Could I possibly send them 500 or more at a time? Thanks :)

  28. Happy says:

    How do you get gems without using the techniques this website tought.

  29. Trento7777 says:

    Hi there I,ve got a great tip that is very good to know and it’s that no combos are stronger than others for dragons so try your luck at them all!

  30. Caitlin says:

    I would like to try and get an epic breeding island asap.
    Also i have a rainbow dragon, i put blazing and crystal together, both level 10 at around 10pm. Good luck if your trying to get it, im still trying to get Sun,Moon and Panlong!!!

  31. Vee says:

    I have several friends that play Dragonvale but I can only see the first five. Is there a limit to your friends’ list? Anyone else have this problem? I closed the app and reloaded it several times and nothing. Any ideas?

  32. safir says:

    there is a way without jalbreaking you need to use laptop\computer

  33. safir says:

    oh yes you have to fill out a survey

  34. lindr76 says:

    jus added you as friend thanx for accepting :)

    just bred lightning and earth and have what i think is a crystal…its blue with brown diamonds 14hr incubation??

  35. wendleken says:

    How does one use the tree please

  36. matthew says:

    Thanx this was a real help.

  37. antonio says:

    I cant find out how to breed the cold dragon and the fire dragon

  38. kelli says:

    Plz add lolputty on game center will give gems omg this website rocks woohoo will now download tonnes of gems……

  39. Dyl says:


    Ok so once u,ve got 2 of one of these dragons (blue fire + crystal ) 33% chance best way. Breed ur 2 e.g sun dragon with each other and you get another one woooohoooo!!! Easy legendary dragons

  40. tried many combinations but didn’t get it
    lava+swamp i only tried once and i get a leap dragon

  41. tried many combinations but didn’t get it
    lava+swamp i only tried once and i get a leap dragon

  42. Jan says:

    Hi… I need friends on dragonvale and game center…..

  43. hiiokage says:

    I can’t get iap cracked to work can someone help my email is hiiokage2@yahoo.com

  44. Kudders says:

    Need gems and neighbours!! Add “kudders”

  45. Grace says:

    I love dragonvale!!!!!!! It’s the best! I have the leap year dragon and the rainbow!!! And I didn’t jailbreak! Ingot the leap year dragon with

    Seaweed + firefly= leap year
    And I got rainbow with

    Fog+lava= rainbow

    It’s simple

  46. Lola says:

    Dragonvale rocks of u ain’t on get on it ü

  47. Please add hailee20024 on game center because my sis has only 1 friend, and that’s me. So plz add her!

  48. sungjae says:

    can anyone give me free gems??? Pls. thank you

  49. olsen says:

    can i buy gems with appstore card???

  50. Smurfett79 says:

    I purchased 275 gems. The money was withdrawn from my iTunes account. But I never received my gems. How do I get my gems that I already paid for? Please help.

  51. Richard says:

    What website can I use to hack in dragon vale

  52. Jake says:

    In my colosseum I have metal dragon event but haven’t got a metal dragon any ideas on what to do?

  53. JoJo4006 says:

    is jail breaking your iPod touch bad ?

  54. Tiegan says:

    Should I get my iPad jail broken? Or will it mess it up?

  55. Desy says:

    I tried to purchase 135 gems on the in app purchases but it says i need the app the item is for . Someone plzzz help me

  56. Desy says:

    Did it to me too

  57. Carol says:

    Pop N’ Slide Way to go love it..

  58. Carol says:

    Dragonvale Is in my heart I love it…

  59. Funflame4 says:

    I am waiting for my 2 gifts

  60. just.kams says:

    Does anyone know is there any limit for giving gems to my friends?
    Some how I can’t give any more gems to people I’m linked to… :-(
    Please help, thanks :-)

  61. aef01776 says:

    Is this illegal what if you get sued????

  62. lukejan1 says:

    This game rocks!

  63. Like a boss says:

    Texas Rangers rock and so does DRAGONVALE!!!!

  64. Mandy says:

    I just got a gem tree. Anyone need a friend to share gems with? If so add me please. Name on game center is **7Mandy7**

  65. Fish says:

    I think you should be able to convert gold money to gems. Not gems to money. We need easier ways to get gems! What if you don’t have a face book! Then you can’t join the members area! I want and need gems!

  66. Ininityxz says:

    hey guys, well ive been trying to get the bloom dragon for a while now using storm nd grass dragon both lvl 10. ive used this combo four times so far they’ve given me 2 dun dragons nd 1 moon, they’re at it again nd ive got yet another 48 hours counter, so im guessin its another moon. hope thar helps…works on both breedin islan nd on cave…can someone give me good combo to gain the bloom dragon please.

  67. Dusten says:

    Can you get get in truble for hacking in to dragonvale?

  68. ymdavenport says:

    need a sun and rainbow dragon help

  69. ymdavenport says:

    need a sun and rainbow dragon help. Also want to share dragon gems from my tree player name is grandma lobo

  70. Jawsome says:

    So how do you fill out the form?

  71. Jbam43 says:

    Wow thanks bro!!! i sent u a gem and in like 10 minutes u gave one back………this isnt bsing he rly sends it bck

  72. allison says:

    dragons are sick!

  73. haha lol ;) says:

    i dont understand how to get gems or friends in this game how!!! why mee????

  74. John says:

    Wait so now how do i get the guide i was promised

  75. Paul says:

    Hi pol can u only get dragonvale gems bye using iTunes or can u use ur phone bill aswel

  76. Hey, just a heads up to whoever wrote this article. You forgot to say you can win gems in the Colosseum when you enter dragons in events.

  77. My game center username is the next Micheal Jordan.please add me

  78. Lolage says:

    I got pop n slide and rated it and I did the survey but I don’t have the guide war do I do


    I like the game pop n slide it is addicting. Every time I get out I say one more try I can go farther. It is fun

  80. michaela says:

    so i did everything how do u get gems

  81. Cl0v3r666 says:

    Ok so I fell in love with this game not too long ago when I got my first ipod 4th gen (version 5.1.1) and I am horrid with comp things and electronics. Is there anywhere I can go to get a step by step on how to jailbreak? Or if you know how you could leave it here or email me at tiffanywood1989@yahoo.com

  82. MrRandom says:

    all of these info does not really help me cus i dun hav a jailbroken device,seriously and buying gems which i dun want.its no point.i only can give like 3 gifts per day and i need epic breeding island.now i have like 85 gems i need a litte more gems .if u give me gifts i might give u back but in a rush sometimes so only got 3 packs dun have much……

  83. MrRandom says:

    hey any of u guys hv jailbroken device? i just need like 300 gems.yea so yah will b good if u give me that!

  84. Val says:

    Hi…I need help getting gems for the epic breeding island….what is the best way?

  85. Baconislove says:

    Add me to trade gems bacon is love

  86. Boon says:

    I cunt do it it won’t work for me

  87. Al says:

    Hey guys and girls, please add me on dragonvale, my dragonvale name is iak2000 . Please add me , gem for gem guys and girls!!!!!!!

  88. AAS013 says:





  89. how to you jailbreak your i phone ios 5.1.1

  90. David says:

    I cant get jailbreak how help

  91. Savannah says:

    i clicked fill out this form and it brought me here what do i do

  92. Anna M says:

    How do u friend someone or how do add other dragonvale
    Player also how do I find my id name. I one I give
    To other plays so I can friend them.

  93. joshua s says:

    once u get a jailbroken ipod can u convert it back so it wont be jailbroken?

  94. Kazzy says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want more gems and money and fruit ahhhhhhhh im soooooo frustrated ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry that was an over react

  95. Kazzy says:

    Add me Teddybears6281 please and i will give u gems i have a dragonsai gifting tree coz i didnt know what it did but now i know and i only have one friend so friend me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  96. Ashlyn says:

    How do u fill out a form

  97. Ashlyn says:

    It always returns to home screen

  98. Ashlyn says:

    It always returns to home screen when I touch the form

  99. Ashlyn says:

    Please HELP! ;(

  100. Ashlyn says:

    What should I do!?!?!?!

  101. Badger says:

    I bought pop n slide and everything but it won’t let me access the survey
    How do I

  102. Rock says:

    Isnt there some sort of ban you could get?
    I know there is for online games but I’m not sure about DV

  103. %speedy% says:

    This gem guide thing is fuckin gay it doesnt even work piece of fuckin shit

  104. Cade says:

    Ok I have tried two websites and I did this 2 months ago and I have got nothing pls help me!!!:(

  105. Cade says:

    Ok if anyone got it pls email me with directions my email is cadedog9@gmail.com thanks so much :)

  106. James says:

    Could any body add me Type:Allen><

  107. Lauren says:

    Can you get arrested for that ?????

  108. Kool Hippo says:

    I followed the directions and nothing happened. Where’s the survey

  109. Gman123 says:

    Can’t install windows edition,

  110. jon says:

    i cant figure out how to breed a sapphire dragon do you know how???

  111. Vetla says:

    Dragonvale rock

  112. Vetla says:

    Dragonvale rock and give me gem and you Get to in one day

  113. Vetla says:

    Dragonvale rock and give me gem and you Get to in one day
    You rock
    Get popN’slide
    It is very funny

  114. Bobby says:

    Pleazzzzzzz add me so I can get gems

    - Gravie1899

  115. Saphira500 says:

    I have an I-pad 1 do I have to go to jailbreakme.com or another website? Will my I-pad be harmed if I do this?

  116. august stolpe says:

    Can anywone please give me a lot of gems if you have a sheet, my username is Fliplix

  117. Paddymoffet says:

    paddymoffet if you add me in game centre and send me a gem I’ll send one back. Plus you can view my island and get cash. Thanks paddymoffet

    Need to get this rainbow dragon. Driving me crazy. Good work dragonVale ha

  118. Lindsey says:

    Can you add me as friends because I am in need of gems. My game center username is pie14025. If you want to, please leave your username so that I can friend you and send you gems as well

  119. Trisha says:

    My biggest problem right now is after the last update when i go into my friends list to give gems the game completely shuts down on me so i cant give gems. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  120. jack says:

    My biggest probem is gems i cant get any and i need to get the saphire dragon before september end

    by the way saphire is rain and mountain

    mountain= cold+earth
    rain= water+air

  121. Jakki says:

    How do I know when my dragons need feeding? Also how much to feed.

  122. gillella says:

    Add me, user name ”gillella” I have the gem tree

  123. Jaz says:

    After I purchase the gems it says making purchase and exits off the game how do I get the free gems

  124. pha04 says:

    I am wondering does anyone here know how to get lots of gems without Jailbreak or Cydia. Any ideas?

  125. pha04 says:

    I am wondering does anyone here know how to get lots of gems for free without Jailbreak or Cydia. Any ideas?

  126. Marcus Adder says:

    Nice blog, I found lots of information on your site. I’m going to add your blog to my favorite sites.

  127. Sam Bryers says:

    Hi all, i’ve jailbroke my ipod, and i saw a video of someone who could give his friends unlimited gems aswell as himself. Does anyone know a source which i can do it? Add me if you want: j0ker50090 when i find out how to do it i will give you as much gems as you want :)

  128. Sean says:

    Ok Sam if you find out Send me a Email at seanderpy@outlook.com And I will friend you and can you give infinity gems to thanks bye

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