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Dragonvale Gemstone DragonsThe Dragonvale Gemstone Dragons are indeed an amazing addition to your nature park due to the fact that they earn Gems instead of Dragonvale Cash. Kudos to Backflip Studios, the creator of Dragonvale, for giving us more chances of getting gems. And you know what’s more exciting? As you have noticed, the first one released among the Dragonvale Gemstone Dragons is the Dragonvale Emerald Dragon. It’s a limited time offer available during the month of May only (hurry and get it before it’s gone). Next month, the Pearl Dragon will be released. That just means that we can expect monthly updates from the developers of our favorite pet simulation game!

The Dragonvale Gemstone Dragons announced, so far, are based on the traditional birthstones by month. Here’s the list of birthstones:

  • Garnet (January birthstone)
  • Amethyst (February birthstone)
  • Aquamarine (March birthstone)
  • Diamond (April birthstone)
  • Emerald (May birthstone)
  • Pearl (June birthstone)
  • Ruby (July birthstone)
  • Peridot (August birthstone)
  • Sapphire (September birthstone)
  • Opal (October birthstone)
  • Topaz (November birthstone)
  • Turquoise (December birthstone)

Since the first two dragons are based on the monthly birthstones, we can only guess that the rest of the Dragonvale Gemstone Dragons will also have the same basis.

Do you want to try breeding the first Gemstone Dragon? Check out this page: How Do You Breed the Emerald Dragon? You also need to get the Dragonvale Gemstone Island before hatching your first Gemstone Dragon. Don’t forget to check back for updates about the Dragonvale Gemstone Dragons. We will be providing a guide on how to breed each one of them once they get released. The Pearl Dragon will be released soon so wait for our guide on how to breed the next Dragonvale Gemstone Dragon. You can always experiment in trying to breed these dragons, however, you could use some help if you’ve failed in several attempts. You also need to be patient whenever you breed a particular dragon.

Do you have friends who are not yet aware of the Dragonvale Gemstone Dragons? The month of May is ending soon, so be sure to tell them about it. Just show them this post. If you need more Dragonvale tips, just look into the other sections of this blog. We offer a lot of useful information for everyone’s game.

We love hearing from our fellow Dragonvale fans. If you have any additional information about the Dragonvale Gemstone Island, please share it using the comment box below this post. You can also post your questions, suggestions and comments on this topic.


  1. Leanne says:

    Anyone know what happens to the dragons when that particular month ends?? We don’t lose them do we, coz I’ll be pretty miffed if they take it after 40 odd breeding attempts and now I’ve finally got 1!!!

    • Rojo says:

      You do not lose the dragons you already have, but you cannot breed that dragon for a year.

    • tiaflower says:

      Once you have a particular dragon, you shouldn’t lose them…. I’ve tried over 30 times with crystal level 10 + lichen level 10, plus reverse but no Emerald dragon yet…. What happens after 31 st May? Are we still able to try & breed for one, or is this another limited dragon?

      • Jscooly555 says:

        These dragons will only be here for a certain month. They will not disappear from your dragonvale unless sold but cannot be bred or bought after its month is over. There will be a chance of breeding the emerald next year. I m sorry I just had a lot of time on my hands and searched that up. Gamecenter: agentchris1969
        I play minecraft so my minecraft username is: jscooly555
        Thnx to mojang, backflip, and some other friends!!
        Big kiss!

      • froggmarx says:

        It took me about 40 times to breed an emerald dragon but finally got 2 using crystal and lichen plus reversing them to breed.After the 31st May you won’t be able to breed emerald but the next month’s gem should be pearl. The Gem Dragons are limited to that month only.

        • I got emerald 2nd try… level 8 lichen and level 8 crystal. Seems to work best if both dragons are the same level.

        • Zin says:

          Im quite sure if you can breed an emerald and an emerald anytime of the year to get another emerald dragon.

          • Lima says:

            You cant ‘due to their special gem making power, gemstone dragons cannot be bred with other dragons, including its own kind.’

          • Muzza says:

            Nahh u cant

          • ace says:

            I tried to breed two flower dragons, and it wouldn’t let me. I tried to breed two fire dragons, and it took one of my fire dragons and a fireworks dragon instead. I got Blazing, and that was my fourth Blazing. Red’s my favorite color, but I can’t breed the Ruby dragon because it won’t let me have a metal habitat.

      • Michael says:

        We probably will get a few extra days after the month ends to breed this dragon. After all, It came in the middle of the month.

      • James says:

        It is a limited Dragon. I don’t know if they’ll take the Emerald away at the end of the month though. They didn’t introduce the Emerald Dragon at the start of May, so they might run the Emerald Dragon for a full month, which would end in the middle of June. Now, the Pearl Dragon should start up in te Beginning of June and end at the end of June. This information is just speculation, and not proven as of this date. I don’t work for Back Flip studio, nor am I affliated with them. I merely play Dragonvale.

    • Mandy says:

      How lame. Tried and tried breeding, even bought the Island to “increase my chances” and still got nothing :-/
      I cba with this game anymore. I’m deleting it.

    • I finally got the pearl! And coincidently an Evergreen too!!

      Add me to trade gems (RawrRawrKillasaur) Send a gem first so I know your not a freeloader. Just deleted 10 friends only have 2 because they never sent any in return. I’ll send a gem back right away or the next day as long as u send one first. I have a gem tree so I can send about a gem everyday or every other day. I’ll just delete the peeps that cannot continuously trade gems so don’t waste your time freeloaders!!!! >:(

      • Metroid4 says:

        Friended you! I am not a freeloader and will try to send gems every other day if not every day… it just depends on who gifts me back. Can’t give anymore gifts today and will start tomorrow.

    • Jaydog says:

      Ruby dragon is chrome and scorch just so you know

    • Dukes says:

      It only took me two attempts, but ya you keep them.

    • Ken says:

      no Leanne you wont i swear to you that youll keep it same thing goes with all the othe dragons okay people its just the wait thats all thats gonna kill you hahahaha lol funny

    • Zach says:

      I got the peridot dragon in two tries crystal than cactus

  2. Sherry says:

    No you do not lose them.

  3. Mauro201112 says:

    Crystal and Lichen gives you Emerald Dragon!!!!

    • Jeannette says:

      I have tried so many times and I still have not gotten emerald yet.

    • Jocelyn says:

      About to hatch my emerald dragon today used crystal on the left and lichen on the right. Both were level 15 but that isn’t necessary.

      If you want to see it add me. My game center name is jocelynott.
      If you send me a gem I will send you one back! I swear. I just bought a gem tree :)

      Also, does anyone think it is a 31 hour breeding time because there are 31 days in march? I think so. I bet all future breeding times will be the total days in that month. Cool idea.

    • Ian says:

      Everyone knows that.

  4. Alyxa says:

    No you do not lose them you just cant breed them anymore after the month has ended.

  5. Ralphy says:

    How many attempts does it take to get a emerald dragon cos I have 2 crystal and 2 lichen and have been breeding them in the normal cave and on the island for about 2 weeks and still have had no luck, but have had 3 sun and 2 moon dragons!!!

  6. Beck says:

    Ive tried about fifty tries on regular breeding cave and still haven’t gotten it but no those dragons don’t go away

  7. Uncle10foot says:

    Dont worry you will keep the dragons you already have. You just won’t be able to breed that particular months dragon once the end of the month arrives

  8. Awesome me101 says:

    Yes tiaflower, it is limited and you won’t be able to breed it after the end of this month.
    They might appear next year though…

  9. anonymous says:

    you can’t get the Emerald dragon after May 31st. This is a little late but i didn’t get one either

  10. Ryan says:

    will the emerald be breedable with the pearl? thats my only question. because Im barely getting my first emerald and I have NO gems whatsoever.

    • Anoymus says:

      No, as said in the website, they have special magic so you cannot breed them with anything

    • Bryan says:

      You can’t breed any gem dragons with any other dragons not even other gem dragons. Unfortunate!

    • James says:

      No. Do to the fact that they produce Gems, Gem Dragons can not breed with each other. This information was taken from one of the “hints” on the loading screen.

    • Eric Luczko says:

      If you have no gems hack dragonvale, its easy. Download cydia, when u type in jailbreakme on sfari. U dont need a password. Once you got cydia

  11. Raylene says:

    For those of you who claim u will trade gem for gem STOP LYING I added people gave them gems and haven’t received any back thanks so much don’t forget karma !

    • Ralphy says:

      That has happened to me a few times! If u add me I’ll send u gems I’m on it everyday, my name is RALPHY2108

    • peta says:

      If you explain to me how to add you I would be happy to trade gems with you. I bought that darn gem tree months ago and havent used it yet lol.

      • Metroid4 says:

        To to gamecenter and go to the requests tab. Then type in the name u want to send the friend request to. If u wanna add me, I am Metroid4 Good luck to evry1 with the ruby dragon (I know I need some)

  12. matty says:

    Will this dragon be available in May 2013 or will they stop doin gem dragons after they have done one for each month?

  13. WONDERING? says:

    Seeing as how the emerald dragon was released so late in May, wil it be available for a time yet in June?

  14. leonp says:

    i am wondering if jou are able to get all 12 is there something special or something

  15. Travis says:

    How long is the breeding time for a gemstone dragon?

  16. Susan says:

    I have an emerald (lichen and Firefly) so I tried to breed another and got a 48 hour egg. I bred the same combination in the normal breeding cave and got a 3 hour which is yellow with red flames. I don’t know what it is. It isn’t on the Dragonvale site for the eggs – I’ll just have to wait another 3 hours :)

  17. jack p says:

    hey can you please show some info on all the gemstone dragons, even if it’s just pic’s that would be awesome thanks!
    oh and i tried heaps and i finally got the emerald dragon on the last day
    LUCKY! =)

  18. Jaeger k says:

    It took like 40+ tries but I finally got one!:)
    Crystal lvl 10 and lichen lvl 10

  19. tycho says:

    ik wil heel graag dragonvale

  20. Jaeger k says:

    I just got another 31 hour waiting period do if u count incubation time it won’t be done until June does that mean I stil get an emerald dragon or did I get a pearl dragon?

    • James says:

      You will still get an Emerald Dragon. Do to the fact that the Pearl Dragon has not been released yet and the dragons used to breed a Pearl Dragon will most likely differ from those used to breed the Emerald Dragon. As long has you have an incubation time of 31 hours before Back Flip Studios removes the Emerald Dragon you will still receive an Emerald Dragon. One way to check if a dragon is still Breedable is to see if it is still available in the Market.

    • you get the emrald but then you might want to EMEDELATLY breed for the pearl

  21. Rocky says:

    The thing that sucks is they only produce one gem in 7 days, i thought it would be atleast 10 but then again gems are hard to get so i guess not. I have 4 emerald dragons, the crystal and lichen combo works wonders. To think i got the emerald dragon 4 times. Wow! But anyway i cant wait for the pearl dragon, i saw a few pics of it and it looks awesome. I am really looking forward to the ruby, sapphire, and aquamarine dragons! I love dragonvale

  22. Blunted1 says:

    What the heck happened? I lost everything, but my money, cash and food on Sunday. All islands and dragons gone!!! Then today after a disappointing start over, I lost EVERYTHING!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!! This time I was left at a complete start over :(

    • Rojo says:

      Your dragonvale account and status is saved on your game center account. So if u play on a different account, u don’t have a dragonvale save data from another account. log into the account u usually play dragonvale on and try again

  23. its june first and the pearl dragon is not out yet :( but I remember the leap year dragon was only supposed to b here 4 3 days and it was here for a week (by the way with fog and lava got 2 on my first 2 tries just tips for the next leap year)
    so i think the emerald dragon will b here till june 3rd but i think the pearl dragon will come later 2day

  24. Kadood says:

    Got an emerald egg coming now. Waiting for more gemstones! Go Dragonvale!!!

  25. bryncess09 says:

    Pearl dragon now available and can now go above level

  26. sam says:

    i tried so many times to get the emerald dragon and it dint work but i got 2 moon dragons i sweare add me as a friend and see my acount is samyrocker my picture is a man next to a huge blu question mark

  27. sharun1298 says:

    I just want to know if a pearl can breed with a pearl

  28. blabittee boo says:

    no, you kan not breed pearl with pearl. thats just being a noob for gems.


  29. V says:

    GOT A PEARL!!!! tried seaweed and snow (both level 10) and got it on my first try! Hope it helps

  30. KiwiPom says:

    First let me say that this game needs patience.
    If you don’t have patience then don’t complain.

    The next thing is learn to read , I am fed up with people saying can you
    Do this or that when the info is in the write up

    I have got every dragon with the exception of Rainbow so it will work
    and as for Gem dragons 1 month means that 30 or 31 days so start
    To enjoy and stop stupid questions please

  31. Moran says:

    But pearls aren’t stones!

    • Sumer says:

      Pearl is the birthstone for June. Just because it is a stone created quickly by a living thing doesn’t mean it’s not a stone!!!!!

  32. ok says:

    Opal will probably be crystal and rainbow

  33. Plutarch says:

    Do you have to be level 30 to breed the Gemstone Dragons?

  34. Ian says:

    I have emerald and perl. Here’s some advice DO NOT Give up

  35. Dragonvale master says:

    I has four rainbow 6 moon 17 sun 5 solices 8 emeralds 4 pearls 9 leap year 20 panlog and everyother dragon but bone =( level 32

  36. Tania says:

    I have tried like 40 times to breed a pearl dragon and its not working someone please help!! I have spent so many gems trying to speed up breeding and even bought the island to increase my chances and I still got nothing :( what dragons do I breed to get the pearl???

  37. Tania says:

    What dragons did you breed to get pearl???

  38. Dragoman says:

    You breed with snow and seaweed

  39. xabiabris says:

    Add me to game center, name “xabiabris”!

  40. Donna says:

    Ok it’s now the end of June when are we going to get a hint on July ???

  41. someone says:

    in july ,the gemstone dragon will be the ruby dragon

  42. someone says:

    the gemstone dragon will be the ruby dragon in july

  43. Selene says:

    But a pearl isn’t a stone, it grows in an oister.

  44. Carl says:

    When someone knows how to breed ruby post it ASAP! I must know i have pearl & emerald

  45. Fergus's says:

    Yeah I agree I want to know what ruby is ASAP
    Also pearl is still in the market! Can we still get it?

  46. Name333 says:

    Ruby= chrome (left ) scorch (right)

    I found this combo on another website but I don’t have one yet.

    I want one soooooo bad !!!

  47. Naomi says:

    I tried getting a pearl dragon on the last day, last chance, and got…a rainbow dragon. Still waitin for the stupid dragons to stop breeding

  48. Anonymous says:

    What level do you need to be to breed/buy these dragons? I have the island, am at level 16, but can’t see the current gem dragon for the month.

  49. Bobby says:

    Ruby is the current dragon, you know this by going to market, click the rare
    button in the bottom right corner

  50. David says:

    Just got the ruby chrome lv. 10 on left an scorch lv. 10 on right. Did it at the non upgraded breeding cave. Took about 12-15 tries. There is hope for you guys who don’t have EBC (epic breeding cave) or EBI/EBS (epic breeding island/sactuary) cheers and good luck:)

  51. Ivstinian says:

    Happy to give gems away – add me on game center. First 10 people

  52. Hey RawrRawrKillasaur or something, why dont u gift me? I have tried to gift u daily!

    And FD GOD HACKER Why dont u gift?

  53. Martha says:

    Love dragonvale and can’t wait for more gemstone dragons !!!!!

  54. Edgar says:

    add me i’ll give anyone below level 18 gems i have over 43,000 gems

  55. Edgar says:

    my username is MMG800

  56. Kiwipom says:

    Can’t wait to try for Sapphire
    Anyone have an idea on which dragons to use?

  57. Drea says:

    What dragons are used to breed sapphire? Anyone know yet?

  58. Navnuke22 says:

    Can someone add me so I can give and receive gems.

  59. Kiwipom says:

    Sapphire dragon

    Try using Mountain/Rain 30 hours

  60. Barbarasouix says:

    Does anyone know the breeding combo for the amethyst dragon yet?

  61. Esther says:

    Does anyone know the combinations for aqua marine?

  62. awesomeness says:

    how do I get a gemstone dragon by breeding

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