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Dragonvale game is changing so fast and it has become even more exciting with the introduction of theDragonvale Ghost Dragon dragonvale ghost dragon. How do you breed dragonvale ghost dragons? Even before we talk of breeding these dragons, here is all you need to know about ghost dragonvale dragons:

About Dragonvale Ghost Dragons

  • Like the game descriptions suggest, the ghost dragon has mistaken as the spirit of an ancient dragon and to some extent, remains a mystery. However, this dragon only shows up in the middle of fall together with the dragonvale bone dragon. However, you should not be afraid of the ghost dragons as they will do you no harm.
  • The Ghost dragon is available as from level 9 of the game play.
  • It has two breeding times of either 15 and a half hours or 12 hours and twenty four minutes.
  • The Ghost dragon however has an incubation period of fifteen hours.
  • The ghost dragon is a limited dragon and is only available in the middle of fall. Therefore breed your ghost dragon before he is gone!
  • The habitats for the ghost dragon are the cold habitats and the earth habitats.

How To Breed The Dragonvale Ghost Dragon

Breeding the dragonvale ghost dragon may not be as complicated as you think. Here are the facts related to breeding the ghost dragonvale dragon:

  • Selecting a dragonvale cold dragon or any hybrids of the cold dragon and mating them with either the earth dragon or hybrids of the dragonvale earth dragon will definately yield the dragonvale ghost dragon.
  • The breeding takes place from either the breeding cave or the epic breeding island.

Breeding Combinations For the Ghost Dragonvale Dragon

  • Dragonvale earth dragon bred with Dragonvale Cold Dragon
  • Dragonvale Lava Dragon bred with Dragonvale Cold Dragon
  • Dragonvale Snow Dragon bred with Dragonvale Mud Dragon
  • Dragonvale Mountain Dragon bred with Dragonvale Rain Dragon.

The combinations are many and should you have your best breeding combination for the ghost dragon, you are free to post it here. Also, many fans have claimed that level 10 dragons are the best for breeding the dragonvale ghost dragon. However, that is for you do decide.


  1. Tiaflower says:

    Not sure what to expect, but…. used Snow ( level 11) + Mud (level 11) = NOT SURE, on Epic Breeding Island…. There’s no breeding time shown when you look on the Island…. The time thing doesn’t appear…. Could it be????

  2. Tiaflower says:

    The time line finally did appear… & looks like it is 15.5 hours….. Mmmmm

  3. Katelyn says:

    I got a 48 hour breeding time trying for the new ghost dragon. I bred mud and snow.I used the app dragon calc and it said it could only be rainbow. Is this true?

  4. LadyMopar says:

    Got it first try with earth on left and blue fire on right

  5. Diamond_moon says:

    Cold and bone – first time!

  6. gawinski says:

    snow and mud lv 15 first try

  7. I’ve heard it’s a cold/earth combo breeding time is 15.5 hrs & supposedly hybrids works too.

  8. Tiaflower says:

    Using Snow (level 11) + Mud (level 11), 15.5 hours got GHOST… Other two times, no….. But I’ll try another combo & see….

  9. MA says:

    No luck yet…cold + earth….snow + mountain…sigh will keep trying

  10. Bangbang says:

    This dragon is hard to get is it limited?

  11. Beans1092 says:

    I got it first try (which is never) in the epic breeding cave with Snow (15) and Mud (15) :) hope you get it :)

  12. david says:

    mountain+cold lvlv 10 or mountain+earh lvl 10 = ghost/mnountain

  13. JC says:

    Wait do you need to update Dragonvale to get this dragon? If so I’m stumped, no madder what I do I can’t update it. it always says Dragonvale cannot be updated at this time,every time! So does anyone know any of these answers if so please, please help me!!!!!!!!

  14. JC says:

    So do you have to update Dragonvale to get this dragon? Because it had not appeared in my game yet and I’m on level 23. However I can’t update it, why because EVERYTIME I try it says Dragonvale cannot be updated at this time! So what do I do can anyone help me, Please?!!?!?!??!

    • Katelyn says:

      You have to by the perch of Kairos, you cant buy or sell the dragon. You have to win fragments (by racing, or you can buy them all with like 2,700 gems)to build three artifacts that summon the dragon.

  15. TizzleKat says:

    Cold and Bone. First time. 15.5 hours

  16. Jen says:

    Looks like I’ve got it on the epic breeding island, first try with snow and mud. 15.5 hrs!

  17. Silver wolf says:

    Hey people!!!!!! I just got it first try with cold+tree. YEY!!!!!!

  18. Jake says:

    I don’t know how it happened but got it using blazing and willow?????

  19. James says:

    Drying breeding ghost dragon with the ash dragon
    You will get moon or sun. 100%promise

  20. Marcel says:

    For some reason I can’t find anything on the new Obsidian Dragonvale Dragon.
    Elements are (Earth + Fire )
    Breeding time is 8 hours.
    Anyone have it yet ?

  21. Jahya l'as says:

    You can breed Obsidian with earth and frostfire :)
    Add me : Jahya l’as

  22. Jahya l'as says:

    Come to see Kairos in my parc
    Add me : Jahya l’as

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