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Dragonvale HackThere will be times when we will feel the need to look for ways to hack your Dragonvale game. If you just search YouTube, there are tons of Dragonvale hack tutorials. There are players that show you how to hack your game with a jailbroken device and there are some who will show you a program that hacks Dragonvale. Beware of the latter. They are fake.

Currently, the only hack that works is jailbreaking. However, this method is illegal. That’s why there are players who are not willing to jailbreak their iDevice. That’s also the reason why people look for a Dragonvale hack that requires no jailbreaking. Unfortunately, these programs do not work. In fact, these sites are trying to scam you.

How would you know is a Dragonvale hack is a scam? These are the things we have observed:

  • The hacks for Dragonvale are usually posted as YouTube videos. The title usually has the words “no jailbreak”.
  • When you watch the video, you will see a direct download link. Some people have encountered a sign up page. After signing up, they found out that their credit cards were charged.
  • After downloading and installing the program, you’ll be asked to put your Game Center username. After confirming, you will see that nothing was added to your account.
  • Some programs even ask for specific values (e.g. specific number of gems you want to have).

Below is a sample YouTube video of the fake Dragonvale hack:

If you really want to have a Dragonvale hack, then you have no choice but to jailbreak your iDevice. Otherwise, stick to the legal way and buy in-app purchases. This will help Backflip Studios continue providing us with more awesome Dragonvale updates.

There are still plenty of strategies to gain advantages in the game. In this blog, we have posted different tips on how to make your Dragonvale game better. Check them out by looking into the other categories. Recently, a new feature called the dragon race was added. This feature will give you a chance to get gems, Dragonvale Cash, Treats and XP. Enter the dragon races to have a more fun and exciting Dragonvale game.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the Dragonvale hack. Did you jailbreak your iDevice? Share your experience about hacking the game. And if you have been scammed by the fake Dragonvale hack, you can help other players by telling us about it.


  1. Wirehedd says:

    Jailbreaking is NOT illegal.

    Jailbreaking is legal in both the USA and Canada.

    To say it is “illegal” is incredibly irresponsible and dishonest.

    • Angrywarrior says:

      While it may not be technically illegal to jailbreak your device, it is most definitely illegal to use that device to alter any apps, games, or other software without explicit permission from the publisher as is usually spelled out in Terms of Service you must agree to in order to use most programs. There are some publishers that “open source” their software and allow people to make certain changes to it but most game publishers rely on people actually spending money on or in their games in order to be able to continue providing support and updates for said game. There are some exceptions to this but they are relatively rare. You should always examine the Terms of Service or otherwise check with the game publisher before using any “hacks” because it could result in being banned from the game or even more serious legal action. That said, jailbreaking most devices results in losing your manufacturers warranty and service and that’s another reason many people decide not to do it. It would be irresponsible not to warn someone of the potential legal dangers involved with jailbreaking electronic devices. While jailbreaking does allow you to do much more with your device, and much of it is perfectly legal, it isn’t some magic key that exempts you from the law. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

  2. Nathan says:

    It worked for me

  3. veerachai says:

    I did all the steps. I still don’t get the program. anybody please send me.

  4. Phoenix says:

    Add me I’m Kim12700 in Game Center please add

  5. emily says:

    Dragonvale is so addictive I’m getting the kairo and I have this dragon egg incubating that’s orange with red flames anyone tell me what kind it is…

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