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Dragonvale is one of the hottest games of this generation. It’s not boring at all and it even has that addictive effect to the players. The best thing with this game is that it is absolutely free to play so you don’t have to pay per hour and there is really no need for license fees.

This article will give you some ideas about Dragonvale help and other things you need to learn about this game

Why Dragonvale?

The answer is quite obvious. Compared with other existing games such as the acclaimed Paper Toss and Army of Darkness Defense, Dragonvale is offered to the public for free. And for an excellent game that does not charge users for playing, it is really a must-try to all hard-core gamers. Currently, instead of selling licenses, the developers are earning money through advertisements and sponsorship.

Goal of the game.

One of the best things that separate Dragonvale from its competitors is that fact that it does not encourage violence hence it can be played even by minors. The idea is to create a zoo for the dragons. The only way to generate visitors and money to the zoo, the player needs dragons. Bigger and more mean better. Take note though that this is different because the dragons are magical, friendly and very adorable. You’re gonna love them! Most of your time will be spent on breeding, hatching, feeding, and watching them to grow.  You can even invite friends to share your dragon land and give them gifts

The goal of the game is to keep your visitors entertained. In order to do this, you have to raise and take care of your dragons and cross breed them. It means that you can combine a fire and earth dragon to come up with a unique new breed. Some users say that it has some similarities with Pokemon but this one’s more exciting and adventurous.


You can hatch eggs and sell them to earn money. You can also acquire properties such as islands, habitats, treasures, decorations and buildings.


Each dragon has a corresponding value. Aside from fire and earth, you will also meet other types of magical dragons like lava, plant, poison, cold, lightning, blaze, etc.


Given that the game is cool, it has a very colorful graphics which is an eye candy, it is free, it won’t bore you even after hours of playing with it. First off, the game requires internet or wifi connection in order for it to work. The bottom line is that even if it’s free, you still have to pay for the net every time you want to play it. Unlike with other games, you just have to pay for the one-time fee and play it as much as you want even without wifi. Another disadvantage is that slow loading time. Some players say that it usually takes forever to fully load it. For some people, that situation might not be  a problem. But for those who are used to everything “instant” this can be a major issue. Read more about Dragonvale help and share it with your friends too!

You will find more on the Dragonvale mobile game as you go through this blog. Some of the topics that may interest you are on Dragonvale App Cheats, Dragonvale eggs, Dragonvale android and much more! Why don’t you read on…


  1. Roz Bokser says:

    Pls upgrade after level 20 unable to enlarge any habitats have to sell new dragons no room for them unable to breed the new dragons any help would be appreciated Thank you

  2. Lora Ewing says:

    How do you log out of one dragonvale on an iphone to log into another persons dragonvale? We are stuck with one of my daughter’s dragonvale on 2 phones because they are updated from a mac computer and it put hers into both phones now and we can’t log back into the other game.

    • mlmullins says:

      Open Game Center and sign your daughter out. The sing in as your user. When you launch Dragonvale, it will load with your islands. You can switch back and forth between users this way.

      • Ben says:

        I forgot my gamecenter password and when I logged in with a new account it took away all my progress and I was lv17

        • I reset my son’s Apple ID password and he lost all the levels in Dragonvale! Is there any way I can get him back to where he was or has all that been lost?
          Also, I tried to reset his settings on his ipod and don’t remember his pass code.

  3. Will says:

    Help how do I give people gifts?

  4. SueWalker36 says:

    Why can’t I breed a sun or moon dragon? I finally sold their habitats because I have repeatedly tried without success, and get less money with empty habitats. I have tried everything suggested I. The blogs, have bought gems to sapped up my breeding, and am getting very frustrated.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sun , moon & rainbow are a very rare dragon. It takes lots of luck and patient to finally breed. I already got sun , moon & rainbow and let me tell you it take ages to breed them. For me I would recommend blue fire dragon and crystal that is how I get my rainbow , sun and moon. hope that works for you too.

  5. Mcsc says:

    I can’t give gems though it shows 3 gems to be given away. Earlier was fine, already 3 days I can’t do it. My friends wanna stop me, please help.

    • Mlmullins says:

      If you close the app completely and relaunch, you should see the option to gift a gem. To close completely, exit the app. “Double click” the Home button, touch the app until it wiggles then touch the minus sign. Click the home button once then again. Relaunch Dragonvale.

  6. Bad Willow says:

    Am at level 22 and can’t buy any more habitats! Have only just discovered this website and bred an air dragon but I can’t buy the habitat now! Ready to delete and start all over again. Please help as I didn’t purchase any habitats of the dragons that cost gems as I didn’t want to pay for gems and now it seems I won’t be able to do any more.

    • aj says:

      I have the same problem. I cant buy habitats and the game is basically blocked? does anyone know how to solve this problem?

      • kissdragon says:

        Delete one of the habitats you already have you. I am at level 25 and have 1 of every standard dragons, 2 moon, 2 sun and two rainbow and have enough habitats for all…..tip delete the habitats that hold the least anount of money ie plant and move the dragons arround, sell those that you dont need or have too many of

    • Anonymous says:

      When you level up you receive one more habitat.

  7. Mcsc says:

    I have purchased gems which cost usd4.99 (130gems) x 2, but I only receive 130 gems, and u charged me usd9.88. Pls look into it.

  8. Rachelle lee says:

    How does the shrines work?

    • Anonymous says:

      For example, plant dragon shrine, when you feed 50 plant dragon to level ten the shrine turn silver and you can feed your dragon to level 15. But even you sell the dragons that you feed to 10 the shrine will still count it as one of the 50 dragons.

  9. Brian says:

    Used to be able to zoom out to see all 3 islands. Now the zoom out seems much more limited.

  10. Oyvind says:

    Hey, i’m getting pretty pissed, because Dragonvale won’t start on my ipod after the new release!! i’ve put some much money into the game. And now it won’t work. i’m using Ipod 2g, ios 4.2.1..
    please fix this bug asap!!

  11. Fee rose says:

    I think it’s random…. Im only level 12, and I breeded a lvl 5 scorch and lvl 7 cold dragon and got a sun dragon egg. Wasn’t even trying to haha…

  12. Jen says:

    My son and I just started this game. We are only on level 10 and now we are unable to purchase habitats. They all say 7/7 when we may only have one or two of that habitat????? We have bought lots of dragons and our habitats we do have are full. Now we have dragons we cannot place anywhere. My large treat houses are blocked too. I am very confused. Help!!!

    • Michelle love says:

      At level 10 you can only have a total of 7 habitats if you have too many dragons to move them around sell some of the dragons sell a habitat to buy the habitat you need. But it’s also important to point out that when you are at level 10 concentrate more on generating money and completing your goals listed

    • Ben says:

      Just because you have 2 of the same habitat doesn’t mean that it will only count as one. It will still count as 2 separate habitats

    • Pulpy says:

      That 7/7 counts for all habitats. When you level up there will usually be +1/2 max habitats and you will be able to get more

  13. Button 47 says:

    We summoned our second island, but the game glitched at that exact moment and logged us out. When we logged back in, the island was there but we did not get credit for summon, now the goal is stuck open saying we need to summon second Island. Been like this for 2 days.. Help? How can we reset/refresh and complete goal without getting the Epic Breeding Island.

  14. office says:

    For sure. Just why couldn’t I imagine that?

  15. My plant habitat is making hardly any money compared to all my other habitats and I have 4 dragons on it nearly all at level 10 should I delete the habitat and buy a new one will it start generating more money again?

  16. Alex says:

    I don’t know how to separate my dragons from my dreading cave, it took 2 days and are still in the cave! I need help.

    • Anonymous says:

      That mean they don’t finish incubating you must wait until a heart appear then click on it. And it also mean your are getting one of the rare dragons
      ( sun, moon or rainbow) :)

  17. tessy says:

    thats because the plant habitat’s max amount of dragoncash is only 200/500. For each habitat, you have to look and see the amount it says under max dragoncash.
    once the dragons on that habitat have filled that amount, it stays at that amount until you collect it, so try to collect from the habitats before you go away for a long time because then, the habitats can start over their money collection. hope this helped(:

  18. May Erichson says:

    Excellent post, you’ve got pointed out some very good details , I too conceive this s a quite wonderful internet site.

  19. Mike James says:

    I had dragonvale for a while then all of the sudden it stoped working
    I tried to reinstall it and it said this app is incompatible with this ipod touch
    I am running 4.2.1 on a 2g iPod pls fix this

  20. Sharon says:

    I purchased a SACK of gemstones for $9.99… The problem is i did not RECEIVE them AND I was CHARGED!!!! :(

  21. Chinai62 says:

    Can anybody help me??? Pls explain to me. My son played this fr few days now on ipad game center. Today i got itune bill worth £90+ that more than $150 !!!! He said that he dif t know that he is paying for those gems. Apparantly he claimed to me that he was visiting friends online on this game and they are giving him or he is taking this gems from them without knowing he has to pay each time he does it???? I dont know this game so i dont understand but this amount is unaccceptable and surely my son dont wanna do this if he knows i will be charge for it. Pls help how can i sort this and how did this happen?. Many thanks

    • Nikki says:

      Well, it depends on how you have your Apple account set up. You can not “purchase” gems without confirming it. So if your Apple account is set up to automatically accept purchases it would just charge them to your credit card on file. I have mine set up that I have to enter my password everytime, just in case I hit something that I did not want. It is true that you can collect gems from friends but that is once every 24 hours.

  22. Jayne says:

    Can anyone help me? My gems keep going down even though I haven’t used any! Why is this?

  23. My 7 year old daughter bought the breeding cave and was trying to placed it on her island. There wasn’t enough room so she hit canceled in order to clear away rocks and trees. After the clearing, she went back to the market to buy the breeding cave but they are no where to be found. Any suggestions.

  24. Amy says:

    How can I share a dragon with my friend?

  25. Deb says:

    What is the highest level of dragonvale so far?

  26. Lucy says:

    I summoned a 4th Island and even tho it says i own it it hasn’t loaded on the screen. Any suggestions?

  27. David says:

    make a meteor dragon: metal + moon, Nova dragon: metal + sun, and Shadow dragon : metal + leap year or rainbow


  28. DarkValer__ says:

    Hi! Some dude on YouTube say you can send/trade Dragon eggs for gems is that tru??? :/

  29. Josh says:

    Do dragons need too be @ top level for breeding hybrid dragons?? i have a breeding cave and when I breed I still don’t get the suggested dragon. Am I doing something wrong??

  30. chris says:

    porque en numero de monedas aparece en rojo con el dragón de :
    Frio son (24/min-)
    Hielo son(10/min-)

  31. Dalia says:

    How to move from level to another. I’m stuck in level 23.

  32. Cruz Rack says:

    I read your current blogs on a regular basis and it help me to

  33. Pippystrimos says:

    How do you get a wizard to summon your second island. I already bought an island but its asking me to get a wizard to summon it for me

  34. Alice says:

    I was wondering, of you buy two boosts that are opposite (say cold and fire) do they just cancel each other out, or is there still some benefit?

  35. Dragonvale help!!! says:

    My dragonvale won’t open it just stops loading when I try and open the app!!!! I have every dragon and have worked really hard!!! I am on level 25 and am just about to get an epic breading island!!! And now it won’t load!!! If I delete the app and reinstall it will it still be the same or will I have to start all over again!?!? Please help!!! I am so sad!!!

  36. Froze heart says:

    How can I buy a dragon shrine

    • Laura says:

      Shrines are located under buildings in the market once you raise 50 dragons to level 10 for each habitat – the shrine will keep a running count when you info each shrine- you can move you dragons to to level 15. For each group of 50 dragons you get another 5 levels of dragon feeding/life

  37. RedhunnybunnyDonnaannhunn says:

    I’ve been on Level 30 for almost 2 weeks breeding and selling dragons, so earning XP, but the level bar is not advancing to Level 31 – HELP PLEASE

    • DrG says:

      That’s d last level

      • Katie says:

        I bred the blazing and an obsidian dragons together and they took 2 days to finish breeding. I think it was a solar eclipse dragon that I got but now it is expired. Will my dragons still breed one or will it be something different?

  38. Kitty says:

    Since I downloaded update 1.8 my game will not work on my ipod. It loads but then just stops. I have a game for my grandson on my ipod as well and that one loads, Frustrating!!! Can anyone tell me what I can do to get my game running again?!?!

  39. Loti says:

    I was on level 16. All of a sudden apple made me change my apple I’d password. All I did was change the password. ID stayed the same now my dragonvale is on level 1?? Why is it making me start over ?

  40. Doninup says:

    What does it mean when your dragon earningsm are in red ? Example my Dodo dragon in earth habitat has an earning rate of 41 +_ in red.

  41. Pete says:

    If I jailbreak my iPod will I still be able to keep all my Dragonvale dragons, islnds and gems etc.

  42. Alex says:

    what is the best combo for emerald dragon

  43. DrG says:

    hi every1, i haven’t played dragonvale for almost 2 months bc it doesn’t want 2 load, i’ve tried everything from uninstalling/reinstalling, deleting/redownloading, u name it, i’ve done it & still doesn’t want to open, it only flashes 4 a few secs then back 2 home screen, please help, thank u all

    • PkPAustin says:

      I’m having the same problem i can’t find out how to fix it. I’ve done the same things but it won’t load. The green bar doesn’t even come up for it to start loading before it goes back to the home screen on my iphone. I’d really appreciate it if someone could help.

    • Pulpy says:

      Try restarting your device

  44. DJC118 says:

    I have a sun dragon egg that I cannot hatch because Dragonvale asks me to select a sun habitat. I cannot purchase one because for some reason, the sun habitat and all the other habitats for sale on the habitat page do not respond. they are all shaded. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

  45. My toddler accidentally deleted my daughters dragons, how do I get them back. Is there a Customer Service or Tech/Support line?

    Thanks much!

  46. Margy Visser says:

    Spending some time for the weblog is extremely helpfull, Holding out your following content material.

  47. Hi there. Great, intriguing publish, plus a little out from the box. My partner and i discovered some thing new these days!

  48. Manish says:

    i put my 2 pandong dragon in the breeding cave. now it is stuck. it doesnt show even the time. please help somebody

  49. Scott says:

    just got a quicksilver dragon…. was trying to get a current dragon…18 hour incubation

  50. The spot is truly thrilling for me personally.Thanks!

  51. Jes says:

    Why am I not able to buy another Nursery? I only have one and would like to breed more than one dragon at a time..

  52. Avery says:

    By accident I signed out of game center and went to dragonvale and it asked me to sync and I pressed continue and then pressed replace level 1 and lost everything now what do I do??????????

  53. Anton Loduca says:

    I have been previously reading by means of the comments and yes it looks like these are acquiring assistance

  54. Yckster says:

    Hi, suddenly, i cannot buy habitats anymore. They all seem disabled. Does anybody know about this problem or have a solution? When i reinstall the game. Can i start @ the same level again.



  55. olivia says:

    It keeps saying Connection Error but i have wifi?? Help???

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  57. seeker says:

    My son is playing level 17 and I just started and at level7.
    somehow we got tied together and it moved him to my level 7.
    What do we do? We spent a lot of money on this and want to retain
    the value!

  58. Felicia says:

    My incubation time have not come out since 2days already! It have stopped me from breeding anything for two days already! Can someone help me.. I have even tried to delete my dragonvale n download it again but it doesn’t work.. :( please help

  59. Karen says:

    NEW SLAG DRAGON 7/26/2012):

    I got this dragon first try using Chrome and Earth. Good Luck!

  60. Karen says:

    The SLAG dragon is mis-named. The picture shown as the Slag dragon is actually the Scoria Dragon in the game. You can get it by breeding the Chrome and Earth dragons.

  61. momma_frog says:

    I breed an air and quake trying to get a sandstorm but got something with a 35 hr time…what could it be???

  62. Rpiscitelli says:

    On my dragonvale my dragons have been in the breeding cab for weeks and haven started breeding yet and it won’t let me take them out ! So know I want breed anymore u would have to delete the game and restart what do I do

  63. Jacob says:

    What can be done if the game freezes?

  64. I’m boy new to the web plus had to review this subject.

  65. Bob says:

    I have been purchasing gems using my sisters and moms credit cards. After i made a few purchases it said contact Itunes support and that the purchase could not be completed or go through. Did I make too many purchases? I dont understand why I got this message. Can someone help me?

  66. Ti3-dy3_101 says:

    Okay I’m at Lvl 22 and u know how u get that track thing I can pick it but it exits out of the whole app what should I do???

  67. Lisa says:

    I have a problem! I bought Gema for 75 Swedish crowns but you took out twice that amount and I did not get twice the amount of gems. Who should I speak correct this error????

  68. Donna says:

    I am on level 17 and to buy the air dragon is 50 stones. When is it going to change to coins? My son has spent 30 real dollars on this game already.

  69. Jody says:

    Im stuck on a loading page because I accidentally hit ” go to rand players park” now it is stuck on the loading page. I’ve tried waiting for hours but nothing happens… What do I do??

  70. Xitxat says:

    I am at the end of level 19 and I cannot buy anymore habitats. I have just bought my fourth island and now I cannot do anything with it as I cannot purchase any habitats. I need to purchase the metal habitat so i can buy a metal dragon.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible.


  71. I was at level 29 and I accidentally restarted the game, which brought me back to level 1. How can I undo what I did?

  72. Haynes4 says:

    Last nite we had over 7million 3 habitats n tons of dragons 2nite we have nothin help

  73. Teejay says:

    Hello. I recently started playing Dragonvale. I seem to be suck in Level 6. I have to clear rocks. So I click a rock but when I press clear nothing happens. I have enough money to clear it.

    Sorry for the question but a little help would be appreciated. Thanks

  74. KatieB says:

    I have 2 games with the same name and can’t get to my other one? Why? It’s on 2 diff. devices… Uggggggg!

  75. Person says:

    My loading bar won’t come up and I can’t get into dragonvale. Suggestions??

  76. Tee says:

    I sent one of my dragons on a quest. The quest finished but my dragon is still gone. I have the option of starting another quest but when I go to the habitat that dragon is supposed to be in it says it is still on the quest. How do I get the dragon back?

  77. Terri says:

    I want to give all my DV items to my son. I have see where people sell there DV accounts – how do I do this? I don’t play any more but my son does.


  78. Jawn says:

    Hey i was wondering if anybody knows how to sign out of dragonvale on android as i would like to have multiple games on my device

  79. Luna says:

    My dagonvale kept saying I had an error when it was loading, then when it did load, it wasn’t my dragonvale. I was on level 32 and have spent over 100 dollars on this game and It is just gone. Any ideas ?

  80. Dragonvale Blog says:

    We have more on mobilegameshq.com. Dont forget to check it out!

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