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Dragonvale Breeding CaveThe dragonvale hibernation cave is new in dragonvale and came with the new dragonvale version 1.5.0. Have you used it? Indeed, It is not a secret that dragonvale is among the top mobile games available on the app store presently. To add to it all, the recent updates on dragonvale made the game even more interesting.

If you did not know it, then, you should know that towards the end of January this year, BackflipStudios who are the developers of dragonvale released a new dragonvale version 1.5.0. This version had among other features the new dragonvale hibernation cave. What is a dragonvale hibernation cave? This is simply a cave where you will store your dragons especially when you lack space for all your dragonvale dragons or when you are still constructing your dragonvale habitat.

Here are the reasons as to why you need to have this dragonvale hibernation cave in version 1.5.0:

  • ┬áCan you imagine that the new dragonvale hibernation cave allows you to store up to twenty five dragons in it? This is so amazing and gives you more reasons to update your dragonvale app to the new dragonvale version 1.5.0.
  • However, you have to know that when you store your dragons in the hibernation cave, they will not be earning you income from their various habitats.
  • The dragonvale hibernation cave can be upgraded to hold up to either fifty dragons or a hundred dragons! New Dragonvale Breeding caveAll you will need are fifty gems or a hundred gems depending with how many dragons you want your dragonvale hibernation cave to hold.
  • What more, the new hibernation cave allows you to send dragons that are ready for hatching into it instead of using the habitat. However, you will not earn from doing this though you will gain XP.
  • Because your dragonvale hibernation cave can hold up to a hundred dragons, it means that you no longer have to sell off your extra dragons and gives you the opportunity to purchase even more valuable dragons as you move dragons of less value into your dragonvale hibernation cave.
  • Another important aspect to note is that you cannot feed the dragons in the hibernation cave unless you move them into the habitat.

How much will it cost you to get the hibernation cave? well, you can buy it for three million, one hundred and forty one thousand, five hundred and ninety two dragonvale gold coins. The breeding cave can only be bought when you reach level 14 in the game play and therefore, you should not waste your time looking for this cave when you are at lower dragonvale levels.

How best do you use the dragonvale hibernation cave? The dragoncale hibernation cave has the ability to help you save alot of dragonvale coins and food if used correctly. A helpful dragonvale tip that may help you to fully use the dragonvale cave for your good is that you start by feeding your dragons to level ten before storing them into the hibernation cave. When the dragonvale shrine turns into silver or gold color, take your dragons and feed them until level 15 before selling them off.

Do you know something about the dragonvale hibernation cave that we don’t know? If you do, then, post it here so that the fans of this game may know. Also, do not forget to check back to this blog for more on dragonvale hints, tips, tricks, cheats and more!


  1. Blahblah says:

    Hibernation cave is useless

  2. Elisa says:

    It’s completely useless. I want my gold back!

  3. Tommy says:

    Why don’t sell the excess dragon at level 10? Get more value if sell them at level 15? Pls advice?

  4. Jimmy says:

    It is interesting that the cost of the cave is pi. Is this
    Referring to a future update on march 14 or pi day this year?

  5. WaterRK9 says:

    No. The hibernation cave is to store your dragons if you want to keep it and don’thave enough room to keep it. Like let’s say you wanted to keep a blue fire dragon. But you’ll you cold and fire rooms are full and you don’t have room on your island. You don’t want to sell it so you put a dragn form cold or fire and then put it in the hibernation cave.

  6. Greenman says:

    The reason why this is good is that if you have a dragon that is ready to hatch, but don’t have somewhere to put it, AND you have two dragons that are finished breeding but you don’t have space in the nursery, then you would want to get the hibernation cave. It also seems from the article that the loner a dragon is in the hibernation cave, the “rarer”they get, and so when you get them out they are worth a fortune, especially at level +10

  7. Jason says:

    The cave is only useful for storing dragons u don’t have room for yet… But if u plan ahead u don’t really need it… I want my money back too!

  8. Sara says:

    does anyone know how to have two dragonvale games running on their iPad so that both of my daughters can play it…separately?

  9. frankie says:

    why does it cost so much for that little cave 3million man!!! 3million!!!

  10. ABBIYroad says:

    I think you can log out when you are on your friends page but that may only be if you are set up with facebook

  11. Cman says:

    Some dipwad told me it would give me crystals. Would it be wrong to beat him/her up? I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!

  12. Rich guy says:

    Wow guys relax this hibernation cave is realy useless but, cant some 3 million coins? You must be at level 16 or something like that

  13. Wtf says:

    3 million is not a lot guys u must be at some low levels I get that back in like an hour

  14. Kulol says:

    How can i breed the Stone dragon

  15. Lisa says:

    The cost of the cave is pi(3,141592653589793238…) can anybody tell me why

  16. Brooke says:

    It’s not useless if you’re trying to get your dragons to level 15 and 20. You need 50 level 10 dragons to change your shrines from bronze to silver, but if you sell them once they reach level 10 you will have to start over in order to change your shrines from silver to gold. If you put them in the hibernation cave at level 10, you can take them out once your shrine changes and get them to level 15 without having to start over

  17. Naus2 says:

    Anyone knows how to upgrade the hibernation cave to store dragons beyond 100?

  18. You suck says:

    If you have no use for the hibernation cave you are a noob and if you find it expensive you must truly suck because every time I collect coins I get at least 10,000,000 from all my habitats (I’m level 32)

  19. TheWolf984 says:

    Calm down i have a use 4 it have around 500,000$ right this week
    but i at least get 150,000 i’m lvl 13 3/4

  20. Helping Hand says:

    Hey, to the people who are around lvl 10+, your probably just starting to get the big bucks and 3 million is pretty intimidating. Don’t freak out, there is a perfectly legal way to get 1 million a day. If you want to know how just ask because I won’t waste my time explaining if no one cares.

  21. Lookingpez says:

    I would like to know? Thanks

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