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How do you breed the draonvale jade dragon? Dragonvale has been updated once more with another gemstoneDragonvale Jade Dragon dragon and if you have not heard of the jade dragon, then, it is probably because you have not logged into your dragonvale game recently.

What does the game description say about the Jade Dragon

As the game description will tell you, “The jade dragon’s varied shades of green camouflage them so well that discovering them on the lush, overgrown Isle of Ulmek came as quite a shock. Imagine the surprise at finding a thirteenth gemstone dragon! Now the Wizards are scrambling for a way to allow more dragons to live on the Gemstone Island! For some reason, the coalescence of magic that makes jade dragons available lasts longer than the other gemstone dragons. Jade dragons, like all gemstone dragons, cannot breed.”

Dragonvale Jade Dragon Secrets

Even before we move on into the best ways of breeding this birthstone dragon, here is more that you have to know about the dragon:

  • The Jade dragon was released alongside a new Dragonvale Jadeite Oasis Decoration. This means that the dragon brings much more into the game play other than itself.
  • The jade dragon is available as from the fourteenth level of game play. Therefore, if you are still struggling on lower levels, then, there is no reason for you to try breeding the jade dragonvale dragon.
  • The dragon has a breeding time of 30 hours and 26 minutes. However, this can be quickened to 24 hours and 21 minutes.
  • The Jaade Dragon’s Incubation Period Stands at 30 hours and 26 minutes, a time similar to its normal breeding time.
  • Should you feel that you don’t want to breed the Jade dragon, you can buy it from the market place at a cost of 700 dragonvale gems. However, the selling price is lower than the buying price and stands at 2,500,000 dragonvale coins.
  • The Jade dragon earning rates stand at one gemstone a month at level one to five and two gemstones a month at level six to ten.
  • The jade dragon’s habitat is the Dragonvale Gemstone habitat just like that of all the other gemstone dragons.
How To Breed The Dragonvale Jade Dragon!
So you are really longing to breed the jade dragon? Did you know that as per now, there are no combinations for breeding the jade dragon and that even the Jade dragon Egg is missing from the market? For sure, as per now, your best shot at getting the jade dragon is buying it for 700 gems from the market.
No one knows how the jade dragon egg looks like. This is because when you buy a dragon, the egg will never show up. The dragon is available for three months and so, hopefully someone would have bred this dragon and given the dragonvale fans a chance to know how the egg looks like.  This is because later one, this dragon shall be open to breeding and when that occurs, be the first one to let the other dragonvale fans know the combination for breeding the Jade dragon by posting it here!
Breaking News!!
Some dragonvale fans haave finally been able to breed the Jade Dragon. They claim that they used the following combos to get this dragon:
Even though they did not get it at first try, they managed to get it before their tenth try. Have you gotten the Jade dragon? Let us know your struggles!


  1. Daniel brink says:

    Omg!!!! I just got it!!! It I green with little green jade crystals comming out of it!!! Breeding is: Mine and Crystal! I got it my 7th try!!! Good luck.

  2. I probably does not help but Ulmek is a character in the book Shadow and Steel by James West.

  3. Ashley says:

    Haven’t tried it yet (have a new crystal and probably a gold breeding right now :/) but looking around at information on jade stone, it’s a metamorphic rock (fire of some sort) and the more Iron the greener. Looking at the fire dragons, obsidian has the same body shape as emerald. So if anyone wants to try out Iron-obsidian, let me know if I got it

  4. Steve Senter says:

    I trade gems.
    Steve Senter

  5. Clayster says:

    I have the jade dragon breeding right now so I will see the egg too

  6. Sun Flash says:

    Thanks Daniel I will try mine/crystal I have try crystal and swamp over and over also crystal and lichen nothing so,here goes mine / crystal crossing my fingers.

  7. The official way is Plasma/Salamander

  8. D3vi says:

    No luck yet with this dragon, have both breeding caves with mine and crystal but nothing!! :-(

  9. Fishey says:

    Another combo is plasma and salamander.

  10. Chris says:

    Question… When the Jade dragon was released, it was stated on a loading screen that the “wizards” were working on a way to add the Jade dragon to the Gemstone Island habitat along with the other 12 gemstone dragons. So far there is no way, that I’ve seen, to hold 13 Gemstone dragons in the island habitat. Any information out there on when / how this can be accomplished?

  11. Hi says:

    I will try it after my rainbow dragon is breeding and I can’t wait for my sun dragon to be done incubating so I can put it on display since I already have one.

  12. Moon says:

    OMG!! I tried it and the first time I got an Electrum dragon!! I’m gonna try again later for the Jade! Even if you do not get it the first time, keep trying! You’ll probably get something else great!!!!

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