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The dragonvale rain dragon has just been released and it is not the only dragonvale dragon released! The rain dragonvale rain dragondragonvale dragon has been released alongside the dragonvale ironwood dragon. Do you know how to breed the dragonvale rain dragon?

Many people will confuse it as the dragonvale water dragon but its name will remain the rain dragonvale dragon. Well if you have not bred your rain dragon and you are looking for ways of doing so, we will give you all the information you need.

Let us start by knowing more about the  rain dragonvale dragon:

  • About the dragonvale Rain Dragon

Like the name suggest, this is a dragon that is formed from the elements making rain.  The rain dragonvale dragon is quite cute and will be loved by those who love the blue color. This is because the dragon is a complete blend of sky blue and dark blue colors with a droplet of water on its tail. What more, the dragon takes the looks of a sea creature and would probably be a shark if it had no wings.

  • Buying the dragonvale rain dragon

If you need to buy your rain dragonvale dragon, you will need a thousand dragonvale gems to do so. however, it will be best to breed your rain dragon. As per the game description, the rain dragon is found in large water bodies and thus, the rain dragon has a water habitat.

  • Breeding your dragonvale rain dragon

What are the best combinations for breeding the rain dragonvale dragon? If you want to breed your rain dragon, you have to know that rain dragon is a water dragon and air dragon hybrid and therefore you will use dragons with water and air elements.

Here are some of the best combinations for breeding the dragonvale rain dragon:

- Dragonvale water dragon with Dragonvale air dragon

- Dragonvale Fog Dragon with dragonvale air Dragon

The breeding period for the rain dragon is eight hours. There is much more to the water dragon that we will be bringing you soon. Is there something about the water dragon that you know which we have not posted here? If there is, then, post your comments here and let the other dragonvale fans know your idea! More to this, check back once in a while for more updates on this mobile game.


  1. Bob says:

    I think it’s kind of ugly!

  2. Cookie says:

    I think it’s ugly, too!

  3. Dragyn says:

    Looks like a leafy fish, and remember its a game, nothing we can do in how things look

  4. I think it’s adorable and I bet it’s going to be used for the new September gemstone Dragon along with the secret dragon.

  5. Aaron:) says:

    It’s not ugly the lava dragon is ugly but the rain dragon is cool its like a dragon vale mystery just like the sun and moon and gem dragons oh and the seasonal thos are mysterious also

  6. hybridclement says:

    It may be ugly, but I’ll be sure to get it!

  7. 1 direction says:

    I got one on my first try with fog dragon on the right and air dragon on the left

  8. I think it’s gorgeous !!!!! I love the creativity of these people!

  9. Malliejune says:

    Been there, done that. I already have my rain dragon, Lv 10. NEXT!

  10. Tabitha says:

    Fog and mud will give you Rain Dragon better than air and water.

  11. Malliejune says:

    Does anybody know how to get pollen?

  12. Najandra says:

    yes am get rain and all new dragon thanks for all

  13. Diego says:


  14. Najandra says:

    hello diego do you now how to breed iron wood :(

  15. Malliejune says:

    Uh, that’s what Im trying, but I always get willow! The good news is that I get a million coins each time I fail. Anything else to get a pollen?

  16. Malliejune says:

    Does anybody know an EASIER way to get pollen, maybe? I’m only on Lv 16, almost 17, and I don’t have enough gems to get epic breeding island. Isn’t that sad?

  17. Xavier says:

    For those who want free gems/coins/food and a lot of it (example: 100000 gems)Look for my name in the comments on how to breed ironwood dragon section of this website and read my comment.. My name is Xavier and I want to help you all out soooo. Check it out. Or jus email me at riverax34@yahoo.com and I’ll tell you guys wat yu need to do. Glad to help you guys with yur dragonvale needs. And last thing is that it takes most to 20 minutes depending on how many other people I have to do. That is all.

  18. ZL123 says:

    It looks kinda cute! XD
    I like it.

    I guess it’s a dragon that everybody either loves or hates, no in-betweens.

  19. Jeff says:

    Got accidentally trying for seasonal off of flower and fog

  20. Magick Blue says:

    I have a rain dragon.

  21. Kyla says:

    I want to get a Panglong and people say it’s easier with Rain and Lava. But every time I try Water and Air or Air and Water I always get Fog!
    Do they both have to be level 10 and is there a certain way to put them into the breeding cave?! SOMEONE =[

  22. esper99 says:

    a rain dragon? how did I miss this one. any thoughts on the best combinations? game center Id esper99. trade gems.

  23. Molly says:

    I love this dragon! But all i’ve been able to breed is the fog dragon from the combos they listed :p. by the way does anyone know how to get the silver dragon?

  24. Silver wolf says:

    I got my rain with mud and air. (weird)

  25. Pluffa says:

    It looks like a GUPPY

  26. Malliejune says:

    Hey all u DragonVale lovers. Im on Lv. 19 and I NEED to know how to get bluefire! Every time I try fire and storm, I get storm! I only need it because there’s a rumor going around saying that u can get rainbow with crystal and bluefire. Oh, and I got pollen:). Add me on gamcenter G33RFAM.

  27. Malliejune says:

    Guys! I got blue moon on my first try with sonic and iceberg! Both Lv. Ten. I am gonna try to get sapphire with blue moon and water. Wish me luck. :p

  28. Lexi says:

    Hi guys im trying to breed the rain dragon but i keep getting stupid fog please help me!! O and i really want a gemstone dragon. Sugestions????

  29. Chris says:

    Gem4gem ad me CHRISMAL16

  30. Malliejune says:

    Hey Lexi. I got rain with water and air on regular breeding cave. I had the same problem with pollen but then I got the epic breeding island. Do u have that? And I want gemstone dragons too. I’m still trying.

  31. Jo says:

    Can you get rainbow dragon with rain dragon mated with sun dragon?

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