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Have you heard of the new dragonvale seasonal dragon? We all know of the seasonal dragons in Dragonvale Seasonal Dragondragonvale, however, aside from these seasonal dragonvale dragons, there is a new dragonvale dragon known as the dragonvale seasonal dragon. What makes it exciting to breed the seasonal dragonvale dragon?

Well, lets just say it might be because it gets the best from the seasonal dragons that you have always known. Even before we move on and show you the best combinations for breeding your seasonal dragonvale dragon, here are some facts that will help you understand your new seasonal dragon:

  • About Dragonvale Seasonal Dragon

The seasonal dragon is mostly forest green in color and looks as if it is carrying an entire tree on its head! Better still, the seasonal dragon comes with a seasonal dragonvale habitat and the new dragonvale seasonal decoration. These two combined are just indications that other dragonvale dragons may be coming along this lineage. If you have bred all the other dragonvale dragons, breeding the dragonvale seasonal dragon will indeed keep you busy as you await the release of the next set of dragonvale dragons.

  • Dragonvale Seasonal Dragon Habitat

The seasonal dragon comes with its own special habitat and its seasonal flay both of which you will have to purchase. If you want to breed your dragonvale seasonal dragon, you have to be in level 10 of dragonvale game play.

  • Dragonvale Seasonal Dragon Incubation period

Even though the seasonal dragon is only a few hours old, many dragonvale fans believe that the incubation period for the seasonal dragon is 48 hours. That is a long time to wait and if you have enough dragonvale gems, you can speed your seasonal dragon breeding up.

  • Dragonvale seasonal Dragon Best Breeding Combinations

Do you want to breed the seasonal dragonvale dragon? Are you looking for the best breeding combinations for the seasonal dragon? If you are, then here are some breeding combinations that work:

- Breed the dragonvale blazing dragon with the dragonvale lichen dragon

- Breed the dragonvale blazing dragon with dragonvale tree dragon

The seasonal dragonvale dragon is believed to have elements of fire, plant and air and so any combinations of the said elements may yield the seasonal dragonvale dragon. Do you know of a combination that worked for you? If you do, then, kindly post it here and let the other dragonvale fans know about it. More to this, check back frequently for more updates on this mobile game.


  1. Hector says:

    I Got 48 Hours using Pollen (left) and Blazing (right)

    Could it be one?

  2. Ccaessiee says:

    I didn’t get it >:(

  3. Priscilla says:

    I just tried blazing 10 and tree 10 i hope it works!

    Add me cutie cherries

  4. Sinister says:

    blazing 14 and lichen 10 – 1 try
    add me +sinister+

    • jessmac says:

      yay that worked on the 3rd try! august has been good to me! got moon, sun, all 3 olympic, rainbow, and now seasonal! gold is giving me a super hard time but i guess i cant complain

  5. Donut says:

    I got it with panlong and evergreen in normal breeding cave on first try!!!

    • Chris says:

      Thank you so much. It worked first time as well. Was just about to give up

    • Tiaflower says:

      Hi, was told to use Panlong + Ash by two users who got Seasonal …. So have just tried Panlong (level12) + Ash ( level 11) in regular breeding cave, so fingers crossed….

      • Jubblyy says:

        I used the panlong/ash combo and I got the gold Olympus. I just tried it again and I’m on my second Olympus dragon. Although they’re mot the seasonal dragon, they’re still epic and cool. The ash and panlong were both level 10, so that’s probably why I didn’t get seasonal. And if anyone’s wondering, panlong is mud and blazing.

  6. Racer1828 says:

    Waiting for an update so I can get the habitat! What good is a new dragon when your at max level and can’t get the habitat required for that dragon??

  7. jen12185 says:

    Will seasonal dragon stay or for just a limited time?

  8. Silver wolf says:

    Yes I think so because after all it is the “seasonal” dragon. Oh and what is the best combo for it?

  9. Jettagirl07 says:

    If they’re gonna keep throwing new dragons at us that are only limited time, we need at least one other breeding cave or island. I still don’t have a moon dragon bc I’m too busy trying to breed all the limited dragons. Ugh! Still love the game though and this is a cool dragon.

    • Rogven says:

      using these two dragons in these two combos i was able to get both the Moon Dragon and the Rainbow Dragon. for best results breed on the Epic Breeding Island.

      bloom dragon (10) [left side], clover dragon (10) [right side} = rainbow dragon

      clover dragon (10) [left side], bloom dragon (10) [right side] = moon dragon

      *if the combos produce the other dragon or different ones entirely, don’t give up and keep trying*

  10. Psythiros says:

    Good point. We should have the option of having more than two breeding caves/islands.

  11. Imten7 says:

    It would be nice to be able to put more dragons in each habitat. I have eggs to hatch and no room for these rare dragons. Grrrrr

  12. Pokekid987 says:

    I used the first recipe : blazing and lichen both lvl 7 :3 and i got one. lol

  13. [->FINN says:

    Just did blazing on left and tree on right and says 48 hours, so hoping/presuming it will be seasonal!?!?

  14. Cath pag says:

    You can sell one of your lower maximum capacity habitats, put the dragons into the hibernation cave and then buy the habitat you desire. I have one lightning, air and plant habitat, many earth and metal which have higher maximum capacity for dragon cash. They will earn more money when you are not on dragonvale ( like when you’re sleeping…)

  15. Maricel says:

    I got 48hrs this morning by breeding blazing and lichen!!!

  16. Rainbow says:

    I got 48 hours with blazing lvl 10 and tree lvl 11 I wonder what it is!! :D

  17. Sharpie-ace says:

    I don’t have moon either. Have gotten four crystals instead of a peridot. My son who does this says the game teaches you patience. I refuse to spend anymore money on it. Pretty hard when reaching the level where you need gems for habitats.

  18. 15monnin says:

    It would be much easier if we could trade dragon eggs with friends
    Add me 15monnin

  19. DragonXKS says:

    I just bred Blazing(10) with Lichen(10) in that order on EBI one time and got Rainbow o.O was trying to get Seasonal.

  20. Does it have to be the epic breeding island? I don’t have enough gems for it and I only have one breeding cave. Can anyone tell me the combinations for the seasonal dragon in a breeding cave?

  21. David says:

    its not limited time, its called the seasonal dragon because it changes form for each season and it has its own habitat

  22. Kiwipom says:

    Both my partner and myself have tried 5
    times each with no luck.

    If you need habitat then you need to sell one if you
    have the maximum

  23. I did it with blazing 10 and tree 10 at 12 54

  24. I don’t get how to get the eclipse it’s like no1 in the world has it it’s supa rare any1 know hOw to get it? :D

  25. Grandma says:

    I don’t understand why there is a limit on how many habitats you can buy. Being Abe to buy as many habitats as you want would only add to the fun of the game. Please remove the limits!!!!

  26. Adrenaline says:

    This is the first limited-time dragon I actually got on my first try! Bred mine on the epic breeding island with a Level 11 Blazing Dragon and a Level 10 Lichen Dragon. (Blazing on left, Lichen on right, if that helps).

  27. Adrenaline says:

    And just to set the record straight, I HADN’T bought the habitat yet. Just busted my cash on my 7th island and all I had was 254,171 coins left. Hence I’m still waiting for my cash inflow.

    So breeding the dragon has got NOTHING to do with getting the habitat first.

  28. Sara says:

    i have just tried to breed the seasonal 3 times and no luck

  29. 1D says:

    got it first try
    slag left then Copper right
    i bread it by accident i was trying to get something else that was rare by i got an even rarer dragon by that combo

  30. Ozz says:

    i tried Blazing and lichen and got FLOWER :( and the second time i got snow

  31. Sumerska1156 says:

    I used a tree dragon and a pollen dragon

  32. Gma65 3 says:

    WE Need More Habitats! PLEASE! I have to sell my Dragons and habitats to make room for the new ones.

  33. Timbo says:

    Just got mine right now!

  34. DJ says:

    I believe I have a seasonal from blazing and lichen. 48 hour breeding time, and 4 elements, so it could be a rainbow.

  35. Rs says:

    Got it 1st try with panlong and evergreen x

  36. Aaa333 says:

    I just got it with blazing and plant in the breeding island

  37. Lisa Brusco says:

    I finally think i did it after seven tries. Blazing (left) and Lichen (right). they are both level 11. 48 hours on Breeding island. I wonder which dragon i will get.
    Add me- Geia23

  38. Swim4life 53 says:

    Is the seasonal dragon going to stay

  39. I bred Blazing (level 15) and Swamp (level 13) in regular breeding cave and got a Seasonal Dragon first try. Yay!

  40. Jay Malakai says:

    Plant and blazing, first try, successfully incubating one now.

  41. 1 Direction says:

    i got a seasonal dragon with pollen(left) and mine (right)
    i suggest you guys try it

  42. Carolyn says:

    Bred bazing and litchen about 10 times no Seasonal….any new suggestions for a better pair. I hate to make room and buy its habitat till I get it. Is it a 48 hour breeding time?

  43. Will says:

    I can’t get the seasonal dragon I keep on trying I have tried 15 to 20 times please help

    • Roy says:

      I tried several times as well but the first time I tried AFTER having both the seasonal habitat and flag I got 48hr wait time so my fingers are crossed XD

  44. Jen Lynn says:

    I still can’t gold dragon or silver Olympic dragon or the malachite.

    • nurse_911 says:

      I got three gold dragons with Chrome/Scorch combination- this was the only combination I tired and first two times got Gold dragon, took another week or more of trying to get the third Gold dragon.

      Got Malachite dragon with Metal/Willow combination- only tried for this once but took numerous tries to finally get it. Was trying for Malachite for several days before finally getting it, but just kept with the Willow/Metal pairing.

  45. JJ says:

    I got it first try with firework & pollen!!!

  46. Max says:

    No luck for Seasonal or Peridot…sigh…will keep trying tho.
    Have tried most combos several times. Oh well…:(

  47. Joe says:

    Firework level 10 and plant lvl 15 that’s how I got mine

  48. Tom says:

    Ugh I cannot breed any dragon have tried almost 50 times for each limited one. Also add me on game center name is holtsrule I will send you gems

  49. Toni says:

    it took me 12 days to get Peridot – keep trying :)

  50. Jojoda7311 says:

    I need one more gem for gem friend. Game center I’d is Jojoda7311

  51. Iza says:

    I need gems will give gem for gem.I keep giving gems to my friends and they never give back if you give me a gem I promise to give gem in return. My game center account is Isaiahut22

  52. Jobi-J.A.M. says:

    I have found that if you breed any 2 dragons over and over you will end up with a moon, sun, gold or Rainbow. I have 7 rainbows, 4 moon, 4 sun, & 2 gold. I have gotten them when I have been trying to breed the gem dragons.sometimes it takes 10-25 tries. Good luck!!!!
    My game center name is the same as here if any one wants a new friend that shares gems Jobi- J.A.M. :)

  53. Jobi-J.A.M. says:

    I used cactus:crystal for the peridot dragon

  54. Yvonne says:

    Took quite a few times but Tree and Blazing made a Seasonal dragon.

  55. VOLDEMORT$? says:

    So what should I try first pollen and blazing. Blazing and lichen. Or blazing and tree.

  56. Alle says:

    I used flower and fog, epic breeding island, first try!! Yippee! It usually takes me forever to get the dragon I am going for!

  57. Nano says:

    I got 39 h in the EBS could be Seasonal, i did blazing 10 and tree 11
    Add me lorebada

  58. Ocean says:

    I tried blazing and lichen 16 times and was about to give up, my 17th try gave me a seasonal. Can th

  59. Hector says:

    I got it 1st try with Pollen (left) and Blazing (right)
    Goodluck guys…

  60. Ian says:

    I got two in row on my first try plant and blazing

  61. Tom says:

    Try pollen and blazing it work got the seasonal dragon first try with that combo awesome

  62. DJ says:

    Woo Hoo! I got my seasonal second try on epic breeding island. Lichen and blazing, both level 10, I am glad to have it. By the way, I think this dragon is here to stay because it has it’s own habitat, do not let the name fool you. By the way, the best combo for this is blazing and plant, willow, or pollen, because they have more limited outcomes, by using three elements. But I think lichen worked so quickly for me because it has four elements representing the four seasons.

  63. hi i got seasonal dragon on 1st try with blazing 10 on the left and lichen 12 on the right. with the seasonal dragon, the higher level dragons you breed, the more of a chance you have. add me wb gal

  64. Just got 48hr. with Blazing (10) and Lichen (10). I really hope it’s the Seasonal Dragon!

  65. random says:

    I haven’t started yet….
    By the way i tried a thousand times to get a gold olympus and all i get is the silver and the bronze. anyone know how or why????

  66. Griffin says:

    My friend got it evergreen and firework twice in a row

  67. Sheryl says:

    I am hard time getting. Sandstorm also unsure how to gift gems

  68. Psythiros says:

    I FINALLY got a seasonal with Blazing and Lichen. It only took 20 freekin times. O.o

  69. Holly says:

    Pollen and blue fire – first go!! Been trying for rainbow, sun and moon for two weeks though and can’t get any of them! Aaargh!!

  70. sharpie-ace says:

    Frankly, I think there’s an automated lottery system at work on these dragons. If it’s your time to hit, you’ll get it.

    So far, crystal and cactus haven’t given me a peridot. nothing has worked for Olympus or moon. I do have two rainbows…and only one habitat. I’m at level 21, close to 22, where I can buy another rainbow pot of gold.

    If you get a dragon and don’t have the habitat, you can put it in the nursery and bring it out when you can get the habitat.

  71. Ami says:

    Ive done blazing/plant willow/plant blazing/lichen and blazing/pollen but I just can’t get a seasonal dragon! Any other combanations?

  72. Xiaoyue10 says:

    I tried both combinations to seasonal and didnt get it. Than I switched the order and did both combinations in the breeding island still didn’t work. HELP!

  73. crystalizt says:

    I have tried breeding seasonal 21 times and peridot 16 times with no luck :(
    I use blazing-lichen 4 seasonal and cactus crystal 4 peridot…
    Anyone? Help, what did I do wrong…..
    And I need gem 4 gem friends, add me calistanzta
    And I haven’t got any gem dragon before…. Pearl, emerald, and ruby just gone before my eyes :””(

  74. Roy says:

    I tried blazing/litchen twice with no luck BUT then I built both the habitat and flag for the Seasonal Dragon and tried the combo again and received a 48 hr wait time. My fingers are crossed.

  75. Joe says:

    Got one after many many times breeding blazing/lichen.

  76. Bxgf says:

    I got seasonal first try with blazing and lichen
    Got 48hour with flower and chrome
    Any ideas?
    (all level 10)

  77. Stefanos1 says:

    Finally, after 20+ times, I got the Seasonal dragon with Blazing (Lv 12) on left and Swamp (Lv 11) on right! WooHoo!!!

  78. Whisper says:

    I’ve tried about ten times breed the seasonal dragon.i wrote
    Down your combinations .i sure hope for the best

  79. Xavier says:

    For those who want free gems/coins/food and a lot of it. Looke for my name in the comments on how to breed ironwood dragon section. My name is Xavier and I want to help you all out soooo. Check it out. Or jus email me at riverax34@yahoo.com and I’ll tell you guys wat yu need to do. Glad to help you guys with yur dragonvale needs.

    • Dragoon0789 says:

      This is not a joke and it was completely awesome. Helped me get 100k gems, 100,000 food and more gold than I could count :)

  80. Dr Dragon says:

    My friend got a rainbow dragon by breeding blazing and plant. That is impossible…

  81. Wow, this seems to be a tough one. I’ve tried at least 60 times so far. Fortunately I got 2 peridots at the beginning of the month,and already have the Olympians. I guess this is my payback

  82. Sandy says:

    Hi There! I’m looking for friends! My Game Center ID is sskogen. I will send gems!

  83. Pete says:

    Pollen and Blazing 48 hours!!! Hope it is a Seasonal cause I already have a rainbow!

  84. Awesome says:

    I did Pollen And blazing like five times i only got q balcó en Your And And hour

  85. WTF says:


  86. crystalizt says:

    How come I still can breed firework dragon?????? O_o

  87. Mimi:) says:

    I used…
    Willow lvl seven fire lvl seven got a flower drag
    Willow lvl 8 fire lvl 7 got willow
    Willow lvl 9 fire lvl 8 got SEASONAL! Well i havent got it yet but it’s in my nursery
    I did willow lvl 10 and fire lvl 9 in hope u would get another but i got a sven hour breed (probably pollen drag)

  88. Whisper says:

    I was wondering that to,I just got the firework
    Dragon yesterday.does this mean that we can
    Breed limited time dragons even when there
    Not in the market ?

    • Emile says:

      if you combined firework+firework you can get one as many times you want, if you combined firework + any other, you have high possibilities to get one

  89. Casey says:

    Add me please? My gamer ID is Xaysec

  90. esper99 says:

    got it with blazing and lichen. I think I am going to make her small. much cuter. game center id esper99. trade gems.

  91. Dman says:

    My friend tried to get a seasonal using blazing and lichen and i tried to get a rainbow dragon using a panlong and cactus guess what i got a seasonal dragon first try and he got a rainbow dragon first try but im not complaining he is still jealous

  92. Ninjastar13542 says:

    Lol I going for a Panlong but Mud/blazing wouldnt work so I tried a weird combo of rain (right) and lava (left) and SHABAAM 48 hours breeding time…so I wait…48 hour incubation time…time passes by…..RAINBOW DRAGON…SCORE…yeah so kinda odd breeding but you know…try Myles method and maybe you can do it like me…btdubs I used reg.breeding cave…and 1st try!

  93. LMFAO says:

    Shur ya do gerrett

  94. ryry0416 says:

    In order to get the seasonal dragon do i have to own the habitat while it is before it is starts breeding. And what the hell do i breed to get it

  95. Jammypammy says:

    I got my seasonal dragon purely by accident by breeding Blazing and Love. I was intending to breed Blazing with Lichen and hit Love instead of Lichen.

  96. Jones says:

    Blazing-left + lichen-right = 48 hours
    Not sure if it is a seasonal but it is something

  97. Crystalizt says:

    Oh hell…. Been trying 36 times for seasonal now….
    Still no sign of luck with blazing/lichen

  98. Kitty says:

    I used the blazing and tree, and got 48 hours on my 2nd try… I thought it was a Seasonal but I got Rainbow Dragon instead.. It’s my 1st Rainbow Dragon.. And I was so excited! Thanks for helping…

  99. CinQ8 says:

    I have tried blaz/lichen, blaz/tree, Pollen/blaz/willow/fire about 20x’s each both right/left etc & still nothing :0(

  100. Sarah2 says:

    I just got a rainbow using storm and firefly…?

  101. I tried every combination many times over 50 attempts!!and failed until I just did plant lvl 11 & blazing lvl 13 in that order n got it! Got 2 golds this morning too brass/storm and blue fire/metal :) add me SHELLY•LONG•LEGS

  102. Calicoraham says:

    I got a rainbow from firefly and seaweed 5 times in a row. Just got Olympus from sonic and lava and a paper dragon from lava and evergreen. All normal non-upgraded breeding cave. Oh and my seasonal for some reason from sandstorm and rainbow.No clue why…

  103. Lynsey says:

    None of it works on mine. :( Took like many attempts and different way. A lot of patience. I need friends on Dragonvale so I can visit and trade gems daily. :D
    Game Center username; Lynserio.
    If anyone can.

  104. Tiaflower says:

    Used Panelong + Crystal = 48 hours…. Not sure if Seasonal or what…. Fingers crossed….

  105. Knolan says:

    I love my seasonal dragon!!

  106. Furiina says:

    After months of trying and relentless new dragons, I finally got this last one that I needed with Poison and Blazing. Both Level 15 in the Epic Breeding Island.

    I was so happy… And then the Ash dragon showed up. *sigh* Just one more, I’m so close this time…

  107. Furiina says:

    After months of on-and-off trying due to all the new dragons lately, I finally obtained the Seasonal dragon with Poison and Blazing, both Level 15 in the Epic Breeding Island.

    As a bonus, now that I’ve got Ash, this is the very last one I need! Hooray! …Now what?

  108. Tiaflower says:

    So unsure how to get this dragon… Have tried so many combos…. Just tried Storm + Rain & got 48 hours….. But not sure what this may be???

  109. Ultimatelol says:

    Hmmmm….. So many combos….

  110. Taylor says:

    I keep getting blizzard :(

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