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If you think you can do without enough Dragonvale gems while playing the game, then you are very mistaken. In Dragonvale, gems are more valuable than money and as a matter of fact, it is for this reason that they were integrated into this game. The following are some of the major reasons as to why gems are important in the Dragonvale game.




  • Speed up the game

Sometimes, without enough money and gems, the game can become slow. Gems play an instrumental role in speeding up the hatching time of eggs, the growth of dragons and even the purchase of other islands for expansion purposes.

  • For Transactions

Sometimes, you can use your germs to buy rare dragons and eggs. For instance, a rainbow dragon is worth 2500 gems while a fog dragon is worth 1,000 gems. Germs can also be used to purchase essentials in the market.

  • For Tending the Park

Your park is a floating island that has bushes, trees and rocks. Gems are useful for clearing bushes, making nurseries and breeding places in this island. Remember that the larger the bushes, trees and rocks, the more gems they will need so as to remove them.

The following are the ways that you can get Gems:

  • Through buying them

You can as well use your coins to buy gems though this is pretty expensive. You can buy them from friends or from the market depending on your preferences.

  • Visit Friend’s Parks

You may not earn much from making friends and visiting their parks but what you will earn will be worth much more than nothing. Once every day there will be small party hats on your friend’s island when you visit their park and by touching the party hats, you will be able to get some rewards though the amount of money to be received depends on the size of your park at the time of your visit.

  • Through your dragons and eggs

Babysitting your dragons is a way to earn you some cash that you can in turn use to purchase germs. You can also place your dragons on sale so as to earn gems from them especially when they are from the rarer breeds such as the rainbow dragon.

  • As gifts from Friends

In Dragonvale, you may send a single gem to three different friends in a day as a gift. However, not many “friends” in this game are that kind to give you their hard earned gems for free! Therefore, as much as a friend may send you gem as a gift, he will expect you to return the same hospitality.

  • Through trade with  Friends

A friend can add you up on the game and send you gems on the understanding that you will trade something in return. For instance, a friend may agree to send you a hundred germs in exchange for a dragon egg that he needs and you have. Therefore, you have to know that such dealings are a matter of understanding and trust between the two of you. Trade means that you exchange your friend’s gems with something else.


Regardless of the methods that you will use to get your Dragonvale gems, you better ensure that you always have gems with you as you play the game. Do not spend all your Dragonvale Germs on clearing forests and rocks from the island. Rather, learn to preserve them and use them only when need arises. Being wise and patient is the key to successful play of Dragonvale.


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  1. Scotty CY says:

    “Through trade with Friends” How do you do this?

  2. Quester says:

    How do you use coins to buy gems? This article seems to say you can. But in the marketplace I have never seen gems offered for coins, only real $. Please explain.

  3. -Wes- says:

    I would like to know this as well. I have never seen coins-to-gems an option, but I sure would be interested in that. Even one gem for 100,000 dragoncash would be a good deal as compared with the other options available.

    I love that you can give up 50 precious gems for a measly 169,000 DC, though! That’s a priceless joke!

  4. Can someone please answer these questions. I really want to know too.

  5. Mertheb says:

    I will be your friend and send gifts , if you friend me and send me gifts?

  6. -Wes- says:

    Has anyone else purchased the gem tree? I’m not sure how it works – apparently I need to have friends? It’s a spendy bugger just to sit there looking pretty.

    Also, how many folks have treated a dragon to level 15? Leveling to 10 is a drop in the bucket compared to getting one from 10 to 15! I put a Blazing there last night, and realized after the fact that doing so cost me a whopping 317,440 treats! Leveling to 10, by comparison is a measly 20,460. Yikes. I don’t think I will be creating many level 15 dragons….

    • -Wes- says:

      It seems it does not do anything other than increase the number of single-gem “gifts” to friends. Looks like I would need to have six friends to take full advantage. I should have saved my 100 gems and used them to upgrade the nursery and hibernation den.

  7. -Wes- says:

    This post is mostly full of the ol’ smelly brown stuff.

    Yes, you can buy gems will real currency through in-app purchases.
    Yes, you can “gift” a single gem a day to “friends” (though I am not convinced this actually works, as I have never had my total increase through this mechanism, but I also don’t know for sure that any of my contacts send me gems).
    Yes, you can receive gems as a reward for silver or gold prizes from the stadium once per 24 hours. NOTE: Use pure-element dragons to guarantee gold or silver placement.

    What can you not do to receive gems?
    Purchase with Dragoncash.
    Trade with Friends.
    Sell Dragons (you can only get DC when selling dragons, regardless of their rarity).
    Visiting the parks of contacts (you can get small amounts of DC by activating the party hats. If you’re level 25, you’ll likely see about 18,000 DC per daily park visit through this mechanism).

    Anyone else have a different experience?

    • Chance says:

      Yes, you can get gems from friends, without the tree you can send out 3 gems per day. however you can recieve as many as people send you. You will know every time you get a gem because when you log in, the game will tell you who sent you the gem.
      Selling dragons does not work as it only gives cash. Visiting packs only gives cash as far as I have seen.

  8. Nick says:

    Some body friend me : Mcnick2000

  9. Victor says:

    Add me help me and I shall do the same.. :) game centre id: victorlkx

  10. shania says:

    By the way if you need to know anything just ask me cause ill tell you, anything about the dragon eggs.

  11. stephanie says:

    Also does anyone know how to trade on this game?

  12. Yaw says:

    What’s the best Way to get a moon Dragon ? please Write me back soon

  13. Narzi5 says:

    Do you want to exchange gems with me?
    Add me (narzi5) to your game center friend, then send me a gem a day and I’ll send one to you on daily basis. The top Three players who participate in this offer will sit on top of my priority list. If the exchange continues the players will keep on sitting on the top priority list.

  14. Faylinn says:

    How do you babysit or put your dragons on sale?

  15. Raybear says:

    Please add ne as a friend… I have a gem tree and will give gems in exchange for them:)

  16. Arkans2004 says:

    I have sent you a request!

  17. Jake will do23456 says:

    I believe you can’t get the offer dc for gems anymore I had like a ton of gems before cause I kept on trading dc for gems but then one day they deleted that option cause gems are supposed to be hard to get. So they deleted it visit my page that will become more new but for now there’s no more dc for gems

  18. frankie says:

    i also do gem for gem

  19. Trina&R2 says:

    Anyone want to trade gems daily?

  20. Mewados says:

    I just had someone accept a friend request, but i can’t give them a gift in dragonvale… I have 3 gifts left today, so i can’t figure out why they aren’t on my friends list in DV.

  21. John says:

    How to u put dragons on sale cause I want gems

  22. kantoyamasay says:

    let the trading begin

  23. Gamersfame66 says:

    I love this game but I have no friends. Can someone add me.

  24. Hey I’m new to the game but have a extra moon dragon if someone has gems they would be willing ti trade I heard that you could do that look me up voodoo motors is my tag

  25. Kiwi says:

    Add me I’ll send you gems

  26. Bob says:

    how does one buy gems with dragoncash at the market? the email newsletter said you could do it but i dont know how

  27. phuc says:

    did you have dragon vale gems i needs

  28. deineoma54 says:

    Can somebody Tell me how to babysit a Dragon!? Thx

  29. Shadows mom says:

    How do I trade an egg to one of my friends??

  30. Tamarac3 says:

    Will trade gem for gem. Have room for five people since I got the gem tree. Tamarac3

  31. raj says:

    i can share my gifts.. add me.. cheers..

  32. bob says:

    will anyone be my friend my name is DYLAN*28 put it in the same way i did but if u will send me a gem daily i will send 1 in return

  33. Enter your name says:

    Hey guys I’m relatively new to dragonvale and gems would be great if you add me I’ll send you a gem each day just in return for one as well thank you
    HarryH1994 is my game centre name :)

  34. Patti Ha says:

    I am currently a lvl 22 in Dragonvale… would LOVE to have some fr’s with whom to swap gem’s… AND
    as I am currently producing a ton of ‘other’ dragons, NOT Rainbow or Butterfly… I could have some to sell if anyone is interested in trading for reduced number of gems….

  35. Hunter says:

    My I.d is blackdragon1010 someone add me I will send gems daily if u do it in return

  36. Jello says:

    Add me! I’ve got gems to share but no friends :’D…


  37. YaMON says:

    Help, I can’t figure this out!!????

  38. cwarren55 says:

    Somebody friend me? Please

  39. I have a gem tree and will trade daily if u do in return :)
    How many friends can u gift to in one day? Does it go by ur friends list?

  40. Frauch says:

    I have just bought a gem tree, so please add me and exchange gems with me!! :)

  41. Shawn says:

    This is my game center name add me… I send gems daily… And I need them I am at a shortage

  42. Metropoline says:

    I just got the gem tree but when does it start to produce gems? And how many dó i get a day from the tree?
    And i still havent found out how to sell my dragons to friends?
    I am starting to loose intrest in the game, when it is to hard to get the rainbow dragon, stormdragon and so on. So why not make it at bit easyer to get those? I like to builde and make my little word nice, but i do not feel i can get further now, and i do

  43. Metropoline says:

    not have the time it now take to get the missing dragons and gem buying thinges :) :(

  44. I still don’t know how to do the “Trading With Friends” thing. How do you trade a dragon egg for some gems?

  45. Jordan says:

    How do I sale my dragons for gem? Cause I have four Suns and one could go

  46. Dog says:

    What is the best way to breed a pearl dragon?

  47. Add me at: herpy master chris
    I don’t have herpes.

  48. Cindy says:

    I am new to this game. I don’t understand how to gift to friends. I have received a few but no where can I find how to give them. I also don’t know how to get more gems… c1052

  49. xabiabris says:

    Add me. Name xabiabris . I´m needed of gems! I need 115 of then for epic breedign island.

  50. Unknown says:

    Does any body knows how to breed sandstorm dragon

  51. marceloflpu says:

    ae pessoal me adicionem para trocar gemas marceloflpu

  52. Please... says:

    How do you put your eggs on sale and get gems? This would help me A LOT :)

  53. Amy says:

    People please add me!!!! I need gems. If you give me gems daily, I will give you gems back daily. But if I have too many friends I might have to give you gems at least one a week. But if you people keep giving me gems I will buy the gem giving tree ( dragonsai tree ) . So ppl add me!!!!!!!! My game center name is AsweetAmeina.

  54. A Person says:

    I have only one gem and all, and like no friends on Dragonvale. Seriously It’s as if no one i know plays it >.< Anyways I desperately need gems, and I heard That each month there's a Gemstone dragon but I don't know how to get one. Someone tell me how the Monthly Gemstone Dragon thing works, and if you want add me. GameCenter name is MallowDeMora

  55. Joe Josephi says:

    Wait, how do I buy gems with coins?

  56. Nicnoc says:

    How do you put dragons on sale???

  57. Mdawg says:

    What is the username and how do I friend people?!

  58. Dream says:

    Hello I am here to tell you people that I can get you whatever you want. All I need is your gamecenter ID, your password and what you want thanks for your time! Just reply to this with your info. :)

  59. mrh1202 says:

    I would love to be able to buy gems with dragonvale coins….I have 230 million in coins…

  60. Keylala says:

    Add me also, keylala420

  61. Katelyn says:

    I need 10 gems to upgrade my nersery. I currently have 3. Add me on GC please! It’s katiebrooke81.

  62. Molly says:

    Attention!!! Don’t fall for Youtube videos or other scams that say if you send them a gem they can send you 500 or more! They take all your gems, and you never get any back. It’s great for them, but not great for you! And NEVER try to get gems through the jailbrake method. You may get your gems, but you’ll mess up your whole device. Even if you have backed up your memory with icloud, it’s not worth it. My ipod got all screwed up, it wasn’t worth it.

  63. Lookingpez says:

    I am new thanks for the info…I just got my gem tree don’t know how many I get? Know anyone else that would like to trade daily gems? Thanks…love your islands..shirley

  64. Hey says:

    How do you buy gems with your coins at the market?

  65. david says:

    add david doodle

    plz i need gems to get the epic breeding island

  66. Mario says:

    Need friends to share gems

  67. Mario says:

    Need friends to share gems.

  68. Itsameshell says:

    Just bought a dragonsai tree, looking for friends to trade gems with! Add me and I will add/gem back!

  69. Rommy says:

    I need some friends! Add me, I’ll send you gems. GameCenter name is : Rommy87

  70. Lucy Carioca says:

    I lost all my gem friends. The game center seems not to be working and won’t let me ad them again. Any suggestions? Thanks

  71. petor 4 says:

    i need friends add me at Petor 4

  72. Regine Hu says:


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  74. Alex says:

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  75. Ami Pham says:

    i would like to share gems too, but i don’t know how to add friend in game center….. can someone add me at mikistar24.

    thank alot

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