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Getting the Rainbow Dragon is an essential part of this popular game. It makes it more exciting which is one of the reasons why a lot of people are hooked with it. Although a lot of players are saying that it’s a random process, there are several theories on how to get the elusive Dragonvale Rainbow Dragon.

  • Breeding of high breed dragons – breed a firefly dragon and a seaweed on your breeding pot. Remember that both should be at level 10. You might not succeed on the first try but don’t lose hope because you might get lucky on the second or third trial.
  • Breeding of fireflies – continuously breed fireflies that only take 3 hours to finish. As we know, the first rule is to breed dragons that does not consume a lot of time in the breeding process. Take note that every time you breed, your chances of obtaining a rainbow dragon egg also decrease.
  • Add people – you need friends to obtain more gems. But if this is not possible, try using the blazing and crystal technique.  This works on players who are already at level 10 so you will have to wait a little longer.
  • Air dragons – the dragon has to stay 48 hrs inside the cave then wait another 48 hrs for the eggs to hatch. With this situation, it is advisable to make air dragons as much as you can. It only takes 4 hrs for them to be hatched and you can sell it for 500k.
  • Level 10 –  rumors have it that the best way to get a rainbow dragon is to have seaweed and lava which are both at level 10. To confirm if it’s a rainbow dragon, the egg is color white with colorful rainbow dots.
  • 100% proven – if you want the surest way to obtain that elusive rainbow dragon, follow the footsteps of those players who attest that they are able to get one by simply using the combination of a level 10 quake dragon with a level 10 blazing dragon.

Other combinations:
  • Firefly + swamp
  • Flower + mud
  • Quake + mud
  • Snow + lightning
  • Buy a rainbow dragon habitat as this will raise your chances of breeding a rainbow dragon
  • Snow dragon + moss dragon
  • Complete all the challenges except for breeding dragons
One sign that you’ve already achieved your goal is that you will see this message in your screen:
they are kinda hard to see but in the background at the top you can see the seaweed and lava dragons
This means that in more or less two days, you are going to have the much coveted rainbow dragon. Regarding the combinations, you have to understand that you have to use two combinations each at level 10. This means that you can try your luck in firefly+swamp & blazing+crystal or flower+mud^snow+lightning.
Dragonvale is just a mobile game but it is addictive and is also a perfect way to kill boredom. If you really want to get a rainbow dragon, to the point of obsession, it will be wise to keep on trying. As explained in the first part of this article, these are mere theories and have not been proven yet. Just enjoy the game and don’t forget to share your cheats! Finally, share this article to your friends so they’d learn how to get Rainbow Dragon too!



  1. Danea says:

    Why cant I get my dragonvale app to log in Facebook to connect to my friends or add friends??

  2. Snagret says:

    The 100% proven does not work I’ve tried it ten times now always a blazing or a lava !

  3. Averian88 says:

    Where the hall has those page been for last month I have been trying to do this?!???? I’m doing the quake & blazing and my breed time is 48 hours right now!!! I was about to give up!

  4. Guineabee says:

    Seriously lv10 quake and lv10 blazing, 2nd try and it’s on 48 hours, where have you been all my life!

  5. Lora says:

    I love playing dragonvale, I am at level 20, and a bit bored until they put more levels in but I still enjoy playing it…..that is until TONIGHT , I went on and the game or owners or whatever TOOK AWAY one of my RAINBOW DRAGONS!! I had finally got 2….as I have two of everything ( except the sandstone dragon, as I dont have a habitat for them yet, I need to wait for them to add more) ANYWAY….I grow one dragon up and I keep one as a baby and when I went on tonight my GROWN RAINBOW DRAGON IS GONE!!! I am spool mad as it took me forever to breed them and obviously find them. What can I do to get my DRAGON back!

  6. Tamara says:

    Not sure what it is yet, but I got a 48 hour incubation time with a level 10 firefly and a level 10 storm. Currently I’m level 19, have completed all quests except hatching the rainbow egg, have all dragons except sandstorm, rainbow, moon, and sun. Hope this helps! (got 48hrs on first shot with firefly and storm after 20+ failed attempts breeding level 10 blue fire combos)

  7. It’s in reality a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Ruhvf says:

    I bred a lvl 10 quake with lvl 9 poison and I got it. It’s rare though

  9. Clgx says:

    Hello igot a rainbow dragon using a lvl 10 quake + lvl 10 blazingdid it two times in a row and got itboth times,lol, I just got a moon using a lvl 4 bluey and a lvl5 lightning

  10. Roscoface says:

    I got a 48 hour wait when breeding a mountain and a firefly, would did I get?????????????????? I’m really happy, since one of the three rare dragons are off my not have list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Roscoface says:

    I sped it up, egg is yellow with a star on it! Is it a sun, because there is a star???????

  12. Roscoface says:

    Guys, i sped it up again, and my guess was correct, it was a sun, my sun is named starface and is lvl 10 and gives 260 per minute. Anyway, I bred a quake with a blazing and got a 48 hour wait again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully Rainbow or Moon. Do you know???? Hopefully it is because then I’ll have one dragon left to get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’ll post If it is!!!

  13. Roscoface says:

    Okay, so the egg I got was white with polka dots. A lot of people say that is the rainbow egg, so I think I got it. Breeding blue fire/crystal to get moon,not successful, any tips?

  14. Roscoface says:

    Igot every dragon!!!!!! I have everything and see no point in playing it now.I rule!!!!

  15. Roscoface says:

    Sorry, i sped up a blue fire /crystal which was 24 hrs. Thought I got a crystal but the egg is a moon egg and the incubation time was 72 hrs. I sped it up and it asked what I would do with my new moon dragon!!!! Just need to wait for my 8 dragon fruits to get done so I can feed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to delete the app and redownload it so I can start over!!!!

  16. Roscoface says:

    The quake +blazing was a rainbow dragon!!!!!!!!!!! I have every achievement now that I got a moon dragon!!!

  17. Ydirxtixufx says:

    Moon = blue fire and crystaldygzjfisvxkgxtoxotxoxphdldoyxotcoyxogxogxpydUxyhxhxhxuxchkxk

  18. Ovbrad says:

    Would a level 10 swamp and level 10 lava give me a rainbow, sun, or moon dragon?

    • Josh says:

      Possibly. I got my rainbow dragon from a lvl 10 mud dragon and a lvl 10 blazing on my second try. I was trying to get a pan long dragon but I just finally got One

  19. iXan says:

    thank you so much!
    I have tried to get a rainbow dragon in 5 weeks and now I now how to get it!

  20. Natalie says:

    So I have tried your list 5time and I’m not getting rainbow moon or sun do you have to be on a sertin level ??

    • Forest says:

      Well, you should be level 13 or higher to obtain the sun, moon, or rainbow dragons. This is because I have a level 13 friend that already has the sun because I told him a combo. I told it to a level 12, they tried many times, and didn’t get anything rare. hope this helps!

    • Joseph says:

      Yes level 10 natelie

  21. Christina says:

    I have tried all of these combinations numerous times and cant seem to get a rainbow, moon, sun, or blue fire. I’m starting to get frustrated. I keep spending all of my gems trying to hurry them up so I can try again. I love this game but its costing me too much real money.

  22. ?! says:

    I’ve tryed firefly and seaweed 10 times and it dies not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Roscoface says:

    So, I got to lvl 16 in my new dragonvale, bred swamp with storm and got a 48 hour wait! Waiting to see what it is! Anyway, I was surprised to get any rare dragon so early in the game!!!!!!

  24. JK2XYs73 says:

    Hey, how long does it take to breed the rainbow dragon? It says it takes 48 hours to incubate, so I assume it takes 48 hours to breed also.

    I got the sun dragon after 48 hrs of breeding followed by 48 hours of incubating.

    My son finally got a moon dragon and it also took 48 hours for both.

    We both used quake and storm dragons. It gave me the sun and him the moon!

  25. Sh4dowWolf7 says:

    I have all dragons, I got sun on the first day it came out with cold and lightning ( lol, I was trying to get storm for a moon ) and on the 3rd day the update was out I bred storm and sonic, BUT I bred cold and lightning at 10:00 a.m and sonic and storm at 10:00 p.m, this indicates that I would most likely have a lot to do with what time you breed them. Also I tried seaweed and lava for months to get rainbow and firefly and seaweed for even longer, then I got the epic breeding island and blue fire and crystal and on my first shot got a rainbow. I think we need more dragons and I think that it would be better if the shrines activate at 15 level 10 dragons. Hope this helped ;)

  26. Chandler says:

    I got rainbow fourth try firefly and seaweed. It’s all luck of the draw!

  27. SueWalker36 says:

    I have tried every combination suggested and cannot get a sun or sandstorm dragon. I have also sped up my breeding several times and agree. It is costing too much. I have gotten one rainbow and one moon. At max level 25, and still cannot get those dragons! Frustrated!

  28. Bert says:

    I need to know the best way to get rainbow dragon

  29. Cory says:

    Hey everyone I’ve been trying to get this rainbow dragon for a few months now every day every chance I get to breed I try to get a rainbow tried every combination and all the ones provided more than once and still yet to get it any help

    • zach says:

      make sure all your your goals are accomplished except the rainbow dragon… pick a combination… Quake and blazing… and stick to it for a while

    • Ok I got my rainbow dragon.so I was on lvl 19 and i finally finished the lvl so I was lvl 20 and then I remembered this video about how to get the rainbow dragon right when u pass lvl19 and so I went to my breeding cave and bred crystal+bluefite and then I checked the breeding and it was 48hrs. Then waited 2 days and then I got a egg with colorful dots and white so I went to my pictures and looked at the dragonvale eggs and i got it!:) hope this helped bro!:)

    • Do we need to do all goals.

  30. Sky Raider says:

    Hey guys! I just started breeding for a blue fire dragon with level 10 storm and level 10 fire and I was hoping it was going to take 12 hours but it’s going to take 48 hours! I think it’s going to be a moon dragon.

  31. Sky Raider says:

    Hi, I just sped it up! And it’s a Sun Dragon!!!

  32. krazee says:

    i dont get it i wish i had 1 but i cant seen to be able to get 1

  33. Epic says:

    I just tried a lvl 8 lava and lvl 8 lightning, hoping for a quake, and got 48 hr wait time!!! i hope its rainbow b/c i have the habitat!!

  34. Epic says:

    Lvl 8 lava + lvl 8 storm hoping for quake, and git 48 hr wait! Hoping for a rainbow b/c i have the habitat! First try!

  35. Nat says:

    Got my rainbow with L10 Storm + L10 Blazing

  36. Icey567 says:

    does anyone have any ideas for how to get frost fire dragon and the newest dragon panlong?

    • danielle says:

      i do i got it yesterday breed cold than firefly or cold and scorch
      i dont know how to get the pamlong yet but i found a new way to get the rainbow u need to breed frostfire and crystal got it first try a couple minutes ago
      good luck on getting that frostfire

    • G-vus says:

      I got my frostfire with cold and scoch on about my 10th try. I was trying for a moon because that’s how two of my friends got one.

      • Forest says:

        To help you, this is an almost positive way to get the moon dragon. Do scorch in left, and storm in right. If you need sun, do fire in left and storm on right.

  37. danielle says:

    dont forget they both hav to be level 10 dragons takes 48 hrs to breed and same amount to incubate

  38. dragonluver says:

    they both hav to be level 10 dragons takes 48 hrs to breed and same amount to incubate

  39. I gaurentee about 50% of the people who said something abot getting it are lying

  40. bannanabagle says:

    I tried to breed a frostfire dragon with cold/firefly.
    instead I got a rainbow…

  41. Angie says:

    I bred the bluefire first and either the quake or crystal second (mixing it up randomly) and after about 6 tries I got the moon dragon (breeding it at night) then the next morning I bred again and got sun dragon!! I keep trying for rainbow but no luck!

  42. Ella says:

    What’s the easiest way to get a rainbow dragon

  43. Nicolas says:

    I don’t know if this will help but ice and firefly can result in rainbow dragon.

  44. Jeremy says:

    I got rainbow by breeding love and mud

  45. Trey says:

    Someone tell me is it blazing and crystal or crystal and blazing ?

  46. Yizhak says:

    Guys everybody says blazing + something but for blazing i need air but how the hell can i get an air dragon???

  47. G-vus says:

    Is it firefly then seaweed or seaweed then firefly?

    • forest says:

      It’s seaweed then firefly, that’s what it said in video. If uncesscessful many times, then try firefly and seaweed. I think it’s more of a better chance for seaweed and firefly.

  48. LukeDude15 says:

    I have gotten 2 rainbow dragons so far with the same combo of lvl 10 firefly and lvl 10 ice, dont know if that helps anyone

  49. tessa says:

    i am breeding now with storm and tree dragon and the egg is going to be ready in 48hours, is it sure then that this is a rainbow dragon? Or are there other dragons that need 48 hours too to incubate?

  50. colin says:

    what the heck this is the 63 time in counting i have tried quake and blazing level 10 still not working D:

  51. Nate says:

    Help me get a rainbow dragon without epic breeding island, I tried with all of your combinations but they didn’t work.!!!!!!!!

  52. nate says:

    i dont have panlong

  53. G-vus says:

    Try lv. 10 lava then lv.10 fog. That worked on my first try. I had been trying blazing and mud before but it never worked. By the way this was on epic breeding island.

    • Nate says:

      Um, I used blazing and mud for the panlong. I got it a couple of days ago. It’s still in the incubation center right now. I tried like 5-7 times for that dragon egg. It’s taking forever to hatch it right now.

  54. Elizabeth says:

    I tried sonic+storm in that order(friend told me to try) doesn’t work

  55. Ithens says:

    Ok…so this happened to me this morning:

    I was breeding a PanLong dragon with the Scorch dragon because I want another PanLong…But then after 2 days of breeding…I got a rainbow dragon! It is in my nursery right now!!!!

  56. Nate says:

    I don’t have a level ten dragon at all! :(

  57. Nate says:

    How did u get a panlong dragon??????? I have been trying to get one. :(

  58. Cam says:

    Quake and blazing. Got it first time. I only need panlong, then I have all the dragons

  59. Yizhak says:

    Guys i have tried quake + blazing 3 times and got only lavaaa!!! Please help

  60. Brad says:

    I think I got a rainbow it said hurry up for 48 gems

  61. Nate says:

    What is the easiest way to get panlong

  62. G-vus says:

    I just put lv.10 lava then lv.10 fog in my breeding cave trying for a second panlong and I got a 48 hour breeding time. Does anyone know what might be?

  63. Natet says:

    Can you get rainbow or panlong with lv.7 flower and lv.7 mountain dragons????

  64. G-vus says:

    I got the egg and it’s a rainbow! Now the only dragon I don’t have is moon.

  65. Nate says:

    How did you get the egg? I want one also, please!! And also, will a lv.7 flower dragon and a lv.7 quake dragon work well as trying to get a rainbow dragon. I REALLY WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Nate says:

    I know how to get the moon dragon:FIRE DRAGON—–STORM DRAGON—-and you got your moon. I’m not getting it because I am trying to get rainbow first. And I don’t have the habitat.

  67. Nate says:

    I think the code I gave you may not help, but it should do the trick. OR MAYBE NOT!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Never mind that. Please.

  68. Church's rich says:

    Alright here is my prediction flowers( flower dragon) are the colors of the rainbows (rainbow dragon) and a storm dragon because a rainbow always comes after a storm. Please tell me if I’m right :) good luck

  69. Nate says:

    What’s a paloma? Is that even a dragon?

  70. Thalia says:

    please add me on game centre, Thalia24 … or my email address … Thaliacourtney@hotmail.com

    thanks guys !!! xxxx

  71. Kayla says:

    I breezed a level 10 blue fire and a level 10 crystal and on the second Ty I finally got a rainbow egg :) blue fire on the left , crystal on the right ;)

  72. John says:

    I currently have 3 panlongs, sun dragon and I think a rainbow or moon being made currently. I also have 4 love dragons. Combo I used was storm+sonic both lvl 10. We will see in a few hours.

  73. Gregory says:

    This is my prediction a flowers are the color of a rainbow so if you breed that with a storm (a rainbow always comes after a storm) you will get a rainbow :) :):):):):):):):):):)::)::):):

  74. Sendomik says:

    Great content! Keep it going

  75. kakemonsteret says:

    you can get the rainbow dragon by breeding
    crystal – blaze
    try it i got it!!!

  76. Aimee says:

    It ook me about 5 tries, but I got a leap year dragon after blazing (10) and crystal (10)! Was trying for a rainbow, but I guess it has the same breeding pair.

  77. Elizabeth says:

    I got a leap year dragon egg

  78. Nate says:

    I got a leap year dragon egg!:) I’m still trying to get a rainbow dragon.

  79. alex123321 says:

    guys i have 3 leap years they are so easy to get i used level 10 poison then level ten storm i got it three times in a row

  80. alex123321 says:

    does anyone know how to breed rainbow i really want one

  81. alex123321 says:

    someone add me on my gamecenter i need alot of gems ill tell you how to make the sun moon panlong and leap year

  82. alex123321 says:

    SOMEONE ANSWER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Philip says:

      To get the rainbow dragon breed blazing and crystal.(you might get leap year.)My blazing and crystal are still breeding so I not completely sure, but you can try it.

  83. Bassie 88 NL says:

    i just can’t breed it,
    it is really hard i tried it like 7 times with the firefly level 9, and the swamp level 9
    it just won’t happen can ppl help me

  84. Bassie88NL says:

    Guys can someone plss tel me how to get a rainbow dragon the easiest way because i tried allot.
    I already have the rainbow habitat and i am level 15.
    If you tell me with dragons i need i can do it.
    Already thanks.
    :-( )

  85. Bassie88NL says:

    Guys what do you get if you put a level 9 seaweed and a level 9 firefly in the breeding cave
    He sad to take 3hours but i dont now what its going to be

  86. capozar says:

    hey guys add me the name above i got a panlong first try by lvl 10 fog then lava and a sun by ice and crystal so hope it helps add me

  87. Alex123321 says:

    Guys now I have 3 rainbows all I need is a panlong someone tell me how to get it please

  88. Alex123321 says:

    Please help me get a panlong add me my name is mitchellodian

  89. Doug says:

    I breed a lvl 7 crystal with a lvl 7 storm on the first try and got a 48 hr breeding period…..

  90. Mallow101 says:

    I got the sun dragon when i was like s level 12….i was trying to get a storm dragon when i got a sun dragon…its a very slim chance but u can try the combo for the storm dragon…lightning and cold

  91. chelsie says:

    i got a rainbow dragon by mud and blazing on ebi and by lava and fog in breeding cave

  92. Emily says:

    I have a rainbow and a leap year dragon so i bred them together. I got a different egg. It took 48hrs but when I got it in the nursery the egg was rainbow stripes instead of the rainbow dots that I had last time. Has this happened to anyone?

  93. 12345 says:

    I can’t fricken get the rainbow dragon I am lv
    20 I have all goals completed except for the rainbow
    I breed lava+seaweed in the breeding island
    Lots of times and Bluefire and quake lots of
    Time in regular breeding cave

  94. Alex123321 says:

    I have them all I was trying to get a panlong and I got a rainbow now all I need is bone and reindeer

  95. Brock the dynamite #24 says:

    Well this might help I’m lv 14. I was randomly using two dragons to breed. The dragons I used were lv. 10 flower and lv.8 mountain. Im still breeding them and it started for 48 hours. I have around 15 hours left. I’ll tell u guys what I got by tomorrow morning hopefully. Hoping it’s rainbow, I would like to see if you guys get 48 breed with flower and mountain if you do post it, love to see if it works again.

  96. Yokoloko says:

    I have 1 rainbow and i got it with blazing and mud

  97. Brock the dynamite #24 says:

    Hey guys well I finished my breeding and I got rainbow dragon! The dragons I used are flower lv. 10 and mountain lv. 8 hoped this helped. Thx

  98. Aimee says:

    Did the seaweed-lava combo 20+ times with no luck at level 21. Bluefire-crystal got a crystal the first time and a 48-hr breeding time the 2nd try. Good luck!

  99. Jenn says:

    Can you breed sun and rainbow or moon and rainbow???

  100. adnan says:

    I need to get rainbow dragon now please give me a good way to get it at level 11 (got no gems or rare dragons)

  101. Tyler says:

    I ve bred lava+seaweed like 1 million times I lv21

  102. adnan says:

    Can someone breed moon and sun then tell me what they get??

  103. Alex123321 says:

    You can’t breed moon and sun
    I had 12 panlongs but now I have 3

  104. Silver the Hedghog says:

    I accidentally made a rainbow dragon with air and Panlong. I was desperate for a sandstorm, and I got rainbow on my first try and sandstorm on my second. And if it happens to fail, you will either get fog or blazing, wich sell for 1,000,000 dragoncash! I totally reccomend you use this.

  105. Rheece says:

    Well u might get rainbow if you breed lvl 4 flower and lvl 10 storm I got leap year with that combination but when it was out so try it I got it on 1st try but u might not on yours ADD ME yoshimaster 5

  106. Zac says:

    This is all wrong..
    1) There is no garanteed way to get a rainbow dragon however the more elements you have, the better the chances
    2) Left-right order doesn’t matter
    3) Dragon level doesn’t matter but your park has to be a certain level to breed
    4) the more times you breed does NOT lower your chances
    5) The best combinations are 3+ element dragons such as love+panlon

  107. Rheece says:

    I tried flower and storm and I tried crystal and blurrier and now I have 3 sun dragon eggs after trying to get it so many times

  108. Rheece says:

    Add me yoshimaster 5

  109. Rheece says:

    I’ll give u gems every day

  110. Big guy says:

    I rlly wanna panlong and I still can’t get it afta hours of waitin

    • Bassie88NL says:

      Keep trying i got mine with Blazing(10) left and Mud(10) right,, it took me a cople 20 times but i have mine now

  111. annie says:

    I Got it by breeding an ice dragon with a scorch dragon

  112. John says:

    Holy crap guys tell me how to get a rainbow dragon 100 percent proof

  113. veryll says:

    i got rainbow dragon with cactus+rust dragon =)

  114. Shelly says:

    I cant get rainbow and I have tried for literally FOUR MONTHS!!

  115. Josh says:

    Do dragons need too be @ top level for breeding hybrid dragons?? i have a breeding cave and when I breed I still don’t get the suggested dragon. Am I doing something wrong??

  116. Dragonvale addict says:

    I have just bred a Lv4 storm and a Lv4 plant. Incu. Time is 48 hrs. What dragon do I have?

    • Bob says:

      Probably a sun or moon since it has lightning and cold. My freind had the same thing happen while trying for a boom but I don’t know what he got. It can’t be rainbow because rain ow requires 4 elements

  117. Bob says:

    I have sun moon and I think I’m getting rainbow from bluefire crystal.

    I bred my moon during the day. Just have the habitat of the dragon want.

  118. Jettagirl says:

    How do u friend people?

  119. Rhobay says:

    Panlong (left) + Bloom (right) = Sun (every time). Hoping for Rainbow. That’s the only dragon I have been unable to get. I’ve tried everything. Any suggestions?

  120. Joey says:

    I just got the rainbow dragon in attempt to get the bloom dragon.

  121. Cooliosis says:

    This morning I was just breeding random dragons,(already got bloom dragon) and I bread ice and blazing it says 48 hours. I really hope it’s a rainbow. I already have moon and 2 suns. Can you bread leap year and rainbow dragons? I have a leap year.

    • Jrabbit022=D says:

      How did you get moon??? I have two. Rainbows I got them with.poison and storm both level 10 and I got the other with flower and storm both level 10. And both on first try hope this helps….

  122. Cooliosis says:

    Its a rainbow dragon!

  123. Cooliosis says:

    Its a rainbow dragon! Yay!

  124. Jan says:

    Just bred Panlong & Bloom and now have Rainbow incubating (ebi)

  125. Alex123321 says:

    I got a rainbow with cactus and mountain it’s weird I was trying to get a bloom add me on game center I’m mitchellodian

  126. Rheece says:

    I bred flower + mud and it says 48 hours I hope it’s rainbow because I have 3 leap year dragons 3 sun dragons and 1 moon dragon and 2 bloom dragons add me yoshimaster 5

  127. Jun says:

    I want a rainbow. I have tried all method and does not work.

  128. Jaser123321 says:

    I have 100million dollars I got a leap year with storm and poison

  129. adnan says:

    Panlong + bloom = iceburg always!

    Is there another way?!

  130. Kiwi says:

    I’ll add you and I will send you gems ok.

  131. Rhobay says:

    I finally got a rainbow dragon using cactus + rust. Yay!
    Panlong and bloom didn’t work for me. I’ve tried for a second rainbow, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  132. Jrabbit022=D says:

    I got. Two rainbows in one night I did in the regular. Breeding cave both level 10 poison + storm and that got. Me. Rainbow first try. Than in the epic breeding cave I did both level 10. Flower+storm got another rainbow first try if.

  133. Jon says:

    I bred mud and blazing and got a 48 hr so I’ll update on wut it is;)

  134. MitchGem22 says:

    hey guys just so you know, all of these combinations work. its just that everytime you breed them it makes a random selection of the possible outcomes. So its a game of chance your not going to get it with the same amount of tries and the same two dragons, so just keep trying and eventually it will work! :)

  135. Harry says:

    Hey guys, I have tried the seaweed+firefly combo both level 10 on epic breeding at least 60+ times and no luck! I’ve tried both blue fire and crystal and also lava and storm all level 10 at least more then 30 times each and still none. I am now trying a combination of panlong and bloom both level 10 on epic breeding (as these dragons make up to 7 different elements) and lava seaweed in the normal breeding cave both of course level 10.

    If anyone wants to add me on gamecentre it is: harry131096. I do send gems to recently added players but if none return the favor I don’t bother. I do not own a gem tree or hack so I am limited to the amount of gems but I will send it to those who send back ;)

  136. Kathy says:

    My friend has a dragonsai gem tree but idk how to get it

  137. Misskimle says:

    Did firefly and seaweed too many times I lost count and never got it on epic breeding island. Did firefly10 and swamp10 first try 48hours. Hope to see the rainbow soon enough….

  138. Jaden Peluso says:

    Rainbow is SUPER hard to get!!!! Plz help me get it!!!!!!!!!

  139. Mr. Epic says:

    How do you really get the rainbow? I’ve read everybody’s responses but they don’t work. I’ve been trying blue fire and crystal

  140. Nimby says:

    I have 8 rainbows now, 6 leap years as well, using them to boost up the cash for the statues.

    Looking forward to getting the sun from your tips and the Easter dragon as well.

  141. Awesome says:

    Breed crystle Bluefire in the epic breeding island rainbow first try

  142. Kelly says:

    I just tried to breed crystal an blazing dragons together and it said 24 hours what will it be?????????

  143. Lu says:

    I bred a lvl 10 fog and lvl 8 lava with fog first and got blazing dragon. First time
    breeding these and I was actually trying for a panlong.

  144. adnan. says:

    i have sun and moon but i cant get rainbow!!! HALP

  145. TwilitAmaroq says:

    I’ve tried all the combinations and can’t seem to get the Rainbow Dragon. Is it easier with the Epic Breeding Island?

  146. Scoluck says:

    Who wants to TRADE gems add me!!! My name is scoluck

  147. Elle says:

    I got both of my rainbow dragon by breeding swamp and firefly

  148. Snazzycat says:


  149. Trish says:

    I’d been playing dragonvale for a few months… Max level.. Have every single dragon in multiples except rainbow. Got the epic breeding island the moment it came out. Have been breeding every single day but no rainbows… Am i really that unlucky?

  150. Blackas$hit says:

    i got a rainbow firts try wirh storm and willow guys

  151. Rakusho says:

    Draginvale kept on insisting on giving me a Pan Long so it gave me a Rainbow dragon instead.

    Up until now I’m still trying to get a Pan Long. -_-

  152. Atba says:

    To get the sun dragon you must breed the clover dragon and bloom dragon. To get the moon dragon you must breed the seawed dragon an the storm dragon.

  153. Atba says:

    Can someone tell me how i breed he Rainbow Dragon?

  154. Jackson says:

    Lichen and Crystal, tried to breed an Emerald dragon, got a nice rainbow colored surprise instead!

  155. Zozoyo says:

    Got rainbow with lvl5 crystal and lvl 6 lichen

  156. Jason says:

    I have 2 sun dragons and a 48 hour breeding time with sonic + storm :) love this game

  157. atba says:

    How i got the Emerald Dragon. I know that i can breed the Lichen and Crystal but i luck on some another dragons to breed the Emerald Dragon.

  158. Snazzycat says:

    Hey, guys. To get the Emerald Dragon, you have to do Crystal and then Litchen, in that order, or you most likely will not get it!

  159. Ale says:

    I just can`t get one, I`m level 28. Add me i have a gemsai tree.

  160. lachie says:

    i heard that any combo of 4 types or more has a chance, so try doing a mud and blazing that way you also have a chance at the panlong! :)

  161. Mia says:

    Add me I need gems -MissMaria373

  162. tiarose says:

    Can anyone give me sone idea what I can expect….At level 19… and am just bred the following:
    Level 10 lichen + level 10 crystal = 48 hour
    Level 10 blazing + level 10 Ice = 48 hour
    Have tried over 20 times to obtain an emerald or rainbow, so not sure what to expect… Anyone any ideas?

  163. I got the rainbow by breeding a level 10 blazing and a level 10 mud

  164. Mikko says:

    I got a rainbow dragon when I was level 15 and used lvl 7 crystal and lvl 7 lichen. I was trying for a sun dragon or moon dragon. I also already had a rainbow habitat. I don’t remember the time of day. But it’s awesome. It makes a lot of money. So how do I get a sun dragon or moon dragon?

  165. dace says:

    I know a good combo.
    sonic frostfire
    u either get rainbow, sun, moon, firefly, or another sonic or frostfire
    i need gems.
    i am wb gal

  166. anon eemus says:

    sun and moon combos
    blue fire- crystal
    sonic- frostfire
    sonic- bluefire
    lightning- bluefire, frostfire

  167. erfgobsz says:

    keep breeding sonic – frostfire
    you can get rainbow, moon, sun, or firefly.

  168. wakimr1 says:

    i know how to get sun,moon,rainbow, and emerald at the same time. Use lichen ( left ) and crystal ( right )

  169. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this fantastic blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

  170. Bake says:

    I just bread a lvl 10 lava and lvl 10 fog and got 48hrs breeding time does anyone know what it is?

    • CJMM says:

      You have just bred a Rainbow Dragon!!!………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… I’m not sure about that

  171. Lucy says:

    How do u get moon and rainbow? I hav tried and tried and tried and my stupid bro has just Got the rainbow and I don’t know how!!!!!!!

  172. AwesomeGirl says:

    Ok im ginna try ice and blazing to get a rainbow ill post later if it works.

  173. Lucy says:

    Ice and blazing might work! I’m gonna go and breed them! What is your nickname on game centre? Mine is £ucy10

  174. Topi says:

    I did blazing and mud both level 7 and got a 24 hour wait on my 2nd try!!! And even if you don’t get a rainbow you might get a panama dragon

  175. uusu says:

    Can SOMEONE plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss be my game center account friend because i don’t even have ONE friend:(:(:( and how
    do get sun dragons??????

  176. Uusu says:

    My game center account is Jonathan Chen (it’s already in Bob’s reply

  177. JJ says:

    I GOT SOLSTICE!!! Blazing and Mud

  178. Google figure says:

    My friend got it by blazing and mud

  179. Add kindkae and send gems everyday for a week and get back 1200 at the end of the week.

  180. Master says:

    Got rainbow blazing (lvl 10) left swamp (lvl 10 ) right first try ebi

  181. To get a forge breed a lvl 10 fire and lvl 10 metal

  182. Tori says:

    I get a sandstorm dragon by mistake on my first try using a level 7 quake and a level 7 air (in that order with normal breeding cave) hope this helped!

  183. bob says:

    bread blazing and mud, try hard, and you will get a sun (helps if u have epic breading island.)

  184. ya tengo el dragon de fireworks

  185. Kim says:

    I used a snow and seaweed dragon to get a rainbow dragon

  186. Megan says:

    I used a lvl 11 mud and a lvl 10 blazing dragon

  187. I don’t have any lv.10 dragons yet so sup. (:XD add me ‘GoldenBaramundi’ and yes that is case sensitive. Please give me a gem each day I will give you one each day too. (the reason I need a gem each day is because I’m shit at collecting them. I always end up spending them on speeding things up and whatnot. I’m also shit at saving them.)
    Thanks again,

  188. Rpv says:

    I got moon & rainbow dragons breeding crystal & lichen, both level 10 and 2 sun dragons breeding crystal and blue fire. 5 Panlongs mud and blazing

  189. LooneyTune36 says:

    Hey what do you think is rarer the solsicte or sun cuz I have solsicte and I was wondering if I should go for sun

  190. Matt says:

    Above suggestion works…
    Got it on first try.
    GC me- GOOSE1187

  191. Jori says:

    Pls add me we can trade gems!

  192. Nao consegui com essas tentativas

  193. Camila says:

    Me dem a mistura(de dragões na carverna)correta por100%
    Quero ela respondida até segunda feira dia 16.
    Me dem a resposta por email “Marcia.bpnogueira@gmail.com”.
    Raça (todos os dragões raro principalmente o rainbow)!

  194. Camila says:

    Como consigo as gemas de graça ?
    E quando comprar o pacote de gemas e quiser mais e só qlicar no pacote e pegar ou mesmo comprar?
    Quero ela respondia no dia 16
    Certo. Obrigado

  195. Rheece says:

    Got it with seaweed and storm both lvl 10 add me yoshimaster 5

    • Uusu says:

      Your park is ****ing AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! And how did you ever get like two or three rainbow dragons and two or three leap year dragons?But I cant believe you have the new gold dragon!!!And the panlong dragons O.o you’re awesome dude

  196. John says:

    i breed firefly dragon with iron dragon and i got 48hours
    what dragon is it? gold dragon or rainbow?

  197. Elias says:

    I was just bored and breeding different dragons and I put a blaze and steel and got a rainbow dragon!

  198. conor says:

    who nos what a 31 hour dragon is

  199. Savsboy says:

    Got it first try lvl 10 lava left lvl 10 sonic right

  200. mexxie says:

    i got a rainbow dragon while trying to get a moon dragon.
    i used a level 10 Crystal dragon and a level 10 Blue fire dragon.
    i got it on my third or fourth try with this combo, and was shocked since i was not even trying to get it xD
    worth a shot! :P

  201. Slyguyfox says:

    Firefly lvl 10 + Seaweed lvl 10, im lvl 16 = Rainbow Dragon

  202. Molly says:

    I got rainbow when trying for panlong with the lava-fog combo, both level ten. Also i ended up getting panlong with level ten blazing-mud

  203. Danielle says:

    Got it when I was trying to get a Panlong dragon on first try with mud first blazing second… I ain’t even mad I didn’t get a Panlong lol (:

  204. NATHEN123456 says:

    Add me on game center I just breed a lighting and cold dragon and it said 48 hours I told all my friends and they were both level (7) game center name is NATHEN123456

  205. Colada says:

    Breeding Pot? You can breed on that habitat? What!? PLEASE EXPLAIN O.O

  206. Alice says:

    I tried Breeding quake 10 and blazing 10 but I got scorch 2 times

  207. jack says:

    mud level 10 and blazing level 10.I got it on my my first try.

  208. Bhargav says:

    Got a rainbow by breeding mud and blazing

  209. DJ says:

    Sonic and lava, first try, but I believe that any four elements would work.

  210. WR says:

    I need only 1 friend for gem swap – only one who will reciprocate. Thanks.

  211. Glennox says:

    I accidentlly breed the rainbow trying to breed the panlong with fog and lava.

  212. Jainish says:

    Hey guys if u want to get a sun or moon dragon just follow mg advice
    Sun: Fire and storm at around 7:45 am
    Moon: Fire and storm at around 9:00 PM
    good luck guys and if u doubt believe me just add me and see them

  213. Anshuman says:

    Hey I just got the blue moon dragon by breeding sonic and storm both at level 10 and at around 8 pm

  214. *(mini me)* says:

    Add me I have gifting tree and I will gift gem for gem
    *(mini me)*

  215. Blakee says:

    I got a sun dragon by breeding a scorch dragon with a snow dragon both have to be level ten I was originally trying to get a frostfire dragon the first time I got a scorch dragon but the second time I got a sun dragon

  216. Blakee says:

    Got a sun dragon using a scorch and snow dragon both level 10 may take a few tries but hopefully you get it

  217. Blake says:

    Guys you don’t need to breed the dragons at different time zones no matter what someone says like “you HAVE to breed the sun dragon at 6:00 pm or somethIng it doesn’t matter what time it is you just have to keep trying

  218. katie says:

    hiii. add me on gamecenter please i dont have any friends ^_^ kateanator7

  219. Kat says:

    Well upon unsuccessfully trying to breed a Paper dragon (-__-) using Mountain and Flower.. Apparently got me a rainbow dragon instead o__o

  220. Cw28 says:

    Firefly and ice got me rainbow no got to wait till three for it to hatch

  221. DIG27 says:

    i got rainbow 2x in a row lv10 fog and lv10 mountain

  222. Mitchell says:

    I was going for the sapphire dragon and I got 48 hrs in the breeding cave with rain and mountain. Rainbow dragon completely by accident. If u want, u can check out my park: TheeAmazingNinja. I will try to send gems as long as u do as well.

  223. someone says:

    i got the rainbow dragon ( SO HAPPY ) on my first try with
    crystal + blue fire

  224. Silverwolf says:

    YEY!!!! So happy, got 48hr breeding time with seaweed and lava first try in EBI. Wonder if it is a rainbow???

  225. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it, you will be a
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  227. Now I am ready to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast coming again to read other news.

  228. OMG!! I have been trying for over a year for a rainbow. Every damn combo had been tried. I’m level 40 and its the only dragon I don’t have. I was trying Ash + Quicksilver for a Platinum Dragon and got a Rainbow!!! On the 2nd try in regular breeding cave. I’m still in shock!!

  229. Robotbolt says:

    I did quake lv10 and blazing lv10 and got 24 hour pllzzzzz guys tell me what dragon this is

  230. kane says:

    I breed a snow lv 10 with a seaweed lv 7 and I have a 48 hour waiting period… what could it be?

  231. jay says:

    I bred a level 4 sky with a level 9 plant dragon and i found a 48 hour incubation time. I think its a rainbow .. I got it by accident I also have a leap year by breeding a level 8 sakura with a level 6 evergreen dragon by accident.. Im lucky or I made a good mistake? im extremely excited

  232. Nate says:

    What dragons? What dragon and plant? Sorry?

  233. ?Mystery? says:

    I bred firefly and seaweed and its taking 8 hrs. is that a sign?

  234. Sadie says:

    Blazing + Mud.
    Was trying for a Garnet and got a Rainbow on my 3rd try. Might not have got a Garnet, but very happy with my Rainbow. It was in the epic breeding island.

  235. jay says:

    how do you add friends on the kindle fire???!!!??

  236. jay says:

    paper plus mud equals rainbow : )

  237. asap says:

    Ill help all you fellas out iceberg and love dragon creates the rainbow dragon everytime

  238. hi says:

    any suggestions on how to get a emerald dragon :)

  239. Hi says:

    I did level 10 ash and level 10 salamander and it said 48 hours so I looked it up on dragon calc and it said I got a rainbow dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  240. Strawbery says:

    I have been trying to get a rainbow dragon but I just can’t get one I’ve treied magnetic and lava seaweed and lava seaweed and firefly! How can I get a rainbow dragon

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