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From simulation and management game elements, Backflip Studios has added a feature with an RPG-feel with its latest update. This addition will definitely make your game more interesting. Are you excited? We are too! It’s Dragonvale’s very first Legendary Dragon, Kairos. What it does for your game is entirely different from the other Dragons.

  • Getting Dragonvale’s First Legendary Dragon

The Legendary Dragon, Kairos, cannot be obtained like the other dragons. You need to summon it by completing the upgrades of the Perch of Kairos. Three artifacts are needed to upgrade the Perch of Kairos which will become the habitat of the legendary dragon. Once the upgrade is complete you can start summoning Kairos. Now here comes the hard part. The three artifacts cannot be acquired in an instant. First of all, you need to complete all the 21 artifacts to complete all the three artifacts. Each artifact is available as a prize in the Dragon Races. And if you’re willing to spend real money on this game, you need to have 2,700 gems for a complete set of the 21 artifacts.

  • The Importance of Dragonvale’s Kairos

The impact of having Kairos is very huge. No wonder obtaining this legendary dragon is hard. But don’t lose hope. If you give up, you’ll miss the great opportunity of using the time bending powers of Kairos. Every four days, you can activate his power to accelerate the time. After activation, all your park activities will be accelerated to 6 hours.

There is no pressure in obtaining this dragon. It’s not a limited edition dragon so you don’t have to get it immediately. It takes patience especially if you’re going to rely on the prizes from the Dragon Races. Try to win every Dragon Race you join in. It’s a good investment for your game, so don’t give up on obtaining the artifacts.

Are your friends already aware of this additional feature? Let them know about this new update by telling them about this post. We will be covering the rest of the updates so stay tuned. In the mean time, check out the other posts to get good tips and guides in playing Dragonvale.

We’d love to know if you already have Dragonvale’s Kairos dragon. Tell us how you got it. Leave a comment below this post. Now that the first legendary dragon has been introduced, let’s look forward to more amazing updates by Backlip Studios.


  1. ipoop4u says:

    Im still in chornolith, im trying to get the 300 gem fragment!

  2. Tiaflower says:

    Took forever to get the pieces for chromolith, as refused to pay for it… But now on to Stage 2… using the races. & spinning & just keep hoping to collect another piece…. Can’t afford to pay, so will just see what happens…..

  3. I succedt o have lthe first egendary Kairos dragon after playng 4-5 hours/day in 3 days without any gems, contrary I gained a lot of gems in Dragon Race, more than 50 gems. My nickname is vladcostea and I need friends for send/receive gems every day

  4. Sun Flash says:

    I have the first part done I had fun getting it ,love this game even starting to like the music would like to trade gems I play this game a lot I need someone to give gems everyday please I’m Sun Flash

  5. Destany says:

    Took three days, but I have him! He’s beautiful! I just raced for all the pieces when I wasn’t doing anything else in particular around the house to cure boredom. ;)

  6. VT Maineiac says:

    Finished today. Raced many times. Stage 2 took a long time, but finished stage 3 in 1 day.

  7. Penne tiki says:

    Got the 21st (last) artifact yesterday. Won them all by playing dragon races. The Kairos dragon is gorgeous, huge, wondrous ….. Cannot find enough superlatives!

  8. PokemonJewel says:

    Arghh i’ve had exactly 64 tries and im up to my 2nd piece in the chronolith arrrrrrgggghhhh!!!

  9. Yo bro says:

    Just need one more piece until i finish the whole thing WHOOOOOOOOO! It was fun trying to race for the pieces but getting the last piece of each stage is hard because usually what i want is not there D:

  10. BWare321 says:

    Finally got this dragon. No money, all races. I activated the power, love it, just don’t know what the call option does.

  11. MA says:

    8′ve got all three stages! Took me ages and yes, I did not pay for any…no way..gems are too precious, I’m saving them up to upgrade my breeding grounds. But the Dragon of Kairos is awesome! Sped up my parks time by approx 6 hrs! Only things is have to wait approx 4 days before I can summon and speed up time again. But that’s ok :)

  12. DragonQueen says:

    Can you get coins from kairos?

  13. Si-R Capas says:

    Had it for a couple days. Didn’t spend a cent. My question is what happens when you call Kairos? Time changes every 4 days, but you can call Kairos evey day or so. What’s that do?

  14. Silver wolf says:

    Actually whenever kairos is off of his perch u can call him and he will come to his perch. Hope that helps!!!

  15. PokemonJewel says:

    Uggghh this spin the wheel, i will kill you im trying so hard damn it!! ):(

  16. Beaux73 says:

    OMG!!!! Finally got all the pieces and summoned Kairos. This is so cool. Don’t give up everyone. Won all the pieces through the races. It took forever but definately worth it. How many more legendary dragons will there be?

  17. Mads says:

    It took me four days to get all the pieces and i didn’t pay one gem… Kairos is awesome!

  18. Maureen says:

    I was able to race for all pieces without too much trouble. Friend 1 took a little longer but he did it about a 4 days later. Friend 2 is stuck needing the top piece for the first stage. We have all played for HOURS (literally) to no avail. Interestingly I can’t seem to breed any of the gemstone or special dragons but Friend 2 had no problems. It’s frustrating but we are learning patience and persistence.

  19. Florence says:

    I got Kairos in about 3 weeks. The pieces just kept coming, and i found that between 10-12pm were the most piece collecting times for me :)

  20. adam says:

    I can’t seem to find the kairos perch any where in my game at all can you help

  21. Jolie says:

    Hello, I have just saved up 100 Gems and I intend to buy a Gifting tree if I can get 6 fellow players to regularly and consistantly exchange gems. Does anyone want to exchange gems once a day everyday? if so, please let me know. Gamecenter name: Jo 6-9

    From San Diego, Thanks folks.

  22. Dear Dragonvale: What the heck is up with the races??? It keeps turning off Dragonvale when I try to start – originally it would just do it occasionally… haven’t been able to race in a week. How can you get all the artifacts if you can’t race. Come on already… FIX IT!!!

  23. the first step took the most for me, but i finished the second step in 2 hrs.

  24. Sean says:

    Add me, chandrasean is my call name! I will give you free gems!

  25. Carin says:

    I finally got it. Hey folks, keep it up. Keep racing. Also use the Quest Feature. You can find hints on what dragons to use for races as well as the Quests. Just keep at t…you will get it. I never spent any gems.

  26. Tamaris says:

    I’ve had the Kairos for about a week now. He’s so cool. I haven’t noticed anything different on my islands though. Maybe I don’t know what I’m looking for! I gift gem for gem almost every day. Add me Tamaris McCann.

  27. Erin says:

    I just got him today, and he is truly magnificent. I didn’t use any gems, So it took a little while, but by sending the right dragons out on quests, and competing a lot in the Dragon track, I got all 21 pieces a week after I bought the perch :)

  28. Barbarasouix says:

    Wow bad typos, sorry. It’s called the dragonvale gem guide and it’s free under the iPhone apps.

  29. Robin says:

    May we have a flag for Kairos?

  30. Fish says:

    I got it after a few days of playing races a lot. It’s really fun to get but after you get it there’s nothing else to do in the game again! New update needed! There’s nothing to do now but wait for hours for dragons to breed. We need something more immediate to do. But kairos is awesome- keep working to get it!

  31. Tjones says:

    I am in the collecting fragments part. I need two more and I can’t get them in quests or race. Is there a cheating way to get them?

  32. Wadedp says:

    I have them all now and am on the continuing cycles of summoning Kairos. I bought one fragment for 75 gems, but got all others by spinng, racing and patience.

  33. Hana67 says:

    I got karios by racing and doing quests:)

  34. kelly says:

    I brought the perch of kairos but it didn’t show up why? It was not cheap at all. I need your help with situation. please

  35. Piscesdragon says:

    I got mine by going on lots of quests.

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