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Finally we get to talk about the dragonvale lichen dragon in its complete form. What do you know about the lichen dragon? Well, there are tones of information that you will need to know including its breeding which we have already talked about, lichen dragon habitat, lichen dragon earnings, and much more. Here is everything you need to know about the dragonvale lichen dragon:

Dragonvale Lichen Dragon Breeding

Even though we have already told you how to breed a lichen dragon, it will still be good if we go into some details in regard to breeding a lichen dragon.

Here is what you need to know:

Combinations for breeding a lichen dragon

The dragonvale lichen dragon is of a cold and plant element. Therefore, if you really want a lichen dragon fast and easy, it is best you use the dragonvale cold dragon with the dragonvale plant dragon and success is certain.

Other breeding combinations that have been used to get the lichen dragon include:

-          Dragonvale Mountain Dragon + Dragonvale Plant Dragon

It is also good to note that the opposite elements for this dragon are fire and metal.

Other lichen dragon breeding information

The are other breeding information in regard to the Lichen dragon that would benefit you if you knew. Such include:

  • The incubation period for the lichen dragon is 6 hours
  • The habitat for the dragonvale lichen dragon is either the cold habitat or the plant habitat
  • The level at which the lichen dragon can be available is nine. Therefore, if you are at lower levels of dragonvale game play, do not bother yourself trying to breed the lichen dragon.
  • The reward that comes with the lichen dragon breeding is precisely 6,000 XP

Buying and Selling the Lichen Dragon

At times, you may not be in the mood to breed the lichen dragon or you may just lack the right combination for breeding dragonvale lichen dragon. During such times, you may think of purchasing a lichen dragon. If it gets to that far, here is what you need to know:

  • Buying a dragonvale lichen dragon will cost you a hundred dragonvale gems
  • The selling price for dragonvale lichen dragon is fifty thousand dragonvale gold coins.
  • Dragonvale Lichen Dragon Earnings

The next big question is what are the earnings of the lichen dragon? How much will you get when you have the lichen dragon within your island? Although we will update the list with time, you have to know that a level 1 lichen dragon will give you six gold coins per minute whereas a level ten lichen dragon will offer forty two coins per minute.

  • Dragonvale Lichen Dragon EggLichen dragon egg

The lichen dragon egg has some characteristics of plant dragon egg. As such, like shown in the image posted here, the lichen dragon egg is sky blue in color with green wavy lines running vertically along its surface.

  • Crossbreeding The lichen dragon with other dragons

Is it possible to crossbreed the dragonvale lichen dragon with other dragonvale dragons? The answer may not be complicated but this is where you come in as dragonvale fans and perform your experiments. We will appreciate you posting what you believe about this here. Getting the lichen dragon may seem easy but if it has cross breeds, getting the said crossbreeds is not going to be easy. What do you think?


  1. moderz says:

    I like how they say breeding cold and plant will have a 100% succuess rate but wait ther’er incompatable so therefor giving them a 0% succuess rate i wonder who rote this article

  2. Rodney says:

    Well, I just breed Cold with Plant and have a 6hr incubation time soooo I guess they are compatible. That is an epic fail comment. Just Saying…

  3. Nate says:

    Actually, they are compatible. I wanted to see if they were compatible, and they actually were! Isn’t that weird?

  4. Retard says:

    Not aany more u tard

  5. coucou says:

    I wish there would be:
    1. Genie dragon and you breed it with metal to get lamp dragon
    2. Music dragon and you breed it with metal to get note dragon
    3. Universe dragon and you breed it with othe elements to get the names of planets
    4. Squirrel dragon which you breed with plant to get coucou dragon

  6. Cooliosis says:

    This is by far my new favorite dragon in the game. It’s like a coral reef with legs and a face. I love my lichen and I named him Pioneer (Props to anyone who can figure our why I named him that. Oh and grass and cold become compatible when you update the game. Not that hard to figure out a bunch of you out there are probably breeding hybrids because you actually try anything. Use some common sense people.

    • --Chr says:

      You named him Pioneer because Lichen and coral reefs look like the photos of the crust of Venus sent back by Pioneer.
      I’m new at this game visit my park. hyphen hyphen Chr –Chr

      I’m thinking about breeding my little Lichen with Fire. Not sure what will happen. Any ideas?
      Right now Cold and Poison are having a grand ol time. They are supposed to be incompatible.

  7. Cooliosis says:

    But whatever good luck o all you who want to get a lichen dragon. (It’s awesome, trust me.))

  8. bob says:

    yeah nate is right they are compatible

  9. Stacey says:

    I got mine on the first try

  10. Mr. Semtex says:

    Im about to crossbreed my lichen dragon with my reindeer dragon and see what i’ll get. im real curious to what i can get…

  11. Aguz611 says:

    Got the lichen with reindeer + cactus on 1st try =)

  12. Mewados says:

    Has anyone gotten the new bloom dragon yet? I’ve been trying and I keep getting lichen dragons.

  13. Tommyyeah says:

    Got it with storm and plant

  14. ayman says:

    Hi, i am ayman. i’ll do gems4gems wih u i’ll be on at around 8ish in uk time

    (p.s plant and mountain works for lichen)

  15. ayman says:

    how do i breed love dragon?

  16. Beatriz says:

    El Dragonvale Lichen me ha resultado con las siguientes combinaciones:
    Cold and Plant
    Mountain and Flower
    Poison and Cold

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