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Dragonvale Love DragonExciting news!! There is a New Dragonvale Dragon in the game and it is the none other that the Dragonvale Love Dragon! Have you heard about Dragonvale Love Dragon? If you have not, then, you might be missing some important part of the upcoming valentines.

The season for lovers is here and with it, the developers of dragonvale have come up with a dragon to keep you in love. You will never celebrate valentines day without the love dragon if you are a fan of Dragonvale.

What do you need to know about the new Dragonvale Love Dragon? There is so much about this dragon and the exciting part is that it has been released just before valentines day.

Perhaps, it is only now that you can get the love dragon into your habitat and therefore, hurry up and get this dragonvale dragon before it is too late!

Here are some of the things you need to know about Dragonvale’s Love Dragon:


 Dragonvale Love Dragon Egg

Dragonvale Love Dragon EggThe egg of the Dragonvale Love Dragon has a love heart at the center and therefore you will not mistake it for any other egg.

Dragonvale Love Dragon Habitat

The Dragonvale love dragon has several habitats including lightning, Plant and Fire. It also has an incubation Love Dragon habitatperiod of five hours and when it hatches, it will give you a total of six thousand XP.

Should you decide that you want to buy the love dragon, then you will be needed with seventy five gems. However, the selling price for this rare dragon is a hundred thousand coins.



Breeding Dragonvale Love Dragon

How do I breed Dragonvale Love Dragon? This is the question that many fans of this game may be asking themselves. When it comes to breeding this dragon, there are several combinations that can be used. However, you can try out the following:

  • Breeding dragons with an element of lightning, plant and fire.
  • Many have been successful in getting the love dragon by breeding:

Dragonvale Flower Dragon (level 10) with Dragonvale Lightning Dragon (level 10)

Dragonvale Scorch Dragon with Dragonvale Firefly Dragon

Dragonvale Lightining Dragon with Dragonvale Flower Dragon

The flower and the lightning dragon are considered by those who have tried breeding this dragon as the best match to getting the Dragonvale Love Dragon. However, breeding takes place in the breeding cave for this combination and there is a five hour incubation and a five hour time period before hatching.

The Dragonvale Love Dragon will probably be there only during the valentines season and so you better hurry and make your valentines holiday the best you will ever have with this Dragonvale. Also, if you know something about the Dragonvales Love Dragon that we don’t know, be kind to post it here so that the fans of this game may get it too.


  1. Tara says:

    Wouldnt lightning and poison dragon be best combination?

    • Yam says:

      Lightning + flower easy to get it.

    • KG says:

      I got one on the first try with the lightning and flower dragon combo

    • Dark f1re says:

      I got it at my 5 times

    • Misty says:

      Hmm.. I disagree.. my theory for the best combination is flower/lightning (I came up with this not only based on the elements, but flowers for Valentine’s day… just sounded logical.) I tested it and got it on the 2nd try. I have a total of 5 already, all but 1 using this combination. The only 1 I didn’t use that combination on was when I bred 2 of them together. They were level 10, if that matters. Good luck.

      • Jay says:

        I agree, Poison doesn’t sound very Valentine’s Day!

      • Logam says:

        i just tried firefly + scorch. will for sure tell you what happens.

      • Jeannette says:

        Ok so if I try flowers and lighting now, would I be able to get it?

      • No, the correct way to breed it is Lightning on the left and Flower on the right, because the Love Dragon’s elements are in this order: Lightning and THEN Plant and Fire. I tried Flower on left and Lightning on right but it gave me a Flower Dragon instead.
        This is merely a hypothesis, but you never know, it might work, so no worries. Although it might as well be Flower or Paper (The Paper I’m not sure of) so I guess it could be Gift or Sakura + Lightning… Poison wouldn’t work because it’s Fire and Plant, not Plant and Fire. Gift and Sakura also might not work, because of the extra elements they sport. Try the other combos if the popular ones don’t work.

      • No, the correct way to breed it is Lightning on the left and Flower on the right, because the Love Dragon’s elements are in this order: Lightning and THEN Plant and Fire. I tried Flower on left and Lightning on right but it gave me a Flower Dragon instead.
        This is merely a hypothesis, but you never know, it might work, so no worries. Although it might as well be Flower or Paper (The Paper I’m not sure of) so I guess it could be Gift or Sakura + Lightning… Poison wouldn’t work because it’s Fire and Plant, not Plant and Fire. Gift and Sakura also might not work, because of the extra elements they sport. Try the other combos if the popular ones don’t work.

    • Billybobb says:

      No, i tried that and failed a couple days ago. I just used a level 4 flower and lifhtning should work. Worked with my friends also.

    • -Jade- says:

      i got it firrst time with Flower (level 10) and Lightning (level 8) i tried a few times with poison and it never worked

    • Epicness says:

      it depends… you could do:

      so far the one that worked best for me was the poison/lightning. here were my results:
      flower/lightning=1/6 also got flowerx3 and poisonx2
      poison/lightning=3/6 also got firex1, poisionx1, and flowerx1
      scorch/plant=2/6 also got scorchx1, firefly x1, and lightningx2
      firefly/plant=2/6, also got fireflyx1, firex1, poisonx1, and flower x1

      in the 24 tries, i got 8 loves, 5 flowers, 4 poisons, 2 fires, 2 fireflys, 2 lightnings, and 1 scorch.
      as you can see, i never got a plant dragon.
      fyi, there is no lightning/plant combo for dragons. if you breed one you will most likely get a pure breed lightning or plant dragon.
      if you look at the elemens for this dragon, you will see that they do have to do with love:
      plant because most people give each other flowers for valentines day
      fire because lovers are usiually “on fire” about each other
      lightning because there is a “sperk between your hearts” when you are in love
      hope this helps!
      p.s. i am aware that some people think that flower/lightning is the best.
      most people think flower dragon works best and poison works worst because flowers=love, and poison=hate.
      as always, the time of day or the regular cave/epic breeding cave DOES NOT MATTER when breeding dragons. the epic breeding cave only alows you to breed to dragons at once.
      results may vary.

    • Zach says:

      No I thought this at first too but flowers relates to valentines day that’s why it works better

    • woody says:

      i tried everthing and only got a scorch and firefly every time

  2. Tasha says:

    I got the love dragon on my second try, easy! first time was lightening and poison.
    the second one (the one that worked) was a lightening X flower combo!!

  3. Nick says:

    Got love dragon with reindeer and storm!

  4. greg says:

    my poison dragon was in the arena
    and it took me 3 times to git it with
    lightning and flower. both lvl 10

  5. GZW says:

    Does it need to be level ten to breed love dragon?

  6. Lucyscarlett says:

    Just got the love dragon tried lightning on left and flower right failed then flower left lightning right took 5 hours good luck

  7. Lucyscarlett says:

    Just got the love dragon tried lightning on left and flower right failed then flower left lightning right took 5 hours good luck all

  8. A Trolling Fag says:

    Omg got panlong rainbow moon sun legit how do I get love!

  9. Fabian Thomas says:

    Hey i got love Dragon with a flower and a lightening on secound try when they were only both lv 8 :)

  10. What would mixing a Love Dragon to a Panlong Dragon?

  11. Esteban Ruiz says:

    I already have two of them >:D. For me it was easier to breed lvl ten lightning vs lvl ten flower…

  12. Dragoncrazy says:

    First try with Lightning (12) and Flower (11) that order

  13. Cindy says:

    ok. I have tried flower and lightening ,nboth ways, at least 10 times today and still haven’t gotten the Love dragon. I have also tried firefly and scorch and flower and scorch and poison and lightening and poison and scorch. I’m really frustrated now. hope Love stays around for awhile b/c it may take awhile

  14. Nicole says:

    I really want the love dragon it looks so cute. I hope they come up with a
    St.Patrick’s day dragon

  15. hoping i got a LOVE….5hrs…Flower (left) + Lightening (right)…:)

  16. Gerard says:

    hello i have tried to breed it twice with Flower+Lightining (both+10) and Lightining+Flower (both+10) and nothing just the same egg with a lightining over so other combination, and can any1 help me to breed a moon dragon pleassee :)

  17. Yamz says:

    I got 4 love dragons.. Lightning (left) Flower (right)..

  18. Weck says:

    Best way is breeding flower dragon (lvl 10) with lightning dragon (10)…

  19. Ashley says:

    Flower and Lightning. 5 hour breeding time. First time, that’s luck. :) now I need that damn blue fire dragon I’ve been working on forever

  20. Rottunpunk says:

    Does this new dragon mean the panlong dragon is no longer available?
    I am still trying to breed one with no success

  21. Krys says:

    Got it with lighting and flower dragon multiple times

  22. DragonGirl says:

    Just breed Flower (L) x Lightening (R) both lv 10 and got a 5 hour incubation! Could it be anything else??? (please say no!) ;)

  23. Benny says:

    I tried lvl 10 lightning with lvl 10 flower in the epic breeding cave but it gave me a firefly. I’ve tried this 4 times already. Anyone know how

  24. Megan says:

    I got it first try with lightning dragon and flower dragon in my epic breeder island it’s easy to get no worries :)

  25. cherrypie65 says:

    i just got 3 love dragons in row with flower & lightning….flower higher level then lightning eg flower (10) & lightning (8)…. they are soooo cute….my favourite now!!!!

  26. DANI says:

    On my 3rd attempt with flower & lightning both level 10, i am proud to announce the arrival of my love dragon…Yay!

  27. Jj says:

    Flower and lightning both level 10s. Got it on 3rd try.

  28. Zeke says:

    I can’t get a freaking love dragon!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Soleana says:

    I tried for Love maybe five or six times (or more) with poison + lightning, firefly and plant, and just got more of the same.

    I tried Flower + lightning a few minutes ago for the first time and it came up with a five-hour breeding time. I think it worked.

  30. NoReggieMayne says:

    I got the love dragon first try
    Sonic + Flower

  31. gil says:

    how! i have epic cave, and i have two flower and lightning and i have tried them in boith caves 3 times, which is 6 and i cant get it

  32. gil says:

    and i keep getting flower dragons

  33. G-vus says:

    Is it lightning first of flower first?

  34. Jen says:

    tried firefly and scorch first but got another firefly….tried flower and lightning and succeeded!

  35. AidylSor says:

    My son and I trie today several Times flower & ligthning or poison & lightning changing left and rigth side and it didn’t appear. Tonight at 11 pm (Madrid, Spain, time) we both got three of them with few minutes between eabch one with flower on the left and ligthning on the rigth both level 10 so, I’m pretty sure that, in this case the moment you try is relevant. Goodbluck

  36. Scuba mom says:

    I did flower and a scorch dragon and got on first try bOth level 10

  37. jayjay342 says:

    Does anyone know how to get the panlong dragon ?

  38. Jason says:

    I started getting frustrated when it didn’t work but after about 13 tries with the flower dragon and the lightning dragon it worked. Well I think it work, mean I got a five hour incubation time

  39. Jason says:

    I mean lightning first them flower

  40. da FAIL ninja says:

    How long is the breeding time for the love dragon?

  41. Waffles says:

    Omg Omg I just got a love dragon :D I got it by lighting level 7 and flower level 7 lighting on the left and flower on the right OMG IM SO HAPPY I ALSO HAVE a paneling come look at it my name is GhostFire!! (!! Are in cluded)

  42. Waffles says:

    O and I forgot it was the second time

  43. Leah says:

    I got the love dragon on my first try. Breeding a 10 folwer than 10 lightning worked! I know it worked because I speed it up.

  44. NoReggieMayne says:

    My sonic dragon is lvl9 nd my flower dragon is lvl 8

  45. Jay says:

    I found a weird dragon egg with rainbow swirls!

  46. J.J says:

    Hi i’m J.J Li and I like to say is that I don’t know how to
    Get a Love Dragon I know I fail all the time I’m sad and not happy and if you know a good way please tell me please and I’m a girl

  47. Hayden says:

    What did you breed to get the rainbow egg ??

  48. Hayley Zheng says:

    Hi I feel that you guy can help me and I need help for my
    Love Dragon and I know but I just can’t get it!

    And I’m a girl you may think I’m a boy so I’m
    Telling you okay !

  49. Vee says:

    Yeah I saw that Rainbow swirled egg too, on a friend’s dragonvale. I wish game center had messaging so I could ask him what it is once it hatches! Anyone have a clue? And you can add me if you want, gem for gem.

  50. Shel says:

    Which combo?

  51. Michelle says:

    Flower and lightning works. I think it’s pretty easy to get but I did see that it said you must be level 11+ in order to get it.

  52. Medusa says:

    I’m so excited aboout love dragon. I don’t figured it flower+lightning.. I just think straight.. And breeded poison+lightning..(It sound simple :D ) Result: dissapointment :( .. İncubation time is 30min. It means: poison. I’ll try flower+lightning.. Fingers crossed..

  53. Goon says:

    Lightning+Flower works.
    1st try -1 love dragon
    2nd try – flower dragon
    3rd try – 1 love dragon

  54. Erin says:

    Hi All,

    I tried the flower + lightning combo a couple of times but it didn’t work.. Then I tried the reindeer + storm combo and got a 5 hrs incubation time.. Hope it turns out to be the ♡ dragon!!

    I’ve been trying to breed the rainbow, blue and panlong dragons but can’t seem to get it right.. Bummer!! :’(

  55. wildwilly32 says:

    I have two already. Got them with lightning on the left and flower on the right.

  56. I have a few things to say… One, I got the love dragon on the first try with flower and lightning. Two, how is the best way to get a moon dragon? I’ve tried so many combos. Three, I noticed that the love dragon description gives you a clue on what dragons to breed for it. It says inspire visitors to buy FLOWERS or even find a SPARK of love… Hmm makes you wonder.

  57. Linda Paul says:

    I’ve bred the Flower and Lighting level 10 dragons 6 times with no luck. Cannot figure out why I can’t seen to breed one of these Love Dragons!

  58. gday1069 says:

    I got love dragon on my first try with Flower (lvl 10) on the left and storm dragon (lbl 10) on the right. ;-)

  59. nicki says:

    got it with lightning and flower, first try. both level 10 light left, flower right side. too cute:)

  60. Jimbo says:

    Got one using flower then lightning first try :)

  61. Ken says:

    I keep getting a firefly or a scorch dragon when breeding: 10scorch + 10firefly, 10flower +10 lightning. What am I doing wrong

  62. Mark says:

    I find flower first then lightning gets love best

  63. Matt says:

    I’m trying to get it… But I alway get Firefly or Scorch Dragon! :(

  64. bob says:

    wont scorch and plant work

    • -Wes- says:

      Theoretically, yes. I tried that combination, along with firefly and plant, and did not have success after a pair of each. I then tried lightning+poison, and ended up with flower. I tried flower+lightning, and viola! I then tried the flower+lightning a second time, and same result: Love.

      Given my complete lack of success in breeding the dragons I intend to breed over the last month, I’m glad for a bit of a reprieve.

  65. Jenn says:

    I have tried 5 times for the Love Dragon and it still wont work. I breeded a Flower Dragon(level 9) and a Lightning Dragon(level 9). Am I doing it wrong? or is there something different I can try?

  66. G-vus says:

    I just put a lv 10 flower with a lv 10 lightning and I got a 5 hour breeding time. Most likley a love dragon!

  67. Jenn says:

    Thank you I’ll try that. Did you breed them more than once to get it to work or only once?

  68. Chels says:

    I tried lightening + poison. I tried flower + lightening. I tried switching all of them up and still no love dragon :( tried about 5 times now. still no success. I really want a live dragon!!

  69. Robin says:

    I got a love dragon on the first try with scorch and flower.

  70. I’ve still need to breed a love dragon, what combos have worked for you? and how long will the love dragon be around? also, when it says lvl 11+ does that mean only lvl 11 players can get this dragon?

  71. juk6uy5k says:

    finally got it on my 27th try

  72. Tayo says:

    Ive tried flower +lightning both lv10 ….on both sides….. 5x no success….but based on wat others say…I’m gnna keep trying

    • Manda says:

      It took me 12 or 13 tries with Flower + Lightning but I finally got mine. Good thing too since Valentine’s Day is over and they’ll probably be gone soon.

  73. I got it first try with lightning dragon and flower dragon in my epic breeder island it’s easy to get no worries

  74. Tessa says:

    I had one with flower + crystal, both level 10, I tried several times combos with scorch, lightning and poison and flowers and the first time i did crystal with flower it worked, don’t know wich one i did first and wich second though :-/

  75. ??????????? says:

    The flower and lightning is the best combo. Tried lighting + poison in epic breeding cave 5x and scorch and plant in normal breeding 5x with no luck (kept getting : firefly,scorch,poison and flower). Then I tried once in the epic breeding cave with flower and lightning and got love dragon first go.

  76. Reshireka says:

    I got a two lmLove dragons in a row with the Lightning Flower combo.

    Now it’s on to a Bluefire…

  77. Jonathan says:

    I got the love dragon on my first try with flower x lightning combo but now I can’t get it anymore if I try the same thing.

  78. Jaron says:

    Help me breed a love dragon

  79. Kosh1701d says:

    I just got my love dragon today by using level 10 flower and level 10 lightning dragon gonna try for rainbow if I can manage without epic breeding cave

  80. Garrett says:

    I couldn’t get the love dragon to save my life and then u finally tried reindeer and storm both on level ten and got the live dragon on the first try

  81. Emanuela says:

    I have it!
    Flower + Lightning

  82. BrockMom says:

    I got Love on 3rd try with level 10 lightning and level 10 flower. I immediately fed it to level 10 and decided to send it to breeding cave. I tried 10 Love with 10 iceberg and it’s going to be something great… 48 hr wait. Don’t know what it’ll produce, but I’ll post when I find out. I’m never this lucky!

  83. brntmn says:

    The rainbow dragon egg changed with the love dragon update. the swirling rainbows is the new normal rainbow dragon egg. I had the old rainbow design egg incubating before the update and after the update I logged in and it was changed!

    I have tried many combinations of all the lightening/fire/plant dragons (poison, flower, scorch, firefly, lighining) and only flower/lightning was successful. I tried 40 or more breedings through the last several days. If people get Love other than with flower/lightning it is a really low percentage chance.

  84. Mira says:

    I’ve tried flower and lightning over and over, but I can’t get the love dragon…I just keep getting flower dragons. Help.

  85. Carin says:

    My iPad uses Safari as the browser, and when. Try to click on one of the names here (so I can add some friends), it says it can’t find the server, Can sme of you please add me so I can have friends for this fudgn game. Thanks.

  86. Me says:

    I got the love dragon by accident when I bred a ligtning and flower, but it also works if you breed a lightning and a flower.

  87. YUU_LL says:

    Got after countles tries with Lighting and Flower (both lv10).
    *happy dance*

  88. ChaosSavior says:

    Lv.10Flower+lv.10 lighting combo working good for other but not for me, i try a dozen times it keep failing. So i switch to lv.10 flower + lv.10 sonic, it work twice in a row.

  89. Ness says:

    Don’t give up, people. It took me 33 attempts before I got the love dragon. I thought it would be easy because I got iceberg and rainbow on the first try, when they first came out respectively, but I’ve struggled with all the others! 33 for love, and one seems to be all I can get, at that!

  90. tyler says:

    i got the sun and moon dragon no my first try!! i was so suprised! now im going for the rainbow and love dragon. :)

  91. Aaron says:

    HAHAHAH….. MY LEVAL 10 LOVE DRAGON PUKES HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT IT WITH MY EPIC BREDDING ISLAND :-) If u want it try flower and lightning, want a second one, love and lightning. U can also get it like this, PAY 75 GEMS

  92. J says:

    Flower (lvl 10) + Lightning (lvl 9) on 3rd try :)

  93. Dis Asian says:

    I tried every combination over 20 times and I still didn’t get a love dragon is there a specific time you are supposed to breed it

  94. Risman says:

    I tried firefly n lighting n got love dragon at first try.. Breeding is 12 hrs..

  95. Runestar says:

    Tried Flower and Lightning twice… First time it was Lightning 10 and Flower 5 and I got a Poison dragon. Second time it was Lightning 10 and Flower 10 and I got Poison again. I tried Flower 10 and Firefly 5 and got a 5 hour incubation time (Love? Hopefully yes!)!

  96. Garrett says:

    First try for love I used flower and sonic both level ten in breeding cave

  97. in case people are wondering about levels and where to breed the dragons, it doesn’t matter; my park is level 19, i haven’t spent a single thing on the game so I haven’t got the epic breeding island yet i managed to get a love dragon first try by breeding a level 8 lightning with a level 7 flower.
    just thought i’d make that clear to people who seem to be obsessed with where to breed dragons for best results and what levels they have to be….

  98. ya mum says:

    got love first try flower left lighting right now i need that dammed bluefire dragon and rainbow, sun,= and moon

  99. James Robertson says:

    I got it first time with a lightning lvl. 7 and a flower lvl. 7. Could just be luck though!

  100. Dylan Wyatt says:

    I’m level 17 & 3/4, and I’ve been trying to get a love dragon ever since they were available. I’ve tried about 30 different times and still no show. My flower and lightning dragons are both level 10 and their the ones I’ve used the most to no avail. I’ve tried other combos like lightning and poison, firefly/scorch and plant and they don’t work. It’s really starting to tick me off. I’m officially out of gems, so if you friend me and send me gens, I promise I’ll send you gems in return. My game name is Cool.Tool (there is a period in between those, it’s not a typo). Thank you very much for your help!

  101. Flower26 says:

    Got in on the first time I tried lightning+ flower, both level 10
    Can’t get it again

  102. Catherine says:

    Hi I tried firefly and scorch and it worked but flower and lightning gave me a flower.

  103. Jrod says:

    This may be a very stupid question but is to late to still breed and get a love dragon after valentines day???

  104. Jboy says:

    I wondered that too cause I got one like 3 days ago and it wasnt valentines.

  105. Akihsh says:

    I only got this game a few days before valentines day, too. The love dragon stayed on the dragon egg list in the menu for about a week after Feb 14th. Actually, it was there till this morning, and about 10 minutes ago I went up a level, and it’s not there anymore! It did say that it was only around “for a few weeks”, so I think that you won’t be able to breed it anymore once it’s gone from the menu. Luckily, I did manage to breed one love dragon by then, but I was thinking of getting another one… =( so a bit disappointed but better than nothing!

  106. Tres says:

    Weird, I got the love dragon with a fire and storm first try. I have never heard of this method before which was why I was surprised. I was trying to get a blue fire

  107. Caroline says:

    I got love dragon 3 times in a row with flower/lightning
    How do you trade eggs it says u can but how????

  108. joshua says:

    Yeah i want to know that too. can we still breed a love dragon after valetines day

  109. joshua says:

    how do you babysit a dragon

  110. Rheece says:

    Please add me I’ll give u gems every day I get some I got sun and leap year and I did have love but deleted it add me yoshimaster 5 no capitals in it

  111. can you still get love dragon when it past Febuary

  112. Israel says:

    Love dragon How can get it …:….. A mean, nos, or just in Valentín days?… Thanks! People!

  113. justin says:

    This doesn’t work. Tried 32 times with flower and lightning. Never Works

  114. xabiabris says:

    Add me to game center, name “xabiabris”!

  115. hey got it first try lightning and reindeer I play on dragon story add me im batmanlovesme

  116. Jason says:

    I got a three hour time with firefly and scorch -_-

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