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It is official that soon, we will be having a number of new dragonvale dragons including the dragonvale metal Dragonvale Metal Dragondragon. There is not much out yet about the dragonvale metal dragon and we will update you on many aspects of this dragon when it is officially released.

However, here are some of the facts that you may be interested to know at this moment about dragonvale metal dragon:

  • Description of the Dragonvale Metal Dragon

From the introductory statements on dragonvale metal dragon, it will allow for various dragonvale metal dragon breeding combinations and ideas both presently and in future game play. As such, the dragonvale metal dragon brings with it new and exciting possibilities of being combined with other dragonvale dragons to produce hybrids.

  • Dragonvale Metal Dragon Breeding Guide

There is still not much released in regard to dragonvale metal dragon breeding guide. However, from the description of the metal dragon, there will be endless possibilities as to the combinations that will be produced by this dragon. Just imagine the following future combos for dragonvale metal dragon breeding!

Dragonvale Metal Dragon + Dragonvale Sun Dragon

Dragonvale Metal Dragon + Dragonvale Moon Dragon

Dragonvale Metal Dragon + Dragonvale Earth Dragon

There is much more to expect from the Dragonvale Metal Dragon. One thing that is certain for now is that the dragonvale metal dragon incubation period is eight hours. Also, the element for the dragonvale metal dragon is metal.

As the days pass by, we will be posting more on this dragon including how to breed dragonvale metal dragon, its habitat and all the information pertaining to it. However, as per now, prepare yourself for some dragonvale metal dragon breeding in the near future!

Do you have any more information in regard to dragonvale metal dragon breeding guide, dragonvale metal dragon egg, dragonvale metal dragon habitat and more? If you do know something about this mobile game that we don’t know, post it here and let the other dragonvale fans know.


  1. Hi says:

    The looks like an egg with iron looking pentagons

  2. Hi says:

    It costs 1 mill and the habitat small 1mill large 2.5mill and it has no opposite only the bost has one and it is plant

    There is no way to breed it without already having one

    And they also added a new dragon that isnt metal it is the cactus dragon plant and lightning 13 a min very good takes 30 mins

  3. Hi says:

    The habitat store (small) 25k (large) 125k very good if you dont check often

    But the dragons dont make fast money

  4. Hi says:

    Werid you think the opposite would be air yup it’s not

  5. Hi says:

    I just bred the new Cactus dragon to Panlong.
    Got another Panlong, first try :)

  6. Johng1337 says:

    I just bought this dragon and have almost all the metal dragons already.

  7. Hi says:

    I tried to get a panlong for at least a month mud and blazzing but i got a sun by fire and storm yay lvl 20 (no hacks at all)

  8. Cole says:

    Is there a way to use metal hibred to get a blue fire or frost fire dragons.

  9. Mr. Semtex says:

    wth is wrong with u?

  10. poke says:

    did you really get panlong with cactus and panlong

  11. Hi says:

    I think i was one of the first one to get a metal dragon without speeding up time The best way to make money is to make a magnetic dragon sells for 1.5m and gives 1.5m exp too gr8 way for both

  12. Kulol says:

    So. .. .. . .|. . . . \_______/. . What do You guy’s think about my face. How can i breed a Moon dragon? Pluss help. My gamecenter is ku101

  13. EMINEM says:

    Dragonvale is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. EMINEM says:

    Dragonvale is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Thomas,11 says:

    I KNOW

  16. Thomas,11 says:

    How do you get a medal dragon witgout paying

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