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Dragonvale Mud DragonTo fully enjoy a Dragonvale game, players need to have all the types of dragons on their own dragon island. So if you haven’t bred the dragon that loves to eat and play in the muck, add the Dragonvale Mud Dragon to your growing dragon family today. Read on to get the general facts about this playful dragon.

Breeding. Players have used the following methods in breeding the Dragonvale Mud Dragon:

  • Get an Earth Dragon and Water Dragon and have them mate with each other at the breeding cave.
  • Another method of breeding the Mud Dragon is by having a Water Dragon mate with a Tree Dragon.

The egg of the Dragonvale Mud Dragon has brown and blue waves on its shell. Its incubation time is 6 hours. Additionally, by successfully hatching a Mud Dragon, you will be able to get 10,000 XP. This dragon will evolve at level 4 and level 7.

Want to know how much you’ll earn with a Dragonvale Mud Dragon on your island in the sky? See this dragon’s earning rates below:

  • At level 1 the Mud Dragon earns 5 coins per minute
  • At level 2 the Mud Dragon earns 8 coins per minute
  • At level 3 the Mud Dragon earns 12 coins per minute
  • At level 4 the Mud Dragon earns 15 coins per minute
  • At level 5 the Mud Dragon earns 18 coins per minute
  • At level 6 the Mud Dragon earns 21 coins per minute
  • At level 7 the Mud Dragon earns 25 coins per minute
  • At level 8 the Mud Dragon earns 27 coins per minute
  • At level 9 the Mud Dragon earns 30 coins per minute
  • At level 10 the Mud Dragon earns 35 coins per minute

Habitats. The best way of raising a dragon is by placing it in its correct habitat (which is based on its elements). The Dragonvale Mud Dragon has the elements of Earth and Water. So, it must be placed in either an Earth habitat or a Water habitat.

Dragonvale Mud Dragon Habitats

Cost. If you have enough gems, you can purchase the Dragonvale Mud Dragon for 250 gems from the Market. If you don’t have a place for your Mud Dragon or if you have enough Mud Dragons on your dragon zoo, you can sell it for 250,000 coins.

Spread the knowledge about the Dragonvale Mud Dragon by telling your friends and fellow Dragonvale fans about Dragonvale.net. Should you have more information about the Mud Dragon, please post a comment below. Check out our other posts for more tips about this amazing dragon-raising game.


  1. Dezney says:

    I bred a mud dragon while trying to breed the panlong, using lava and fog??? How would that work?

  2. Emma says:

    Well I was also trying do do that but I got a Rainbow dragon
    Wasn’t expecting it at all so if you just breed them
    Both a couple of times u may get it and maybe even the
    Rare rainbow dragon like me!!

  3. abbie says:

    My mud dragon says it loses coins instead of earn them… why? he is in the correct habitat?!

  4. If you have boosts, that is why. All boosts will have a negative effect on a dragon. Say if you have a lightning boost put it near the lightning only. Lightning boosts have a negative effect on idk if this I right but I thInk air dragons so you are gonna wanna put the air dragon on another island. Hope this helped! ;)

  5. Chrono says:

    I mate lightning and water. I got mud dragon lol. The combination is not right!!

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