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Looking for the latest games you can download for your iPhone, iPod or iPad? You can try Dragonvale online for a brand new social gaming experience. What makes it fresh and new? This game makes players enjoy breeding and taking care dragons in their own island which floats in the sky. The Dragonvale online social game was released by Backflip Studios last September 15, 2011.

Dragonvale OnlineWhat makes Dragonvale an enjoyable online game is that you can play with your friends who are also into the game. You can exchange items which will help in nurturing you and your friends’ dragons and dragon islands. Making friends through Dragonvale will boost your in-game wealth such as coins and gems.

You can even make more Dragonvale online friends by looking for fellow enthusiasts in Facebook and Dragonvale online forums. You can either ask for help or be a helping hand in making others richer in the game. Advantages of having in-game friends work for both ways. You can send gifts to your friends and they can also send something back. Dragonvale is indeed an enjoyable social online game where you can help other players and get helped in return.

Another advantage of playing Dragonvale online is that you can visit other players’ islands and interact with them through it. Since the environment is customizable you can see how every player built their own dragon zoo. If you are new in playing Dragonvale online, you can get ideas on how to beautify your island by visiting various lands maintained by your friends. The more friends you have, the more dragon parks you can visit. You will then get a lot of ideas for your own dragon island in the sky.

If you are friends with players who have started playing this game earlier than you, you can ask for their tips and secrets on how they successfully nurtured their dragons and cultivated their islands. You will get effective strategies and tips on how to get the other dragons that you have not yet discovered. It’s always best to seek advice from someone who has previous experiences in various aspects of Dragonvale.

The more Dragonvale online friends you have, the more gifts and items you’ll get. Additionally, you will get wealthier fast with more Dragonvale online friends. Just make sure that every time you receive a gift, you will always send something back. That way your friends will never get tired of giving gifts to you. Everyone is happy because everyone works together to be rich and successfully grow various kinds of dragons in the game.

Keep in mind that you must not play this mobile game alone. It’s more fun, enjoyable and advantageous with a lot of Dragonvale online friends. So start looking for friends who are playing Dragonvale. Additionally, look for message boards that have people who are willing to help you out in your quest to breed and raise dragons.

Search for Dragonvale online friends today to reap a lot of benefits for your adorable dragons and your beautiful dragon land. Be sure to tell your friends about this website to discover effective strategies in playing the game.



  1. Sue says:

    Help – I just started Dragonvale. Made a mistake 1st time in the breeding cave & tried to get two fire dragons to crossbreed. Get message that says there is not enough room in the nursery for the egg. How to I get the fire dragons back to the habitat and the egg gone?

  2. Elena says:

    But is it available on the PC?

  3. slim coffee says:

    Genuinely exciting thought for me .
    Will you article some additional ? coz i wish to comply with ur twitter or facebook

  4. Merci Much obliged for motivating me to go look up my own inquiry. Yours was way more indepth than mine.

  5. immie says:

    wy can’t my earth dragon and my cold dragon not breed?? doe somebody’s now???

  6. Stinsey says:

    zhow do you et a rainbow, sun or moon dragon? Ive tried lots of times unsuccessfully.

  7. may says:

    my iPhone died and i don’t have a charger for it and i really have to get to my games. anyone know if i can access them online?

  8. Nice one, with thanks for the tip

  9. Pottermom1 says:

    I have a sun dragon egg ready to hatch, but do not have the habitat yet. I am only one third of the way through level 20 and have already used up all of my habitats. If I sell a habitat, will I be able to buy the sun habitat?

  10. Sinead says:

    Hi I am a level 14 on dragonvale and I want to know how other people bred the sun dragon. I already hav the habitat ready .

  11. i think it sucks that this game cant be played on the pc….. BUMMER!!

  12. Don’t waste all kinds of time on DragonVale because your life isn’t more valuable than that, then yes earth dragons are the best. But, if you value other things, then earth dragons are the best because you can just let them alone and they’ll make money and keep making it.

  13. Sherri says:

    Give more habitats!
    Only one habitat with each level sucks!
    Give one of each habitat with each level
    Ex one plant one fire one ice one special (sun rainbow moon)

  14. I got two leap years >.< One was ment to get, the other was a try for a rainbow xD

  15. Zaw Htet Naing says:

    add me zawhtetnaing9@gmail.com,….i’ll tell u the tricks and hints of breedings….including the secret dragons…….btw, my lvl in dragonvale is 30(max) =)

  16. shan says:

    I have been playing Dragonvale to date with no friends I have the dragonsai tree and 4 rainbow dragons and moon and leap year plus all others except sand storm, sun, clover or Ice I’m on level 22, have 4 islands plus the epic breeding island, have everything that I can buy and the game is going stale, whats next? Can we only add friends through Facebook?

  17. Matthew says:

    I need help. I really need more dragons please someone add me!!!!!!

  18. Amandel says:

    I heard you can sell your dragon to a friend, is this true?
    If yes: how?????
    If nog: too bad..

  19. Alister says:

    How do I get the moon Dragon is there a time I need to breed it at?

  20. I have forgotten mt password for the membership. Can any one help me?

  21. Francis says:

    Hey there, You have done a fantastic job. I’ll certainly digg it and for my part recommend to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this website.

  22. micky says:

    Dragonvale is my favorite app.

  23. AshAsh Gurl says:

    omg omg omg omg omg omg omg
    i love dragon vale so much, I’m like addicted!!!
    how do you get a rainbow dragon?????

  24. AshAsh Gurl says:


  25. How do you a Sandstorm, Sun, Moon, and Rainbow Dragon? Help Please.

    • jason says:

      sandstorm-breed tree or moss with air
      sun- need the elements cold and lighting
      moon- do same thing as sun
      rainbow-seaweed and firefly
      try to make all level 10

  26. haha says:

    Air Dragons are the best money maker. Every two hours your eggs hatch and you sell for 500,000. I keep one going at all times so when I hatch an egg I’m putting another in that just got incubated. IF you have the island you can have 2 incubating/hatching at all times and make 1 million every 2 hours.

    The new metal dragon lets you breed magnetic (lightning/metal) and every 8 hours those sell for 1.5 million.

  27. Red says:

    The one who steal my gems I hate you so much….I worked so hard to have those gems then you took it….the first time I notice that my gems are missing,I thought that it was an accident ….but today is the third times..so….it’s not an accident I’m sure…..there someone taking my gems…….

  28. Ante says:

    Look, the reason you have earth dragons is that when you sleep obviously plant dragons can’t make alot of money since the maximum cash is low but at earth they keep on doing cash all the time with a high maximum cash so you make alot more money at night with earth dragons. well if u even do sleep lol

  29. William says:

    How do you go from lev 10 to 15

  30. Alex says:

    You can get a rainbow dragon by breeding a sonic and storm or bluefire and crystal. Those combinations also work for sun and moon dragons.

  31. lily says:

    how do you buy a egg stand on dragonvale

  32. Eddie says:

    How do u play online

  33. bölüm says:

    you’re seriously quantity 1 admin your blogging is remarkable i at all times check your website i’m certain you is going to be the perfect

  34. Matt says:

    I neeeeeeed gems quick! If I don’t get gems soon my zoo of dragons might go bankrupt!!!So pleeeeeeease somebody pleeeeeease add me to your friends list.(my email is dinoboy03)

  35. Matt says:

    Hey Red how do you steal other peoples gems?Because if I find out how you steal them I may be able to find a way to stop it from happening!

  36. Matt says:

    If anybody wants somebody to be there friend on dragonvale I will!

  37. Honey BooBoo says:

    i smell chips, CHPS, CHIPS!!!!!!!!!!! potato chips

  38. Lewis says:

    How do you buy gems with the money you earn ???

    • Allycat says:

      you cant. you can get gems from the dragon track (if you win gold and happen to land on it) or from the Colloseum (much better bet) if you win gold, silver or bronze.

  39. Bill says:

    fucking hell this is hard to get for free

  40. re says:

    hey dude cool man like yer!

  41. Sly-Tiger says:

    Hi, I’m looking to socialise and make friends on Dragonvale. :)
    Feel free to add me Sly-Tiger.

  42. kyle says:

    I just quit playing and everyone should know that once you reach level 35 you are done it mexs you out so you cant get ep points and even though they keep coming out with islands and gragons you cant do anything with them i emailed backflip and they said to bad just delete and start over they have no intention on adding levels

  43. anie says:

    is dragonvale safe?

  44. UndeadWolf10 says:

    LOL Epic fail I always wanted the Obsidian Dragon but I sold the Breeding Cave at the start so now I have to clear an area for my Earth Habitat so I have space for my breeding cave. Oh and secondly, I have a Question. DUNDUNDUN! Haha lol anyways here it is: What level do you unlock a new island?

  45. You'll never know! says:

    I wanted to get my dad into DragonVale but he’s 40 so he doesn’t want to use the touch screen because he’s not used to it. Anyone know if there is DragonVale for PC that’s compatible with Game Center?

  46. wayngresky99 says:


  47. luke says:

    I am on Level 26!I got the all new century dragon on my first try breeding Earth and Ice!My brother got the Seasonal Dragon from breeding Flower and Air!The opposite dragons i have are frostfire(breed cold + poison),bluefire(breed fire + lichen)and sandstorm(breed air +mud)

  48. Andrew says:

    Ummm. Earth dragons make a tiny amount of money even at level ten. Practically all the other dragons make more money than the earth dragon.

  49. amino says:

    yo man eart dragons r not the d best cause they dont make lotta money

  50. Maybe, but the Earth habitats are better than plant ones. When you think about it, Large Plant Habitats can only contain up to 500, which is not a suitable source of funds since the Plant Dragon and its hybrids earn too much money per minute.

  51. UndeadWolf10 says:

    At level 9, (my level) Earth Dragons are pretty good because it gives u 10,000 so I have 2 earth habitats, 1 plant habitat, and 1 fire habitat so after a day I can collect 40, 000 I think :P

  52. jason says:

    get a seasonal habitat

  53. no that i s so not true

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