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The Dragonvale Opal Dragon has finally been released into the game play and those who have been lucky dragonvale opal dragonenough to breed the dragonvale opal dragon have exclaimed at its beauty! Do you want to breed the opal dragonvale dragon? If you do, then, we shall be giving you working combinations for breeding the opal dragonvale dragon shortly. Before that, let us tell you something on the opal dragonvale dragon:

About the Dragonvale Opal Dragon

The dragonvale opal dragon is the gemstone dragon for October and it replaces the sapphire dragon. This means that the sapphire dragon is nolonger in the market and it has been replaced by your dragonvale opal dragon.

How To Get The Opal Dragon

Do you want to get the opal dragon? If you do, then, it will be best for you to update your game immediately and the dragonvale opal dragon will appear in your game play. However, you will have to know the best combinations for breeding the opal dragon before you can have her in your dragonvale park.

Breeding The Opal Dragon

What are the best combinations for breeding the dragonvale opal dragon? Here is the best combination for breeding the Opal dragon as per now:

- Dragonvale Mud Dragon with Dragonvale lava Dragon

We shall be providing more information about the dragonvale opal dragon. If there is something more that you know about the opal dragon that you would love to share with the other dragonvale fans, post it here and let the rest of dragonvale fans know.


  1. Inara says:

    Wow really disappointed with this dragon! I couldn’t wait to see this one because October is my birth month and opals are such an exquisite stone but this dragon is the ugliest gemstone dragon yet :-(

  2. Riz says:

    Wow !!!!!!!
    I am started to get more disappointed with Dragonvale developers. it seems
    To be loosing its interest in creating yet a better dragons. The paper dragon
    Was really great. Pearl, Emerald, Silver , Penlong. These are great and a very
    Nicely done creations of Dragons. This Opal is just okay only, also the Dragon
    Vale developers seems to be dragging its time in releasing Dragons. It’s really
    Shame that the quality of work is starting to disappear. Wow!!!!!

  3. It has been confirmed by DragonVale Wika that the best combo is Lava and Mud. Happy Breeding everyone!!

    • Charles says:

      How did you do it in epic breeding grounds

    • Tiaflower says:

      Have used this combination x 4 and yet again, no luck…. It seems I a m one of those who have t.o keep repeating a combination more then 10 times to result in one if lucky…. Using this combo once again, have 6 hours breeding on Epic Island and 10 hours in regular breeding cave, so know, NOT getting this dragon again for what may be a LONG while….. But why?

      • Kayla says:

        I have been doing lava+mud since the 1st in Both EBI and BC, I have yet to get this gemstone dragon or any gemstone dragon. It’s really frustrating and I would love to know why everyone else seems to get a gemstone dragon on the first try but I can’t get one throughout the entire months since this whole thing started. >:|

        • Pixle Lily says:

          I am the same way. Both breeding caves…all month long. With the occassional switch just to reduce my anger. I have also spent 300+ gems speeding things up. If i dont get Opal….im gonna quit! Seriously. This is effed up.

      • Tiaflower says:

        Finally after 10 tries… Using Lava + mud & got Opal…. But only once…. So now trying for Ash, as don’t honk will get another Opal this month….

      • Tiaflower says:

        Finally after 10 tries… Using Lava + mud & got Opal…. But only once…. So now trying for Ash, as don’t think will get another Opal this month….

  4. gplolo1949 says:

    Ok folks have 35 hrs using cristal (15) R / watter (15) L I also received 24 hrs with cristal(15) R/fog (15) L so there we are for my start I have been trying for silver and gold but to no avail yet! I can keep selling them over and over. Seem s the fun is sorely drifting and something is sadly missing! Have made several request for a new gamer when 35 is hit you become a knight then a duke at say 40 then at 45 a earl then 50 a king and your knights and their best qualities come from the dragons themselves. The game must go on and be educational also. Ralph in VA.

    • Rocky says:

      The beauty of DragonVale to me is the lack of knights and kings and other medieval such, also the lack of educational things. It’s like the only game that is pure fun and imagination and not educational and boring. The lack of knight and kings and such makes it simpler to some people which is nice – though more levels past 35 would be GREATLY appreciated. On the subject of Opal dragons the lava and mud combo seems promising but no luck thus far. Best wishes :3

  5. gawinski says:

    lava and mud only gave me a whole bunch of lavas and muds :-(

  6. Tiaflower says:

    Used Lava (level 11) + Mud ( level 11) but got 6 hours breeding time… My guess is that this is going to be a very long month again…. Trying over & over & maybe being lucky to get ONE gemstone dragon…. Still not sure how others, can get 3 or more… Maybe someone can explain…???

    • wild says:

      They don’t get 3 or more. They work for this dragon place and therefore just saying it to encourage people to continue to play the game. Once you play the game and don’t get what other got, you will lose your patient and get frustrated. Once you get frustrated, you will spend the real money to buy the dragons instead of breeding them. The more people get frustrated and buying the dragons they can’t breed, the more money dragonvale makes. There is no such thing for free. They will get your money one way or the other.

  7. gawinski says:

    I might have it now with lava and mud – I tried with lv 10 instead of lv 15 :-)

  8. Mascarado says:

    Eu sou o ladrão de dragões quem faz amizades comigo roubo os dragões de todos vaces sabem quem eu sou nunca vão descobrir meu nome è……… Sambem o meu nome vam saber quando roubar teus dragões raros!!

  9. Charles says:

    Lava and mud dos not work Tryes like 100 times and kept getting mud and lava plese help with this

  10. Kayla says:

    Is anyone having any luck?

  11. Lauren says:

    I used lava on right (level 14) and mud on left (level 11) and i have a 31 hour breeding time. Looking for people to swap gems with! My Game Center name is lfedigan.

  12. Kelly Nolan says:

    I got lucky on my second try for my opal dragon using mud (10) dragon on the left and lava (10) dragon on the right and the breeding time was 24 hrs and incubation was 31. Good luck.

  13. Tiaflower says:

    Finally after over 10 tries… Using Lava + mud & got Opal…. But only once…. So now trying for Ash, as don’t think will get another Opal this month….

  14. Tori says:

    ADD ME ON GAME CENTER … I always check my DV park, (like everyday) and I give gem X gem..:. (MONTYPHYTONYEY) .

  15. I have NO friends that play this, im new, but love the game! So can i get some friends on game center?! Thanks!! southernscarlet

  16. Pixlelily says:

    Really…on only Oct 8 you say “finally”. Hehe. It is now Oct 27 and i STILL sont have the effin Opal! What gives Dragonvale!?!?

  17. HelloTherr says:

    I don’t think the Opal dragon is bad if I’m honest, I think it’s egg and the actual dragon look really cool! But, I must admit, I bred lava/mud in two different orders in both of my breeding caves at the same time, for two weeks, and haven’t gotten anywhere
    Any tips would be helpful? Add me: Daaisy–x

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