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Dragonvale Panlong DragonThe Lunar Year is fast approaching and it can be felt even in your Dragonvale game. The year of the dragon is just around the corner so the lucky beast has come to our favorite dragon-raising game. It’s none other than the Dragonvale Panlong Dragon. Do you want to know more about this mythical dragon? Read on.

Breeding. There are several ways of breeding the Dragonvale Panlong Dragon. These are the combinations that players have tried:

  • Blazing Dragon and Mud Dragon (this is the most popular combination)
  • Fog Dragon and Lava Dragon
  • Fog Dragon and Bone Dragon

Dragonvale Panlong Dragon EggThe total incubation time of the Dragonvale Panlong Dragon is 36 hours. Its egg actually has a unique appearance. Its color is reddish brown with a Chinese symbol in the middle that reads “Panlong”. You can mate the Panlong Dragon with any type of dragon except for the Moon Dragon, Sun Dragon and the Rainbow Dragon.

With the Dragonvale Panlong Dragon, you get extremely lucky with money. Check out its amazing earning rates below:

  • At level 1 the Panlong Dragon earns 30 coins per minute
  • At level 2 the Panlong Dragon earns 48 coins per minute
  • At level 3 the Panlong Dragon earns 66 coins per minute
  • At level 4 the Panlong Dragon earns 84 coins per minute
  • At level 5 the Panlong Dragon earns 103 coins per minute
  • At level 6 the Panlong Dragon earns 120 coins per minute
  • At level 7 the Panlong Dragon earns 139 coins per minute
  • At level 8 the Panlong Dragon earns 157 coins per minute
  • At level 9 the Panlong Dragon earns 176 coins per minute
  • At level 10 the Panlong Dragon earns 193 coins per minute

Habitat. The Dragonvale Panlong Dragon is the first dragon that has 4 elements. They are Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Therefore, this dragon can be placed in an Earth habitat, a Water Habitat, a Fire habitat and an Air habitat.

Dragonvale Panlong Dragon Habitats

I bet you’re excited in breeding this lucky dragon. So go ahead and play your Dragonvale app and get the Dragonvale Panlong Dragon as soon as you can. We encourage you to share additional information about this dragon by posting your comments below. Do you have questions regarding the Panlong Dragon? Do not hesitate to post them as well. Our fellow Dragonvale fans are willing to help you.

Do not forget to share this Dragonvale Panlong Dragon post with your friends who love playing Dragonvale. They will definitely be delighted about this new addition to the dragon family.

Enjoy breeding and raising the Dragonvale Panlong Dragon. Gong Xi Fa Cai!


  1. Allie says:

    It doesn’t work that video

  2. fogslanvna says:

    lava + fog = panlong . :D

  3. Prodigy says:

    How long will the Panlong dragon stay around?

  4. Easty679 says:

    Is it true that it is only available for a limited time

  5. danielle says:

    the panlong dragons looks awsome! me personally i dont hav one but im gonna try my luck at breeding one! my sister has one and she bred lava and fog but if you hav a sandstorm dragon you should try sandstorm and air cause air is bred by water and fire. good luck at breeding one! =^D

  6. dragonlover says:

    yes yes it is true but it will come back in twele years

  7. Chloe says:

    I hv one, i breed blazing+mud lv 10, :)

  8. Sam says:

    I just did the lava+fog. But it’s giving me a 48 hour incubation time. What do you think it is?

  9. Marc says:

    Yeah if it’s 48 hours it’s probably rainbow, sun, or moon. The panlong dragons gonna stay around for the whole year.

  10. Hi says:

    The panlong dragon is confusing

  11. Catherine says:

    Can you breed more than one Panlong dragon? I have one from breeding lava and fog but want another

  12. J308 says:

    I really want the panlong dragon but im only level 13 :(

    • LilyDragon says:

      theres no rush, you have a year. plus as long as you have a lava and fog, or a blazing and mud you can breed it.

    • Forest says:

      Well, if you’re level 13 or up you’ll b e able to achieve any dragon. If level 12 or under, you will be able to get every dragon except rare ones.

      • Carin says:

        How do you get level 13….I’m have level 10 and it says they are at max. What am I missing?

        • Jo says:

          Hi Carin. To get dragons above level 10 you have to build shrines. After you level 50 dragons to level 10 the shrine will allow you to then level them up to 15. There is a shrine for each element.

          • Carin says:

            Ahhh…ok…thanks. I still have a way to go on some of them then. I know it says even if you sell them….but do you have to actually put the dragon into a habitat, or can you sell it rite from the incubation?

          • Felicia says:

            Carin, you have to put them in a habitat because you have to level them up to 10 before it adds to your shrine.

  13. Ryan says:

    How do you get the bone dragon?

  14. Bestmommi says:

    I have tried every combination for rainbow for 2 months..I got sun and moon 2 months ago but I can never get anymore 48 hrs. Any suggestions?! Thanks =]

  15. Kero says:

    I have tried everything! And I cant get the panlong dragon! Is there
    Some kind of trick to it or something?

  16. Rostrukke says:

    My breeding time are 10h and i Did fog and lava, Will i get panlong?:)

  17. cool chick says:

    yes you can breed more than one my brothers friend bred over 10

  18. cherrtpie65 says:

    yep I’ve seen some ‘friends’ with 3 panlong dragons…I have nil :(

  19. Aurora says:

    Blazing+mud got it the first try. It was auto-named “Dancer”.

  20. I keep trying mud and blazing or fog and lava or fog and bone. I just got a rainbow from a mud and a blazing but still no pan long. Wonder how much more time we have.

  21. Rizz says:

    I just got one from breeding blazing and mud

  22. InuSarah says:

    Help? I have tried numerous times both combinations. My blazing and mud are both level ten and I have switched them everytime I breed. I have tried at least 10 times, no joke.
    I have also tried the fog and lava dragons. The only thing is that they are not yet level 10.
    Which one is to come first in the breedings? Which pairing worked for you guys? Can you guys help me?

    • LilyDragon says:

      i’ll help as much as i can. first, i’d say getting the lava and fog to lvl 10. and keep trying with those combainations. switching them is a good idea. i haven’t breed one yet either and i’m working on it. i don’t think i’ll be a lot of help in this but i’ll try.

    • ????? says:

      Could they be on lvl. 7 or do they have to be on lvl.10

    • Shaun says:

      I’ll try my best to help you.
      First of all, let’s get the myth of levels of dragons out of the way. It doesn’t matter what level. It just matters what elements you choose, getting rare dragons is based on luck. I have many panlongs after lots of HARD work.
      Try mud and blazing again and again, when you get the panlong you will be so satisfied.

      One more thing, the order you put the dragons doesn’t matter.

  23. dreadnought says:

    Blazing (lvl. 10) + Mud (lvl. 10)
    Was not bred using breed island.
    Was breeding lava and fog for 3 days, switched to the above and on 4 th try panlong and the 36 hour incubation appeared.
    Current lvl. 26

  24. Jim says:

    what is the song i want to get it. whats the name

  25. Paco says:

    Ive tried every combination .but I just got promoted to level 19 now I will try breeding

  26. Angela says:

    Game center I’d, Koi-Lover. I have tried a level 10 blazing dragon and a level 10 mud many times and nothing. If anyone needs friends you can add me.

  27. Leah says:

    Finally got the panlong dragon by breeding level 10 fog than level 10 lava. I got a rainbow dragon the first time through, but after a few times, I finally got one!

  28. Charlotte says:

    I am level 26 been trying many combinations in either breeding area all level 15 dragons…nothing! Got every other dragon possible though

  29. Steve says:

    Took me 6 times in the epic breeding island with blazing + mud, both at level 10, but finally I am successfully breeding a panlong dragon!!!!

  30. Jessica says:

    Actually, the Chinese symbol on the egg only says, “long” (long o) ,not panlong. “Long” means dragon.

  31. BabuSSA says:

    Sandstorm = Air + Earth
    Air + Fire+ Water
    Sandstrom + Air = Panlong
    ( havent tried because i dont have sandstorm)

  32. jen says:

    i put lvl 4 mud and lvl 4 blazing. i got it first go wooh! i also have a rainbow and a sun dragon (both on first go) unlucky part is i forgot (after 4 days) which dragons i bred together to get them, which is best combo for moon dragon?

    • Forest says:

      How to get moon on your first try. Your park has to be level 13 or up, and both dragons have to be level 10. Do scorch on left, storm on right. Hope this helps.

  33. Angs682 says:

    I tried sandstorm and air both level 10 and it didn’t work. But you could try. Can get one, been trying awhile even with level 11 dragons and still nothing.

  34. Matthew says:

    If you read this than you are eligible for free gems!!!!! Just friend a member called loach2.0

  35. Dreadnought says:


    I found the best combo for a moon dragon is the same combo used for the sun dragon at certain periods during the day. For me it seems 2-6pm = possible sun and 2-6am = possible moon. If your getting high end dragons on first tries your really lucky :) . I have 2 suns, 2 moons and a rainbow of which I got none on my first try.

  36. Dreadnought says:

    I use mud and then storm however my wife uses fog and storm the common dragon seems to be storm as the second bred dragon and a water hybrid as the first for sun and moon this is what works for us. We are using level 15 dragons and still require usually 3 – 50 tries to acquire a rare dragon. I just spent 8 tries trying for my 2nd frost fire dragon and up popped a 48 hour timer so odds would put it as a rainbow. Cold(lvl.15) + Scorch(lvl.10) I tend to use lvl 10 secondary dragons as I seem to have better luck with that.

  37. Dreadnought says:

    Damn i’m dumb it’s gotta be a sun dragon I totally forgot rainbow has to be 2 hybrids lol and my time of day it was bred makes it my 3rd sun.

  38. Becca says:

    Just got a panlong with fog and bone, both level 10.

  39. Jen says:

    @ other Jen o_o..
    You can breed the moon, sun, and rainbow dragon with the same combination of crystal + blue fire. If you want a moon dragon, breed at night. For a sun dragon, breed in the morning. I bred mine at about 10 pm for moon and 10 am for sun. I hope this works out for you :)

  40. jj says:

    got panalog afterlike the thirteenth try mud blazing big john 316

  41. Brown Bear NZ says:

    Finaly got Panlong. Tried my Blazing + Mud 10times and no luck both being level 10. Then tried Fog + Lava and after my 6th try i finally got it. Lava is 10 and Fog is 9.

  42. Danielle says:

    I have a Panlong dragon incubating now

  43. PeachAvocado says:

    I finally got the panlong , incubating now.
    I tried use mud and blazing around 6 times !
    Then I tried to put blazing first then mud . And it works for me :)
    Oh , the blazing and the mud are level 10 .

  44. Angie says:

    I have been trying for the rainbow and panlong for a long time… I kept breeding bluefire with crystal or quake (switching them out randomly) and finally got a moon dragon after about 6 tries then the next time I bred it was a sun dragon (I followed the night and day rule) I have been trying many times (about 10 times each) for both the rainbow and the panlong but having no luck… Any suggestions??

  45. Angie says:

    I have been trying for the rainbow and panlong for a long time… I kept breeding bluefire with crystal or quake (switching them out randomly) and finally got a moon dragon after about 6 tries then the next time I bred it was a sun dragon (I followed the night and day rule) I have been trying many times (about 10 times each) for both the rainbow and the panlong but having no luck… Any suggestions??

  46. Ethan says:

    I need some gems, if you send some, I will repay with gems. I only have a text account, so send it to ETHANHMADTOWN and send the gems. Please

  47. Soleana says:

    Well it doesn’t always work just try again I guess

  48. Tony says:

    Yeah I have literally been breeding two sets of mud and blazing dragons repeatedly for two weeks, honestly two weeks and nothing. Are there special circumstances that néed to be met like with sun and moon?

    • Misty says:

      Don’t give up!! I bred the blazing/mud & mud/blazing over 50 times. I bought gems and sped the process up just to keep trying.. and NOTHING. I tried fog/lava a few times in between.. NOTHING! I even tried different dragons of the same type and nothing worked. Today, when the Love dragon was advertised, I figured out the formula based on their types, and figured that Flower/Lightning would be the best way.. tried it once.. nothing.. on the 2nd try.. I got the Love dragon. Then.. since I had good luck with that.. I tried Fog/Lava.. AGAIN… NOTHING… AGAIN.. PANLONG!!!!! So.. as you see.. it took me forever. I almost gave up and bought one.. but I didn’t. You’ll get it. Good luck!!!

  49. cool says:

    i have level 10 mud and evel 10 blazing and i still dont get it!


  50. Alejandra says:

    Oh my gosh, just try breeding blazing and mud or lava and fog. If you don’t get it, keep trying. There is no secret combination.

  51. bob says:

    Are ya sure its gonna stay for the whole year ? I know that the new year is fifteen days since i’m Chinese. i tried breeding one 45 times all combanations and i didnt get it . and i have muiltple breeding caves and i can get unlimited. what happend

  52. REFLEX21 says:

    I just got a Panlong using Blazing (lvl 10) + Mud (lvl 10). I tried Epic breeding and the regular breeding cave about 20 times before i got it. It takes a really long time unless u get lucky.Just repeadly breed it along qith the Fog + Lava like I did if u have the Epic breeding Island. The best part is that u get tons of money from selling Fog eggs and Blazing eggs if u dont get the Panlong. Now I’m just waiting for it to finish incubating so i can hatch it. I need help breeding a Sandstorm, lol. Been trying for weeks with no luck. Ah well, Good Luck to ppl.

  53. LilyDragon says:

    i’ve been trying for panlong for a while now. i’ve been using mud+blazing (both lvl 10) and fog+lava (both lvl 10) and nothing so far. need some advice, what should i use? breeding cave, or breeding island? or both? and for which combanation? ty for the help.

  54. LilyDragon says:

    i’ve been having trouble breeding a panlong dragon. I’ve tryed blazing+mub (both lvl 10) and lava+fog (both lvl 10) and nothing. I need some help please. what worked for others?

  55. Jonathan says:

    What does a lava and fog dragon put together make if you get a 48 breeding time??

  56. Everardo says:

    I am trying to get panlong but it dosent seem to work any ideas

  57. Bockx says:

    I got one. I’m level 17 and bred a mud level9 and a
    Blazing level9 and got the panlong dragon on my
    Second try

  58. Justin says:

    Can someone please help me with hatching a panlog dragon, because I have tried to hatch one with blazing and mud, and fog and lava. All of them are level 10, I am level 18, is it because I need the epic breeding island (because I don’t have one) or do I jUst need to keep trying?

    • LilyDragon says:

      I’d say keep trying. i’m lvl 21 and i’m having trouble breeding one as well. i’ve for an epic breeding island, but that doesn’t seem to help me at all. i think i’ll need higher lvl dragons but i can’t get higher lvl becuz i haven’t completed a shrine yet. so i’d say keep trying.
      (i’ve been breeding blazing and mud as well as fog and lava, all of them lvl 10 same as you) i’d say that getting an epic breeding island will increase your chances but you don’t need it. just keep trying and sometime before this years over, you’ll get it.

  59. Panu says:

    Is there a level that you have to be to breed it

  60. Justin says:

    Hopefully lol
    Cuz I’ve been trying for like 3 weeks and nothing

  61. bob says:

    ive tried breeding a panlong dragon about 15 times now with blazing + mud am i doing it the right way or is it ment to be mud first and blazing second ?

  62. I need a panlog dragon been trying for a month and a half I’ve tried everything… Lvl 10 lava + lvl 10 fog. And lvl 10 blazing + lvl 10 mud Please help!!!

  63. Random says:

    Can you breed a panlong dragon in a breeding cave or do you have to breed it at a Epic Breeding Island.

  64. ChaosSavior says:

    Both place work, on epic island you have higher chance of getting

  65. Enter your name... says:

    You can use either

  66. Risman says:

    I m breeding mud lvl 10 with blazing lvl 10 nw n its says 36 hrs.. Wondering whether its panlong??

  67. Mikah says:

    Just got my first :) I was wondering if anyone on here have extra bone or raindeer dragons as I’d like to trade something for them if possible? I missed the boat on those guys :( Can someone still breed those limited breeds if they have them? I read somewhere that hinted that you could still breed them if you already got them before they were no longer available in the market.. so i was wondering if this was true.

  68. Grayson says:

    Ok I know u guys have heard blazing and mud is a good one, but fog and lava is the BEST for a panlong. I had been trying for weeks with blazing and mud, and it failed each time. Then I tried fog and lava, and the breeding time said 36 hrs!! I can’t wait to get and panlong!!

  69. I need a panlog dragon been trying for a month and a half I’ve tried everything… Lvl 10 lava + lvl 10 fog. And lvl 10 blazing + lvl 10 mud Please help!!!

  70. LilyDragron says:

    I finally got my panlong! I used fog + lava both lvl 10. i breed them in the epic breeding island. i wish everyone luck on breeding their own panlong! :D

  71. Dewi says:

    Do u have to get the epic breeding island?????????

  72. Dewi says:

    Do u have to get the epic breeding island?????????Z

  73. Dewi says:

    Does it mater what level ur dragons ar on

  74. G-vus says:

    Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, I Finaly got panlong with lv 10 lava then lv10 fog on my 1st try. I’ve been trying blazing then mud since panlong came out with no success but finaly this worked.

  75. Ryan says:

    Ive been trying to breed a palong dragon for weeks now. No luck what-so-ever. I need some help please. add me Batman2114 on game center.

  76. Hello says:

    I can’t get the penlong dragon either???

  77. Random says:

    Hey I got it with Blazing and Mud level 10.

    My mom has tried that and the fog and lava and neither has worked and she doesn’t have a bone dragon. Any suggestiion?

  78. Sankeeth says:

    I’ve been doing MudLv.10 + BlazingLv.10 and FogLv.10 + LavaLv.10 in the regular breeding cave and still didn’t get a Panlong Dragon

  79. Luke Kobe says:

    Blazing and mud combo really works!
    I’m just waiting for my Panlong dragon to hatch!
    Both dragons are level 7.
    Bred in the normal breeding cave.

  80. babyshing says:

    Finally i got Panlong after so many tries!!

    Blazing (Level10) and mud (Level 10) in island

  81. Cam says:

    Yes! After 1000 tries, I finally got panlong. Mud and blazing in a normal cave. I got all dragons now, and even two rainbows

  82. Moirak628 says:

    I bred lava and fog both level 10s and got it on the first try, I gave up on the rainbow and blue fire for now…

  83. Carin says:

    Try to switch them, do blazin on left and mud on the right. That’s what I did….and that’s what I hear many doing.

  84. Dewi says:

    I got a panlong by breeding mud left blazing right both level 10 on EBI first try

  85. Dewi says:

    If I’ve got 1 panlong dragon how can I get anodder 1 faster whith more of a chance

  86. Aes Sedia5 says:

    I was working on panlong. And i got 2 TWO rainbow dragons. Going to try to breed them to get leap year dragon/ i did mud and blaze both lvl 10 about30 times in both epic and regular caves

  87. Dewi says:

    I got leap year dragon by breading lava 10 and fog10 in the breading cave


  88. Eddywinn says:

    Okay, so I wanted to make a panlong dragon so I could breed with my love dragon to get a leap year dragon?

    I I tried mud and blazing, no use I got a mud,then I tried fog and lava and got Lava, I wasted all of my gems and on the third try, I put mud and blazing again and the time was 14hrs 30min, I knew it wasn’t the panlong and got disappointed, I wanted to find out what it was but saw none had 14hrs 30min, I googled it and found out it was a leap year!!!! :D

  89. Eddywinn says:

    Jst made another! On accident with mud and blazing combination!

  90. Godzilla346 says:

    I tried the lava + fog and I got a leap year dragon first try.

  91. Andy says:

    Can someone help me I already tried like 20 times blazing + mud and it doesn’t work

  92. No says:

    Wait how many people have got a paneling or leap year dragons…
    Plz give me tips it is REALY starting to annoy me now that I can’t get one

    Ps: how many of you are replying from your I pods

    • Ahsaiya says:

      I have both, a panlong egg and leap year. For the leap year I bread a level 10 sea weed and level 10 firefly dragon. The panlong was random, I forgot what I used to breed for it. A mud and blazing I think. And I use my iPod. Hope this helps.

      • No says:

        I was just interested in how many people were using there iPod to do responses As for the leap year… Well I can’t get it anymore :(
        So I guess I’m focusing on the other rare dragons now

  93. No says:

    Ugh I keep trying blazing and mud AND IT’S NOT WORKING
    Does it matter what’s on the left or right? Some one give me tips plz

  94. Yokoloko says:

    Jow i want a panloong dragon and i did all the combos like hundred times and it wont work my game genter name is y0k0l0k0 the o’s are zero’s

  95. No says:

    Omg the new clover dragons out So now I want that before it disapears
    So any advice?

  96. person says:

    ill give u gems if u give me gems

  97. Kmj says:

    Flower and moss…in that order

    • No says:

      To get the Clover Dragon?

      • Kmj says:

        Yes…a clover I have tried so many times to get panlong…blazing and mud then fog and lava….both at least 50 times…no luck :(

        • No says:

          Ive been trying to get the panlong dragon for quite a while is there any tips people can give me? Oh and I have the Clover dragon, I used tree and moss dragons (in given order) to get it. Anyone have any other possible way to get it? I dont want to wait 12 years for it to come back

  98. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to trade dragons? I want a leap year and bone dragon but can’t breed one. Is there a way to trade for one? Also, how can you trade gems? I haven’t figured that out yet.

  99. Jaden says:

    Can’t seem to get this dragon. Plz help

  100. Clos says:

    I got most dragon about to try for pan long

  101. Jay says:

    Hahaha I got the panlog dragon FIRST TRY WITH LVL. 8 fog and LVL 7 LAVA. TRY IT IM ONLY LEVEL 16

  102. Ccnm05 says:

    Got first Panlong
    Used mud level 10 on the left and blazing level 10 on the right.

  103. Britt says:

    I’ve been trying for weeks to get a panlog dragon, I just got the epic breeding cave so maybe that will help?

  104. -.-' says:

    This ain’t working for me. IDK? CM -,-’

  105. -,-' says:

    Seriously come on be serious or not -.- oh well. I’m kinda jealous of my friends park one of his island only has panlong dragons and all together he has 22 Panlong dragons I just went to his park to collect money so I counted them and he has 2 more eggs incubating so if they hatch that means he’ll have 24 pan longs. Idk how to breed them I followed the instruction. It just doesn’t work for me – o – . :(

  106. Justin says:

    I think I’m having bad luck because I’ve tried every combination 10 times, but I have never got it.

  107. Jenny says:

    I was very lucky. I am new to the game and on my first attempt with Fog on left and Lava on right I managed to breed a Panlong Dragon.

    I was actually trying to get a rainbow dragon haha

    Good luck

  108. cool awsome says:

    i got it with fog and lava at level 7

  109. Can anybody help me get an air dragon? how can i get one without gems or water and fire mixed?

  110. Craig says:

    Do you need the breeding island???

  111. No says:

    Well I feel stupid, I think I may have gotton the panlong but I forgot to check the incubation time

  112. Nate says:

    I did a lv.10 blazing(left) and lv.10 mud(right)! What did I get? I got a 36hr. Breeding time.

  113. Aimee says:

    Fog + Lava both level 10.

  114. Mr. Semtex says:

    i bred a blazing and a mud dragon and i got 48 hrs nt 36 so whats up with that? lol i got a rainbow already but hey the more the merrier! i hope its a sun dragon though

  115. Mr. Semtex says:

    Its another rainbow. Idk if I should be happy or disapointed

  116. Marcelo says:

    Me add ai marcelo flpu

  117. Jordyn says:

    I got a sun on my first time breeding at night with storm and firefly, but need help with moon and panglong. Im relatively new to the game (lvl 14).

  118. Rose says:

    I’ve tried the blazing + mud, it didn’t worked.
    I’am still trying :)

  119. tjh says:

    What happens if you breed 2 panlongs together?

  120. Jrod2k88 says:

    So for two days i spent beeding the Blazing + Mud dragon in the epic breeding cave, and Fog + Lava in the normal. Proud to say after two long gruesome days i luckily got two Panglong Dragons!!! At the same time!!! If you like to see for yourself add me jrod2k88

  121. Rose says:

    still trying the mud + blazing

  122. adnan says:

    im level 13 and the panlong is not in the market when i check. can i breed is anyway?
    add me on gamecenter: yahya 41

  123. Rose says:

    you can try it,
    and maybe you get the sun or moon dragon

  124. frodo says:

    how do you get a dragon to level 10 i have 2 level 10 dragons and i can’t feed them no more it says max and yes i have the latest dragonvale

    • Mod-chick says:

      You have to get the respective shrine and then breed 50 x level 10 of that element to be allowed to get dragons to level 15. E.g. Buy plant shrine. Breed 50 to level 10 then you will see you can start feeding to level 15. The dragon gets an orb floating above its head once yhey go past 10.

      Hope that helps!

  125. Rheece says:

    Please tell me how to breed it I have mud and blazing about 15 times and fog and lava 10 times add me yoshimaster 5

  126. Rose says:

    mud + blazing worked!!
    i tried so many times!

  127. devin says:

    if you already have a panlong dragon breed it with fog lava mud or blazing and you have a better chance of getting one :)

  128. Lisa says:

    I have tried all the combos with no luck? I went ahead and got all metal dragons so why can’t I get panlong dragon,sun,or moon? Somebody add me plz & help lol

  129. Jordyn says:

    As an update, after breeding blazing and mud 4 times I got a panlong. Reply and we echange gems.

  130. Denise says:

    Got my panlong first try blazing and mud . Have 4 sun, moon and rainbow. Sun and rainbow i got from crystal+bluefire. For moon, lava+ fog. Enjoy!!

  131. Meghan says:

    I just bred a panlong from a lvl 10 blazing and lvl 10 mud. Took about six tries. Super excited :)

  132. }~Wolf~{ says:

    It is funny…. It seems that if u breed blazing and mud in the epic breeding craze you will get rainbow… Cuz I did and if u breed blazing and bud in the breeding cave you get panlong…… So now I got 2 rainbows. 1 panlong, 1 sun, 1 moon, and 1 clover!!! So please ad me I am currently at level 21… My game center name is }~Wolf~{

  133. veryll says:

    i have two panlongs the first one got it first try wit mud and blazing and the second one with the first panlong and water. hope this helps:-)

  134. sharky says:

    hey does and body know a sure-to-get way of breeding the panlong and clover dragon without the epic breeding cave?

  135. Lourdis_aire says:

    I need the sandstorm, sun, and pan long. I missed the. Bone, reindeer, and love not to mention I was to low level wise to get leap year. I’ll keep trying for the ones I need. But not one combo has worked so far.

  136. A says:

    Ha. I got it on my 3rd try! I got the panlong by breeding fog on the left + lava on the right = panlong.

  137. A says:

    I just need the sandstorm, and the rainbow dragon. Can anyone sujest different combinations of dragons for me. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  138. Panlong! says:

    I’m level 23 and I’ve been trying for panlong since I was level 19 on both epic breeding ground and cave non stop. Sux. Got two rainbows instead. Going too quit soon if I don’t get a panlong.

    • }~Wolf~{ says:

      it works better is you try blazing and mud in the cave not the island cuz every time i do it in the island i get rainbow hope this helps

      if you want to add me i am }~Wolf~{

  139. Lucas says:

    Lvl 15 panlong dragon with fire and water boost 411 per min

  140. nlopez8488 says:

    Finally got a panlong, it’s still breeding but it has a 36 hour breeding time! Got it with fog lvl10 and lava lvl10.

  141. Smakattak says:

    I did mud (lvl 10) and blazing (10). My park is a level 20.

  142. Panlong! says:

    Finally a panlong!!!!!!!!! Lvl 10 mud with level 12 blazing. Been switch them left and right a few times after it was suggested to me. Thanks. This was at island. i also a got a 48hr incub time with scorch n ice at cave. Hopefully not another rainbow(too many) hope its a sun or moon.

    • Bman3333 says:

      It will be sun or moon.

      • Bman3333 says:

        I just reached level 17 and I have an app that shows all breeding combos. (Except New Ones.) And I found out that there is a steel dragon. In the breeding guide, there is NO steel dragon. Now, my question is, Is the steel dragon a new dragon? It is like crystal/snow/mine looking and costs 750 Gems. So is it new?

  143. Does anyone know what the chances are to get a panlong? I’ve heard that it’s about 15% but that can’t be true? I’ve tried like 40 times and if that were true I should have about 6 panlongs by now but I haven’t got a single… :(

  144. Loltroll says:

    The Panlong dragon should only go into water, earth, fire, or air habitats

  145. Lassen says:

    I’m lvl 17 and just bred 1 with a lvl 10 Fog and lvl 6 lava (that order) Gl breeding your’s:)

  146. ravegirl777 says:

    I have beeeeeen trying for the panlong dragon… and STILL no luck v.v im using these seggested combonations and nothing.. is there a time of day to breed them or what? all i get are 5 hours 4 hours 8 hours sheesh! waisting 16 gours plus a day! bleh.. owell i guess ill get it eventually..

  147. Matt says:

    please add me and give me gems i have tried to get panlong over 100 times and failed i just want to buy it

  148. Superluigi6 says:

    Hi there,

    I am having some trouble breeding this. What is the best combination to get Panlong? I tried Blazing and Mud, and it didn’t work on the first try.

  149. Avery says:

    the beginning is a little too long in the white i tottally almost shut it off

  150. NoJailBreak says:

    Two working combinations: mud and blazing, lava and fog. But you still need luck to breed panlong because earth, water, air and fire can give you lots of other dragons too.

  151. Mr. Semtex says:

    so far i got all dragons except this one and the leap year (obviously). i tried all combinaions except fog and bone b/c i dont have bone

  152. Casey says:

    I have tried lvl 10 mud on the left lvl 10, lvl 12, and lvl 13 blazing on the right a total of 4′ total of 43 times per dragon per cave… The best dragon I got was a rainbow. Any tips? I’m starting to get tired of waiting hours for crap dragons. My friends have bread 2 panlongs already.

  153. ......... says:

    Breeding may be 1:09:00

  154. Brandon says:

    Can I still get a panlong dragon??

  155. Dragooned says:

    The panlong dragon is so hard to go..plus it is coincidence I am born in the year of the dragon

  156. After 10 times I finally got my Panlong (blazing + mud, both lv. 10 in breeding cave). Just keep trying, until you get it. Don’t give up.

    I don’t know if it really has anything to do with the present of pagoda + paper latern + twited bamboo. I have them ready as I thought it would do much help.


  157. Dragooned says:

    Guys,I was breeding a blazing and mud dragon together hoping to get a panlong when the whole incubation time was 48 hours!what dragon is it?

  158. Cam says:

    Can you still get pan long or is it just for Chinese new year?

  159. devansh says:

    I ‘ve tryed all the combination’s on the net but nothing i only get 8 hour waiting time then i get dragons that i have :( help

  160. devansh says:

    yeah ! i am getting mad, many of my gamecentre friends have panlong dragon
    i am kinda jealouse because i tried again today and i got 8 hour waiting time i dont have luck.

  161. Tiffany says:

    I got panalog with mud+blazing I now have three panalogs the second time I think I breeded lava and crystal the third time I breeded panalog and panalog

  162. alex1701d says:

    i just got my panlong waiting,
    did fog and lava 3 times then mud and blaze 3 times and then once again and now its waiting so keep switching between those 2 options and ull get it snd also got it without epic breeding island

  163. TomWint says:

    I’ve been scarily lucky and have got every dragon that I’ve seen appear on dragonvale except for the rainbow and panlong dragons! Ive got an epic breeding wotsit and have used both breeding areas with mud + blazing and lava + fog ALOT of times! Any ideas?
    Add me TomWint

    • Frauch says:

      I just breeded mud dragon lev. 10 with a blazing dragon lev.10 in the epic breeding island and are getting 36 hours, so I think it’s panlong! the very first time I tried this combo in the simple breeding cave, but I failed.
      I add you! I’m Frauch89! Gem for Gem!!

  164. Pre.sembhi says:

    My gamecentre friends name is not visible in my dragonvale’s friend list.what to do?pls.help

  165. lachie says:

    can confirm that the mud + blazing can be under lv 10 (i had lv 5 and lv 7)

  166. iluvpi says:

    I got it first try with lvl 10 fog and lava on he breeding island

  167. Jason says:

    I have gotten 1 rainbow but still no panlong. Help, tried both combos at least 7-8 times. Gamecenter name= swigmer

  168. Beth says:

    I was going for the Panlong dragon and instead got the Solstice dragon. I used blazing and mud (in that order) on the updated breeding island and got the solstice dragon. I am just waiting for it to hatch now.

  169. Daniel says:

    Pan long is easy i bred it today in the normal breading cave

  170. Charlie says:

    I have tryed mud+blazing like a hundred times and i have the epic breeding island. Is their anything i can do or I just need more luck?

  171. Carter says:

    I got it first try with mud +blazing in the normal breeding cave
    Mud went through the fountain of youth
    But blazing didn’t both level ten me level 23

  172. cad272 says:

    i got it first go with fog and lava, :) HAPPY!

  173. George says:

    Add me will send gems ID: Hermes6034

  174. xabiabris says:

    Add me to game center, name “xabiabris”!

  175. agxtgsdyhsud says:

    i tried fog & lava but got a blazing

  176. Dodo123123? says:

    My game center name is dodo123123?

    Plz add me I’m in desperate need of gems, I’ll give u gems to!

  177. Gibbo says:

    I just bread a fog dragon with a bone dragon on the epic
    Breeding island and got a 48 hr. breeding time! :D

  178. Becaq says:

    I’ve been trying like mad for the panlong and have gotten 15 fireworks in a row. Needless to say I’m frustrated! I’ve done blazing/mud and fog/lava over and over and nothing. Any suggestions?

  179. Garath M says:

    I have a sun, moon and rainbow dragon ( and BTW they earn a lot more cash than Panlong and are rarer ) but i still haven’t got the panlong and its reeally bugging me :/. I really want it b4 the end of the year so can someone tell me what the best combination to breed it is? Only tell me if it worked first try plz.

  180. brett says:

    i bred mud and blazing and i got 4 panlongs

  181. _(RK)_ says:

    Just got it, blaz + Mud, breedingcave

  182. Scooter says:

    I have tried 5 times to get the panlong and it still won’t work!!!!!

  183. bitoguerr says:

    What combination is consider the easiest for a panlong dragon ive tried most of these by alternating but i cant get it help me and add me for gems.

  184. Bitoguerr says:

    Need help someone reply if they got panlong tell me how and maybe someone that got sun moon and rainbow plz and thank you

  185. Scotchmist says:

    I just jagged a pan along I think. It is 36 hours in the normal breeding cave with blazing and mud. Both are level 10. I got the rainbow with willow and quake both level 10. Both dragons were 2 tries.

  186. DJ says:

    I got my panlong with mud and blazing, on island. Then right after I got a peridot in the cave. Going to try for a second.

  187. Evan says:

    Lol I thought about getting a mud and blazing now I have both of them trying to get them both on level ten ( blazing already level 10 ) and then I come here to make sure that I could use them and it just happened to be the most popular!

  188. dragonfreak says:

    i got it first try with mud(first) and blazing(second)

  189. DragonVale says:

    I got a panlong 1st try with rain and lava. Try it

  190. Try Fog dragon 1 and Lava dragon 2 both level ten

  191. Alex says:

    I got sun and rainbow every time I tried. I can’t seem to get moon or PL. is there a certain time u should breed them?

  192. nico says:

    Once you HAVE a panlong dragon, is it possible to breed it with any other dragon to result in a second panlong dragon? and is it the same with other rare dragons?

  193. The Beast says:

    How do u get more gems?!?!?! Pls help me out!

  194. Kewl says:

    you do Fog+Lava, 100% sure

  195. Deajei says:

    Is this dragon still available? Or will I have to wait twelve years to get it?

  196. awesometoo says:

    What level do the dragons have to be or does it matter

  197. Dragonvale says:

    I bred a mud and blazing and got 48hours wha could it be? Because pan long is 36…

  198. Sophie says:

    Gem tree= stupid!!!!!! I got it! IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!

  199. Sophie says:

    OMG!!! I just got the blue moon dragon instead of the panlog dragon!!!!!

  200. Robotbolt says:

    Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed gems


    Game center

  201. Robotbolt says:

    I did quake with blazing and got 24 hours Plzzzz anyone tell me what dragon this is!!!

  202. Hailfire says:

    The chinese charecter reads dragon not panglong. ( I know, I am chinese)

  203. Duskyeskimo says:

    I was trying to get a panlong Dragon, so I used blazing and mud in the epic breeding island, instead got a solstice :L add me on game centre: duskyeskimo

  204. Sadie says:

    Just done blazing + mud in the normal breeding cave and the breeding time says 36 hrs. Does this mean I have a Panlong?

    Are there any other dragons with a breeding time of 36 hrs?

  205. debee says:

    How do i get past level 10 dragons to level 20?

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