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Dragonvale Pearl DragonIf you have heard of the dragonvale pearl dragon, then, it must be that you are among the best dragonvale fans who follow keenly on the dragonvale game.

Well, recently, dragonvale backflip studios turned tables upside down when they launched the new dragonvale version 1.8 update. Why is this so? It is because this update came with something many dragonvale fans did not expect and it was the new dragonvale gemstone dragons series.

Have you ever had a desire to have a dragonvale dragon that can give you gems? If you have, then, it is the next big thing in dragonvale and already, the dragonvale emerald dragon has been released in the dragonvale version 1.8 update. The next dragonvale gemstone dragon in this category is the dragonvale pearl dragon.

So what about the dragonvale pearl dragon? Whereas information is still scanty on this dragon, we know for sure that Backflip Studios have hinted that it will be released very soon and many dragonvale fans predict that the dragonvale pearl dragon will be with us in the month of June.

Even as you wait eagerly to breed your pearl dragon, you have to know that just like the dragonvale emerald dragon, the dragonvale pearl dragon will offer dragonvale gems. As per now, we cannot say what the best combinations for breeding the pearl dragon will be or how the next set of dragonvale gemstone dragons will be like. All we can do is speculate.

We will be the first to tell you when the pearl dragon is released and what breeding combinations that you will need for breeding the dragonvale pearl dragon. However, as you wait for the pearl dragon and other upcomming dragons in dragonvale, enjoy breeding your dragonvale emerald dragon. Check back with us soon for more updates on this mobile game.


  1. jamie says:

    Since the gemstone island can hold 12 dragon i think there will be on for each month based in birthstone like may is an emrald and june is a pearl

  2. Mikey-4 says:

    I can’t wait to get pearl dragon

  3. Noah says:

    I’m trying to breed an Emerald dragon and it’s working. It said 31 hours on both breeding places so I’m going to get 2 emerald dragons!!!!

  4. Kayla says:

    I cant wait to get the pearl dragon! I really want to get a collction started for them!

  5. Erica says:

    Ooened up the game this morning and it said something about the pearl dragon… Cany wait. Waiting on my Emerald dragon to hatch now.

  6. G-vus says:

    July is going to be the ruby dragon.

  7. Mandrake says:

    May’s birthstone is the emerald and there are 31 days in May. I wonder if the rest of the gem dragons will follow the same formula for breeding time/gem type.

  8. Fred says:

    How do u breed one?!?

  9. Butternut says:

    Just wait for the diamond dragon. Backflip has their work cut out for them.

  10. Joejarb says:

    What did you use for breeding?
    Crystal then lichen or lichen then crystal

  11. Mikey-4 says:

    Crystal and lichen to get emeral dragon. I waiting
    For my emeral dragon to hatch.

    Mikey-4 gc ID

  12. Cassie says:

    Got the emerald dragon crystal then lichen! Awesome! Can’t wait for pearl

  13. Alicia says:

    I got an emerald first with lichen left, crystal right, (both lv 10) and fir my second emerald I switched them around. However, for me it took about 20 – 30 tries. Persistence is key! What does everyone think all 12 gemstone dragons will be?

    • Pat says:

      I think 1 will be a diamond ruby sapphire….I got these names from the Pokemon games

    • Jerell says:

      Its pretty obvious the next 11 are the birthstones of the months…

    • Jammypammy says:

      January: Garnet
      February: Amethyst
      March: Aquamarine
      April: Diamond
      May: Emerald
      June: Pearl
      July: Ruby
      August: Peridot
      September: Sapphire
      October: Opal
      November: Topaz (yellowish orange)
      December: Topaz (light blue but not as light as Aquamarine)

  14. Bryan says:

    Since the update I have been breeding the crystal w/ lichen and no luck other then a sun dragon…has anyone had any luck with getting the emerald dragon???

    • Rank says:

      I got mine with Chrystal left 11 and lichen right level 10 frshly bred. U prob have to try more than once I got tons of mountains (5 of them). Hope u get it!!!!!

    • Harley7899 says:

      I read quake left lichen right both level 10. I’ve been trying with no luck & when I did this combo, I got it first try. good luck

    • Bryan, I read somewhere that if lichen/crystal doesn’t work dv users should try replacing crystal with quake. I haven’t tried this combo as lich/cry worked for me but were getting close to the deadline so anything helps right? Good luck, and jerrell I forgot to type ‘look’ so it was meant to read ‘what does everyone think the dragons “look” will be” as in does anyone think they will resemble any pre-existing dragons? Personally I would love to see the diamond dragon shaped like the rainbow dragon, or sapphire like the blazing dragon! I bet they’ll all be beautiful! Emerald has the cutest eyes n lil tail. I reckon pearl dragon will have a pearl on the end of his tail!

    • It took me who knows how long to get my emerald dragon, it took forever, when I first tried the combo I got a rainbow.

  15. cat face11 says:

    My sis got it on her first try crystal lichen (lv22) I cant even get i wasted70 gems and have tried about 40 total times but still havent gotten it (same combo) I’m level 26 and btw add “cat face11″ and any advice?

    • Patrick's sister says:

      try lichen first. When I did that I got it on my 2nd try. (first try was flower). I did it at about 3: 30 and both dragons were level 10.

    • summer chic says:

      Haha yeah I’m his sis and he bred rhe dragon for me on his first try with a level 10 lichen & lvl 10 crystal. I think it’s funny how he used like 70 gems on his and never gets it, then tries it on mine and gets it first try. I want pearl!! I’m pretty sure deadline is June 1 for emerald dragon so y’all better hurry up!! GOOD LUCK!! :) )

      Add me: summer chic <3

    • Keep trying it took me forever!!! Everytime u breed its like rolling dice so yeah don’t give up!and keep rolling them dice lol

  16. Audrey says:

    I tried crystal lvl10 on the left side and lichen lvl10 on the right side in the breeding cave and I got a Rainbow dragon! I wanted an emerald! So I tried again with the same dragons and got something with 48 hours incubation time! So still no emerald! Is there special time of the day to try? I live in THE Netherlands so it’s cet.

  17. Sherry says:

    I know how to breed the gemstone dragon I already have 3

  18. Robin says:

    I am on my 4th Emerald. I used crystal lvl 11 on left and lvl 11 lichen on right… You’ll see a pattern…once you get 2 sun dragons you will get an emerald dragon soon…I would not use higher level dragons….I wasted too many gems. Using lvl 15 dragons.

  19. Stella says:

    You don’t get it every time. It took me 5 tries. There is no rhyme or reason to which side or time of day. The Epic Breeding update makes a huge difference in incubation!

  20. Ziek says:

    Ok so heres the deal if you look at the gem dragon island you will notice that it holds up to twelve dragons total (twelve months), the dragons are gem ;) see what I’m getting at, each month a new dragon should be released. These guys are amazing I say bring on more dragons

  21. Tal says:

    October is a opel

  22. Frauch says:

    I’ll try tomorrow! I really want a EMerald dragon! and some friend with whom exchange gems too! (I’ve got the gem tree)

  23. matt says:

    does the dragon have to be lv 10 to get emerald dragon?

  24. Nathalie says:

    bred crystal and lichen in epic breeding island, trying for an emerald, and got a time of 45 gems… so not sun, rainbow or moon… anyone have any idea what this could be? i have no gems left so can’t speed it up!!

  25. Legomfig says:

    What is it with every one getting more than 1. I mean u can’t breed the emerald dragons together and anyways if getting more than 1 what is the point of putting it in the hibernation cave?

  26. Kathy says:

    How Long does it take to breed a gemstone dragon…not incubate one but breed

  27. Trebor says:

    Well since there are four different areas to the gemstone island blue yellow and etc. pearls are in the water. You might wanna expect a sea creature

  28. an says:

    i have a lot of emerail dragon 19 or 20 dragon

    • poison says:

      an, how did you do that? I wasted too much gems I could almost buy the emeral dragon with those gems. So far I got 2 emerald dragons and countless of crystal, and tree dragons…. + moss and lichen dragons too.

  29. Dragonvalebuff says:

    I got an emerald dragon on the FIRST TRY with crystal and lichen! Still waiting for it to incubate!

  30. Alicia says:

    Any guesses on what combos for pearl dragon? it’s sea creature so I’m thinking water/crystal or seaweed/sonic maybe. Or maybe it will e the same combo lichen/crystal but he results will be pearl. But I reckon they want to keep us on our toes…
    … Any ideas?

    • Trebor says:

      Chrome and water?

    • summer chic says:

      I’m thinking crystal and ice possibly? ALL THE GEMSTONE DRAGONS MUST INCLUDE THE CRYSTAL DRAGON WHILE BREEDING!! So if u have the epic breeding island like me, keep 2 crystal dragons handy. Also…if your dragon is “little” with going thru the FOY, then change it back to older. This DOES interfere with the breeding process.

      Add me! : summer chic <3

  31. Jdh10389 says:

    I got 2 emeralds my first 2 tries in the breeding cave lichen lvl 7 left crystal lvl 7 right

  32. Time2 says:

    This is annoying all I get is quake dragons. Is it because of my normal breeding cave?

  33. Jumpy4 says:

    Who can’t wait to September,
    sapphire dragon!!!!

  34. Nick says:

    I don’t know witch side to put the litchin I’ve tried for 4 days on each so maby there have to be Sertian items u must have……

  35. BFFScott123 says:

    I got emerald first try with
    LvL 10 Lichen + LvL 10 Crystal
    In that order

  36. Alvin says:

    Does who haven’t got the emerald yet I think you guys better hurry up cause I think the dragon will be here until the end of the month only
    which is may and it’s already 27th
    1. 2
    Anyway what worked for me is crystal and lichen
    Good luck guys!

  37. Kasper says:

    Auctally I heard u can bread current and cold dragon or plasma and cold dragon to breed a pearl dragon

  38. Jammypammy says:

    I’m thinking a water (maybe seaweed) and sandstorm just because of the way a pearl is formed in the oyster, the grit that gets into the oyster shell and the way the oyster uses internal saliva to prevent injury and irritation to itself causes mica (I think it is called mica, not sure) to form around the grit and eventually it becomes a pearl.

  39. Neptune8-5-8 says:

    This game is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The deadline is so soon, does anyone have any hints to help me get it?????????

  40. Neptune8-5-8 says:

    the emerald dragon is sooooooo hard to breed

  41. Haley says:

    Someone tell me if the crystal is supposed to be in the fountain of youth or the lichen

  42. Jeffrey says:

    Will all of the gemstone dragons make the same amounts?

  43. Blazzem says:

    Lichen on left crystal on right i tryed a ton of times bevause i dont have the breeding island but it still works… Eventually

  44. joshua says:

    i can’t wait for the pearl because its my birth stone and i already have 1 emerald but none of my friends can get it and they only got today and tommarow to get it :I

  45. Lilly says:

    I just can’t wait to get a pearl dragon because I didn’t get one of the gem dragon I have one sun at the moment and really want a pearl

  46. David says:

    I guess I should have expected the gems to follow the plant, water, fire, air, etc theme. I was hoping for more earthy gems such as the emerald, sapphire, ruby, and topaz.

  47. Lalala says:

    Willmthey make a gem dragon statue??? I want giant baby pearl dragons!!!

  48. Alicia says:

    Hang in there guys it’s soo close!! What combos are u all gonna try? I heard somewhere cold n plasma but can’t know for sure as it was on another site someone was claiming they already had a pearl on 25th may. Obviously lies for players to add them. So maybe it was just a guess? How long did it take for the crystal/lichen combo to become known? I bred my first emerald on the 22nd and the cry/lic posts I found were already a month old…. I’m being impatient and wanting all the info straight a way! Lol! Any way good luck Pearl dragon hunters, if I guess a combo right I’ll post it as soon as its confirmed!

    • Iposhe says:

      I think we’ll have to wait untill tonight midnight to get the pearl dragon. I’m not sure if the person who said they had it REALLY had it. Best of luck to everyone! I’m sooo impatient too!!

  49. racer1828 says:

    Hey Alicia! Have been trying Water & Sandstorm as pearls are made from a grain of sand. No luck yet but figured it wouldn’t happen until June anyway. Also going to try Swamp& Earth as well as Seaweed & Earth or Sandstorm. Think it will be some combo of a water dragon & earth dragon

    • joshua says:

      proboly crystal and something just like emerald because crystal is a type of gem

      • 5xor5 says:

        It think you might be wrong here. If logic serves when making these combos, it will likely be some combination of water and either sandstorm or earth. I say this because a pearl is made by an ocean or river mollusk because an irritant like a grain of sand gets trapped inbetween it’s shell and it’s body. Although the crystal dragon is a possibility, I don’t think it makes sense as it did with emerald because an emerald is an actual crystal but a pearl is not.
        Just so that you understand why I chimed in here, I am a gemologist in RL and I know a thing or two about gems :) happy breeding everyone!!!

    • Shak says:

      It’s seaweed and snow

  50. NatashaJH says:

    Just over an hour till the pearl dragon! I hope to see the combinations as soon as, so I can get breeding!!! :o )

  51. DylanDaBomb says:

    Ummm awesome i think you got your birthstones wrong i’m august and i’m Peridot not ruby or sapphire

  52. breed the emerald dragon at the last im so lucky=]

  53. maya94131 says:

    I’m guessing chrome and crystal, because chrome has that pearly finish.

  54. Memma27 says:

    I got 2 emeralands in two goes with lichen/ crystal, all the othe gemstone dragons will probably be crystal/similar dragon to the gemstone, but we’re is the pearl dragon? It’s June now so it should be here?….

  55. Ya I got my emerald dragon on my 5-6 try i think its about luck honestly not time, and my friend told me she got 2 sun dragons from that so i tried it once more after i got my emerald dragon (crystal lichen) and i got a sun dragon! my bro got a sun dragon from lichen and lightning so i think sun dragons have something about lightning and cold because i got a second sun dragon with blue fire and crystal (again lighting and cold) on the normal breeding cave, so yaaa this comment was mostly about sun dragons, good luck dragonvalers!!!

  56. cameron says:

    i just read on a website that pearl is lichen/ crystal again? im so confused

  57. cameron says:

    sorry everyone, i forgot to say i saw this on gameteep.net

  58. kaizenmc says:

    I hope I have an easier time getting pearl than I did emerald, lol. Add me, i’m lvl30 and play throughout the day everyday. I also have the gifting tree and will give gems. kaizenmc.

  59. Rocky says:

    Ok so does anyone know when the pearl dragon is gonna be out? Its june 1st do i checked this morning and no pearl dragon. Maybe it will be added later in the day but i doubt that. Actually it might be like what they did with the emerald dragon, wait until the middle of the month. But i cant wait that long!!!

  60. June1st!!! says:

    It is June 1st if anyone can see the pearl post on here right away!!!

  61. Shestand says:

    Frustrated!! I have been breeding non-stop trying to get the Emerald. I now have no gems, three Sun, four Moon, and a tonne of other dragons, but no Emerald! Crystal (left) + Lichen (right), or vice versa. Have been using level 11′s and 12′s in Epic and Cave. Grrrr. Hope I have better luck breeding the Pearl!!!

  62. dsnevets says:

    I just bread lichen/crystal today (June 1st) and got a 31 hour incubation time…you think it is same combo that does pearl? Or did I get lucky and get emerald late??

  63. Iposhe says:

    I’ve tried current level 10 and snow level 11 in that order at 9h15 my time and no luck :(

  64. Chris says:

    Maybe it will go by the astrology dates. That’s why the emerald didn’t come out until the middle of the month and that’s why pearl isn’t out yet. Don’t know for sure, just guessing here.

  65. Charlotte says:

    I got told by a friend that works with backflip studios

  66. NatashaJH says:

    New dragons are up and raring to go!!!

  67. Shazbotshaz says:

    Pearl is out. I just saw it in the market!

  68. maya94131 says:


  69. Whats the combo for Pearl ??????
    Anyone ?????

  70. Who knows how to breed one yet?

  71. -the-wolf- says:

    The combination probably is water(type)+crystal

  72. Pokémon says:

    Ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, and pearl. Pokémon copiers :)

  73. Pokémon says:

    Wheres the platinum dragon??? :(

  74. Pixle Lily says:

    I just tried water and sandstorm. Got 8 hrs for Fog Dragon. :( Hurry and post as soon as you KNOW the correct combo!

  75. Pixle Lily says:

    Good luck everyone!

  76. Talen77 says:

    Can’t believe it 56 tries no emerald dragon and we did not even get a full month to try. I swear I’m bad luck with it being my birthstone and all. Seriously pissed hope for better luck with pearl.

  77. CrazedKitty1290 says:

    Two pairs that seem to work are Iceberg/Crystal and Seaweed/Crystal. Try using water hybrids and crystal!

  78. AquiRabbit says:

    I just tred Dragonvale Crystal Dragon and Dragonvale Lichen Dragon and ended up w/ a 5 hour dragon! I gust the Emerald Dragon combo isn’t so lucky w/ the pearl dragon! I guest I have to try sometime deferent

  79. Joshua says:

    Anyone know the combination?

  80. AquiRabbit says:

    The other new dragon is Forge! I don’t see it listed yet! I well try a combo for it!

  81. AquiRabbit says:

    The other new dragon is Forge! I don’t see it listed yet! I well try a combo for it! For pearl, I think Snow left water right!

  82. Molly says:

    Pearl is cold and seaweed. The higher the level, the better

  83. Evman says:

    I have unlimited gems. If you send me 3 gems in return i will send you 50 gems daily! it says i only have 20 or so but it is frozen there so i have unlimited. add me on game center drummer901 with no caps or spaces.

  84. blahblah says:

    pearl is snow and seaweed

  85. Sumer says:

    I have now failed my second try for a pearl. I was unsuccessful for the month of emerald. I am determined to get this pearl though. I got another 8 hour in time. another iceberg, ice, fog or willow for me. We have an awful long wait for that diamond dragon

  86. styxxfm says:

    hopefully I’ll get the pearl. I have tried for the emerald over 20 times didn’t get it… finally time was up. :s
    I got forge with Fire and Metal

    • Buffy says:

      Got forge with copper and fire.
      Think I’m getting quicksilver with magnetic and plasma(18 hr breeding time)
      No luck so far on Pearl using snow and seaweed in any combo :(

  87. Erin says:

    I bred snow and see weed dragon but it wouldn’t work. So I bred see weed then snow. It takes 2 days for them to breed. I wonder if its the pearl dragon.

  88. Beth says:

    I bred seaweed (level 12) and snow (level 10) in that order and got a 30 incubation time. I am pretty sure that it is the pearl dragon.

    • Beth says:

      It is a pearl dragon! I didn’t get the emerald dragon even though I tried nonstop, so I am very happy that I got this one. I wish everyone else the best of luck.

  89. Sylvia says:

    I have tried and tried since the pearl dragon came out with the snow and seaweed combo with no luck. Anyone know of another combo if there is one to get the pearl dragon. Would LOVE to have this one cause it’s my daughters birthstone.

  90. Sumer says:

    I have tryed for pearl about 10 times so far still unsuccessful. I will get it. Just have to think positive.

  91. Trebor says:

    I think the pearl dragon will be chrome and water. In the discription it says the pearl dragon is very playful. So is the water dragon. And chrome dragon would make he pearl dragons wings and shiny pearl.

  92. Shak says:

    I have a pearl dragon

  93. Shak says:

    No. It’s seaweed and snow I have one add me Rahman I will send you gems

  94. Kiwipo says:

    To make Pearl try Snow and Seaweed
    I got it first time but can’t get a second one and also got 2 Emerald
    Dragons. What you need to do is read the info on the dragon or look
    at the habitat and you will see where they should be

  95. Danswill says:

    Got myself a Pearl dragon Brewing! Snow/Seaweed. My question is now can i breed/hatch more than one all month?

  96. Raylene says:

    If u think bout a pearl u need a irratent which is a sandstorm then a ocean which would be seaweed cuz that’s we’re a good pearl comes from not a fresh water pearl lol that’s my train of thought but we will see good luck every one

  97. Aalisaaa says:

    Please, add me, i need gems((

  98. oh my god says:

    i’ve been breeding all month and i got a fucking rainbow but still no pearl

  99. Connor says:

    Me want to know how to breed a pearl dragon IN DRAGONVALE!!!!!!!!!please tell me >:( :{

    • Sumer says:

      Still I have been trying non stop for the pearl dragon everyday all month. I have even been using level 15 dragons. I am not even greedy I just want one:(

  100. Connor says:

    Im going to stab myself if no one finds out ho to breed a pearl dragon
    >:{ please.

  101. HappyHappy says:

    I can’t believe i got a rainbow dragon!

  102. ayden says:

    i tride it 10 times and it came out as a lot of different

  103. I got pearl with snow and seaweed dragons. I got emerald with crystal and lichen. I got butterfly with air and firefly dragons

  104. Sumer says:

    Finally I have a pearl breeding on my epic island. All that positive thinking finally worked

  105. xabiabris says:

    Add me to game center, name “xabiabris”!

  106. Ray says:

    I have been trying to get a Pearl dragon but i cant i tried about 10 times please tell me how to breed it in the breeding cave add me on gamecenter raybrandt.

  107. Elijah Tracanelli says:

    July 1st in Australia, almost July 2nd so where the bloody hell is the ruby?!

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