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Do you know how to breed the peridot dragon? Probably you dont because the dragonvale peridot Peridot Dragonvale Dragondragon was just released moments ago on the dragonvale game play. The peridot dragon is the the latest gem dragon and it replaces the ruby dragon that was available for the month of July.

Apart from the peridot dragonvale dragon, there have been other dragonvale gemstone dragons such as the emerald dragonvale dragon and the pearl dragonvale dragon.

The peridot dragon is the gemstone dragon for the month of August. For September, we will have the sapphire dragonvale dragon. However, Even before we talk about the peridot dragonvale dragon breeding, here are some facts you will have to know about the peridot dragonvale dragon:

Even if the peridot dragon may be as ugly as stated by the dragonvale fans, the dragonvale peridot dragon gemstone earnings still remain the same and this is enough reason why you will want to get your peridot dragonvale dragon!

  • Dragonvale Peridot dragon level recquirements

Do you know the level that you have to be in for you to breed the dragonvale peridot dragon? If you dont, then, you have to be in at least the eleventh level of dragonvale game play for you to breed this dragon. If you want to buy your peridot dragon instead of breeding it, you will have to buy it at 1475 dragonvale gems. However, the selling price for the peridot dragon is 1,500,000 dragonvale coins.

  • Dragonvale peridot dragon earnings

A level one peridot dragon will give you one dragonvale gem in a month while a level ten dragonvale peridot dragon will give one dragonvale gem in a week. Also good to note is that the habitat for the dragonvale peridot dragon is gemstone habitat.

  • Dragonvale Peridot Dragon Incubation period

If you want to breed the new peridot dragonvale dragon, you have the whole of this month to breed your dragon. Therefore, you should not panick when you dont get your peridot dragon on the first try. However, if you get a dragon with 31 hours incubation period, then, you have most likely landed yourself on the dragonvale peridot dragon. This is because the incubation period for the peridot dragon is 31hours.

  • Breeding the dragonvale peridot dragon

Here are the best combinations so far for breeding the dragonvale peridot dragon:

- Dragonvale iron dragon combined with dragonvale fog dragon

- Dragonvale iron dragon combined with dragonvale evergreen dragon

- Dragonvale lava Dragon with Dragonvale malachite dragon

The best combination for the peridot dragonvale dragon is the dragonvale cactus dragon and the dragonvale crystal dragon. However all the other mentioned are also good at getting the peridot dragon.

Do you have any other combination for breeding the peridot dragon that we know not of? If you have a working combination for breeding the dragonvale peridot dragon that we know not of, feel free to post it here. Otherwise, we are still updating this blog post with more about the dragonvale peridot dragon and it will be good if you check later for more information regarding to dragonvale peridot breeding time, dragonvale peridot dragon eggs, dragonvale peridot incubation period and much more!


  1. Visitor says:

    I’m not gonna try till I get the app update, sorry

  2. Chase says:

    What time dose it come out

  3. Kiwipom says:

    I have a dragon breeding for 22hours so can only think I have

  4. Gplolo1949 says:

    Have same 22 hrs ? Have wait see……..?

  5. Kiwipom says:

    22 hours is Scoria Dragon

    At least it’s worth money
    Next time perhaps

  6. Bella says:

    With enough time and enough patience you can breed every gemstone dragons. Thanks for all the help dragonvale.net

  7. Dra says:

    I got Scoria dragon on my first try then i got peridot dragon on my second try

  8. Lauren says:

    Which one did you guys try ?

  9. Casey says:

    Hey thanks love this website add me guys at xXRoomanXx I have a dragon sai gifting tree so you’ll be getting gems thanks :)

  10. Add me on game center #1 RED SOX FAN #1
    To see my peridot dragon and gem for gem

  11. Pixle Lily says:

    I bred Cactus and Crystal. I got it on the first try. I NEVER get a dragon on the first try! It is beautiful!

  12. portgurl420 says:

    So i tried breeding the cactus and crystal dragons on my EBI and i got 28 hours… anyone know what i got?

  13. If says:

    Do you have to use the epic island for breeding peridot?

  14. Anna says:

    I Got my peridot dragon after a week, constantly breeding, two or three crystals, a few cactus, a tree and more. But now i Got it!

  15. liz says:

    I’ve tried cactus and crystal twice and keep getting more crystal dragons. What am I doing wrong??

  16. sharpie-ace says:

    Same here except I got four crystals. Tried Epic & regular breeding caves.

  17. Ed says:

    I have been breeding nonstop.. Both caves with no results…. Did someone get the peridot with a cactus combo??

  18. tiaflower says:

    Just now breeding both level 11, Cactus + Crystal & got 31 hours….. Has taken awhile & other recommended breeding combos… But now have got it…. nearly just gave up

    • Tiaflower says:

      Resulted in my first, & probably, only Peridot…. I had tried cactus / crystal & visa versa over 20 times & then finally resulted in one Peridot. Not sure how others are able obtain many, while other people barely get one…..

  19. Pam says:

    I have tried cactus & crystal 35 times and still not 1 Peridot. It’s ridiculous.

  20. Alyssa says:

    What did u breed?

  21. chris808 says:

    been breeding cactus and crystal but no luck. maybe i have to upgrade my cave. add me on game center sn is –( like a some booo dee )ill gift some gems back. thanks guys

  22. diana says:

    hey i’ve tried several times with crystal and cactus in EBI and nothing!!! my both dragons are lvl 10, i’m level 20!!! and i couldn’t get the ruby either, is there an specific hour of the day or something??? august is gonna go!!!

  23. sharpie-ace says:

    If anyone learns the secret to getting this, please share! All I get are crystals. Can’ t get Olympics either. Or malachite. This is akin to the lottery.

  24. Glennox125 says:

    The secret to getting the Peridot Dragon is Crystal level 10 and Cactus level 10. I got it second time with that combination in the Normal Breeding Cave

  25. Glennox125 says:

    The secret to getting the Peridot Dragon is Crystal level 10 and Cactus level 10. I got it second time with that combination in the Normal Breeding Cave?

  26. Mabelguzmi says:

    I have both on level 15, 30 times, nothing get. :(

  27. nana BW says:

    I am a beginner of 2 wks & in level 17…. What can I say? I’m retired but now hooked on this great game:). I have a gem tree for 6 friends… Would love to swap gem for gem (tired of spending my money.. Goes too fast:). Just need a few friends to swap rubies with me please since none of my friends play dragonvale. Thanks

  28. I got 7 peridot ;) my island is full of them the trick is to mate lvl 9 crystal and a lvl 5 cactus

  29. Vikki08 says:

    I bred crystal and cactus and got the gold dragon:) yay !! But I can’t gt peridot Amy help? Please

  30. Zantaven says:

    Hi, I’m looking for two more daily players who will send gems to me everyday, I have just two spots available, thanks!

  31. starryz says:

    I have tried like at least a ge-zillion times on both cactus & crytsal, evergreen & iron… but nothing… Can someone advise? Augist is almost ending and I still did not get peridot… Help plz? u_u

  32. Ed says:

    …still notta

  33. Melissa says:

    I have been breeding a lvl 10 Cactus with a lvl 10 Crystal for 27 straight days in my breeding cave and have yet to get a Peridot!!! I’m beginning to think the only way you can get a gemstone dragon is to buy it!


  34. DragonFan says:

    Do you need the Emerald Island?

  35. DragonFan says:

    Is it possible to get a Olympus or Ruby dragon by breeding Cactus dragon and Crystal dragon together?

  36. Lewis says:

    Have faith guys! I’ve been breeding since the 15th, and I got one JUST NOW!!!! It’s possible!

    I used my Crystal and Cactus dragons.

  37. SuzyGirl10 says:

    Ive been breeding cactus and crystal all month and I havent gotten a peridot dragon. If I dont get one its serisouly going to damage my gaming experience. I would like some feedback on how and why Im not geting a peridot dragon.

    Cactus and Crystal dragons both lvl10 in epic breeding island.

  38. Awesome says:

    I got it finally!!!!!!!!

  39. vince says:

    Hello guys!

    Currently have 5 more guys to share gems with dragon sai tree.

    Please add me : beansmaling

    lets swap gems everyday. I only need 5 more guys to trade with. Thanks!

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