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Even professional players often have problems when it comes to breeding a Dragonvale Rainbow Dragon. Perhaps, it is for this reason that rainbow dragons are seen as special and precious in the game.

The rainbow dragon is often bred on the last level and its elements remain unknown. However, it is a rare type of dragon that often takes time to breed and many individuals have often tried breeding it without much success. If you were to buy a rainbow dragon, it will cost you a stunning two thousand five hundred germs! However, should you decide to breed it, it will take 48 hours to hatch and that will be two straight days!! However, should you be lucky to get a rainbow dragon, you will sell it for a huge amount of two million, five hundred gold coins.

Even as you wait for the 48hours, you will never be sure that the breed produced will be a rainbow dragon. Using germs to get a rainbow dragon may also be too expensive on your hard earned resources. Here are some facts about the rainbow dragon:

  • They are random

When breeding, you are never sure whether you will get a rainbow dragon or not. As a result, you have to be prepared to accept results either way. Since you can never be sure that you will get a rainbow dragon when breeding, some people often advice that you try breeding for dragons that take less time to hatch.

  • Breed eggs taking few hours to breed

How would you feel if after waiting for 48 hours for your rainbow dragon you get the original breed of the egg you bred? Due to this, it is best to continuously take breed dragons that will take short periods of time to breed. For instance it will be wise to continuously breed firefly dragons which take only three hours to breed. If you did not know it, Firefly dragons are got from crossbreeding Lighting dragons with Flame dragons.

  • They Need Patience

It may seem like something not worth mentioning but to tell you the truth, if you are ever going to end up with a Dragonvale rainbow dragon, you will need to have a lot of patience and endurance. Sometimes, some experts in the game believe that this dragon was created so as to test how patient you can be and how much you can hold on before throwing in the towel.

  • How do they get their rainbow dragons?

As a gamer, you have tried without much success to get a rainbow dragon and you are at a point of desperation. As a result, you are left wondering where on earth those with so many rainbow dragon eggs get them. How do they do it?

According to some gamers, you will perform the trick in level ten of the game when you crossbreed firefly and seaweed dragons. However, they all agree that patience is an important virtue. They say that you can buy a rainbow habitat first before breeding to increase your chances of getting a rainbow dragon but success is certain.

Do you agree that the above is the sure way to get a dragonvale rainbow dragon? We will appreciate if you share your ideas and thoughts.


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  1. jim says:

    so, no actual tips? BTW what is the “blazing and crystal technique” you mentioned that it helps gain crystals… or at least you worded it to sound that way.

  2. Alari says:

    I think what they meant by the blazing and crystal technique is to breed the blazing dragon (fire+air) and a crystal dragon (earth+lightning?? I forget)

    Also the techniques done in the video are not the sure way to get a rainbow dragon, there is about a 1% chance of getting one unless you buy it. More than likely, you will get a common dragon breed able by the ones you used, the most likely way to get a dragon is to include as many elements as you can.

  3. kienan says:

    i got the rainbow dragon by breeding seaweed and firefly lv 9

  4. caitlin says:

    please visit my new dragon vale blog i need breeding help so if you know the answers please comments on my blog! thx

  5. matthew says:

    i got a rainbow from a blue fire and a storm. i wasn’t even trying. i got bored.

  6. nate says:

    mine is hatching now, its defiantly a rainbow dragon. i got it from breeding a lvl 10 blue fire and lvl 10 crystal

  7. Eveie says:

    I would like to know how to get a moon and sun dragon can not seem to find any info on them.

  8. Dojasha says:

    Yes I have succesfully bred all dragons but rainbow and u can’t breed moon and sun
    Trying for rainbow now
    Btw for all the players out there breed ice dragon 10 and fire dragon 10 if u don’t get it first go switch the breeding sides around
    For the sandstorm breed flying 10 and mud 10 I got it on the first go so it worked for me

    • sherri says:

      You can breed the sun and moon but just like thr rainbow it is random. i got my sun by breeding crystal and ice but I know a girl who got a moon with the same combination.J just takes patience and a little luck.

  9. Eveie says:

    Got my moon dragon by fire and cold

  10. notteling says:

    her are ways based on this site ill try tommorrow
    WAY 1:
    Firefly = fire and lightning
    Swamp= plant and water

    WAY 2:
    Flower= plant and fire
    Mud= earth and water

    WAY 3:
    Quake= earth and lightning
    Mud=earth and water

    WAY 4:
    Snow = cold and air (water and fire)
    Lightning= must buy

    WAY 5:
    Snow= cold and air (water fire)
    Moss= earth and plant

  11. Dojasha says:

    Eveie you full of it u cannot breed moon and fire hence y there is no incubaton time

  12. John says:

    I got a moon dragon by breeding a lvl 7 scorch with lvl 7 storm

  13. normanb.t says:

    why at level 20 do i get no more exp.

  14. Eveie says:

    Dojasha u really should not make comments on things that you are not sure of I have a moon dragon and I have a sun dragon hatching they take 24hours if u took the time to vist other dragonvale worlds u would see this for yourself the moon dragon is amazing

  15. Derek says:

    I can never seem to get a rainbow dragon. I’ve tried it a billion times with a bunch of different combinations that other people say work.

    • Professor says:

      The only sure way to get a rainbow is breeding 2 rainbows. I have bred 3 rainbows using different combinations. Right now have a rainbow breeding. I used a lv10 flower and lv 10 storm. It is in my regular breeding cave. Got the magical breeding island but no unique results there. I also have moon and sun and reindeer dragons.

  16. Dakota says:

    I got the rainbow dragon after 2 tries at level 18 with the blue fire and crystal. To breed the blue fire u can use fire and storm but it take a few tries and crystal is earth and lightning and your other option is the rock dragon ( not sure if that’s it’s name ).

  17. Ive not managed to get a rainbow yet but I got a sun dragon by breeding lb10 blue fire with lv 10 crystal but it is all random my mate got a moon dragon by mistake because he put his crystal and plant dragon together

  18. Sh4dowWolf7 says:

    I got moon on the first day and straight after got a moon dragon, note though that it may hav been affected because of time, I bred cold and lightning at 10:00 am and sonic and storm at 10:00 pm, good luck every1, I’m up to rainbow ;)

  19. Sh4dowWolf7 says:

    Lol, I meant I got sun first day, then moon ;)

  20. Ryan says:

    I have an egg hatching I’m SURE is rainbow. I bred a level 9 flower and level 7 mountain dragon. I did not have the rainbow habitat built yet either. I will know for sure in about 10 hours!!

  21. bAYbAY says:

    i got it by breeding my lava and seaweed

  22. JK2XYs73 says:

    I got a sun dragon using a level 10 quake and level 10 storm. I was actually trying for a rainbow dragon! I’ve been trying every combo for over a week now! My sun dragon took 48 hours to breed and another 48 hours to hatch!

    My son has been playing longer than I have! He’s bummed I got the sun before him! He’s tried many combos too.

    The good news is we are psyched about the upgrades! Love the new breeding island, so hopefully we will get our rainbows soon!

  23. I have the crystal dragon and all I need is the Blue fire dragon. Does anyone know how to get the blue fire dragon?

    • Dimkaagon says:

      The best way so I’ve heard is the fire then storm dragon. Your wait between other dragons this combination will be less than most and you get some good money when you sell them. You can also some times randomly get a moon or sun dragon from this combination. I have not gotten a sun dragon from it, bit I have gotten three moon dragons. I hope this helps!

  24. Norma Jean says:

    I just bred the Bluefire dragon and Crystal dragon both level 10 and I got an incubation time of 48 hours, finally. I have been trying for weeks and my son has his own game going and he has also been trying with no luck. So it is all by sheer luck. But I will mention one thing that I am now on level 20 and the green bar has not even moved. So as you up the levels it is harder to get to the next level. I honestly think I have leveled out at level 20 and I don’t think there will be a next one for me, if not it might take me a year before I can hit level 21.

  25. nate says:

    i got my 2nd rainbow dragon now with blue fire and crystal!!

  26. Teresa says:

    this new upgrade, bites. I have the epic breeding island and have ‘mated’ all the normal combinations – no rainbow, no moon. ( I had previously ended up with a sun while trying to breed rainbow combinations.) These new ‘Shrines” require you to have 50 dragons with that particular element at level 10… ie you need to have 50 plant dragons in order for the plant shrine to boost value of the dragons — we can’t get enough habitat’s to get 50 dragons – let alone 50 dragons of each element !!! Very frustrated with this game but I love my dragons. I hope there is a ‘better’ update coming soon, or I will just sell off all the adult dragons and breed new ones and leave them as babies – they are all cuter that way…..

  27. Ginette says:

    I got my rainbow dragon by breeding a lvl 10 Seaweed dragon with a lvl 10 sandstorm dragon.

  28. Jake says:

    (Firefly and seaweed) rainbow 

  29. Nick says:

    level 10 storm on left and level 10 seaweed on right got me a rainbow on my first try

  30. cateroon says:

    I think that if you buy gems i.e. spend real money, your chances of getting a rainbow is increased significantly. On other sites, those who regularly buy gems to speed up incubation seem to be able to breed rainbows and other rare dragons easier than those that don’t.

    Any thoughts?

    • SueWalker36 says:

      I have bought gems several times and still can’t breed a sun or moon dragon. I have a rainbow, but I don’t remember what I bred to get it. I should have saved my money and just bought them, but I usually don’t have that much all at once. Getting very disappointed with this game.

  31. FeiHong says:

    How to get Bluefire dragon???
    I try more than 10 time !!!!

  32. JK2XYs73 says:

    So frustrated with this breeding business, I decided to throw my sun dragon into the collesium to see what would happen… Big waste of time! Not only did I lose tons of coins while it was in there, but it only won a bronze and no experience pts!

    Just thought I’d pass the info on in case anyone else was bored enough to try. Don’t bother! LOL

  33. Akk5 says:

    If I bred a lvl 10 Scorch with a lvl 10 Fire, will I get a Sun?

  34. Elena says:


  35. cod gammer says:

    I have little fireballs above my fire dragons head??? Friend me!

    • Elderdragon says:

      The fireballs are caused by the activated shrine. They start at level 11. Anyone know what the new max level is after activating the shrine? I have one dragon at level 14.

  36. JK2XYs73 says:

    All I want for Christmas is a Rainbow Dragon!!!!

  37. JK2XYs73 says:

    God answered my prayer for Christmas!!!!
    Blue Fire (level 10) and Moss (level 10)…
    Hopefully in 48 hrs I’ll have a rainbow!!!

  38. JK2XYs73 says:

    I got my rainbow!!!!! Now alli need is a sandstorm and I’ll have them all!!!!!

  39. Tyler says:

    Does the time it take to breed show the time it takes 2 incubate

  40. Tyler says:

    I have everything but a rainbow sun and moon

  41. Jonas says:

    Blazing and crystal is one way and the other is firefly and seaweed, epic breeding island helps, but you need the update

  42. Jonas says:

    Scorch and fire wont work, you need storm and fire and patience it doesnt apways work on your first try as i said before epic breeding island helps

  43. Jonas says:

    To get blue fire breed snow with fire.

  44. Tyler says:

    It takes 5 min to breed air and sandstorm

  45. I must say, its worth it!,i’llcheck back asap,cheers

  46. Llamawaffles says:

    I decided to make a storm dragon by breeding a cold dragon with a lightning dragon, and my breed time is 48 hours! Insanity!

  47. Travis says:

    I just received my rainbow dragon after several days of trying different combinations. It was a lvl 10 blue fire and a lvl 10 sandstorm.

  48. floyd says:

    so u can go higher than lvl 10 with ur dragons and if so how?

    • JK2XYs says:

      You need the habitat shrines. Once you get 50 dragons of a certain type (as in 50 fire types), it will let you increase their status to 15! It will also put a tiny sphere over each dragon’s head!

  49. phillip says:

    I got one just by chance somehow

  50. cod gammer says:

    Does anyone kno how 2 activate the shrine????

  51. Jack says:

    I got a moon dragon with a Blue Fire and a Crystal both lv 10 but I was trying for a rainbow. Yesterday I tried a lv 10 quake and a lv 10 blazing and it was a 48 hour breeding time! They finished breeding today and it was a rainbow!!!

  52. Madday says:

    How do you get a blue fire dragon??? I’ve tryed soo many times I just want one, and how do you get a moon dragon, I already have a sun, but I needa moo blue fire and a rainbow.:) and I’ll have all of them

  53. how to get a sun, moon ,air, crystal, and mud dragon i tryed everything

  54. JK2XYs says:

    It’s totally crap how random all this breeding is!!! I’ve tried every combo I know for the past three weeks and I still haven’t made another rainbow, sun, or moon!!! My friend did the same thing I did and now she has two of everything!!! She’s all the way to lv 26 now!!! I’m so mad I’m almost ready to boycot the game!!!

  55. Cameron says:

    Make the gem things just allot of coins but only some so you still get money

  56. I think i hav a moon dragon i hav to wait 8 hrs tho

  57. Dezi (TRex-Dez) says:

    Nvm it was a sonic dragon man tht sux !! I was soo happy !!

  58. Breeding is frustrating. Takes 4ever and is random. I just got my 2nd rainbow. First was with a firefly and mud. Second was with a mud and a blazing. Was trying for a pan long.

  59. ZZZ says:

    How do I get a sand storm dragon

  60. Ashley says:

    I bred a Quake and Snow dragon (both Level 10) and on my second try I got a rainbow dragon. I’ve mixed a lot of dragons and I think this one was the most effective. Happy Gaming!

  61. Little gal says:

    Have gotten back to back rainbows with frost fire on the left and seaweed on the right, both level 10.

  62. Matthew says:

    I have several rainbow dragons and I do agree patience is a good thing.
    It took me 78 tries before I got one. PROOF? FRIEND loach2.0

  63. Matthew says:


    You get a sandstorm by breeding a air dragon with any earth dragon hybrid.

  64. vikr1234 says:

    Hi evry1! mayb moss/tree and air will work? bcause 2 get air u do fire and water and moss/tree is earth and plant….BAM!!!!! u got the elements of fire, water, earth and plant/air!!!! again….BAM!!!!!! 5 elements!!!!! try this see if it works and let me no if it did! btw if it did work or u like my idea add me on gamecenter my name is vikr1234 i no strange name if tht doesnt work then idk wat to do……vikr1234 OUT!!!!! btw dont actualy reply 2 my message just send a message like this………WOW long message watevs vikr1234 OUT!!! (again)

  65. Chris says:

    Maybe you could try the sun and water? After a rain storm (water) the sun shines out and it makes a rainbow! Anyway could people add me as a friend on Gamecenter? It would be totally AWESOME if you did. I just need more jems. Pleezzzz!!!!! Thx!

  66. Georgie says:

    I was trying for a rainbow as I have been for the past 5month, my boyfriend got a rainbow from cold & lava, (which way round they was I can’t remember!) but I’ve ended up getting a sun dragon! How to get sandstorm & rainbow please!!!!

  67. marco77 says:

    I have 5 rainbow dragons (wight egg with colourd spots, now im hatching a rainbow striped egg, cant wait to see what it is

  68. I got the rainbow dragon by lava and fog

  69. ADMlN says:

    I think breeding dragon with more incub time is better(i had 2 sun and 1 rainbow at level 15 with no breeding island)(like cristal and mountain)

  70. Anthony says:

    Is there a way to breed a water dragon I don’t want to pay 500000 coins for 1 dumb water dragon

  71. There should be a way to breed a water dragon

  72. Anthony says:

    I know how to get a rainbow dragon for sure but u will have to add
    Me and give me gems my name is dragon2290 in game center and the breed a rainbow dragon u need to breed a seaweed on the left and firefly on the right

    • Carin says:

      I have tried this over and over….and over and over…I keep getting fireflys. I see people with new eggs all the time…how are they getting them…and I cant even get one!

    • Xavier says:

      Thanks Anthony. I just read your idea for a rainbow dragon. I’ve waited 3 years for a way to breed it and now i have it. One question though. How do you breed a firefly or a seaweed DRAGON!!!!!!!??????

  73. Carlos says:

    Help with de rainbow dragon, 3 months breeding dragons and nothing,

  74. Professor X says:

    Use science!Fog dragon with scorch dragon ! :D

  75. Ebbz3 says:

    Try to breed Love and Snow, it worked for me, so excited!!!!

  76. crazee4DV says:

    I always get the opposite.

    Try for moon/I got sun
    Try for bluefire(have now)/got frost fire
    I could go on like this but let’s cut to the chase. Go for fire/storm breeding combo. If it doesn’t work out you might get a blue fire to sell for 500,000 coins

    Proud sandstorm owner!

  77. BooYaa says:


  78. Charlotte says:

    I have bred crystal and blazing to try and get rainbow but I have got 15 hours instead of 48 what could it be

  79. Mic says:

    I have blazing and mud breeding an I have to wait 48 hours. What would I have?

  80. Mic says:

    What would it be

  81. Alan says:

    I’m trying to get a rainbow, I’ve tried the seaweed and other dragons multiple times. I’m also trying to get a sun, and sandstorm any easy combos for these 2? I know the rainbow ones completely random but the other ones should be easier.

  82. Mr. Semtex says:

    I just trained 2 random dragons with 2 types that seemed opposite and i got 48 hrs a while ago. it was funny

  83. ilovedevin says:

    guys i think i have a rainbow dragon i bred lava and fog and it gave me 48hours i need 19 gems to speed it up please help my gamecenter is ilovedevin:]

  84. chelsie says:

    guys i need 19 gems to speed up my rainbow dragon please help my gamecenter name is ilovedevin:]

  85. Ron says:

    I have bread a rainbow with a leap year dragon not shure what I’m gonna get

  86. LatteRumor says:

    Try Panlong and Love
    Good success rate

  87. How do I get this I have tried it at least 20 times

  88. BFGodfrey says:

    I just got my second rainbow dragon with lvl 10 Fog on the left and lvl 10 lava on the right with a 1:24:60:60 breeding time.

  89. Ethan Anonas says:

    Add me on GameCenter: eephann I am trying to get all of the rare dragons. I already have rainbow, frostfire, and clover dragons. Is the leap year still able to be bred?

  90. Enter your name...Johnq says:

    How do you send gift to your friends

  91. Bonnie says:

    Help!!!! I have all goal met and all new dragon goals met but still can’t get a rainbow. Been trying daily,but no luck .can someone tell me all combos that have worked. I’m bout to give up.

  92. }~Wolf~{ says:

    i got all of the three legendarys, the sun, rainbow, and moon!!!

  93. Chris says:

    Storm – Blazing, I got a 48 hour breed hoping rainbow but moon is good as we’ll :)

  94. Someone says:

    Breed flower and mountain.

  95. Tahlya says:

    I bred a seaweed and a firefly and on the third time of breeding them I got a rainbow dragon

  96. Tahlya says:

    What is limit of islands

  97. dianne says:

    help i have tryed everything to get a rainbow i wish thay worn,t so expensive

  98. philly says:

    i tried to get rainbow but cant all i need is a rainbow except for holiday ones. how long did it take for u guys and how? plz help send email or respond on here. phillycheese97@hotmail.com

  99. Mike says:

    Any word on how to bed bloom? Anyone one have any success?

  100. Mike says:

    That would be breed not bed….lmfao!!!!

  101. Campbell says:

    Yesterday, I was trying to get a sun dragon
    by breeding a blue fire dragon and a crystal dragon.
    After a few tries, I was surprised to find a rainbow
    striped egg in my incubator. Only 38 hours to go!

  102. Cooliosis says:

    You guys never catch on do you, you run around saying try this combo or that,there is no way to ensure getting it. Don’t bother trying the seaweed firefly thing. I have every dragon except bone ( which I will get). The only thing that you need to do is breed random 2 dragons every time and have 4 different elements between the two. Just two random ones!!!!!! Not firefly and seaweed or some other stinking combo. Just 4 different elements and hope you get lucky. Good luck!

  103. Cooliosis says:

    I’m bored. I want a new update.

  104. Rose says:

    I’m trying plant and storm,
    A friend got with that combination the rainbow,

  105. Rocky says:

    I got a sun by using a firefly and cold (in that order both 10′s) on my first try i also got the lovley bloom dragon on my first try by using a plant and storm and i got a rainbow by using a swamp and frostfire ps does anyone know a good way to get a bluefire?

  106. Monkeyman says:

    Cooliosis shut up the seaweed firefly thing works stop being a retard and actually try it before u be all bossy , the whole 2 random dragons with different elements is ok but i think if u use the same pair of dragona for a while it works better.

  107. Kaito says:

    Im not a pro or anything but i bred lava x fog first then right after i bred blazing x mud and thought id get panlong but instead i got rainbow.!!!!!!!!!

  108. I have something in my breeding cave that is taking 48 hours!!!!! Yay! lucky ME!!!!!! I used a mine dragon and a bloom dragon for those looking for tips. Good luck!!!!;)

  109. Mark Johnson says:

    I have a question what level can U get the epic breeding island for only money and how do U breed a rainbow dragon o and please be my game center friend my name is !kuku1!

  110. Fern says:

    I already got a rainbow dragon. Everytime when I breed rainbow dragon I always done it in epic breeding island but once I do it in a breeding cave and a rainbow for me

  111. Anne says:

    Bluefire+crystal on epic breeding island for the 50th tries= no rainbow dragon
    Bluefire+crystal on breeding cave for the 1st tries = 1 rainbow dragon
    it works for me , I hope for you too :)

  112. Linda says:

    Are you still able to breed the reindeer and bone dragons or were they just at the holidays christmas and halloween?

  113. 9reasoniluvu says:

    HI THERE. Add me : 9reasoniluvu it would be nice if gems are sent.

  114. Dstore.sg says:

    Hi, I m already at lvl 24 but still not able to breed rainbow dragon after many combination especially with seaweed n firefly. I hv 2 moon and 2 sun now, just no rainbow..

  115. Metropoline says:

    I just put Sakura together with Panlong and got 36 hours incubation time? What can that be? Another Panlong?

  116. Cutie pie says:

    I am a level 12 and I breed a level 7 storm with a level 5 fire and got a 48 hour breeding time first try this will not work for a rainbow but it does work for a moon or sun so I recommend this help me find out whAt I got by giving gems I just gave u guys one of the easiest ways to get a moon or sun at a low level my gc is moozipan1998 hope u add me

  117. Brandon says:

    I’m lv 15 and i cant get a frostfire….ive dont every combination..can anyone help? Add me Haxor89, need gems and will send in return

  118. Cutie pie says:

    Ok i am level 13 and I found out my level 5 fire and level 7 storm breed a sun dragon and since that had hatched I decided to try my luck with a rainbow I breed a level 7 moss with a level 7 storm(storms are commonly used for breeding rare) and first time I got a 48 breeding time and I know this is a rainbow because it involves 4 different elementz so this is a easy one to do and plus I did it in a breeding cave so you don’t need level 10 dragons

  119. bob says:

    i have three rainbow dragons add me as okay!

  120. dixxky says:

    help i just cant get a rainbow !!!!!!!! have tried everything ..it would be good if we could trade dragons…. add me i play everyday and am at L25 i have a gem tree and will trade gem for gem

  121. Jaredcroft says:

    I had gone out on the town one night, got home at 4am nz time an thought a bit of dragonvale would be a hangover cure, from memory( not that great btw) I breed a lvl 8 earth and a lvl 8 flower and got it in normal cave, pure random ness and didn’t even remember it until I woke, used all my gems bar 10 but totally worth it what a money maker he is…add me game centre pmpn32

  122. Jaredcroft says:

    And just now for fun I tried lvl 10 Sakura and lvl 10 bloom and got a 48 hr time, so brought some gems and sped it up and it’s another rainbow boom!!

  123. Unknown9000 says:

    Hey guys I used a mud and storm 1st try in epic breeding cave and got 48 hrs. It turned out to be a moon! Still in egg though…I can’t get the rainbow and sun all I need are them and then I got every dragon. Add me my account is unknown9000 I give give gems! (plz help for rainbow and sun!!!!)

  124. Untaken82 says:

    I have 3 rainbows now lvl 10 ice (left) and lvl 11 firefly (right) don’t it about 10 times an gotten 3 rainbows.

  125. bob#2 says:

    i currently have 14 rainbow dragon the easiest wat is to do rainbow + rainbow

  126. Stephani says:

    i bred a firefly and bloom first try and got a rainbow

  127. Unknown9000 says:

    Guys I got rainbow dragon!!!! (I think) I breed storm (left level 10) and willow (right level 11 and got 48 hour breeding time!!! It will be done saturday in the habitat!

    Unknow9000 gem for gem!

  128. Unknown9000 says:

    Never keep your hopes up! ;( I got sun not rainbow! I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Brody says:

    You guys are all wrong its these combinations but it might take a few tries
    Firefly left + Seaweed Right
    Poisnon Lvl 10 left + Lvl10 Storm right
    Crystal + Bluefire
    Lava Left +Fog right
    Add me at $$$$$Cha-Ching$$$$$ tell me in the request if these don’t work

  130. Unknown900 says:

    Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! I have 3 suns now!!!! No luck with rainbow!

  131. I was wondering if you can share gems if so is anyone willing to send me 100 gems so I can get the gem tree … my email is xxbellachristina@aim.com

  132. Wixin says:

    Got two rainbows with crystal and lichen.

  133. For me to breed the rainbow, we got our first one with crystal and lychen if that’s any help.

  134. Grace barlow says:

    I have 3 rainbow dragons with leap year and rainbow !!!!!

  135. Mj says:

    Just made one with blazing and mud….

  136. Dianne says:

    I have read many tips on improving chances of breeding the rainbow dragon. The most accurate tip I’ve read….that breeding will produce random results. I have only been playing this game about 3 weeks, am only at lvl 18 and have bred about 40 dragons.

    I got a rainbow dragon from lvl 8 sonic with lvl 8 swamp dragons. (on the epic breeding island, though I am skeptical that this made a difference).

  137. Chris says:

    I tried Firefly+Seaweed. Does it requires Lv 10. both? I got a cactus trying it out.
    Any ideas on why is it that?

  138. xabiabris says:

    Add me to game center, name “xabiabris”!

  139. Eddie chen says:

    The blue fire dragon is made by bredding a fire dragon and a cold dragon at the breeding cave and level 10

  140. imagine222 says:

    i got my rainbow by using a snow on the left and seaweed on the right

  141. Kashley12_ says:

    i got rainbow by trying for the ruby dragon using chrome and scorch!

  142. Mads says:

    Anyone who knows how to breed the gold dragon? Plz reply

  143. Xavier says:

    How do you breed the rainbow dragon or the sun dragon or the moon dragon?

  144. ihave 9 rainbows right now.
    1 sonic and frostfire
    2 firework mud
    3 panlong lichen
    4-9 rainbow rainbow

  145. Scotchmist says:

    I have been playing for 5weeks now and have just jagged a rainbow egg using Willow and Quake. Funny enough I was going for the Olympus dragon based on someone else’s advice and got rainbow, so I am pretty pleased with that.
    I have used Blazing and Crystal twice for The Olympus dragons too and keep getting crystal! I have 2 already so don’t want more. Very frustrating.

    • 7ISAIAH! says:

      I breed those dragons probably around 20 times and no luck. I switched to a pang long and flower and got 3 Olympus dragons in a row. Give it a try and see what happens. Check out my island 7ISAIAH!

  146. Daisy says:

    I need friends…how do I do that?

    • Camila says:

      Eu posso ser a sua amiga(serve pra qualquer um tâ?para quem quiser ser meu amigo certo?)o meu nome no game center è camilabp. A mais duas coisas como eu faço pra deixar o rainbow no chão? E como dar GEMA ser ter a arvore? Quero que merespodan
      Obrigado !!!!!!!

  147. Jace says:

    Yeah I got a moon with a lightning and an ice the ice lvl 7 the lighting level 4

  148. Josh says:

    I used poison and storm and 1st try I got a rainbow. I tried that combo again I got another :]

  149. Gabby says:

    Can anyone PLEASE tell me what dragon I’ll get!?!?!?!?!? I just used a metal and fire dragon in my breeding cave and I got a 48 hours breeding time! Please if anyone knows what dragon I’ll get, PLEASE tell me!

  150. Camila says:

    Ei outro combo que pode ele è:chuva + motanha

  151. Vader says:

    Gabby u got a forge dragon I used metal an fire and it got me Brass!

  152. Tobias says:

    I am currently breeding a seaweed and a firefly and the time is 2:59:59 what is it plz help.

  153. Calicoracham says:

    Hey guys found a great way to get it do seaweed and firefly BOTH level ten. it dosen’t work otherwise. I am on my 5th rainbow in a NORMAL breeding cave. No upgrades.

  154. 7ISAIAH7! says:

    I just breed a rainbow dragon with a level 10 mud on left and a level 10 blazing on right. Check out my island 7ISAIAH7! And give me some feedback on how it looks. Yesterday I breed 2 moon dragons in a row with level 10 blue fire and 10 crystal. Then in my normal breeding cave I breed 3 Olympia dragons in a row with a pang long level 10 and flower level 10 on left. 2 silver and one bronze. Check it out. I,ve done my game with just buying enough gems for my epic breeding caves and that’s it so I’m proud of how it is coming along without cheating.

  155. Letti says:

    got it without even trying, brass left, storm right

  156. Katelyn says:

    I got a 48 hour breeding time trying for the new ghost dragon. I bred mud and snow.I used the app dragon calc and it said it could only be rainbow. Is this true?

  157. Katelyn says:

    It was the rainbow! I just put it on incubation.

  158. Brody says:

    I got a rainbow dragon first try with brass + Storm. Also obtained a moon dragon with this combo on my second account. If you get a 48 hr egg it could either be a gold dragon a moon a sun or a rainbow. You can also obtain a silver with this combo.

    Add me First account: DragonV4le 2012 Second account: Ba2k3tball

  159. Brody says:

    I know Letti I was trying for a silver and got a rainbow

  160. Supah Pikachu says:

    I got the rainbow dragon by using blazing and panlong, or panlong and blazing! :)

  161. Luv dragons says:

    Rainbow dragon is soooooo hard to get! But I got it by panlong and blazing

  162. Josh says:

    gift me gems too please, my gamecenter name is retretyu

  163. pat says:

    got rainbow dragon on 4th try with firefly and storm

  164. i bred a rainbow with a fierfly and a tree

  165. ELLO says:

    What is the best combo for a rainbow dragon??

  166. Liam says:

    Lichen and lava or storm and flower got me a rainbo on first try for both

  167. Bob says:

    I got it with level 11 ash and level 11 salamander dragons.

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