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What do you know about the rare dragons in Dragonvale? Do you know how these rare Dragonvale Dragons are bred? Here We provide you with the Dragonvale rare Dragons together with their eggs and a brief discussion about each one of them. It is an overview you will not want to miss. Also, Ensure you check the list once in a while as we will try to update it weekly or daily if it were possible.

Here are the Dragonvale rare Dragons and Eggs:

 dragonvale Blue Fire dragon + Egg

 Dragonvale Blue Fire Dragon + Egg

So, what do you know about the Dragonvale Blue Fire Dragon? Did you know for instance that this dragon is bred through a combination of a fire dragon and a hybrid dragon that is in someway half cold such as the Dragonvale snow dragon and the Dragonvale Storm Dragon?

You can also combine a cold dragon with a hybrid of fire dragon to get the blue fire dragon though this is more complicated cold and fire dragons are direct opposites.

The best way to breed this dragon will be to mate a storm dragon with a fire dragon and it will take 12 hours to incubate should you be lucky to get the blue fire Dragon.

The egg of the Blue fire dragon is as shown in the picture.

Its habitat can however be either fire or cold.

 dragonvale reindeer dragon  Dragonvale Reindeer Dragon
 dragonvale Moon Dragon + Egg

  Dragonvale  Moon Dragon

Dragonvale Moon Dragon will be extesively discussed in a post here in our blog shortly. If you wish to read more and know this dragon better, then, please be patient.

 dragonvale Bone dragon + Egg  Dragonvale  Bone Dragon

Dragonvale Bone Dragon has been extesively discussed in another post here in our blog. If you wish to read more and know this dragon better, then, please click here.

 dragonvale Sun dragon + Egg

 Dragonvale Sun Dragon

The Dragonvale Sun Dragonis one of the rare Dragons in Dragonvale. It is challenging to get and if you have one, you should be proud to have succeeded in getting the sun Dragon. However, if you don’t have the sun Dragon, here are some of the combinations you can Try out:- Breed the Sonic Dragon with the storm dragon

-You can also breed the Fire Dragon with the Storm Dragon

-Blue fire dragon mating with the storm dragon will give you a sun dragon

- Also, you can breed the blue Fire Dragon with the Crystal Dragon

 dragonvale rainbow dragon

 Dragonvale  Rainbow Dragon

Do you wish to know how to get Dragonvale Rainbow Dragon? If your answer is yes, then, this is the right blog for you!

Dragonvale Rainbow Dragon has been extensively discussed in another post here in our blog. If you wish to read more and know this dragon better, then, please click here.



 Dragonvale Frostfire Dragon  Dragonvale Frost Dragon

How do you breed the Dragonvale Frostfire Dragon? One of the most challenging tasks that you will get in Dragonvale will be to try and breed the Frostfire dragon. This is because there are only limited combinations of dragons that will produce this dragon. As a matter of fact, it is not advisable to try random combination if you want to get this dragon fast as you will waste so much of your time and still get other dragons rather than this dragon. Here are the best combinations for getting the dragonvale frostfire dragon:

  • You can breed a firefly dragon with a cold dragon
  • You can breed a scorch dragon with a cold dragon

dragonvale love dragon Dragonvale Love Dragon

How do you breed the Dragonvale love Dragon? One of the most challenging tasks that you will get in Dragonvale will be to try and breed the love dragon. The Dragonvale Love Dragon is one of the currently availed rare dragons and is bred only at the valentines season. Therefore, hurry up and get your Dragonvale Love Dragon before time is up. For more information about this dragon, Click Here.

 dragonvale leap year dragon  Dragonvale Leap Year Dragon

The leap year dragon was to disappear on March 1st and may probably not be around for the next four years. As such this makes this dragon one of the rarest dragons in dragonvale. For more information about this dragon, click here.

 dragonvale clover dragon  Dragonvale Clover Dragon

Clover dragon has come to be known as the St. Patricks day dragon and has come with two new features to help you get it. These two new features are the Dragonvale Sham-rock and the Dragonvale clover cottage. However, you can know more about this dragon by clicking here…




  1. Moderz says:

    I got a sun dragon from breeding a Cold and Scorch dragon after 3 tries of getting a blue fire.

  2. Epicazeroth says:

    What about the reindeer, moon, and rainbow?

  3. Mr.Happy says:

    How do we get the dragon vale moon dragon.please post a video. I really want to know

  4. Mr.happy says:

    What about the blue fire dragon. A video probably.please

  5. danielle says:

    hey i just got the sun dragon by breeding frostfire dragon and crystal dragon which is what i thought was the rainbow dragon but when i saw the egg i new it wasnt the rainbow dragon!
    the sun dragon takes 48 hours to incubate and finish breeding same with the rainbow dragon.

    • totnaker says:

      i got a frostfire by breeding firefly and cold dragon on my first try. both level 9 dragons. atlast…

    • Nick says:

      I got sun by breeding blue fire and crystal on the first try. Both were level ten and bred on epic breeding island.

  6. Wouder says:

    I got an Frostfire while trying blue fire, I bred a firefly with cold in the normal cave. When I saw the 12 hours I thought finally, but it was a frostfire.

    • -Wes- says:

      I’ve heard that if you use the basic element dragon as cold, you’re likely to get Frostfire, and if you use Fire (with a cold-based hybrid like Ice), you’re likely to get a Blue Fire.

      I was able to breed a few Blue Fires using the fire/ice method in early December, but have had no luck in January after trying a couple dozen times (same goes for Frostfire or any other rare dragon for that matter!). Glad to hear that other folks are getting them through breeding, as that means that it is possible.

      • -Monkey- says:

        I got Frostfire on my first go.. I’m no internet troll, I was just extremely lucky. I bred a lava and cold. I did not know it was rare until my friends were gobsmacked that I got it LOL!

  7. Jimmy says:

    How you get a panlong dragon???

  8. Dragonfriend says:

    Ican´t get any dragon like bluefire,frostfire,seaweed,sandsrorm,panlong,sun,moon,rainbow,no matter how often I tried allways the same desaster!!!!what´s going wrong there ????I nearly tried every combination in both breeding caves :( I´m level 19 all dragons level 10

  9. Luke says:

    I looked through my market at the dragons an i saw a love dragon but i have not seen anywhere that it existed, it says it only appears a few weeks at a time so why is it not in the rare category

  10. Carlos says:

    What about the Love dragon?

  11. Rita says:

    Just saw the possibility of a Love Dragon! I’m so excited! That’s the next one on my list!

  12. Brandi says:

    I just saw the Love Dragon was added yesterday. I got on my FIRST TRY by breeding Flower Dragon and Blazing Dragon! I’ve never been so lucky!

  13. Tiegan says:

    How do you get a blazing dragon?! D:

  14. Random says:

    I got a love dragon!!! Yay!!! I am still waiting for it to hatch though….

  15. Random says:

    Do you need a breeding island to breed rare dragons like sun and moon? Or can you just use a breeding cave?

  16. someone says:

    I got a rainbow with panlong and love both level 10 first go.

  17. Jack says:

    I got love with lightning and flower

  18. Jack says:

    You can use normal breeding cave random but it helps to have the breeding island you hav more of a chance

  19. Random says:

    I just got a rainbow dragon by breeding scorch and cold dragons

  20. nb says:

    where is the moon dragon

  21. jdawg says:

    i just got either a rain sun or moon i wonder which it is (fire + storm)

  22. Spriley245 says:

    Hey guys. There’s a glitch in dragonvale. Called multi breeding caves. I am learning how to do the glitch Add me on game enter. Spriley245 I’ll teach the glitch. Note: I do not have glitch yet. But will in 2 or 3 days

  23. lindr76 says:

    i want to breed an Air dragon and it says on blog page (dragonvale app dragons) that it can be achieved by combo of fire and water…has anyone had success at this as i don’t have 500 gems to buy the egg so need to breed it :)

  24. Ubertagen says:

    If u breed a fire with water u will get an air dragon

  25. Truefor says:

    Anyone who wants to know how to get a bluefire dragon or a sun dragon.
    I was able to get a bluefire dragon by breeding a storm + fire. It took a few tries but i got it. Recommended to do it on the breeding island, but you dont have to.
    I also got the sun dragon by breeding crystal + bluefire. I got it on my third try and it only took 3hours. Some people say that they hatch in 48, 8, ect. Everyone is correct. I belive they have random hatching times. When you click on the eggs that you can buy it says incubation time is ‘?’.
    Also i recommend to rasie all your dragons that you will be using to level 10.
    Hope that helps guys.

  26. Catherine says:

    Thank you so much for creating this website. I think you forgot the panlong dragon though.

  27. Marsha says:

    Can someone tell me how I can get a moon dragon ? Thanx

  28. Bacon Magician says:

    Hey can anyone tell me how to obtain a Clover dragon??

  29. Luke says:

    There is a new dragon called the clover dragon also 2 new decorations come with it

  30. Hank says:

    What about the leap year dragon?

  31. Angela says:

    How can I get the moon dragon? Have tried everything and never get it :-( please anyone suggestions on moon dragon?

  32. Wikiki says:

    Clover dragon its moss and flower i think you need to buy the decorations of clover

  33. Mr. Awesome says:

    scorch and cold works best first and second times got a sun dragon

  34. }~Wolf~{ says:

    i got the rainbow dragon, sun dragon, moon dragon, and the clover dragon!!!

  35. Kbeast says:

    Where is the paneling dragon

  36. Aj babe says:

    Got 48 hour first try :D mountain lvl 10 and sonic also lvl 10

  37. Babyyee grl says:

    I need a moon dragon please help!!! :(

  38. DarkValer__ says:

    How can i send eggs to my friends? Do some one know!! :(

  39. KARU says:

    Dragonvale, I think you may have forgotten the Panlong Dragon.

  40. Hope says:

    The best combination for sun is not up there it’s cactuses and cold. I did that trying to get a bloom dragon but instead I got a sun dragon!!

  41. Hope says:

    I am looking for an easy combination for the moon dragon can anyone help me?

  42. FILLE1997 says:

    how do i get rainbow i have try crystal and blue fire i only get sun and moon i have 1 moon 2 sun

  43. FILLE 1997 says:

    plzz i wanna know how to get rainbow plzz tell me (*)

    • Roro says:

      me and my friend both got a rainbow by doing mud left storm right both level 10 first try. I got my second one with bluefire crystal.

  44. FILLE 1997 says:

    plzz tell me how to get rainbow :)

  45. didopop says:

    can anyone help me I need a love dragon I don’t know how to get it

  46. poop says:

    They forgot the dodo dragon. and btw i got it by breeding panlong+earth=dodo

  47. @13)< 999999 says:

    I got a Moon dragon with a lightning and mountain dragon.I repeat Lightning+Mountain.

  48. Snazzycat says:


  49. SoFries says:

    What do you get by breeding sun and moon?? I dont have any of both yet but i’m curious..XD

  50. Frauch says:

    And what about Sakura Dragon?! No body tells about it!

  51. Pony says:

    How do you get panlong

  52. chris says:

    where do i go to post a reqeust about a dragon because i think that it would be cool if you could breed a sun and moon dragon together to get an eclipse dragon.

  53. Mich says:

    What about eclipse?Ive been wondering if it’s real.

  54. Dj says:

    How do you get the celstice dragon

  55. Myley says:

    How do u get the solstice dragon? I am also trying to get the pearl, sun, and moon if anyone knows.

  56. Ryan says:

    Do you know how there’s a solstice dragon?
    I really think they should make an eclipse dragon that’s moon type to go along with it.
    Also, solstice is mud lvl 10+blazing level 10(Make sure they’re adult forms!)

  57. Mike says:

    The best breeding combination to get rainbow and other rare dragons is seaweed+snow

  58. xabiabris says:

    Add me to game center, name xabiabris!

  59. Kai says:

    I got a rainbow, moon, and sun by doing blue fire and crystal. Right now I have 2 Rainbows 4 suns 2 solstices and sadly 1 moon. 1 emarld and 1 pearl. 1 pan long too.
    Add me as a friend on game center all send you gems if you send me gems.
    (I keep track of who I send gems too.)

    • J says:

      How do I add you as friend,by Facebook,gamecenter,let me know, I have six gifts to give away today.I feel the same,If you send me gems or gifts I’ll send the same

  60. Kai says:

    plz add me I will send gems to you if you send gems to me.

  61. renee says:

    i got frost fire by accident when i bred a flower and cold dragon!! its still in incubation but i know that its frostfire cuz i got an app called dragoncalc that shows you the egg, juvenille and adult version of EVERY dragon possible on dragonvale

  62. Renee says:

    I accidentally bred 3 dragons in 1 day! It was actually pretty cool because dragonvale is my favourite app. I got scorch, poison and quake dragon all on 1 day by accident!

  63. Rocco says:

    Have any of yous heared of the eclipse dragon it is probaly the rarest dragon in dragon vle you can only breed it in a luna or sun eclipse the combination is moon and sun the incubation time is 96 hours for both places don ‘t beleive me go on youtube and find out for yours selfs

  64. Jem says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to get a moon, sun and rainbow for a couple of weeks now and I’ve just put Bluefire and Crystal in the normal breeding cave @ 1.25am and I have a 48 hour breeding time!!

  65. Phil says:

    I got 48 hrs with rain and mountain. I am thinking rainbow but anyone else think diffrent?

  66. Hazel says:

    I got a sun dragon from storm+fire on first try. Im trying on the blue moon drag

  67. jaybird says:

    i dont hav an acount yet, how do i get one

    • Barbara says:

      Lord I do hope someone answered this by now but just in case
      You download the game then sign up then sign into your Game Center account to make sure it saves your game. I do hope you got this figured out.

  68. Mackie says:

    Hi guys! How do I add friends? There seems no option to add a friend other than inviting on fb or by email. Feel free to add me. Email is mackiesingson@gmail.com

  69. Patrick Liu says:

    Hi I’m new here, can you guys befriend me? My
    Game Center is Pr2 Racer. Thx

  70. mbc72003 says:

    I JUST GOT 5 leap year dragons because I got one randomly with magnetic,lithcen and got another one with I don’t even know what so I bred them together multiple times and got like 5 or 6.

  71. Dawnell says:

    Just found this site. So excited about it. Please friend me! I am a level 40 player, don’t know much about the social aspect but I’ll learn. I’ve got Kairos, the Solar eclipse, Apocalypse, Platinum and 85 other dragons. Game Center name is- sNewEg. Plus if I get friends I’ll buy a Drangonzai tree.

  72. De says:

    Please add me in game enter I will donate everyday I’m Kim12700 or the k is lowercase please add me so far I don’t have any friends :(

  73. I got a blue moon by breeding fire+storm.The first few times I got a sun

  74. Eli says:

    I have a rain bow dragon by breeding sonic and lava

  75. taehee says:

    Please send me gems. Addme on facebook taehee kim. I have one gem

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