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Are you looking for tips and strategies in successfully building your dragon empire? Then check out our Dragonvale tips and enjoy every aspect this game has to offer. We have compiled some of the the most important Dragonvale tips to make your gaming experience a pleasurable one.

Dragonvale Tips

Dragonvale tips on making money fast. Money is essential in every game and Dragonvale is not an exemption. We all love making money to enjoy and reap all of its benefits. Let’s discover the ways on how to make a lot of money fast in Dragonvale.

Dragonvale Money Making Tip 1: If you are just getting started with the game, you have to be wise and patient in spending your money and gems. Use your coins and gems only when necessary. It’s best to save for more amazing items (that will generate more money) in the future.

Dragonvale Money Making Tip 2: Look for in-game friends. Dragonvale is more enjoyable if you play with friends. So if you know friends who are already playing the game, make sure you invite them as friends in your Dragonvale game. If you have friends that have Apple devices, have them play the game and add them as friends too. You can also look for fellow Dragonvale enthusiasts by joining online gaming communities through social networking websites (such as Facebook) or online gaming forums. You can exchange items with all your in-game friends in order to earn money and gems.

Dragonvale Money Making Tip 3: Breed or sell dragons for cash. Breeding dragons is paramount in Dragonvale. It is, after all, what the game is all about. So breed different kinds of dragons and babysit them to earn a lot of coins. You can check out the Dragonvale tips on breeding various kinds of dragons in other sections of this site.

Dragonvale tips on getting upgrades fast. There are a lot of things to achieve in playing Dragonvale. However, you probably do not want to take forever in accomplishing them. Read our Dragonvale tips on how to make upgrades in a short amount of time.

Dragonvale Upgrade Tip 1: You can get faster upgrades by having more dragons and habitats. Dragons should be placed in their correct habitats. Make sure you equally nurture the dragons and their respective habitats.

Dragonvale Upgrade Tip 2: To get food for your dragons fast it’s advisable to grow and feed Dragon Snaps. It has a low growth time compared to the other treats. You just have to be patient in clicking and babysitting your dragon farms. On the other hand, if you want to gain more XP, just be patient in waiting for the Dragon Fruit which has a total growth time of 24 hours.

Dragonvale Upgrade Tip 3: Decorations in Dragonvale earns XP. Just purchase a few that can help you gain more XP. Be wise in choosing the decorations you need to buy and do not overspend.

Share these Dragonvale tips to your friends if you find them effective. You can also sign up for Dragonvale.net to know about the latest updates, tips and tricks in playing Dragonvale.  You will never enjoy another mobile game as much as you will Dragonvale.


  1. Adam says:

    I love the game. How do you get a moon and sun dragon without buying them? Can you breed them? Do you have to put them on separate islands?

  2. Andrew says:

    I have done aome research and the sun and moon dragon is known to breed crystal and blue fire dragon add me i am trying to get one my name is i pick ny nose

  3. Evan says:

    I got moon sun and rainbow dragons from breeding the ice dragon and crystal dragon in that order took me like 50 tries but u will know u got one if the breeding time is two days

  4. Joshua says:

    I got noon dragon from scorch and cold dragon. But I’ve tried it twice since. And didn’t get.

  5. Mike says:

    How do u get a blue fire dragon and swamp dragon?

    • Andrew says:

      Swamp-Plant+Water Blue Fire-Buy with gems

      • Someone says:

        Bluefire- don’t buy with gems. Use fire and lichen. See my other comment above.

        Actually, never mind. Here it is…

        I got bluefire on my first try (yay) using fire and lichen. It’s good, because if it decides to use the cold part of lichen, u get bluefire, and if it decides to use the plant part, it becomes a poison or flower, and they are only 30 and 60 minutes respectively

  6. Aila says:

    PS, is there anyother way to get red diamonds besides buying them or having people send them to you?

  7. cristina says:

    what kind of dragon do you get when you breed earth and poison? im new to dragonvale so dont be mean

  8. vijay says:

    i ahve tried to mate plant and fire to get a poison – but i always end up with a flower – is there any thing i am msising or i might be doign wrong?

  9. informative read of the subject.

  10. Althaf says:

    Oh,realy huh?I have two RAINBOW dragons!

  11. Kaleb says:

    Dragonvale rock’s & if you were wondering to get a rainbow dragon you breed firefly & seaweed

  12. Kaleb says:

    I am only a level 19 :( sorry but i also don’t have every dragon either so…..like i said sorry the rainbow dragon thing might not be right

  13. Jason says:

    How do you get a Rainbow Dragon without buying it with gems?

  14. Daniel says:

    Add me dlfarthing I’ll give you gems of u give me them


    • norbert says:

      How can I invite you? I have only “facebook”, “email” or “text Msg” which is not available on IPad.

      Pls help!

      • Someone says:

        I have an iPad (on it right now, don’t u sometimes hate the auto correct, like when it corrects bluefire to blue fire?
        Back to ur question, iPads do have iMessage, but ur friends come from gamecentre

      • ace says:

        Norbert, go into game center on your iPad. I’ve invited Karen and some others, and they became friends. So far, however, I haven’t received any gems from them although I’ve faithfully sent one as soon as they came on board.
        Probably you know the gems you give come from either Dragonvale or your gem tree.

  15. Darrin says:

    It will be difficult to find qualified people with this topic, however you seem like you are aware of exactly what you are referring to! Thanks

  16. Breed a 10 panlong and 10 love and u get a rainbow

  17. sergio 1616 says:

    I got the rainbow dragon by breeding a level 14 frostfire dragon and a level 10 crystal dragon. (My fire shrine is activated.)

  18. Alicia says:

    hola a todos,
    Me encanta dragonvale, por casualidad empecé a jugar en verano pero hace una semana que no supero el nivel 30
    Como pasar del nivel 30.
    Tengo todos los dragones al nivel 15, todos los habitats posibles, todas las décoraciones, todos los edificios, todas las islas, creo que no me falta nada,
    pero el la barra del nivel aperece MAX. He visto una vez dragones con una corona y nivel superior al 30. Mis dragones tienen una bola encima de la
    cabeza. No sé como añadir amigos. Tengo arból de gemas , y 6 gifs ?
    Gracias por la ayuda.

  19. Fred says:

    How do u buy gems with dragon ale money

  20. Will somebody email me at lsanders28@ymail.com and help and tell me how to find dragon friends in indy or anywhere that can help me plz and tyvm

  21. I love this game I can’t seem to get moon or sun been trying for days? Any ideas? maybe u can help lol

  22. Julia says:

    I am at 21 but unable to have all dragons. :(

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  24. Matthew says:

    Hey I am a level 13 and I have been trying three times now to get the Sakura dragon before it expires, but I have had no luck. I have been consistently trying Moss (level 8) and Fire (level 8) in thhat order.

    • Matthew says:

      sorry typo I meant Moss level 8 and Fire level 8

      • Preborn says:

        I just got it, got both breeding cave and island, kept up flower + earth one place, and fire + tree on the other place, swapping order every time ( earth + flower/flower + earth and tree + fire/fire + tree).
        I counted all eggs made, and got sakura on 37th egg…
        Good luck, and may you be luckier than me! :)

  25. Christine says:

    Add me and I’ll share gems sfamama.

  26. Caden says:

    I bred the moon by using storm+fire=moon! Add me awesomeness932

  27. Nathan says:

    Hi everyone!
    Just wanted to know, I bred a Lvl 10 Lava and a Lvl 6 Crystal.
    What do they make?

    - Nathan
    P.S: Tyvm
    P.P.S: I ❤ Dragonvale!!

    • ace says:

      When breeding you’re never sure what you’ll get. Look at the incubation/hatching times for a clue. At dragonvale.wikia.com you will find color charts of all the eggs, incub/Hatch times, experience points and what you can sell them for

      If you sell them, you’re just selling to Dragonvale and not to a friend.

  28. ace says:

    I love the game, too, but when I was new at it I accidentlly used all my gems and a lot of coins buying things I didn’t mean to click on. To avoid a repeat of mistakes, I bought a Targus Stylus for iPad, etc., at Staples and Office Depot. They work great. You can also use them to write notes on the iPad or to type. Keeps fingerprints at a minimum on the iPad.

  29. Hey please send me gems and I’ll send you one!!! Waltershanski-13 check out my park while your at it!!!

  30. trekker04 says:


    Add me up!I dont have a tree yet since i am only lvl 15 but surely will have one in the next coming days.thanks!

  31. Ali says:

    What do you get when you breed a poison and earth dragon?????????

  32. i have 121,186,285 coins and 63,654 gems and a sun and a moon i will trade someone my rainbow dragon for 1 leapyear dragon

  33. DJ says:

    Hey there everyone. my sister and I were both trying for bluefire, with the combo fire and storm, but suddenly got a breeding time of 48 hours. Believe it is either sun or moon, not sure yet.

  34. bob says:

    do u getvgemstone dragons even if they r not in your shop

  35. Sheryl says:

    I am at level 21 have 3 million gold coins – 5 islands I am not able to buy any habitats or buildings. What do I need to do new dragons. Are going to hibernation cave HELP

    • Angela Vest says:

      Sheryl — Did you ever figure out how to purchase habitats? I am having the same problem – I just got a rainbow dragon and cannot purchase the habitat. In fact, I cannot purchase any habitats – they are all darkened and won’t let me access them. Did you find a solution?

  36. Lewis says:

    How do you trade things with other players need help getting ruby dragon or others add me shizlay18

  37. Sharon says:

    Si no lo a echo necesita hacer un upgrade para que le permita pasar del nivel 30. La corona es cuando llega a tener 50 dragones al nivel 15 para sumar amigos tiene que hacerlo por game center solo pone el nombre de sus amigos yo soy fmcfnts

  38. #miki-3 says:

    Need friends. Can’t promise gems yet but I’m getting there.

  39. MsPate says:

    Hi there! Rather new to DragonVale and loving it but could use neighbors. If interested please add me, MsPate, thanks!

  40. Angela Vest says:

    I have somehow breeded a rainbow dragon. I am thrilled except that I cannot purchase a rainbow habitat. It is darkened and won’t let me access it in Market. I have enough money and I am on the correct level (16) but it won’t let me purchase it. Does anyone know what is going on or how to get the rainbow habitat available for purchase?

    • Talk says:

      How u get the rainbow dragon

    • Momma_frog says:

      You have just reached your max habitat number…when your in your habitat market on the bottom of the habitats you will see a fraction like 12/12 the top number is the number of habitats that you have and the bottom number is how many you can have depending on your level…everytime you level up you get +1 max habitats…


  42. liz says:

    I haven’t been able to add friends… is there something I need to do??

  43. Palkia83 says:

    you can use left love and right storm got it on first try I got 24h left

  44. Palkia83 says:

    you can use left love and right storm

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