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The month of November is here and the dragonvale gemstone dragon for the month of November is the Dragonvale Topaz Dragondragonvale Topaz Dragon. This cute and amazing dragon will only be availed for breeding during this month and it is therefore advisable that you should hurry and breed your Topaz Dragon before it is gone. How do you breed the dragonvale topaz dragon? Even before we show you how best to breed your Topaz Dragon, here are somethings you have to know about this November Gemstone Dragon:

  • The Topaz Dragonvale Dragon is availed in the game play as from the 11th level of game play. Therefore, if you are below the 11th level of dragonvale game play, it will be best not to waste time trying to breed the Topaz Dragon.
  • The incubation period for the Topaz dragon is 30 hours while the Topaz dragon breeding time is either 30 hours or 24 hours.
  • If you want to buy the Topaz Dragonvale dragon instead of breeding, you will buy the topaz dragon for 1,500 dragonvale gems.
  • The selling price for the topaz dragon is 1.5 million dragonvale coins. It also has 100,000 XP and the gemstone habitat as its habitat.
  • The dragonvale Topaz Dragon Earning rates are as follows: At level one, they offer two gems per month, at level four, they give three dragonvale gems per month, At level eight four gems per month while at level ten they will give one gem per week.
  • The Topaz dragon has been released alongside the new Topaz Portal decoration.

Dragonvale Topaz Dragon Breeding

Breeding the November gemstone dragon is as challenging as breeding the other gemstone dragons for other months. Just like other gemstone dragons, the dragonvale topaz dragon has only one sure combination for its breeding and this best combination for breeding the topaz dragon is:

- Dragonvale Cactus Dragon bred with Dragonvale Firefly Dragon

Some dragonvale fans suggest that the best level dragons for getting the Topaz dragon are level 13 firefly and cactus dragons. However, this is for you to experiment and verify its aunthenticity. Is there more about the Topaz dragon that we have missed? If there is something left to be said about the Dragonvale Topaz Dragon, feel free to post your comments here.


  1. Lilly says:

    I got my Topaz dragon on the 5th try!

  2. meow says:

    still trying :( !! Tried 7-8times already and still trying …SIGH :’(

    • Startwinkle says:

      Is cactus and firefly the only combination? I’m trying really hard to get it, not working. My friend got it second try in the regular breeding cave, but I already tried at least 15 times in the epic breeding island and its not working. Does it have to do with my cactus dragon being already fountain of youthed?

  3. Silver wolf says:

    I’m sooooooo mad! I have tried this combo like 15 tries and still no luck. Is there any other combo? Does level 13 really work better? Please someone answer my questions.

  4. Silver wolf says:

    Nevermind, I just got it with level 13 cactus and level 10 firefly. I am sooooooo happy. Good luck everyone!!!

  5. Capi20061 says:

    I got it on my 4th or 5th try and i do feel sorry for people like meow
    Add me

  6. Wadedp says:

    How do I get a silver shrine?

  7. Dixielily says:

    Please add me I will gift gems back as long. You do

    Dixie lily

  8. Roxroller says:

    Add me, have four spots to exchange germs daily – roxroller

  9. Pixle Lily says:

    I have tried at least 15 times in each breeding habitat. 15×2=30. I am so frustrated. I didnt get Opal until October 30th…all i did all month was try for Opal. I sure hope i dont have to do the same thing for Topaz. Grrrrrrr

  10. Pixle Lily says:

    @WadeDP. To get Silver Shrine you have to get 50 dragons of the same habitat to level10. ( example: a level 10 flower dragon counts as one plant and one fire). Good luck!

  11. Destany says:

    Cactus and firefly, second try!

  12. Furiina says:

    Cactus and Firefly, 5th try, Epic Breeding Island. This is my second favorite gemstone dragon, behind Ruby. Well worth getting. Now, if only Kairos were so easy to get… I’m still stuck on the last fragment on Stage 1.

  13. 1st try says:

    I got the topaz first try !

  14. d3vinci says:

    Frustrated, lost track on how many times (using both habitats at the same time) I’ve tried, still trying!!!

  15. Stefan323 says:

    add me gem for a gem

  16. SM says:

    Got the topaz dragon on 7 try with cactus lvl10 and firefly lvl 13

  17. Brad says:

    Got three topaz and one on display. I have two each of opal, ghost, gold, bone, eclipse, blue moon, and many more. I have peridot, ruby, opal, sapphire, topaz, sandstorm, fireworks, dodo and even kairos! Kairos took forever to win! I am moving to Japan and don’t know if my acct will transfer. I guess I am going to part with it. Navnuke22 if u want to see it. Email me and I can send you screen shots. I have also stockpiled decorations that have been discontinued. This is a super rare chance if you have missed out on any dragons. Brdmetcalf@yahoo.com

    • someone to be pitied when it comes to breeding says:

      o that probably makes people (like me) who dont have that many rare dragons feel a whoooooollle lot better.

  18. Startwinkle says:

    You are so lucky Brad! The only gemstone dragon I have is the opal. My other special dragons include the bone, rain, quiksilver, forge, steel, panlong, obsidian, evergreen, sun, 2 moons, 2 blue moons, silver olympus, seasonal, and 3 silvers. Even though I have a lot I want Kairos and most of all I want gemstone dragons! Any cheats to getting gemstone dragons that anyone knows of?

    • Brad says:

      I have been able to get the gemstone dragons no prob. I have every dragon except pan long and regular moon. It takes me a week or two, checking two or three times a day for some of the gemstone dragons. Stay persistent. Some times I go feed the dragons and get them to the next avail lvl and then breed them. It has happened often that right after reaching a new lvl they produce for me. Good luck out there!

      • MA says:

        Wise words, checking and playing as often as you can gives you better chances. I only have the Topaz gem dragon :( but have lots of others. Have Equinox, Eclipse,Sun,BlueMoon, all Olympus,Silver, Gold,Ghost ,Kairos which took ages and lots of perseverance . I don’t have regular Moon very annoying, nor Panlong, Dodo, Frosfire nor Seasonal they allude me. Bit I keep trying. Addictive game :)

  19. Startwinkle says:

    And also I have a frostfire and a bluefire, that’s it.

  20. is there any way to play dragonvale online?

  21. Barbarasouixs says:

    Will gift ephemera for gem have the dragonvale gem tree
    Game Center is barbarasouixs

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