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Dragonvale Track Keeps CrashingDragonvale track keeps crashing.” This is the usual complaint of gamers who play the newest mini-game in Dragonvale. It’s a new feature that’s not yet stable. You can still enjoy the Dragon Races, but you need to know that there’s always a risk involved. You pay 50,000 Dragonvale Cash every time you enter a race. If it crashes, then you have no choice but to let go of the money that you’ve spent.

Although the Dragonvale track keeps crashing, you can always try again to get back the money you’ve lost. It does not crash all the time so you still have a chance to get money or other prizes. Since the Dragonvale track keeps crashing, we do not recommend it to players who have a few Dragonvale cash to spare. If you lose your cash without gaining anything, you just wasted your money. Remember to always prioritize the purchases you need before participating in the race. If you already have enough money, that’s the time you can participate even if there are risks involved.

Crashes in Dragon Races are inevitable, but you can still do little things that can help prevent them. Below is a recommended procedure:

  • Close all your background applications
  • Restart your device

Unfortunately, these suggestions do not stop the crashes 100%. Just patiently wait for updates regarding this feature. Always make it a point to update whenever there’s a new Dragonvale version released by Backflip Studios. The updates most likely contain bug fixes in the game. As of now, there are still no official announcements about this Dragon Race error. As soon as we hear an announcement from Backflip Studios about the crashes in Dragon Races, we will let you know.

In the meantime, you can look at our tips on the different race tracks in Dragonvale. There are recommended dragons for each race track. Check out our tips on Dragonvale Ulster Meadows, Dragonvale Dramoria, Dragonvale Year of the Dragon and Dragonvale Shimmering Faultline.

Now that you are aware that the Dragonvale track keeps crashing, tell your friends about it (particularly the ones who are new to this mini-game). We’ll keep you posted on what the latest about this issue. Keep on checking this Dragonvale blog for the latest updates.

Do you notice patterns when you experience the Dragonvale track keeps crashing issue? Let us know about them. You can also share experiences about the crashes. If you notice that it’s frequent on a particular race track, tell us about it. Just place your comments below.

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