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Dragonvale Version 1.11.0 UpdateWe’re pretty sure you loved Dragonvale’s Version 1.11.0 Update. After all, a new and unique dragon became available in our favorite game. We have posted the different features added to version 1.11.0. So in this post, we’d like to list all the updates so that people who have not yet downloaded the new version can run through a quick list of what’s latest in Dragonvale.

Main Highlights of Dragonvale’s Version 1.11.0 Update

  • A new dragon is now available. Kairos, the name of the new dragon, is Backflip Studios’ first legendary dragon for Dragonvale. It has the ability to accelerate time in your nature park.
  • The Perch of Kairos has been added. This habitat and the three artifacts are needed to summon the legendary dragon.
  • The Chronolith artifact has been added. This is needed to complete the first upgrade of the Perch of Kairos.
  • The Time Claw artifact has been added. This is for the completion of the second upgrade of the Perch of Kairos.
  • The Statue of Kairos has been added. This is for the final upgrade of the Perch of Kairos. Completion of this upgrade enables you to summon Kairos, The Legendary Dragon.
  • The level cap of Dragonvale has been increased to level 40.
  • There are new Halloween updates aside from the re-released features (from last year). The Ghost Dragon and the Tower Hollow were added.
  • The habitat quota has been increased. Remember that although the Perch of Kairos is a habitat, it won’t count in your habitat quota.

Owners of the 2nd Gen. iPod touch will not be able to enjoy this update. If you want to experience new updates from Dragonvale and from different games, consider purchasing a latest iDevice.

We have already posted about the different features added with Dragonvale’s Version 1.11.0 Update. Check them out on the home page of this blog. If you need tips in playing Dragonvale, just look around to find the guides that you need. We constantly update this blog with what’s latest about Dragonvale. Always check back for the latest news about Dragonvale. Sharing is caring, so don’t forget to recommend this site to fellow Dragonvale fans.

What do you think of the new features added to the Dragonvale Version 1.11.0 Update? Did you like the idea of having a legendary dragon that has amazing time bending powers? We certainly love to hear your opinions. Add your comments below this post.


  1. Michelle says:

    I’m really enjoying the DV 1.11.0 updates, especially the max level increase to 40 (from 35…I was maxed out!) I’m finding it’s an exercise in patience gathering the artifacts necessary to summon the legendary dragon, Kairos. I hope others don’t find the quest frustrating. Keep up the excellent & innovative updates!

  2. michelle says:

    I love the new updates :) having the Legendary Dragon is grate.
    The only thing i don’t like with dragon vale is how much it costs in food to level up your dragons its ridiculous :)

  3. Love the new updates. All of you whom are complaining need to get a life. I can’t wait to see what will be next. Love all the challenges. Keep it up. backflip!!!!!!

  4. Kairos is huge. He totally dwarfs all other dragons. The time shift is a great addition especially on log incubation and breeding times. Check mine out and good luck at the races.

  5. Tiaflower says:

    At level 40 & wondering where now…. Though didn’t get all the dragons over the past year, have enjoyed taking the game from my daughter & just going for it… Feel that trying the recommended breeding patterns for certain dragons, don’t always work out for many times, which can become an irritation, overall a fun & absorbing game…. Need to move beyond level 40, as no feel in a limbo situation….hope this input helps…

  6. Mertheb says:

    A few months back I lost all my information and workmanship that I put into this game. The sistuation said something about the programming bar not being able to keep up on my iPad 2. I lost it all. All as in i had nothing to bring backl out into the screen. All that Money, time and much accomplishment that I was very proud of considering some dragons were extremely hard to breed. So here I sit waiting for some news on how to fix this very big problem.. I would like a credit of monies spent but of course my time is priceless so I don’t expect a refund. Of time. You should be ashamed to just cut off people who outdo much time time in in tow game made for an earlier electronics

  7. Jared says:

    personally I would have passed on the update since I updated dragonvale I can no longer even access my account please help I would like answers kn why this is happening

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