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Dragonvale Backflip Studios are at it again and this time, they have released the dragonvale version 1.8 update. The reason why you are probably always glued to your dragonvale game is because of the many updates that are always being introduced into the game.

With the introduction of dragonvale version 1.8, many changes have taken place in your dragonvale game. Perhaps it is for this reason that you need to go back to dragonvale had you stopped playing the game. Here are some of the major changes that have come with the dragonvale version 1.8 update:

  • New Dragonvale DragonEmerald Dragon Baby

Another new dragon has joined the fold of the many dragonvale dragons you are already breeding and it is the dragonvale emerald dragon. How do you breed the emerald dragon?

Well, we have covered this in another post in this blog. However, you have to know that this is not like all the other dragons that you have been breeding. This is because it is endowed with the ability to give you dragonvale gems. Find out more about this dragon and try breeding your emerald dragon now!

  • New Dragonvale Decoration: Dragonvale Gemstone Flag

Dragonvale Gem Stone FlagYes, there is a new dragonvale decoration in the game thanks to the dragonvale version 1.8 update. This new dragonvale decoration is called the Dragonvale Gemstone flag.  The gemstone flag costs only 1000 dragonvale coins and as the discription suggests, it announces the introduction of dragonvale gem dragons into the game.

As such, like the gem dragons, the gemstone flag in dragonvale is available as from the eleventh level of the dragonvale game.

  • New Dragonvale Gemstone IslandDragonvale Gemstone Island

The gemstone island has also been added with its splendor and beauty. You are sure going to enjoy breeding your dragonvale gem stone dragons. With the new dragonvale gemstone Island, it is believed that you are able to get the dragonvale emerald dragon and the dragonvale pearl dragon at a faster rate.

The dragonvale gemstone island is available int he game as from level 11 and is worth only 400,000 dragonvale coins. It will take you 24hours to set up your gemstone island in dragonvale but it is worth it. If you were running out of space and you want a place to grow your gemstone dragons, it is best you get the dragonvale gemstone island.

Epic breeding sanctuaryGet ready to enjoy shorter incubation periods for your dragons and it is for this reason that the epic breeding sanctuary has been introduced into the dragonvale game. Indeed, it is very true that the dragonvale epic breeding sanctuary reduces the incubation periods for your dragonvale dragons by up to 20%. What more can you desire?

However, to buy the epic breeding sanctuary, you will need 1,250 dragonvale gems and you will have to be at the 13th level of dragonvale game play. The sanctuary is installed instantly on your island and once you have bought the epic breeding sanctuary, you can immediately start incubating your dragonvale dragons at a reduced time!

Have you heard of the enchanted breeding cave in dragonvale? Indeed, the dragonvale enchanted breeding caveDragonvale Enchanted Breeding Cave has been upraded with the release of dragonvale version 1.8 update and just like the dragonvale epic breeding sanctuary, the dragonvale enchanted breeding cave reduces the breeding time for your dragonvale dragons by up to 20%.

The enchanted breeding cave is sold for 600 dragonvale gems and is available as from the seventh level of dragonvale game play. Why not try get the enchanted breeding cave if you feel you cannot afford the epic breeding sanctuary?

  • Dragonvale Egg Pedestals

Dragon egg pedestalsThe dragonvale egg pedestals are just another way to decorate your dragonvale park with your dragonvale eggs. Eggs that are placed on the dragonvale egg pedestal cannot be hatched but can be used as a way in which to decorate your park. Why not try placing your dragonvale eggs on the dragonvale egg pedestals and see what beauty they bring into your game?

There are many pedestals depending on the egg type placed on the pedestal. For instance, we have the gemstone pedestal for gem dragon eggs, the moon pedestal for the moon dragon, the water pedestal, the lightning pedestal and so forth.

  • New Dragonvale Tips

Have you upgraded your dragonvale game to dragonvale version 1.8? If you have not, then, there is something good you are missing. This recent dragonvale update has added a feature in your dragonvale game that ensures that there are tips when the game begins. If you are keen, you will even notice in the tips that the dragonvale pearl dragon will soon be released as another of the dragonvale gemstone dragons.

Is there something special about the dragonvale version 1.8 update that we might have missed? if you notice anything about this major update in dragonvale that we missed, then, post it here and help us spread the word to the other dragonvale fans. Otherwise check back often for more updates on this mobile game.


  1. Nigel says:

    How do I get beyond level 30? I would like mor habitats than the 29 allowed Also how about ticket offices and a way to name our islands. Could we zoom out more to get a better view of our islands?

    • Vicksey's says:

      BegInning to loose interest guys, been stuck at level 30 for ages… Bring out an update n u still can’t go any further than level 30

      • johnny says:

        i’ve been playing dragonvale for ages now and i’ve started all over 3 times because i cant get past lvl 30 aswell if someone finds out how to pls tell me.

        ps who wants to know how to breed an emerald dragon
        (Lichen lvl.10 Crystal lvl.10

    • Wirehedd says:

      I agree. We need something past level 30. Some of us have been there for a while and once you have everything it starts to get a little stale.


  2. kaiden leger says:

    i love my blue waffle

  3. Bat man says:

    same here i’ve been stuck as lvl 30 for ages.
    andcan anybody add me to their freinds list?
    My game center username is didopop.

  4. Ya the bone dragon rapes me at night

  5. Sara says:

    How do you get the pedistals? I didn’t see them in the store, but I also haven’t had any eggs finish incubating since the update, so id that when you get the option to put it on a pedistal?

  6. Anke says:

    where is my update? i didn’t get an update the last fiew weeks.
    i can’t find any new thing in my shop.
    but i also want to get the new island and try to breed the nice new dragons! :-(

  7. Emily says:

    You get the pedestals when u go to hatch your egg. It has 3 options now. Hatch, display and sell. Press display and then place your egg.

  8. Anthony says:

    I was one of the people who suggested placing the Dragon eggs of pedestal as display so they obviously listen to their fans, I would also like more levels but what I want to see is the ability to clone dragons, say for instance you have the reindeer dragon and since its not Christmas its gone, wouldn’t it be awesome for if you paid a large sum of money approx 50,000,000 to 100,000,000 to clone the dragon so you can get more?

    • Same here I was the one who suggested the metal dragons.and yeah it would be awesome if you you could clone dragons because I’m stuck with one bone dragon and I’m making a baby island and I need the egg for the pedestal. Add me on gamecenter – samjohnston

  9. Ebony Nightshade says:

    Love it! Slightly annoying that you have to pay LOADS of gems to get the new breeding thingies, but still amazing update! I have an emerald egg incubating with the combo: Crystal lvl 10 + Lichen lvl 10, in that order. ;D I’ll do gem 4 gem with you guys, my name is Scorpia

  10. Jenna says:

    I got the emerald dragon on my second try :D

  11. Ben says:

    Me Too, i’ve been stuck to to Level 30 for quite some time and wondering if you gave have another update for a 2nd phase of level up that is more than level 30. having number of islands and more possible habitat for the continous different kinds of dragon being offered by backflip studios will surely be much appreciated.

  12. joshua says:

    add me joshuac72 for gem 4 gem.

  13. Kitty says:

    Since the last update, my game just quits after about 5 seconds. Can’t collect money, can’t breed dragons, it just quits. Anyone know what’s wrong??

    • Raz says:

      If you double click on the middle button of your idevice a list of the apps you’ve used most resantly come up along the bottom of your screen if you hold your finger over one of them as if you wanted to rearrange your pages of apps you get they start to wobble and you get little negative signs on the left hand side of them if you get rid of all of your apps from your list it should normaly fix the problem

      • Shari says:

        I tried that, and mine is still kicking me out of Dragonvale. It will load the game and then goes back to my home screen. Any other advice? I have an ipod touch. And I am so sad that I am gonna miss out on the emerald dragon because it has been doing this for the past week…

  14. so im sick of just having the same old dragons at nght get some new dragons in there a whole new kind.

  15. Stella says:

    Hi guys.try some new gemstone dragons. Cuz they are lovely.the emerald dragon is the best dragons in all!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. matt says:

    you missed the gemstone island…

  17. i like the moss dragon up my but it is tighter than a hole in a mountain

  18. LeapYearOne says:

    80% of my rare dragons have been bred in my normal breeding cave which leaves 20% in my epic breeding cave is this normal or just bad luck? Is playing to often or speeding up dragons ever a bad thing?

  19. Despret says:

    HELP! I went to update dragon vale to 1.8. I’m prepaid, so 1/10 of the update so when i topped it up, i try to update it again by taping the app and it and a message says “Unabble to download applicartion! Dragonvale could not be downloaded at this time.” I can click Done or Retry. HELP! It’s been 3 days!

    • Kate says:

      Have u managed to sort this?? Mines being doing the same for like a couple of weeks and driving me mad, havnt worked out how to sort it! :(

  20. If you suggest a dragon type they will most likely do it if it falls into place withe there gameplay is a good idea , I suggested the metal dragons and some of there names. Feel free to add me on GC: samjohnston

  21. Shari says:

    Since the update, the game kicks me out all the time. It wont even go into the game screen anymore. I have deleted it from the ipod and reinstalled and it is still not letting me play the game. This has been happening for around 5 days so I wont be able to get the Emerald dragon because time is almost up. Any advice for what I should do to fix this problem? Thanks.

  22. rhi says:

    when are they releasing an update past level 30 ?? also, i STILL cant seem to get the moon dragon, i’ve gotten like 8 sun dragons and several rainbows but no moon, help ?

    add me i bought the gem tree with out realizing what it was and have no one to exchange gems with -.-
    game center ID : mister jimmy

  23. I have been at level 30 for awhile now, and was just suggesting if the lvl 30 could somehow “prestige” or be able to keep leveling up. Could we somehow start over from lvl 1 and get a medal or an emblem saying that we have started over??? The game does get a little boring when you can’t level up anymore.

  24. Karen says:

    I think you can now get to Level 35 and get a new island once you’ve reached level 30. I’ve noticed that several of my Level 30 friends are now working on Level 31 and one is maxed out at Level 35 AND has an additional island!!!

    Good luck…I’m at Level 29 and about to hit 30, so I will update if I can move past Level 30.

  25. Karen says:

    BTW…I’m sure most of you know, but once you get over 6 friends you can’t do gem-for-gem anymore. I have at least 50 friends and usually get more than 15 gems given to me each day. It’s impossible to give each of them gems since we only get 6/day. I wish they would make it to where we could give gems through the game center or let us buy another tree. Right now I have to rotate who I give gems to and that kinda sucks. Have a great day! firechf3

  26. juan says:

    my freind is level 35id ont know how ask him his gamcenter name is donovan1313

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