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Have you ever had a burning Desire to know all the existing Dragonvale Dragons and their eggs in a single click? If you have, then, here is your chance! We present to you dragonvale Dragons in a list such that you will always remember them. These dragons are derived from various habitat, take different skills to breed and are the reason why millions of people worldwide are addicted to the dragonvale game. Below is the Dragonvale Dragon list:

( If you wish to know more about any of the dragons, Click on it and you will be taken to its review)

 Dragonvale Air Dragon

  Dragonvale Blazing Dragon

 dragonvale Air dragon  dragonvale Blazing dragon

  Dragonvale Firefly Dragon

  Dragonvale Flower Dragon

 dragonvale Firefly dragon  dragonvale Flower dragon

  Dragonvale Fog Dragon

  Dragonvale Mountain Dragon

 dragonvale Fog dragon  dragonvale Mountain dragon

  Dragonvale Mud Dragon

  Dragonvale Poison Dragon

 dragonvale Mud dragon  dragonvale poison dragon

  Dragonvale Rainbow Dragon

  Dragonvale Reindeer Dragon

 dragonvale Rainbow dragon  dragonvale reindeer dragon

  Dragonvale Scorch Dragon

  Dragonvale Seaweed Dragon

 dragonvale Scorch dragon  dragonvale seaweed dragon

  Dragonvale Snow Dragon

  Dragonvale Sonic Dragon

 dragonvale snow dragon  dragonvale Sonic dragon

  Dragonvale Swamp Dragon

  Dragonvale Tree Dragon

 dragonvale swamp dragon  dragonvale tree dragon
 Dragonvale Blue Fire Dragon  Dragonvale Bone Dragon
 dragonvale Blue Fire dragon + Egg  dragonvale Bone dragon + Egg
 Dragonvale Cold Dragon  Dragonvale Crystal Dragon
 dragonvale Cold dragon + Egg  dragonvale Crystal dragon
 Dragonvale Earth Dragon  Dragonvale Willow Dragon
 dragonvale Earth Dragon  dragonvale willow dragon
 Dragonvale Ice Dragon  Dragonvale Iceberg Dragon
 dragonvale Ice Dragon  dragonvale Iceberg Dragon
 Dragonvale Lava Dragon  Dragonvale Lightning Dragon
 Dragonvale Lava Dragon  dragonvale Lightning Dragon
 Dragonvale Moon Dragon  Dragonvale Moss Dragon
 dragonvale Moon Dragon + Egg  dragonvale Moss Dragon
 Dragonvale Plant Dragon  Dragonvale Quake Dragon
 dragonvale Plant Dragon  dragonvale Quake Dragon
 Dragonvale Frostfire Dragon  Dragonvale Sandstorm Dragon
 Dragonvale Frostfire Dragon  dragonvale Sandstorm dragon
 Dragonvale Scorch Dragon  Dragonvale Sun Dragon
 dragonvale Scorch dragon  dragonvale Sun dragon
 Dragonvale Water Dragon
  Help us find the missing Dragonvale Dragons!
 Dragonvale Water Dragon


Do you know of any of the Dragonvale Dragons that is missing from our list here? If you do, then, post the name here and we will add the dragon and its review for you. It is our duty to ensure that you always enjoy your Dragonvale game play!

 Dragonvale Panlong Dragon  Dragonvale Love Dragon
 dragonvale Panlong dragon  dragonvale love dragon
 Dragonvale Storm Dragon
 Dragonvale Leap year Dragon
 dragonvale Storm Dragon  dragonvale leap year dragon
Dragonvale Clover Dragon Dragonvale Bloom Dragon
 dragonvale clover dragon  Dragonvale bloom Dragon
 Dragonvale Brass Dragon  Dragonvale Cactus Dragon
 Dragonvale Brass Dragon  dragonvale cactus dragon
 Dragonvale Chrome Dragon Dragonvale Iron Dragon
 Dragonvale Chrome Dragon.  Dragonvale Iron Dragon
 Dragonvale Metal Dragon Dragonvale Mine Dragon
 Dragonvale Metal Dragon.  dragonvale mine dragon.
 Dragonvale Rust Dragon Dragonvale Steel Dragon
 Dragonvale Rust Dragon  dragonvale steel dragon
 Dragonvale Dodo Dragon  Dragonvale Sakura Dragon
 dragonvale dodo dragon  Dragonvale Sakura Dragon
 Dragonvale Bloom Dragon Dragonvale Butterfly Dragon
 Dragonvale bloom Dragon  Dragonvale Butterfly Dragon
 Dragonvale Emerald Dragon Dragonvale Solstice Dragon
 Dragonvale Emerald Dragon  Dragonvale Solstice Dragon
 Dragonvale Pearl Dragon Dragonvale Ruby Dragon
 dragonvale pearl dragon  Dragonvale Ruby Dragon
 Dragonvale Fireworks Dragon Dragonvale malachite Dragon
 dragonvale fireworks dragon  Dragonvale Malachite Dragon
 Dragonvale Evergreen Dragon  Dragonvale Copper Dragon
 dragonvale evergreen Dragon  dragonvale copper dragon
 Dragonvale Lichen Dragon  Dragonvale Pollen Dragon
 Dragonvale lichen Dragon  Dragonvale Pollen Dragon
 Dragonvale Gold Dragon  Dragonvale Slag Dragon
 dragonvale gold dragon  Dragonvale Slug Dragon


  1. Abby says:

    Ice burg dragon

  2. you are missing
    ( new ) Iceburg
    Every day dragond————-


  3. Danny says:

    Sun, Moon, moss, cold, ice

  4. Ethan says:

    You are missing the moss, moon, sun, blue fire, bone, iceberg, lightning, crystal, lava, cold, ice, quake, fire, earth, and most importantly, plant. You should uptate this very soon because my friends are complaining. Please

  5. Bob says:

    Frost fire , ice berg

  6. caleb says:

    plant earth fire bluefire water iceburg sun moon

    put there eggs next them

    you for got the sandstorm

    • Dragonvale Blog says:

      Yes Caleb,

      To ensure that you enjoy our site more, we are soon replacing all those dragons and adding them with their eggs. Is that not wonderful?

  7. Alex says:

    You’re missing Panlong, it says its a mix of water, earth, fire and air??

  8. Jasmine says:

    Panlong dragon was recently added :)

  9. Luke says:

    You are missing the love dragon i can help by passing on a screenshot if need be

  10. Rachael says:

    You are missing the Storm Dragon… :)

  11. Leilani Nelson says:

    You are missing the love dragon.

  12. dargons says:

    i think you are missing the love dragon!

  13. Zack says:

    They r missing the dragon that has a yellow egg with snow flakes on it

  14. Stan-D says:

    You don’t have the new leap year dragon with is gold egg

  15. Zac says:

    Leap year and clover

  16. Luke says:

    There is a completely new element of dragons coming out in the new update called the metal dragons would like it if these dragons were up as soon as you can thanks

  17. Carlene says:

    Just need to update from Dragonvale’s new update today:
    All the new metal dragons.
    BTW, thanks for all your info!

  18. Lucas says:

    You forgot the magnetic dragon. :-)

  19. John says:

    Fire and storm dragons i think.

  20. John says:

    And magnetic dragon

  21. John says:

    And lichen n cuctus cold lightning

  22. Martin says:

    Does anybody know the “Dodo Dragon”?

  23. Guest says:

    By the way does anyone know how to breed a Sakura?

  24. MJayBlu says:

    Can’t see any you’ve missed, but you’ve got Scorch twice.
    Once under Rainbow and again next to Sun. :)

  25. I didnt see the seaweed dragon

  26. lewdawg says:

    You’re missing the current dragon (water with lightning hybrid) :)

  27. Elizabeth says:

    missing the new dragons, butterfly & plasma. Still missing magnetic, lichen, blue fire and still have 2 scorches.

  28. Tyler says:

    The new Emerald dragon is out! got one breeding!

  29. Willy249 says:

    You forgot the Caterpillar dragon!!!!!!

  30. Leah says:

    Emerald dragon shiny green egg

  31. Luke says:

    Fire dragon is missing

  32. Steffani says:

    Which dragon has the egg that is red and yellow flames?

  33. Cael says:

    Missing the new pearl and forge dragon

  34. Drago says:

    Can you possibly add the pearl and emerald dragons???


  35. Drake says:

    Not trying to be rude, but you forgot a dragon. It is the awesome fire fly dragon.

  36. Wise Guy says:

    Wise Guy notes:

    You are missing the gemstone dragons and the fire dragon, if i am not mistaken.

    -Wise Guy

  37. Wise Guy says:

    Wise Guy Notes

    What happened to the LICHEN dragon?

    -Wise guy

  38. birdy says:

    your missing the gold dragon

  39. unknown says:

    you are forgetting the bronze, silver, and gold olympus dragons

  40. Hoopla says:

    I want Diamond Dragon!

  41. David says:

    im lv 17 and i got 20 mill by selling air dragon

  42. Claire says:

    i think the quicksilver dragon is missing

  43. P.Ash says:

    Ironwood, rain, seasonal.

  44. Bunny rabbit says:

    Your missing quite alot of the gemsotnes: Safire, Topaz, Opal +
    Your also missing the new solar eclipse dragon

  45. Wolf says:

    U have the bloom dragon twice once next to the clover dragon and again next to the butterfly dragon

  46. Bob says:

    You are missing the glacier dragon

  47. The smoke dragon is missing

  48. Me says:

    You’re missing the Celtic & the Century Dragon

  49. Me says:

    You are also missing the Hail Dragon if I am not correct

  50. Wiser Guy says:

    You’re also missing the ghost dragon.

    - Wiser Guy

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