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How do you breed the dodo dragon? Help me to breed a dodo dragon! This is the urge of many of the current dragonvale dodo dragondragonvale players.  Do you want to get the dragonvale dodo dragon? Are you asking how the dodo dragon is bred? If you are, then, here are some of the best combinations that will help you in getting your dragonvale dodo dragon:


Aside from dodo dragon breeding combinations, here are other facts you have to understand about dragonvale dodo dragon breeding:

  • The egg is brown with blue whispy swirls, similar to the Air egg
  • Breeding dragonvale dodo dragon takes 16hours
  • Do not waste time looking for dragonvale dodo dragon in the market as it is still a secret dragon and you will not find it in the dragonvale market
  • You can breed the dragonvale dodo dragon on the epic breeding island.


Buying a dodo dragon

If you are not interested in breeding the dodo dragon or if you have tried breeding the dodo dragon and failed, another alternative to getting your dragonvale dodo dragon will be by buying it from the market. Should you be planning to go this way, here is what you have to know:

  • The dragon is available as from level 14 of the game play
  • The buying price is yet to be known but the selling price is a million dragonvale coins.
  • Its negative elements are earth and air whereas it has no known positive elements.

How did you breed your dodo dragon? Please share it with the rest of the dragonvale fans and let them have a try at your breeding methods. more to this, should you know something about the dragonvale dodo dragon that we know not off, then, please post it here and let the rest of our talented dragonvale players know.


  1. ~Ash ley~ says:

    Took 4 tries of Earth + Chrome to get the Dodo 16 hour…got Steel shortly after!

  2. LeapYearOne says:

    Has anyone found another dragon breed by cross breeding this dragon?

  3. Yhatica says:

    Got it first time with Earth and Crome found out about it from helpful dragonvale guide on app store.

  4. Barb says:

    Ok why isn’t the Dodo dragon showing up in my market? I’m level 22~~~. Got the Steel dragon in the market and got him first try….

    • Jan says:

      Dodo not available in market yet as its a ‘secret’ dragon and has to be bred with combinations. Don’t give up keep trying…happy breeding :)

      • Barb says:

        Felt like a idiot right after I posted that question about why wasn’t it in the market, I seen the answer to my own question~~~ I’m having no luck with Dodo & sandstorm! Agggg

        • zc11m says:

          i cant get a dodo i have a sandstorm, butterfly, sakura, panlong and rainbow please i wanna get a dodo.

    • Simon says:

      It is a “Secret” so you have to wait it just came out for me I’m level 21

  5. Dragonvale says:

    Is there a way to breed it on a breeding cave?cuz I did not buy the app so I can not buy gems to get the epic breeding island. PlZ tell me a way

    • ~Darkling~ says:

      You can breed this dragon in the standard breeding cave. You just have to have the earth dragon as one of breeding dragons. Most players are having success with earth/chrome or earth/willow combination, but you could also use earth with snow, sonic, or any other air hybrid. Good luck! :)

  6. Vvggh says:

    I can’t buy a breeding island so is there a way to breed it in a breeding cave?

  7. Grant says:

    I just got it on the third try using earth and chrome! I used the epic breeding island. :)

  8. [rich1e] says:

    No but I am so angry because I can’t get any combo to work

  9. ryan says:

    i know of a few who got it with willow and earth first tries.

  10. griffin says:

    i got a steel but im still trying to get a dodo dragon thx for the help :-)

  11. Breeding a dodo after 4 tries of Earth 15/Chrome 10 on the Epic island. Found out by accident while browsing the web. Keep’m coming!!! Now I need to get started on the Steel.

  12. [rich1e] says:

    Can you breed a dodo without lvl 15 dragons. You can breed a steel dragon with snow and metal

  13. Rachael says:

    u can try sandstorm earth and sandstorm air 2 4 dodo

  14. cindy says:

    I got the dodo with earth and air dragons first try and then 3 more after that with this combo.. I had tried earth and chrome about 5 times and did not get it..

  15. Terb says:

    Earth + fog in regular breeding cave first try, both level 10

  16. rizalvi98 says:

    Does any one able to breed new dagom in meny, called Sakura Dragon, which is for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Sakura Dragon is combo of Plant,Earth,Fire. Tried Tree Dragon (left) Fire on (right) and got moss dragon twice.

  17. Clay says:

    Just to anyone wondering about the Sakura dragon, I have got it with Earth left moss right. First try.

  18. Jan says:

    WOW…..just bred a Sekura Dragon, was just playing around as have all dragons and got 10hr, thought it was Lava so sped up and got an egg with flowers on…dragon is pink and has shoes on…good luck

  19. Jenna says:

    How do you get those dragons … What combination

  20. Jan says:

    How did you breed the sekura dragon what did you breed?

  21. Griffin says:

    I got the sakuri dragon with the tree dragon then lava dragon both level 10 first try;)

  22. Kazuara says:

    Got a dodo dragon on the first try in the standard breeding cave with a earth (level 10) dragon and chrome (lv. 9) dragon

  23. Ricky says:

    terp 37 is my name add me. Hey love god guys he does wonders I’m 14 and I found him

  24. Ali says:

    I’m lvl 30 and Dodo dragon was in market. Didn’t even have to breed, bought it for 500 gems.

  25. Travman98 says:

    Btw earth and sandstorm doesn’t work don’t bother unless u want a air dragon

  26. Lesley says:

    Just got this dragon after 5 tries with earth and chrome

  27. John says:

    I got a Sakura dragon by breeding a clover (L) Fire (R) both level 10 baby’s but u can use clover and fire both not baby to!!!!!


  28. evilq3 says:

    Omg been trying both dodo n sakura 4 3days nw done heapz of combos getting very annoyd ne tips im tired of hearing ppl geting it on first try

  29. BEERMAN2004 says:

    I got a dodo with earth and snow but it took a few tries.

  30. Od says:

    I got it using earth and snow dragon

  31. eric says:

    i am breeding an earth and sonic its taking 24 hours any ideas what it is?

  32. Boss man says:

    Crystal I hate when that happens accidentally got it 4 times 4 days is a long time

  33. MummyB says:

    Got a dodo third attempt with earth and fog, in breeding cave. Lvl 22. Got Sakura with tree and flower after 3 or 4 attempts.

  34. Lou says:

    HELP! I can’t get a Dodo or Sakura!! I want to know if you can get them without level 10 dragons in the normal breeding cave. I’m not a very high level, but could someone please help me? Thanks, and good luck on everybody’s breeding!

  35. Jason says:

    1st try got Sakura by breeding Tree & Flower,both level 10 on Epic Breeding Island! Now trying for Dodo.

  36. Chris says:

    Hey guys add me I got a dragon gem tree and need help getting a dodo and Sakura dragon

  37. Pinkiespongy says:

    I finally got my 16 hours wait with the combination of Earth + Fog. I hope its Dodo. I tried earth+ chrome for like 30 times and i got est 38millions gold from selling the iron dragon and no success. And then i tried earth+ fog, i got it on the first try on regular breeding cave. Just got my sakura after 50 times though. Keep sticking with flower and tree, u will get it someday, keep intercharging the order. All of my friends and i got sakura on epic breeding cave. It only works there, i guess!

  38. Snow White says:

    Hey Chris I’ll add u. What’s your username? I have a gem tree 2. 2 get dodo use earth and sonic. 2 get sakura use tree and flower. B patient. It might take a few tries.

  39. hethurbee says:

    Fot a dodo with level 10 earth and level 9 sonic on first try with reg breeding cave. Add me my name is hethurbee

  40. Chris says:

    It hockeyblue5

  41. Nevaeh Evol says:

    Question…when you say you had to try 3-4 times; is that consecutively? Or do you try for dodo then Sakura then dodo? Or do you try sakua Sakura Sakura Sakura? I’ve been trying for Dodo, Sakura and Panglong with ZERO success on any! grrr!

  42. Pixle Lily says:

    I’ve been trying for them too with no success! I’ll keep trying…hopefully I’ll get them soon.

  43. Deb says:

    Tree and flower worked first try for me.

  44. Jk says:

    I’m still trying to breed Dodo but I just got Sakura by breeding clover and flower on first try. Been trying tree and flower for many times but it didn’t work.

  45. Bennythehead24 says:

    I’m looking for a bunch of friends to send me jets and to send Jews to and I know a lot of combinations for any dragon

  46. Amiey says:

    Ive tried all of these combos and none of them work! Its the last dragon I need and then I have every single dragon. :c

  47. Sandy says:

    For 24 hrs. I think tou are getting a crystal.

  48. Sandy says:

    I was thinking of getting the gem tree and can anyone yell me if they work or not, my friend has one which she bought and it had 6 gems on it and she cannot get them off the tree. Is there something extra that you have to do to get them?
    How can I gift an egg.

  49. Blac-angel says:

    Yes, Gem Trees work but if yho buy one yho can give other people gems, not yourself. So unless yho hav lots of friends that are eager for gems, I would not waste gems on it.
    There iz nothing extra yho hav to do to get them. She’s properly glitched.
    How long hav yho played Dragonvale for?
    Surely yho no that yho CANT gift eggs…?

  50. Bob says:

    I bred the Dodo dragon on my first try. I bred the snow dragon and the Sakura dragon and got the dodo dragon!

  51. Jordan says:

    How do you get dodo!!!!!!!!!!
    I got Sukura second try with tree and fire but I have tried earth and chrome about 20 times on regular breeding cave and epic breeding island and I just can’t get it!!!!!!!

  52. Evilspinner says:

    Earth with chrome/willow works just been having real bad luck like 30+ tries and no luck, guess gotta keep at it. Been breeding at both caves as well. Also looking for couple more friends for daily gem trade, have gem tree.

  53. Rowan007 says:

    I have tried earth-Crome like thirty times I guess I’m not gonna get it
    Does any one know how long the dodo will be available??????
    Thanks , Rowan

  54. Lachie says:

    I got the emerald dragon first try first day it came out in the epic breeding island. I have four now

  55. Joshua says:

    Which of the three choices for dodo is the best?

  56. Cesar1235 says:

    Hi,I have question How can I have a dodo,panlong,sun,moon,bluefire,frostfire Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tri ti get the dodo 33 times and I tri alllll please

  57. Cesar1235 says:

    Y and the other new dragons

  58. poo says:

    for the upgrade 6 large treat farm do you have to have them at the same time

  59. Hi guys,I’m trying to breed dodo and can not get it.i have two suns,two moons,1 leap year,1 ruby,1 panlong,and 1 rainbow. Add me for gems:pokemonmew1234

  60. Pyro 123 says:

    I got a dodo dragon by breeding crystal and fog .

  61. Madëe says:

    Try earth and blazing!:)

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