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If you already know about the existence of dragonvale bloom dragon, then, the next big thing is you would love to get Dragonvale bloom Dragonone. How therefore do you breed dragonvale bloom dragon?

If you read about dragonvale bloom dragon in our previous post, then you may already know that the bloom dragon has an element of plant, lightning and cold and therefore exists in the said habitats.

There is more that you should know about breeding dragonvale bloom dragon such as:

  • Dragonvale bloom dragon is bred in the normal breeding cave.
  • Dragonvale bloom dragon has an incubation period of thirteen hours.
  • When dragonvale bloom dragon egg is hatched, the bloom dragon gives you seven thousand XP

Well, After you know the above facts, Here are some combinations that have been proved to be successful in breeding dragonvale blooming dragon:

  • Dragonvale Plant Dragon + Dragonvale Storm Dragon
  • Dragonvale Plant Dragon + Dragonvale Lichen Dragon
  • Dragon Cold Dragon + Dragonvale plant Dragon
  • Dragonvale Love dragon + Dragonvale Storm Dragon
  • Dragonvale Love Dragon + Dragonvale Cold Dragon

Most of these combination work on the epic breeding Island and most players agree that the best combination are level ten dragons. However, some have used lower level and upper level dragons to breed the dragonvale bloom dragon.

Do you have any other combination for breeding dragonvale bloom dragon? If you do, then, post it here for the benefit of all the dragonvale fans. Also, do not check back once in a while for more updates in regard to dragonvale game play.


  1. I used reindeer then storm got it

  2. Kath_2341 says:

    I finally got one after several tries.
    I used Plant and Storm in the EBI.

  3. Pedro says:

    Fire fly com linchem de primeira

  4. wesley says:

    u need to try it!!

  5. 4ellisons says:

    Does the Fountain of Youth effect which dragons are bred? Because all of my dragons are level 10 and most have been through the Fountain and I don’t get much luck…

  6. Mandy says:

    Got the bloom dragon 2nd try with Level 10 plant and Level 10 storm.

  7. Mandy says:

    I don’t think so, both my dragons been through the fountain when I bred them and I still got the bloom dragon.

    • DERT says:


  8. Johng1337 says:

    I just got one of these. I used storm+plant. My storm was lvl8 and plant was 10. I also used the epic breeding island.

  9. Scrote says:

    I got a bloom dragon with love + storm

  10. Brandon says:

    I tried plant and storm and got nothing

  11. Gleni says:

    I try love and storm and it work the first time I try in the regular breeding cave good luck

  12. jamo :-) says:

    just did storm and plant and got 48 hr, not a bloom but im not complaining lol

  13. Bob says:

    So easy got it first try plant and storm

  14. morgan88092 says:

    omg i just updated and my breeding cave and epic breeding cave is full im so angry ARRRHHH

    • Okayimback says:

      Been there. When leap year came up for breeding, my cave was full for 48 hrs and I wasn’t able to try for the Leap Year dragon!

  15. Izzi says:

    I’ve tried mostly all of them and I still don’t get it can I get some help please!

  16. Cooper says:

    I got it with plant and storm

  17. Lourdis_aire says:

    Level 8 storm with level 10 lichen got me one on epic

  18. Gplol1949 says:

    Woww, I am lvl22 and missing with everything I am doing this without spending a cent I think they are shutting me down it’s not good of them to do this I am disabled and live in pain this is a great distraction for pain but I guess they feel money is more important? No hard feelings just well you know………

    • wow says:

      dude tose guys are souless cruel jerks and i feel sorry for you and you are right they try to make you buy gems to get dragons like mon or sandstorm or frostfire these are the only dragons i DON’T have

      • The Lurker says:

        I feel sorry for you too, but they are not trying to take your money… You can if you want but don’t have too! It’s fun to have friends gift them to you… :)

      • Barbara says:

        I agree I can’t seem to get sandstorm, moon, rainbow, or panalong. I did purchase frostfire cause couldn’t get him after 50 tries.plus they never seem to have a sale on the purchase of gems. I think they should make dragons avaiable with coins.. Just my 2 cents.. I noticed some ppl have a lot of luck with breeding and others don’t.

    • Sim says:

      Oh great. I have serious competition. I’m level 21.

    • Hi Gplol,
      I’m at lvl 28, I have all the dragons including 2 rainbows and have never spent a cent, so please just hang in there. I don’t think anyone is shutting you down. I too have chronic pain so I can relate…it sometimes makes me impatient…so please just keep hangin in there!!

  19. Yaz says:

    I tried and I tried storm & plant just got more storm dragons.
    Just tried reindeer and cactus have 48 hour wait time.
    Also, 48hr wait on cactus lichen cross got Moon.
    Love Storm cross also 48 hr wait. The Bloom looks cute.
    I ran out of gems rushing incubations. Thought cactus Lichen
    Cross or Love cold mix.

  20. RabbitAqui says:

    I try plant & storm, and it’s least in than 1 hour!

  21. Epicazeroth says:

    Does anyone know what the Vernal Spring does?

  22. Tanmay says:

    I used plant and storm andgot it

  23. HAHA says:

    haha I did storm plus plant and it 48hours haha first try xD

  24. Carpoon says:

    Hey everyone, super excited about the bloom dragon and hope you all get one ( I’m still trying for mine :0 ). Can anyone tell me about the vernal fountain and why there is a limit of 25 of them. Not that I really want more than 25 unless something cool happens.

    • DontEvenTry says:

      Dude nothing happens the only reason the limit is 25 is because that is the point when youre ipod starts to lag. its a waste of moola sorry firend me on game center my name is INFERNOBLITZ98 thanks

  25. Anonymous says:

    I have to questions.
    #1 how long will this dragon be around?
    #2 in the video the 2 dragons the person used to breed had crowns……… Or well it showed a bloom and a plant with crowns? Will u get that with the bloom dragon and the dragons you used to breed it with????? I need answers. When your starting out the answers say ” DEAR, MYSTERY

  26. Kirbyzeldarox says:

    Does any1 know the best combination?

  27. Booboo says:

    13 hours incubation, does that mean just sitting in the nursery OR both breeding and hatching of the egg?

  28. Ozma337 says:

    Got one my first try with Storm+Cactus.
    I’ve tried a few more times though and no luck.

  29. Dtnjd says:

    I used storm on left and plant on right in the breading cave and got it first try.

  30. Nick says:

    Used plant and storm in breeding cave got sun dragon first then bloom dragon on the next try

  31. Boje says:

    Plant + storm, first try!

  32. Katlover86 says:

    Cactus + storm, both level 10 – first try; actually first pair i even put in the cabe after I got the update. It’s my lucky day! :-)

  33. babyshing says:

    Plant + Storm on EBI, 1st and 2nd try!!

  34. Angelmax71 says:

    (left) Tree level 10 & (right) Storm level 10 = 13 hours!!
    OMG! Have I got a Bloom on the way ?!?!?

  35. Trey says:

    I’ve been trying the plant dragon and storm dragon combination, and i ended up with a rainbow dragon. LOL

  36. I think I tried over 20 times with different combinations and I just can’t get it!!!
    And now my EBI’s hogged with a 48h

  37. Okay…I’m feelin’ major bummed…I’ve tried all the combinations listed here (except those with Reindeer or Love – I only started playing two weeks ago). After eleven tries…with varying levels, combos, orders, cave/EBI…still: no Bloom! Ideas…short of buying it?

  38. Gplolo1949 says:

    Wow, I try a lot with storm and nada, grrrrrrrrer well ok. Someone asked about the fountain of youth? Well it’s un explainable I mean your dragons loose their character keep their level ????

  39. Jrabbit022=D says:

    I got the bloom on my first try at 10:45pm both level 10 plant and storm I been trying to get another but no luck so far I bred plant and storm again and got 48 hours. Does anyone have any idea what it could be i know it’s between sun,rainbow,and moon but which do you think it is???

  40. J says:

    Has anyone had any luck in getting a second one??

  41. Samantha p says:

    Haven’t gotten a bloom dragon, but I did get a second moon dragon. I have been using both breeding areas and have used plant and storm.

  42. rugmaster says:

    i tried plant and storm and got nothing. can someone help friend me

  43. Q says:

    Flower and storm

  44. Ricky says:

    Tried plant storm and cold cactus and got 2 48 hour breeding times. Event better. Hey to make the things in your life happen you need to have Jesus in your life he will help you get through the troubles in your life if you just live your life as a disciple of Christ

    Colossians 3: 23 whatever you do do it with all of your heart and don’t do it for man but for the lord. Thankyou happy holy week

  45. Sup says:

    I used storm and plant and it worked straight away!! They look so cute as baby’s :D

  46. Iillyanne says:

    I have been trying.. And I’m not getting it. I don’t seem to get any rare dragons…. Im kinda sad about it

  47. This is a little off-topic, but I used Cold and Lichen to get a bloom dragon and I got my second rainbow dragon

  48. Maymay says:

    I got a bloom dragon by breeding a flower dragon with a storm dragon.

  49. Annoyed says:

    I’ve tried plant and storm on EBI and on NBC in total like over ten times and it never worked I have a sun and a moon and out of the two times I got 48 hours I was going for a leap year and I got a moon I was going for a rainbow and I got a sun and I can’t get a blue fire please leave suggestions in the beggining dear annoyed one

    • Emily says:

      Lol, to get my blue fire 1: I just got super frustrated because I too have been selectively trying to breed rare dragons for like 6 months. ( leap year missed, clover purchased) 2. Completely gave up and swore off DV forever. 3. Let my 6 year old randomly breed one ( fire left, ice right ) he got it on his first try.

  50. Mewados says:

    I just got another cactus. My dragons are both level 8 and i keep doing plant and storm. I hope one of you is getting the luck that i’m not getting.

  51. Mina says:

    Tried plant & storm both lvl 10 breeding cave…got 2 suns on my 17th and 18th time. Just got bloom on 19th try!!!!!!

  52. }~Wolf~{ says:

    i got it by plant(level 10) + storm(level 10) on first try in the epic breeding cave. i also got 2 rainbows, 1 sun, 1 moon, 1 clover, and 1 panlong. please add me my game center ID is }~Wolf~{

  53. Dy23 says:

    Try storm and love it worked for me

  54. ravegirl777 says:

    so far no luck with a bloom dragon but after a few trys im either getting a sun or a rainbow dragon! haha :) Add me! gem 4 gems! saving up for a EBI

  55. QTPI says:

    Storm and flower worked for me twice in a row. Also, I bought that new fountain decoration. I don’t know if it matters, but that combo didn’t work for me until after I bought it.

  56. Zedda Cheese says:

    Ive tried bout ten times wirh storm L and plant R, storm L and lichen R and cold L and cactus R . All that have failed. Am i doing something wrong pr is it just not my day

  57. Ash says:

    Ive tried plant & storm 4 times, storm & lichen 3 times, tree & storm once, storm & flower once. Still haven’t gotten lucky!

  58. IDX says:

    I’ll chime in and say Storm on left, Lichen on right, both lvl10 works well for me!

  59. kismet says:

    I tried cactus and cold and got a storm. Then I tried cactus with the new storm I just bred and got a cactus. So then I tried breeding the new cactus with the new storm (both level 10) and bingo, got a bloom. Tried the same two and got another bloom. Good luck everyone!

  60. Dumbledore says:

    Duh. Try cactus and storm. First try.

  61. Ugh, does it matter what lvl your dragons are?
    I bred a lvl 6 plant dragon with a lvl 5 storm.

    Got a 6 hour incubating time >.>

  62. houhei says:

    I randomly decided to breed a level 10 Bloom Dragon on the left, and a level 10 Storm Dragon on the right.. I got a Sun Dragon my 3rd try! o__O

  63. Jan says:

    Storm & Love gave me moon first try. Storm & Cactus 2nd try gave me Bloom. Good luck :)

    • Jan says:

      Bred storm & cactus again 2nd Bloom on its way yayyyyy :) . It’s very pretty. Well done devs for producing a nice dragon xoxo

      • Jan says:

        Storm & Litchen just gave me 13hrs breeding time, looks like my 3rd bloom……maybe it’s my lucky day :) . Will find out in morning xoxo

  64. Pegasus says:

    Plant + Storm lvl 10s in normal breeding cave has given me a 13 hour timer. First attempt.

  65. Vixen says:

    I got it with level 10 cactus and storm in the breeding cave.

  66. Nikki says:

    I cannot get a bloom and I have tried plant + storm, storm + plant. Both are just level ten, but I don’t have an EBI. Any advice?

  67. Vida says:

    level 10 plant and level ten storm first try in normal breeding cave. I guess I. going to keep using that combo tho, as it seems many people are gettin rare dragons from it.

  68. Wesley says:

    Just got it with Storm and Willow level 10 second try on EBI… :D

  69. Jon says:

    Just tried plant and storm and then love and storm a total of 32 times with no bloom or no 48hr dragon. This is stupid! Wasted a lot of gems.

  70. coyote9 says:

    i used a cactus and storm both level 8, in the normal breeding cave. my friend used the Lichen and storm to get his

  71. Lucky613 says:

    I used cactus then storm on the EBI and got it!!!!!

  72. Tia says:

    Yes!!!!!!!! Got one! Plant and storm both max level. Took 2 trys. Don’t give up!

  73. Yaw says:

    I tried Storm cactus so often but it doesnt works Need help pleeease
    What do i make wrong ?

    • Ahmad says:

      do it in the breeding cace, not island, and try Reindeer (left) and storm (right), i got it on my first try using these

  74. Brittney says:

    I FINALLY got the bloom dragon by breeding the storm (left) and lichen (right). It took at least ten tries with this combination, and also tried storm/plant a few times with no success. So don’t give up, it’ll happen eventually!

  75. bob says:

    bloom and cold is sun

  76. Jarrett says:

    I have tried plant level 8 and storm level 8 at least thirty times and I either get a lichen or another storm… I can’t afford an EBI. Please help.

    • Ahmad says:

      It won’t work on epic breesing island, it only works in the breeding cave, try reindeer (left) and storm (right), worked for me first time

  77. Janel says:

    Just got one! Level 10 Plant and Level 10 Storm dragon in the breeding cave!

  78. Lourdis_aire says:

    Used lvl 10 storm then lichen to get bloom. Add me.

  79. AW12547 says:

    I tried lichen and lava and got a rainbow. So far, plant and storm haven’t been working out for me.

  80. !--J0e--! says:

    How do u get the gems off of the gem tree

  81. Elliott says:

    I put plant level 10 (left) and storm level 10 and got 48 hours, which dragon is that one?!

  82. I’ve tried 19 times lost all my gems down from 80 still didn’t get it using plant and storm in that order

  83. Bassie88NL says:

    Heey guys,, i tried storm left (10) and willow right (10) firts try got bloom,,
    Now i tried it for the second time and got 48 hour incubation

  84. Ashton says:

    I got the bloom first try with storm and willow both level 10 In the EBI

  85. Suwefo says:

    Lichen level 11 on the left +Storm level 11 on the right gave me Bloom. I tried a number of times with different combinations. In the end, I think it’s all about luck – so keep trying.

  86. Carter says:

    How do you get the bloom with out epic breeding island???

  87. Tweetums says:

    Cactus level 9 and storm level 10 Just worked for me.

  88. Elliott says:

    I tried cactus lvl 10 (left) and storm lvl 10 (right) and got it the first time

  89. Trolllolol says:

    Jesus sucks god sucks jesus sux god sux go big bang theres no guy sitting up there on a cloud pissing to make rain and shitting to make meteors and stuff god sux jesus sux

  90. CouCou says:

    Is the bloom dragon limited edition?

  91. Monica says:

    I breed a love and a storm and got the bloom on my 1st try :)

  92. Jennifer says:

    I got a bloom by storm and lichen

  93. McBean says:

    Been trying since the update, with about 3 or 4 attempts a day. Got 2 fountains, put them both on the same island as plant habitat, that had flower dragon I used later, and the cave. After this, tried yesterday with, cactus and storm (in that order both level 10) in cave and flower and storm (both level 10) on EBI, and got 2 sets of 13 hours. Now have 2 bloom eggs. I was beginning to think I’d never get limited edition stuff.

  94. McBean says:

    Forgot to say, second attempt at each

  95. Yo man says:

    I got a bloom doing Cactus first, then Storm second.

  96. Rose says:

    I’ve got 1 sun, 3 panlong, now breeding for this dragon

  97. Emily says:

    Has anyone tried to breed the cactus dragon with the cold dragon? Does it work?

  98. Ladwa says:

    I bred a plant and a strorm dragon it said 48 hours is ita rainbow, moon or sun dragon

  99. Yaw says:

    I got One wit trying Kaktus level11 left and Storm level10 right and got One After 10 Times them i bred my Bloom with Storm and now i am Waiting for an
    Other One Kee trying and dont give up and you will get one ;)

  100. Emmy says:

    I’ve tried for days, it’s impossible for me to get this dragon! I tried all combinations and my own 10 times each, and I’ve accidently bred TWO rare dragons in the process. Help? :(

  101. Shelliemac01 says:

    I am new to this and have popped a mountain along with lightning and they are taking 13hours for breeding. No chance of me being lucky and getting a bloom is there?

  102. TH says:

    Storm + Tree = Bloom

  103. Dieg says:

    How long is the breedong time??

  104. Jort says:

    I try all combinations en nothing workshop

  105. heap says:

    It may take MANY MANY breedings to get there – I don’t know know how many cactus, lichen, and storms I’ve been through. Even got 2 extra moons. I’ve been at this ever since the update came out with both the Breeding Cave and Epic Island using Cactus+Cold pair and Lichen+Lightning pair. p

  106. ZachGalgan says:

    Lv. 10 FLOWER/STORM= easiest way to get Bloom.

    • Lily says:

      Omg!! Thank you so much!! I just got a 48 hr trying for the bloom with this combination!! I have been trying so hard to get anything special and this is my first one!! Yeay! Your my new best friend!!

  107. Amanda hall says:

    I got a moon dragon trying to breed for this one! It was so awesome!!!

  108. purpledragon says:

    willow + storm epic breeding island both level 15 every time a bloom dragon

  109. conner says:

    im so happy on my first try i breeded a lv 7 crystal dragon on the left and a lv 4 blue fire on the right and got 48 hrs :’-)

  110. Harribo61 says:

    I’ve bred storm and plant something like 10 times
    And still haven’t got it my brother had it on his 3rd try.

  111. Broie says:

    I am soo awesome!!!,! I got the bloom dragon after a million times nah just kidding I got it in 32 times it was like soo boring I kept getting cactus dragons and storms.

  112. Samantha says:

    Flower and storm worked for me!

  113. conner says:

    i just need 5 more gems if any1 would send me jems it would be much appriciated and i would send u 1 back right after u send me 1 thnx and i hope every1 gets a bloom dragon

  114. Jimmy says:

    How do you breed the dragon boom again?????

  115. Farmchik says:

    Had given up on bloom dragon, decided I’d breed a lichen x storm (someone had posted that combo would make a rainbow dragon), ended up with a bloom dragon (only time I had ever tried this combo)

  116. Nesa says:

    After 30+ tries using plant lvl 10 (left) & storm lvl 10 (right)
    I got bloom with the opposite! Left is storm and right is plant!
    Chibibutterfly is me :)

  117. Mauro201112 says:

    Plant and storm both lvl 10 works great

  118. Mauro201112 says:

    Plant and storm both lvl 10 works great

  119. Sandy says:

    I got it with level ten plant and level ten storm

  120. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me the list of event dragons?

    • Only event dragons I know of are the following: Leap Year dragon,Love dragon,Clover dragon,Bloom dragon, Bone dragon & Reindeer dragon. The Panlong dragon is for the year of the dragon.

  121. Ahmad says:

    Reindeer and storm worked first time

  122. ~!Victini~! says:

    Hi! If you guys want a rainbow dragon try breeding storm+poison or blazing+mud you can pick on these two but I got it with storm in the left and poison in the right in the normal breeding cave at first try ;) :D .. Good luck :3

  123. Hethurbee says:

    I got a 13hr breeding time with level 10 cactus and level 10 storm. I also have the vernal fountain.

  124. Gabby says:

    Okay. So. I attempted to breed this dragon like 50,000,000 times and I had no luck. Then the other night, I bred a level 10 plant that hasn’t been through the fountain of youth on the left, with a level 10 storm that hasn’t been through the fountain of youth on the right, at exactly 11:30 and got it. I told my friends to try this at 11:30 just like I said, and they got it to! Hope I helped!!! :)

  125. Jan says:

    Litchen & Storm 48hrs. Already have 3 Suns, 2 Moons, 3 Rainbows, 2 Leapyrs, 3 Blooms. Looks like the more special breeds u have the easier they are to get. Took me weeks to get first ones now seem to get them when not even trying….looking forward to more new breeds again…happy breeding evry1

  126. Bookworm says:

    Fog and lava make rainbow…. Go figger

  127. Sarah says:

    Been trying cactus and storm for about 7 tries at lowwer levels, when i’d finally got cactus on the right at lv 10 and storm on left at lv 9 I got it on the second attempt! I’m pretty sure that the higher levels the dragons the greater the probability of a rare dragon.

  128. conner says:

    plz need 5 gems if any1 will be nice enough ill tell them how to get the sakura dragon

  129. Alb says:

    I used cactus and cold

  130. Lou says:

    Plant and storm DID NOT work! I tried it a lot, so annoying! Does cactus and cold REALLY work??!! Good luck to all others who, like me, have horrible luck!

    • Delcia says:

      I know how you’re feeling! It happened to me! Plant and storm do NOT work!!!!! So, I’ll give you the combinations that worked the first time on both :)

      Left: Storm(lvl.7) ; Right: Cactus(lvl.4)
      Left: Storm(lvl.7) ; Right: Lichen(lvl.6)

      It really worked for me :) and I was struggling just like you were!!! Make sure you get these dragons mixed before Monday, cause that’s when the Blooms disappear again :/

  131. gemsie says:

    I did storm and plant and I got a five hour incubation time. I did some research and realised it’s a love dragon…. i haven’t got it already so yay.

  132. Corrie says:

    Are they keeping Bloom around forever now? Since it didn’t disappear with the update?

  133. Jewels1954 says:

    I just bred two Bloom dragons,back to back, on the EBI using plant & storm. I used this combination numerous times with no luck. I also used other combinations suggested by others with no luck. Gave up while trying to breed Sakura , after success with Sakura, I started trying again and got it first and second time! So hang in there, you must keep trying, I think it is only around til end of April.

  134. Anton says:

    i got it by try plant and storm.first I got moon then I got bloom

  135. DelciA says:

    Finally!!!!!!! XD OMG I FINALLY GOT A BLOOM DRAGON!!! Well, I’ve been struggling trying to breed Storm (left) with Plant (right) and it wasted all my gems!!!! So I finally just tried Storm(left) that has level 7 with Cactus(right) that has level 4. Worked the first time!!!! Then, I tried Storm(left)(at level 7) with that Lichen thing(right) that has level 6 and that worked first time too!!!! Make sure to try it if you want that bloom!!!<3

  136. DanishGirl says:

    I breed plans and storm and I didn’t got a bloom can someone plz help me!!? Really wanna get a bloom.. So what can I do, does it need to be breeded on a special time or some ??? Plz answer !!

  137. Could someone please help? All my dragons are pretty much at a low level and the bloom dragon goes in 2 days! The only lvl 10 dragons are lava and seaweed. Should i breed them? If i do I am afraid I am going to get the rainbow and won’t be able to breed anything for 2 days and will lose the chance to get a bloom dragon. PLEASE HELP!!!

  138. Delcia says:

    Add me!; akacoolkid77
    And/or add; delciao

  139. Caitlin says:

    How do u get bloom! I have tried lichen 10 and storm 8 two or three times…no luck! Tried plant 7 and storm 8 many times too!!! Please tell me how to get it before its too late!

  140. Got 13 hours in the breeding center just then.. but the bloom dragon runs out tomorrow morning will i still get the bloom dragon?

  141. Javsos says:

    I just breed storm & litchen and got 13 hrs incubation time, i hope get a bloom

  142. sailorjk says:

    Is April 30 is PCT?

  143. Bennythehead24 says:

    I got this by doing cactus and storm add me on gamecenter

  144. That guy says:

    I did this and got another sun dragon. But still no bloom

  145. Ashley says:

    you cant breed the bloom dragon any more

  146. Tony says:

    How do u get moon dragon and sun dragon I really want it if u want to add me

  147. EmberRain says:

    I did Plant (level 10) + Storm (level 10) and on my first try I got a Blue Moon Dragon.

  148. PandaLover says:

    I’ve gotten blue moon, Olympic Gold, Love, Bone but I’ve been trying to either get the sun, bloom, or a gem dragon. It’s so hard! PLEASE HELP!

  149. Isabella says:

    You have to breed ash and storm.
    I recommend getting dragoncalculator on the App Store. It tells you which dragon you’ll get by breeding specific dragons and how to get a dragon and stuff. It’s great.

  150. MaJo says:

    I bred Storm & Firefly and got 24 hours. What do you think it will be???

  151. Hana says:

    I tried lvl 10 plant and lvl 10 storm like 30 times but then I got a 48 hour breeding time I wonder what it is

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