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dragonvale cactus dragonAmong the dragons that came with the newly released dragonvale version 1.7.0 is the dragonvale cactus dragon. Just the imagination of having a cactus dragon is in itself thrilling for as we all know, the cactus plant is full of thorns and has been known to be among the most hostile plants.

Is the dragonvale cactus dragon hostile?

As dragonvale backflip studios will tell you, the dragonvale cactus dragon has a pricky appearance yet is known as one of the most gentle dragons that you will ever have in your pack of dragonvale dragons.

However, it also carries a warning that despite its friendliness, it is best when guests keep distance.

Breeding the Dragonvale Cactus Dragon

How will you breed the cactus dragon? Before we even get into the combinations for breeding the dragonvale cactus dragon, we must first know the various cactus dragon elements. Therefore, the two main elements of the dragonvale cactus dragon are plant and lighting. Here are some facts about dragonvale cactus breeding:

  • The dragonvale cactus dragon breeding time is only one hour!
  • You will need to be in the eleventh level and above of the dragonvale game play for you to get the cactus dragon. In other words, if you have not reached level 11 in dragonvale, then don’t bother trying to breed the cactus dragon.
  • If you fear breeding the cactus dragon, the alternative would be to buy it for five hundred dragonvale gems.

Breeding combinations for the dragonvale cactus dragon

So you want to know how to breed the cactus dragon? Well, here is the best breeding combinations for dragonvale cactus dragon:

Is there other breeding combination for the cactus dragon that we have not posted here? If you know of any other breeding combinations for dragonvale cactus dragon or any other information that may help our dragonvale fans take care of their dragonvale cactus dragon, we will appreciate if you post it here.

More to this, we are still updating our blog and adding more information on the dragonvale cactus dragon. Therefore, remember to check with us as oftenly as you can.


  1. Hi says:

    I just bred my new Cactus to my Panlong. Both
    level 10 in EBI and got a 36 hr (Panlong) :)

  2. potato_bagel says:

    I’m rather a wise breeder. From figuring out what the elements are, you can easily figure out what dragons are needed. Try going in the order they are listed in; you may end up with something you don’t want.

  3. Rachel says:

    Clover and lightning I got a 30 min incubation period 1st try!

  4. Ed says:

    Thanks potato_bagel for your completely useless response.

  5. Joe says:

    The combination plant/lightning worked at the first time! It’s egg is green with a flash on it.

  6. Heather says:

    I got the cacutus with a moss level 10 on the left and a love level 10 on the right. This was my first try. I was trying to breed a clover dragon. Which I still can’t get!!!! Grrrrr

  7. I used flower and firelight trying to breed for rainbow dragon instead I got a cactus

  8. Salte says:

    In an attempt to breed the rainbow dragon, my combination of a firefly and seaweed produced a cactus dragon.

  9. Derrick7777 says:

    All you do is breed a plant dragon and a lightning dragon. The cactus dragon is the only possibility.

    • polo says:

      exactly.its extremely easy to breed it cause there is not any dragon with lightning and leaf. i still don’t get y a cactus dragon has the element of lightnig

  10. MissDragonVale says:

    This is really annoying for me… I was lvl 15 or something forgot my game center pass and now im lvl eightttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!! I only have three dragons and I WASTED ALL MY GEMS ON ANOTHER NEST FOR MY DRAGONS!!!! I neeeeeed geeeems

  11. Ben says:

    I was trying to get bloom dragon plant+storm then I got cactus

  12. Leah says:

    If u want a cactus dragon REALLY fast within an hour breed a bloom dragon with a plant dragon!!!! :) ) good luck!! This really works hope I helped there r multiple ways to breed a cactus so far I believe this way is the fastest good luck!

  13. Hello says:

    I was trying to get lichen ( Plant + Storm ) when it said 1hr. I ended up with the cactus dragon who is now level 9 and I am level 18! I still haven’t got Lichen though…

  14. Moose says:

    Storm and lichen

  15. badster38 says:

    I got by breeding a fire ang clover dragon for some reason both of my dragons were level 10 though?

  16. Me says:

    I did plant amd storm in hope of a bloom.

  17. Man says:

    I tried a combination of lichen+crystal to get the emerald dragon and got cactus instead

  18. Banna says:

    What is the fastest way to level up I really need to level up!!!!

  19. Dragon says:

    I need help to BREED a cactus dragon but don’t know how after I tryed the ones that were suggested I got one thanks guys! :)

  20. So does the order matter and do the dragon levels matter?

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