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Have you heard of the dragonvale gold dragon? Dragonvale keeps getting better and better and with the dragonvale gold dragonintroduction of the dragonvale gold dragon, the game cannot be any better. Many fans have predicted and waited for the dragonvale gold dragon and just because of its beauty and splendor along, there will be a mad rush to breed the dragonvale gold dragon. Even before we take you through the combinations for getting your dragonvale gold dragon, here are some facts you have to know about the dragonvale gold dragon:

  • About the dragonvale Gold Dragon

The dragonvale gold dragon was released just hours ago and presents to the list of dragonvale dragons a dragon that is covered in pure gold. The dragon is majestical in looks and awesome in every manner. Many are already wondering whether they will be able to cross breed the gold dragon and whether the dragon will be there to stay.

Do you want to buy the dragonvale gold dragon instead of breeding it? If you do, then, get ready to pay 2,250 dragonvale gems as the price for your gold dragon! well, you may think of it as much but having the gold dragonvale dragon in your park is surely worth the price. The selling price for dragonvale gold dragons is five million dragonvale coins.

  • Dragonvale Gold Dragon Eggs

Just like the dragon, the eggs for the dragonvale gold dragon are purely gold in color but with scales like objects. The breeding time for the dragonvale gold dragon is 48 hours.

  • Dragonvale Gold dragon habitat

Have you heard of the dragonvale treasure habitat? if you have, then, you should know that it is the dragonvale gold dragon’s habitat. For you to get the dragonvale gold dragon, you have to be at the seventeenth and above levels of dragonvale game play.

  • Dragonvale Gold Dragon Breeding combinations

The best combinations for breeding the dragonvale gold dragon are:

- Dragonvale Fire Dragon and Dragonvale Metal Dragon

- Dragonvale chrome dragon and dragonvale scorch Dragon

- Dragonvale fire dragon and dragonvale forge Dragon

The best breeding combinations  for the gold dragon are level ten dragons and will work in any breeding island. Do you know of any other working combinations for getting the dragonvale gold dragon? If you do, then, post your combinations here and let the other dragonvale fans know of it. More so, we shall still be posting more information about the dragonvale gold dragon here and therefore ensure that you check back soon for more updates on this mobile game.


  1. You can breed it with the same combination as the ruby, chrome and scorch

  2. Carole says:

    So how does one breed the Gold dragon?????

  3. Harry says:


    • Mads says:

      Fire (left) metal (right)

    • Raghav says:

      It dose say it chrome and scorch fire and metal or fire and forege

    • jen says:

      got it this morning with chrome & scorch, way easier than getting the other rare dragons for me. i’ve never gotten a rare so quickly!

    • Lillian says:

      Harry… The way to breed dragons is put two dragons, either on the breeding island, or in the breeding cave. The way you do that is touch (or click on with cursor) the island or cave. You will get to choose two dragons you want to breed (ie. be the “parents”) of whatever kind of baby dragon you are wanting to get. After they breed, which may take from a few seconds up to 48 hours, an egg will be produced. The egg will then be put into the breeding sanctuary. They will take the same amount of time to hatch as it took for them to be bred.

      I hope this answers your question.

  4. T says:

    Does anyone think that the gold dragon will go away? Do you think it’s for the Olympics? Plese! Must know, and how do you get it in the first place?

    • Emile says:

      I don’t think so, because it has its own habitat

    • Ena says:

      I do not think this dragon will disappear because it has it’s own habitat. Limited time dragons like the palong and firework didn’t have habitats just for themselves they bhnked with main type habitats i.e. air, ground

  5. trxbaronia says:

    has anyone tried? am trying out the combos and hopefully, if i get one i shall confrim :) – trxbaronia (gamecenter name, if you wanna add me)

  6. JHininih says:

    Thank you dragonvale.net

  7. Zaniazone says:

    First try with scorch and chrome until July 12, and I get 48 hours incubation time… I guess it’s good for gold!

  8. Rachael king says:

    I got a rainbow from scorch & chrome 2 days ago. Going to try for a Gold now.

  9. Silver wolf says:

    Somebody please give me the best combo!!!!! PLEEEEEEEASSSE!!!

  10. Kobe669 says:

    How do u breed the gold dragon????!!!!!

  11. Josh says:

    I need the absolute best combination for the gold dragon I bred thE chrome and scorch and ended up with a ruby
    I need the absolute best combination for the gold dragon I already bought and finished my treasure habitat please help me!

    • Dragowiza says:

      What is wrong with a ruby dragon? It is a rare dragon, and it is limited also. So really, what is wrong with that? You can display it. Oh, and by the way I was also called Nate on this website.

  12. Josh says:

    I need the best combination for the gold dragon I bred thE chrome and scorch and ended up with a ruby
    I need the absolute best combination for the gold dragon I already bought and finished my treasure habitat please help me!

  13. Jlynn says:

    I was trying for a Ruby with Chrome and Scorch, got a 48 hour breeding. Didn’t know about the Gold dragon until after. My son says I have one, we shall see. Would like to get a gem dragon for once though.

  14. Rose says:

    I breed level 10 Chrome and a level 10 Fire dragons twice and both times I have ended up with a Gold dragon. Chrome and Scorch gave me a Rainbow dragon. Something that helps is buying more decorations and upgrading buildings.

  15. Jay says:

    If you breed a chrome and scorch dragon and get 48hrs it could also be a rainbow dragon.

  16. DrAg0n53 says:

    Has anyone gotten a Moon, Sun, or Rainbow breeding just Fire & Metal?

  17. Dida998 says:

    I think I got gold on my first try! I used fire and iron and got a 48hr breeding

  18. Wirehedd says:

    I got it with lvl 15 Forge with a lvl 13 Mine on the EBI. Was just experimenting when I saw the treasure habitat and just tried the combo on a whim.

    • frenchstarr says:

      Forge+mine (first try) on upgraded epic breeding island gave me 39 hr breeding time. I tried every other. combo with no luck. thanks!

  19. This is sooo sick!!!! It looks awesome!! But I also find it strange how Dragonvale suddenly made this gold dragon because before this was even announced, I created my own gold dragon on my 6th island using the colored floor tiles…NO JOKE!!! My username is Artistic Dezzy. :)

  20. Cap says:

    I just did firefly and mine and got a 48 hr so we shall see !!!

  21. CouCouN says:

    I bred chrome and sscorch the incubation time is 48 hours… I hope it’s a gold dragon…

    • Alyssa says:

      chrome and scorch breeds a ruby dragon not a gold dragon because i have tried this code millions of times and only got a ruby dragon. you can breed all the dragons on dragonvale if you have the right patients and confiedence. also that you have to breed things on certain times like the sun dragon in the morning and the moon dragon at night. it is weird how dragonvale is created. i tried this one thing on dragonvale. when i go to friends and go to a random player, i always get this same person. lol. i luv typing that is why i am type a lot

  22. epicblade888 says:

    Got it with lv14 Fire and lv10 Metal in Epic breeding sanctuary :) 39 hours (cause mine is in the sanctuary) good luck getting it

  23. Epicblade888 says:

    If u don’t trust me add me

  24. Avonte says:

    Got a gold dragon on my first try by using fire(level 10) left) and metal(level 10) right try it you never know

  25. Daniel says:

    Gold dragon is here to stay, worrying about ruby though leaving to a camp on the 19th can’t bring iPod!!!!!

  26. Richard Gibson says:

    I got a Gold on the first try with a Copper (15) and a Brass (15) on the Breeding Island. I got a second Gold on the 17th try in the Breeding Cave using a Forge (15) and a Brass (15). Prior the finally producing a Gold, this pair produced 16 Brass eggs.

  27. Epicazeroth says:

    Is this Limited? And what’s the really best combo?

  28. Retards you are says:

    Forge and quicksilver

  29. Daniel Paik says:

    Chrome an scorch!!! Although I haven’t got it yet, I’m still keeping my hopes up

  30. its scorch and chrome or malachite and firefly just got 2

  31. I got min on my first try with fire (left) and metal (right)

  32. Carolyn says:

    When will I know that I hit 50 dragon to level 10 ….when will I know the shrines worked and they can go to level 15? is there a count someplace?

    • 5xor5 says:

      Click on your shrine and then click on the info button, there is a counter there for both lvl 10 and 15.

    • DJ says:

      Click on your shrine and then click info, it will tell you how many level ten dragons you have at the top, and how many level fifteen dragons you have. In order to unlock level fifteen you need fifty, sold or kept, level ten dragons for that one element.

  33. laxerboy99 says:

    I got mine on my third try… Lvl.10 scorch and Lvl.10 chrome

  34. Silver wolf says:

    Hey everybody, I just got a 48 hr breeding time with fire and metal I think it is a gold!!!!!

  35. Maxx says:

    IM NOT GIVING UP YET!!!! do you have to have a certain type of breeding place???

  36. Jt says:

    Got the Gold dragon with forge and crystal on my first try :)

  37. Will says:

    I keep trying fire and metal in the breeding cave got like 50 brass that’s it I am moving on to chrome and scorch.

  38. Rheece says:

    I JUST GOT 48 hours with scorch and chrome 1st try in regular breeding cave I’m pretty sure it’s gold

  39. ME+LC= says:

    I got It with A METAL DRAGON ( right ) & FIRE DRAGON ( left )
    If you want proof ADD ME my name is
    I could also send you Some Gems
    HOPE YOU ADD ME ♣♣♣♣♣

  40. SnezingCow says:

    It looks cool as i havent got it yet but still trying ive been trying to get ruby for ages and ive got 2 now thanks dragonvale team u have made it sooo cool

  41. Hugh says:

    Keep getting firework for chrome and scorch no luck yet.

  42. Braxton says:

    Ha ha got a ruby on accident was trying for gold got my first ruby

  43. rugmaster says:

    i just bred one first try add me gc name = rugmaster

  44. its meaghan says:

    just got Gold Dragon with Chrome and Scorch.
    also have a gem tree so if you want to trade gem for gem add me please.

  45. its meaghan says:

    just got Gold Dragon with Chrome and Scorch.
    also have a gem tree so if you want to trade gem for gem add me please.

  46. MasterTrap says:

    I got 1rainbow 4rubies 1gold by just using chrome and scorch in 1 day

  47. MasterTrap says:

    And I only used 700gems
    (I’m not sure If I was lucky or if it was just a waste of money)

  48. MasterTrap says:

    Another 2 rubies this morning only using 275 gems
    I really want another gold dragon so my habitat is full

  49. ,???A says:

    I tried it and got a firework dragon

  50. Eric says:

    I got gold by breeding fire and metal dragons! Good luck!

  51. BCAllyCat says:

    I have found lower level i.e., 11 Chrome & Scorch in regular breeding cave more productive for getting Gold Dragon. Have 2 now, getting my Ruby’s on the breeding island with same combo, naturally.

  52. Me says:

    About how many times do you have to try with Chrome and Scorch to GET THE GOLD!!!!

  53. Dinirella says:

    I saw a wizard in my friends park. I have not seen this before. Does it mean anything?

  54. DRONICK says:

    Did u know the more u breed the harder it is to get the gold dragon

  55. Hally says:

    I can’t wait for level 16!

  56. iluvdragons says:

    does anyone know how to get the “wizards” to put a dragon i made up on the game? if you do please reply

  57. Beans!092 says:

    i got it with level 15 fire and level 10 metal. took a long time.

  58. Jeske33 says:

    i still have a breeding cave it is my best chances of breeding a gold dragon.

  59. Boostbar says:

    I used firework(left) and chrome(right) and got it first try 8-)

  60. Elizabeth says:

    I used Blazing dragon and Copper dragon in Epic Breeding Island and got the Gold dragon on the first try:)

  61. Rheece says:

    I now have gold I have all of the rare dragons except for ruby got gold first try with scorch+chrome add me yoshimaster 5

  62. Dani says:

    Brass (left – 15) and Fire (right – 15)

  63. Shane121 says:

    There are alot of combos out there, One of my friends got it with Forge and Flower Took him 5 trys though. I tried that once and i didn’t get it then I tried Fire (left) and Metal (right) and got it on my second try.

  64. Gplolo1949 says:

    Cant get gold or the other new dragon. I have gold habitat just get fireworks or metal. Lvl31 getting bored with game it’s moving away from interaction of the different dragons. Please add structure and more levels plus a creation cave for the express purpose of dragon hybrids new metal urge see. Come on let’s get the.

  65. Skylark says:

    I got it first try with metal and fire

  66. Skylark says:

    I got it first try with metal/fire in normal breeding cave

  67. Skylark says:

    I got 48hrs first try with metal/fire in normal breeding cave!
    Then again I could also have a rainbow or a sun/moon…

  68. ldanielsson says:

    Got it!
    Add me, gem for gem.
    Ldanielsson at gc

  69. Reagan says:

    I got it by scorch and chrome I got other dragons first like blazing, ruby and magnetic before I got gold

  70. %speedy% says:

    I tried chrome and scorch but just got ruby well its better than nothing got31 hours going for hold dragon next wish me luck

  71. Andrew says:

    Blue Fire + Magnetic = 48h breeding

    • Akihsh says:

      I’d been trying fire + metal, forge + mine, fire + forge many times without success. I didn’t want to try chrome + scorch because I didn’t want to have to wait for 48hrs just to get another ruby or rainbow. (I was lucky enough to get a ruby quite early on & got a rainbow while trying to get the pearl dragon last month) I just bred Blue Fire + Magnetic after reading your comment, and got 48hrs first try! Thanks so much for the tip – this ends my days of frustration! Best of luck to everyone who are still trying =D Don’t give up!

      • Akihsh says:

        Lol guess what I’ll have to take that back because my dragons just finished breeding and it’s…a MOON DRAGON egg!!?? What the!? I was really surprised as it’s totally not what I was expecting. And I already have a Moon =( I’m just a bit disappointed as I was so happy thinking that my days of endlessly trying for the gold dragon were finally over. *sigh* I think I’ll go back to the metal + fire-type combos. Thankfully, at least it’s not a limited-time dragon!

  72. jeryl says:

    breed METAL AND FIREWORKS add Me Send Me Gifts”iamwhatiam1″

  73. Jojoda7311 says:

    I have been looking for people that will do gem for gem. Have one person and need five more (I have gem tree) that will do gem for gem with me every day. If you do gem for gem every day add me. Gamecenter Id: jojoda7311

  74. siffleur09 says:

    desparately need friend!!!!! siffleur09

  75. Kiwipom says:

    I have tried Chrome and Scorch several times and keep getting
    Ruby Dragon now have 4 but only wanted 1

    I have tried every combination many times and still
    Don’t get. Have many Rainbow whereas it took me ages to get first
    one. I just keep trying

  76. what dragon combinations worked for you and what level dragons…

  77. shelovesjb says:

    hi can anyone confirm if the gold dragon is staying for good? thanks!

  78. E says:

    I have Rainbow and Ruby from Chrome and Scorch but I can’t get Gold. Add me, Emilygb$. I might not send gems too often, but I WILL send gems.

  79. Cooliosis says:

    I bred a Scorch and Chrome hoping to get a second ruby dragon to display its egg but when I did I got 48 hours! I hope it’s a Gold dragon.

    • Yes, a gold takes 48 hours. As for a ruby, I got one after three tries with Chrome and Scortch, but subsequent tries didn’t produce a ruby. Sad face. I’ve tried many combinations for a moon without success, but I have a habitat. I also have a rainbow hab, but haven’t found the combo for the dragon. Just tried seaweed and snow, but it’s a ten hour inc so not a go.

  80. Cooliosis says:

    It was a Gold dragon! Yay!

  81. Cooliosis says:

    The Gold dragon is staying for good shelovesjb. And good luck breeding one. I’m lucky enough to have gotten one all ready. You can see if you look at my last two comments!

  82. Cookie says:

    I bred scorch and chrome for gold.

  83. Fire level ten on the right list and forge level 15 on the right list on my first try! Very Excited. But I am at max habitats so now I have the decision of which habitat to sell to make way for the treasure habitat!! what to do?

  84. Joey says:

    I have tried fire and metal and metal and forge dragons and I keep getting brass dragons but I did get a rainbow dragon on my 59th trie and that was the good part and ian fucking going to sell all of my stuff to and then make an new game all of my friends don’t even send me gems but I give them gems do not add ethan_smith_5 to ur friends list at all he does not help u at all can somebody help me get the fucking gold DRAGON NOW PLEASE i will give u an combination of getting a rainbow or sun or moon dragons or anything

  85. Kleementaii says:

    Copper and flower! First try!

  86. Conmanasdf says:

    I got mine using a chrome and scorch dragon

  87. It doesn’t matter what way round the dragons are. I’m breeding forge and will try forge and fire. Also, anyone noticed that the “Slag” dragon has been changed to “Scoria” or something :) lol xx

  88. Nwiggy says:

    First try with lava and metal

  89. Alfonso says:

    Second try with normal breeding cave. Brass (left) + Iron (right)

  90. Boy says:

    I got it 1st try with lv11 iron left and lv12 forge on the right.

  91. Msatuk says:

    Hi dragonvalers. I bred flower and copper and got 48 hrs. What dragon is it? The wait is killing me…

    • Msatuk says:

      Yes i got the gold dragon with flower and copper on first try. After many heartbreaks breeding scorch and chrome..

  92. RETEP says:

    The gold dragon rite

  93. srt8hemi says:

    Why have I maxed out at Level 35? Is this the end of the game? Or do I need to Level all eight Elements to 15 (turn shrines to gold)? Thank you in advance.

  94. lolli says:

    i was trying for my ruby dragon and got gold instead -.- i bred level 10 chrome and scorch.


  95. gigante131 says:

    i got mine with crome and scorch also i need gems add me “gigante131″ i will send u gems as sonnes u send me if u just add me and dont send me i will delete u

  96. moonstone981 says:

    Fire and Metal, first try, both level 7s, regular breeding cave.

  97. DJ says:

    I got a 48 hour dragon through chrome and scorch! Not sure if it is rainbow or gold. Have you all heard of the Olympic dragons, I got one with firework and crystal, but don’t know if it is gold, silver, or bronze. I also have a moon from fire and storm. Bred them after 8 o’clock.

  98. Tommycheff says:

    I have not been able to bread a gold dragon.. I did however bread about 50 brass and 12 forge dragons.. What is the problem?

  99. karla says:

    i wonder if the gold dragon will stay please ANSWER I need to know quick

  100. Gabby says:

    I got the gold dragon using chrome and scorch and what a coincidence that I was trying to get the ruby dragon! I got it accidentally I lost count of my tries

  101. Gabby says:

    I got the gold dragon using chrome and scorch and what a coincidence that I was trying to get the ruby dragon! I got it accidentally I lost count of my tries and lolli, we’re the same

  102. Shadveric says:

    I got a gold dragon by breeding an ice dragon with a forge dragon. It was the funniest thing, because I was actually trying to get a blue fire dragon or a frost fire dragon, but instead got a dragon the was even rarer than either of those 2 dragons!

  103. Mcpon says:

    Have rainbow, gold, sun, and tree:)

  104. Mr. Semtex says:

    I did scorch & sandstorm and I got 48 hours. Nt all tht excited bt Wth beggars cnt b choosers

  105. 1 Direction says:

    We got ours by breeding ice and Forge

    Go U.K.

  106. dragon man says:

    sandbox suggested to breed brass and flower and i got one on the first try

  107. 808alice says:

    I maxed out and can’t breed Gold or gem stone dragons. Anyone having any luck with breeding Gold or Seasonal?

  108. Lana-chan says:

    bred the Seasonal with Blazing+Lichen.. got the Peridot with Plant+Crystal.. now trying for Gold with Fire+Brass and no success.. Only have 2 friends to trade gem for gem. Need 3 more to trade with daily. Please add my gamecenter ID: Frankee718 and LLiLLium to trade gem for gem

    (^O^)/”) L a n a h

  109. portgurl420 says:

    Gold dragon on my first try with a forge and poision dragon on my EBI!! Maybe i just got lucky :)

  110. WooHoo says:

    Guys when trying to breed this dragon go for the third pair fire and forge I got a 48 hour breeding time on my first try right now

  111. Simone says:

    I bred chrome and fire and got a firework dragon 3 times in a row but they are meant to be expired? :S

  112. Hello everyone, there is breaking news! THERE IS A NEW TREASURE DRAGON. It is called the silver dragon, which fill up the treasure habitat. Now, I believe it’s unknown incubation time is 48 hours, and the combo to breed it is different than the gold. Fire and metal will not likely due. Although, being as it is a cold color, it has to be cold and metal hybrids! If this does not work, I will tell you all the real combo shortly.

  113. Lisa says:

    Where is the silver dragon

  114. Lott says:

    Breed flower dragon with metal….FIRST try…got gold….used gems to speed up breeding time…which was 48 hrs

  115. stingluke4 says:

    no, the best combo is fire and brasss its either 5 hour combination (with is another dragon) or 48 hours i think witch will be a gold, thats how i got mine its THE BEST COMBO

  116. Lisa Phipps says:

    I was able to get a gold dragon by breeding a plant and brass dragon together.

  117. Treasure dragons are by far my favorite!
    I have the gifting tree so
    Add me for gems – bradstreet230

  118. I got mine on the first try with brass and plant

  119. ........ says:

    I got it on my second try by forging a brass (breeding a forge with a brass). Friend me Aw and Cd

  120. Robotbolt says:

    I did fire and metal and got 24 hr breeding Anyone out their plz tell me what dragon GC name Robotbolt add me and look at my Platnum dragon I got it with Rust and Water!Yay

    Addddddddddd me

  121. John says:

    It’s probably a forge.

  122. (cr4cker)-. says:

    So really cranky and getting very tired of trying everything to breed the gold dragon, surely it should not be this hard, I have evn resorted to buying gems to get it and still not luck this game is not really that good after all. For two weeks I have not been able to breed a dragon I don’t have and I don’t think that’s fair at all

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