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Dragonvale Metal DragonHow do you breed dragonvale metal dragon? Do you really know how to breed the metal dragon? For sure, it is true that details about dragonvale metal breeding are still scanty as the dragon is yet to be released.

However, some fans of the game say that the best combinations that will surely give you the dragonvale metals dragon is not in existent. This leaves you wondering how exactly is the metal dragon bred!

According to other players, there is a sure combination that may lead to the dragovale metal dragon.

However, before we look into the combinations that can be used for breeding the metal dragon in dragonvale. Here are some information in regard to this dragon that may be of interest to you:

  • The dragonvale metal dragon appears as if it has been carved out of metal
  • The dragonvale metal dragon has its own metal dragonĀ  habitat that you will have to build before the dragon is hatched.
  • The breeding time for dragonvale metal dragon has been estimated to be eight hours.

Dragonvale Metal Dragon EggDragonvale metal dragon egg

So, you want to know how the dragonvale metal dragon egg looks like? Well, it is exactly as in the picture shown here and as you can see, it is pink in color with brown metalic like shapes.

How to breed Dragonvale Metal Dragon

Finally, the moment that you were waiting for. It is true you have to know how to get dragonvale metal dragon before you can get any other new dragonvale dragons in this mobile game. For this reason, here are ways of getting dragonvale metal dragon:

  • You can buy the dragonvale metal dragon egg from the store and breed it to get the dragonvale metal dragon. The egg is being sold for 1,000,000 dragonvale coins.
  • Once you have the egg, you will need another 1,000,000 coins for dragonvale metal dragon small habitat and 2,500,000 dragonvale coins for dragonvale metal dragon large habitat.

Once you get your first dragonvale metal dragon, you will use it to get the other new dragonvale dragons. HereMetal Dragon Habitat are also some of the combinations that have been proposed in regard to crossbreeding dragonvale metal dragon with other dragons to get the new dragons:

  • Dragonvale metal dragon + dragonvale fire dragon to get the new dragonvale brass dragon
  • Dragonvale metal dragon + dragonvale cold dragon to get the new dragonvale chrome dragon
  • Dragonvale metal dragon + dragonvale air dragon to get the new dragonvale chrome dragon
  • Dragonvale metal dragon + dragonvale earth dragon to get the new dragonvale mine dragon
  • Dragonvale metal dragon + dragonvale ice dragon to get the new dragonvale mine dragon
  • Dragonvale metal dragon + dragonvale fire dragon to get the new dragonvale iron dragon
  • Dragonvale metal dragon + dragonvale moss dragon to get the new dragonvale iron dragon

There are other dragonvale metal dragon combinations that are left for you to find out and post here for the rest of the dragonvale fans to know. For instance, what do you get when you crossbreed the dragonvale metal dragonv with the dragonvale panlong dragon?


  1. hobojo says:

    i think it should be lightning and grass there not oposites but u can not breed them and there isn’t any grass and lightning dragon.

  2. bob says:


    (just Kidding)

    BTW i like ur intelligent thinking

  3. Greyson says:

    When does it come out?

  4. Cathy says:

    It is available to purchase now! It’s 1,000,000 coins to buy the egg and another 1,000,000 for the metal habitat or 2,500,000 for the large habitat. Don’t know how to breed it yet.


  5. chuy25 says:

    hey i just got the new update on Dragonevale 5.1.0 i think it is call.I got cool new dragones that you can get like Metal,Rust,Mine,Magnetic,Iron,Chrome,Brass. So that are the new dragones. The Metal dragone is 1,000,000 coins but you need him 1, because you need that dragone to breed all the other dragones. So i hope that you get it and this help. And please please please add me as a friend i am ”Arix022” so add me leave a reply and your your name to be friends

  6. chuy25 says:

    Sorry it is 1.7.0 the new update

  7. Someone says:

    I purchased the metal dragon egg for one million cash then bred it with lightning and got a magnetic dragon!!!

  8. Epicazeroth says:

    You don’t breed it. I has to be a base type, otherwise there would be no hybrids for it.

  9. Josh says:

    When will it came out and how do u get metel dragons

  10. But u can breed an air dragon… Y wouldn’t u b able to breed this one

  11. OMG says:

    You do realize the update came out, don’t you?

  12. Gunner929 says:

    Add me I have all the new dragons and give away lots of gems take a look at my metal island :)

  13. Greyson says:

    It’s impossible to get all the dragons they just keep adding more

  14. Jack says:

    Just bred a metal with storm and have a 48 hour breeding time could I have a new way of getting a Sun or Moon :O :O

  15. Well, I bought the island and the dragon egg – I had enough money because I’ve been stuck since I hit level 20 and got my fourth island. We’ll see – I haven’t been able to breed anything fancier than a moon dragon and a crystal dragon – I still can’t get my sun, rainbow or even bluefire dragon. All I’m getting are the same dragons over and over.

  16. Edgar says:

    What does metal and panolog make

  17. Georges1994 says:

    I’ve got them all now, they are very easy to breed. So everyone should be Able to get them ;p

  18. Yaw says:

    You’ll get your rainbow if you breed seaweed firefly three times and you have to make Sun at 12 o’ clock with firefly cold
    And if you Need Bluefire try it with fire and ice (not cold) it works for me at every time

    • Isabella says:

      Wow, I didn’t notic that my sun dragon was finished breeding at 12:00 btw I haven’t accutally gotten it out of the hatchery and put it in its habitat yet. But yet I’m still very surprised. Wow. O.O

  19. Dragonvale player says:

    ^^^ Thanks! I’ll try that. I got my metal dragon up to level ten now and I have a breeding island, so I’m now breeding it with water there – my panalog is breeding with another dragon but in 5 hours both will be done breeding. I’ll breed them there and see what happens!

  20. Safir says:

    I have all metal dragons,cactus and lichen dragons

  21. I bred the panalog with the metal and got a mud dragon – I used the breeding cave and still got nothing exciting.

  22. Mystery says:

    How do u breed the moon dragon? I have tried everything!I have one Sun Dragon,two rainbow dragons,and two Leap Year Dragons. Please re ply someone!

  23. That’s the only one I got that’s really high level ( well, panalog and crystal) – I bred a storm and a lighting and got it right away. Try that combo and switch sides until you get it. Breed it in the evening.

  24. Isabella says:

    I got a sun w/ a firefly dragon and a cold dragon in the NORMAL BREEDING CAVE! What’s up w/ that! ( very confused face)

  25. The breeding island doesn’t make any difference at all, so save your money. I just bought mine after I got annoyed at not getting any of the higher level dragons. I think you can only breed one or two of the higher level dragons and then you can’t get anymore no matter what you have. Does anyone have the sun, rainbow and moon dragons? All three?

  26. n3rdg1rl says:

    There’s a crystal dragon??

  27. Oh, and I breed a metal dragon level 10 on the left and a crystal dragon on the right level 10 and I got a mystery dragon with a metal colored shell and a lightning bolt. 7 hours to hatch – does anyone know what that is? And what is a Litchen dragon? That’s been added to my quests.

  28. Leonidas says:

    To dragonvale player you got a magnetic dragon and a lichen dragon is cold + plant in any order

    Hope I helped

  29. Mewados says:

    Lichen is cold and plant

  30. Bobbert131 says:

    I dont know if it works every time but here it is: so I was messing around on dragon vale trying to get a new rare dragon, when I wondered what would happen if I put a lvl 10 plant dragon with a lvl 10 metal dragon since there are no plant/metal hybrids in the market. Plant dragon is a less dominant species so of course I some how got a metal dragon. I also got lucky and got a sun dragon twice(forgot combos) and now I have three because I bred them together. GO GLOATING!!!!!!!

  31. craz42 says:

    will somebody tell me how to breed a raindeer dragon in lv13

  32. Halo rules says:

    Why is it EVERYONE in dragon vale is lvl20 and dude u can only get the reindeer dragon in Christmas DUUUHH also halo rules!:)

  33. I think it is sooooo ugly after it reached juvenile and adult form. The baby is cute though.

  34. The cactus dragon. Sorry I forgot to put which dragon I was talking about.

  35. Janea says:

    I agree with all of you

  36. Hayl says:

    How do you breed air?????!!!!!!!

  37. Hey guys I breed the fire with the plant and it made a poo dragon i did poo with Plant and it made hippie dragon I know weird so anyway Bye

  38. X_FLAME_X says:

    What’s a poo dragon? The poo dragon seems like it lives in a poo habitat :-D

  39. Wut says:

    Are you guys really that stupid? You CAN’T breed METAL! Just buy it for 1000000 that’s not much money

  40. Wut says:

    Dragonvale_SS there is a building that lets you make your dragon younger without making the level of your dragons level go down

  41. Idk how I got the sun dragon. I think I was trying to get a a metal dragon with lightning and/ or fire and earth. It’s awesome tho!!!! And they really need to find a way to breed the metal. If you can breed the ELEMENT air, shouldn’t you be able to breed the simpler metal dragon?

  42. The Truth says:

    to breed a metal dragon is to breed a plant and poison but it has a 40% chance of success

  43. Hello says:

    Well I don’t have any gems, and I was wondering if somebody could give me some. My username is Haileyhula123

  44. Grekon55 says:

    I love the new smoke dragon air+fire

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