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Do you know the best combinations for breeding the paper dragonvale dragon? With the exit of the blue moon Dragonvale Paper Dragondragon, the paper dragon has been released to add even more excitement into your dragonvale game play. Like the game description suggests, the dragonvale paper dragon is  a dragon marking the anniversary of dragonvale. Here is more on this new dragonvale dragon:

  • About The Paper Dragonvale Dragon

As the wizards will tell you, this dragon is not actually made from paper even though it derives its name from papers. Probably it is called the paper dragon because of its resemblance to paper dragons made by children. As it is said, the paper dragon will sure make your guests do some backflips if you have him in your park.

  • Dragonvale Anniversary Statue

The paper dragon was released alongside a new dragonvale decoration known as the dragonvale anniversary statue. The anniversary statue costs a thousand dragonvale coins while it sells for five hundred dragonvale coins. The anniversary statue also gives out 500 XP and has a size of 3×3.

  • Dragonvale Paper Dragon Earning Rates

How much dragonvale coins will you earn from your paper dragonvale dragon? Well, the coins per minute with your level one paper dragon is 24 coins while the coins per minute with your level 10 paper dragon is 154 coins.

  • Dragonvale Paper Dragon Habitat

There are several habitats that are desirable for the paper dragonvale dragon. These habitats include the fire habitat, the plant habitat, the earth habitat and the cold habitat. These habitats are because the paper dragon elements are also fire,  plant, earth and cold.

  • Dragonvale Paper Dragon Breeding Combinations

Do you want to know the best combinations for breeding your paper dragonvale dragon? If you really do want to breed the paper dragon, it will be best to try out the following combinations for your paper dragon:

- Dragonvale Clover Dragon with Dragonvale Frostfire Dragon

- Dragonvale Sakura Dragon bred with Dragonvale Bluefire Dragon

- Dragonvale Lava Dragon bred with Dragonvale Evergreen Dragon

- Dragonvale Sakura Dragon bred with Dragonvale Cold Dragon

There is the dragonvale backflips logo on the wings and the eggs of the paper dragon. This dragon is known as the paper dragon because it is the first anniversary for dragonvale backflup studios and in the first anniversary, the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper.

  • Dragonvale Paper Dragon Incubation Period

The incubation time for the paper dragon is 12 hours. The breeding time for this dragonvale dragon is nine hours and thirty six minutes. If you do not want to breed the paper dragon and would rather prefer buying your paper dragon, the buying price is 1,250 dragonvale gems. The Selling price is one million dragonvale coins.

  • Dragonvale Paper Dragon Egg

The egg for this dragonvale dragon is red in color with a backflip studios sign inscribed on its surface. The sign looks more like the letter B. Upon hatch, the dragonvale paper dragon will give you 500,000 XP.

There are many other breeding combinations for the paper dragon but if you have not yet reached level nine in dragonvale game play, then, it is of no use trying to breed the paper dragonvale dragon. How long will the paper dragon be available? Well, it is not yet known and no one can tell for now. However, we will update you with more information as time goes by.

If you have any other combination for breeding the paper dragon that you feel works best and it will be wise for the dragonvale fans to know about, then, post it here so that we can share it with the rest of the dragonvale fans.

As Dragonvale celebrates its first anniversary with the paper dragonvale dragon, here at dragonvale.net, we join other dragonvale fans and pass our congratulatory messages to the whole dragonvale backflip studios team for a job well done. They are the reason why we enjoy playing dragonvale each day.


  1. Henrik says:

    Happy birtday Backflip!

    Got my first paper with Tree + Bluefire.
    First try.

  2. Blue fire and moss first try yesterday

  3. Nef-es-amon says:

    I’ve succeded twice with Mountain + Poison

  4. gawinski says:

    sakura and blue fire second or third try :-)

  5. jen12185 says:

    Got it on first try with flower and mountain before this was posted…:)
    Waiting for 2 more hrs for it to hatch…:D

  6. Bwang says:

    Got 1 with rain n mountain. Was very surprised

  7. Trying to get it! Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 91blueriver says:

    91blueriver everyday player!!!

  9. Jacqueline says:

    Congratulations Backflip on your 1st Dragonvale Anniversary
    and thank you for such a fantastic game. Well done :-)

  10. Dpastwa says:

    Got two! Both were on the first try with blue fire and moss and then again with poison and mountain!

  11. Shelley says:

    Mountain & Poison – in that order – first try! Thanks for all the tips and tricks you all are great! :)

  12. TL2368 says:

    Lava+Evergreen=12hrs :) . can’t wait..

  13. gplolo1949 says:

    Yes, have used the best Sakura15 / Mountain 15 three attempts at cost of 50 + gems and nada folks no I want to break this bed I am stuck too. See there is no cost ie quantative value it’s PAPER our economy failure from fire plant earth cold, no, no value, 1250 gems for what??? So at level 35 I can not even developed let alone gain a dragon of just one because those habitats are from 500 plant to 75,000 earth and the rate of growth “so” who can do 24/7 play. Ya know fello players we are being played ourselves real niche stuf neocon warlords. It’s only paper? 50+ gems …….. Ah! I had friends in the councalet I see them again at Dover on tv ….. Good men and women should not be so helpless that with 48 hrs warning they are still in harms way. Paper folks paper burnt stained wet crushed paper. I cannot sleep.

    • Kiki says:

      I got it w/ mountain & poison. Someone mentioned on another site the more (real) money you use the harder it is to breed these rare dragons. Theory is they know you are willing to spend. I tried like crazy to get the Peridot & was getting worked up over the Blue Moon. I actually wrote & complained its too hard. I don’t mind spending money each month to help support especially when’s it’s a free game. (I like!) but the very last shot I had at a Blue Moon- after probably 100 tries- suddenly I had 2 eggs. I’m just saying……

  14. gplol1949 says:

    There are three main processes in the making of paper heat chemicals ” breaking up of wood fibers and machenry to form press make paper so metal metal is of earth and cold? So flower/mountain better choice but Sakura should and would be the best choice. Why?

  15. Lexi101 says:

    Got it first time lava+evergreen. Worked like a charm!!

  16. SM says:

    Got it on first try with blue fire lvl15 and moss lvl 10

  17. Logan says:

    I have tried mountain and poison many times and didnt get the paper but I did get a rainbow!

  18. flower+moutain first try in that order and both were level 7′s

  19. Nikki says:

    The new paper dragon is not showing up on the market in my game. I am not sure if I am actually able to breed it or not since it isn’t showing up. I did get my free gems and thank you.

  20. Jahya l'as says:

    Add me : Jahya l’as
    I give gems
    I’m level 35, all dragons : leap of the year (gold rainbow, very rare), rainbow, blue moon, gold, solstice, seasonal, sun, moon, all olympus dragons, panlong… And all gems dragons without Sapphire :(
    And eggs of silver And paper the Last one…
    Jahya l’as

  21. Jahya l'as says:

    2th Try with shakura and bluefire

  22. Happi me says:

    For people who needs gems, i can send u one gems per day. my Id is happi me

  23. gabby says:

    what did you all use for breeding?

  24. Krytra says:

    This game is starting to make me mad. I can’t get anything. Im at level 19. I have been for a week trying to get a rainbow dragon and can’t. I have been trying to get this paper dragon and I have been breeding lava+evergreen, flower+ mountain, mountain and poison no luck don’t know what i have to do to get a special dragon. I cant mix fire and cold together in breeding cave to get blue fire dragon.

    • Kiki says:

      Blue fire is fire & snow/ice. But I got my paper with mountain & poison. It took many tries. Hang in there. I get worked up when I see “first try” or ” i have six sapphire, five paper, 14 rainbow” lol. I think how is that even possible?!!!

  25. Ally says:

    Lava and Crystal, both level 8, first try

  26. TJM814 says:

    Some of you wrote “add me”. When I click on invite friends I don’t see where I can enter your name. other than e-mail, text message, or FB, how do I do it?

  27. Here is a combo that worked for me left bluebird right clover

  28. Bgf says:

    Took many tries but finally got I with mountain & poison! Happy Anniversary Backflip

  29. Zantaven says:

    Tried over and over again with lava/evergreen and got nothing. Came here and read comments, tried blue fire/moss, got it first try! I was getting worried that I wouldn’t get it before it went away. :)

  30. Heather says:

    says that you can buy the dragon for 1,000 coins but in the market it’s sold for gems. why cant this site provide accurate info n not dash my hopes of actually obtaining a dragon with out spending gems?

  31. HELP, 13 tries an no Paper, can’t believe all these dragons they send us with short times,about to give up on all of them. I am level 35 and have many level 15′s but still no sliver or paper.

  32. Katelyn says:

    I have tried continuously with mountain/poison,mountain/flower,lava/lichen,and lava/evergreen and still nothing!! Any advice?

  33. david says:

    frostfire lvl 10 + tree lvl 10 = paper!

  34. david says:

    cold lvl 10 + poison lvl 10 = frostfire

  35. david says:

    firefly lvl 10 + storm lvl 5 = SSSUUUNNN!!!

  36. camo says:

    got it on my 2nd try with lava and evergreen

  37. Mel says:

    Same here, at least its good to know I’m not alone on this ordeal :)

  38. Marbarr says:

    I tried a level 9 Lava and a level 5 Poison and…LOOK OUT FOR THAT TREE!!! At least I didn’t have one of those yet.

    Is there anythig such as a “sure thing” in this game?

  39. Furiina says:

    I’m at level 35 and yet this dragon keeps evading me. I’ve tried blue fire/moss, poison/mountain, and I switched to lava/evergreen and got a stinking rainbow first try, of all things. Everything else is literally either mountain or moss (don’t you love waiting half a day for something useless?) Still not giving up, though. Apparently there’s rumors floating around that the Paper Dragon will never be available again since it alludes to wedding anniversaries, so good luck to all.

  40. david says:

    have 4 paper dragons using frostfire + tree

  41. david says:

    i have two blue monn you cant get them but i breeded cold + lightning but i tried to get the moon dragon

    add david doodle

  42. Aquila audax says:

    Just got it! I used Frostfire and Tree both level 11! So happy! Thank you for the free gems too. Now onto the gem dragon…. Wish me luck!

  43. Silverwolf says:

    I got it with lichen and lava second try. PEACE OUT!!!!!!!

  44. Malburino says:

    Mountain +Flower = My first Paper!!!!!!! mor or less 10 attempts

  45. david says:

    yey frostfire + tree works !!

  46. david says:

    Aquila audax friends in gamecenter??
    gamecenter nickname: david doodle

  47. david says:

    blazing lvl 10 + water lvl 10 = equinox :)

  48. david says:

    i gift daily i need gem first and i will try to give to all who that give me gems
    gamecenter nickname: david doodle

    • Hugatruck says:

      Well, if you will gift daily so will I. So many times I get promises then never get anything back. My nickname is Hugatruck.

  49. Diado says:

    I’ve succeded with mountaine and poison after 20…but i got him,im soo happy..

  50. david says:

    ok i will add you :)

  51. david says:

    whats your gamecenter name?? ;)

  52. david says:

    i promises that i will gift daily Hugatruck

  53. david says:

    i will be gon 1 weck :( but i if i give gem i’m not gon but if i dont give you gift i’m gon:(

  54. david says:

    srry for that i’m gon but but ;(

  55. wb gal says:

    I got this dragon on the third try with lava and evergreen in the epic breeding island, not upgraded, at 9:30 in the morning.

  56. Furiina says:

    This is without a doubt the hardest dragon I’ve successfully gotten on Dragonvale. Which is sad because I was able to get Leap Year/Blue Moon in a few tries, it took me 63 tries to get Bloom, I accidentally kept getting Panlong, and I bought Clover because I absolutely could not get it. I tried literally everything with everything but luck, so in a desperate attempt to obtain it before it disappears (There’s rumors floating around that we may never see the paper dragon again since it alludes to wedding anniversaries), I blew close to 350 of my 500 gems and FINALLY got it with lava and evergreen. It took way more tries than Bloom. I dare say it took close to 100 tries. Ugh, and I still have Equinox, Silver, the upcoming gemstone dragon, and the returning Bone dragon to get. So much for earning the final Game Center achievement in the near future.

    To those who don’t have the paper dragon by now- GOOD LUCK.

  57. Joel says:

    I got the paper dragon. I bread it. I used a level 10 lava dragon and a level 10 lichen.

  58. Carin says:

    I heard the Paper Dragon is no longer? Is this true? This is really annoying… You put so many dragons out with long ime limits (31 hrs / 48 hrs) and they take at least a day or merge to get…IF you just happen to find the right combination… Then you give us new dragons that you can only breed for like 2 or 3 days…maybe a week. Really doesn’t give us much time to get them. It would also be helpful if you would put n your guide WHEN these new SPECIAL dragons are going away… Like tell us the Paper Dragon is only around for 4 Days…or the Equinox is only around for 3… I helps with our priorities… Ugh…this dang game…I’m so tired of this crap. It’s used to be fun….

  59. Pamela Brandenburg says:

    Just wanted to let you know, Dragonvale, you have just losta very good customer! I have just deleted this game! I have spent quite a it of money on this Garmin the last year, but it’s riduculous that I cannot breed a simple gem dragon cause all you idiots want to throw me is a 48 hour limited dragon that I already have 2 of! So….you can take the game and stick it up your behind! I QUIT!!!!

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