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Have you heard of the Sakura dragon? Dragonvale Sakura dragon, together with the dragonvale dodoDragonvale Sakura Dragon dragon and Dragonvale steel dragon are the newest members to join the ever growing family of the dragonvale dragons. What do you know about the dragonvale sakura dragon? Do you know how to breed dragonvale sakura dragon? If you still have no information in relation to this dragon, you should not be worried for here, we present to you all you need to know about dragonvale sakura dragon.

Here are some dragonvale sakura dragon facts to start you off:

  • Dragonvale Sakura Dragon is available as from level seven of dragonvale game play. This means that should you be at the lower levels, there is no need troubling yourself with trying to breed the Sakura dragon.
  • It may interest you to also note that the incubation period for the Dragonvale Sakura Dragon is 10 hours. As such, should you get an egg with 10 hours incubation, then, viola! You have hit a Sakura Dragon!
  • The habitat for the dragonvale sakura dragon are either plant, earth or fire.
  • The positives for the Sakura Dragon are therefore either plant, fire or earth while the negatives are metal, air and cold.

Buying The Dragonvale Sakura Dragon

If for some reason you don’t wish to breed your own dragonvale sakura dragon and feel that it is better to buy one, then, you have to know that you will need three hundred dragonvale gems to purchase. However, while selling dragonvale sakura dragon, you will sell it off for five hundred thousand dragonvale coins.

How Do you breed the Dragonvale Sakura Dragon?

Breeding the dragonvale Sakura dragon will need you to have in place its habitat which has been mentioned above. After this, you may as well try out the following combinations for breeding sakura dragon in dragonvale:

  • Dragonvale Fire Dragon and Dragonvale Mos Dragon


Sakura Dragon Egg

The Dragonvale Sakura Dragon egg is brown in color with pink like flowers on its surface as shown in the illustration we have provided for you. When the egg hatches, you gain 30,00XP.

Do you know something about the Sakura Dragon that we dont know? Do you need help in breeding the sakura dragon? Are there some breeding combinations for the dragonvale sakura dragon that are missing from our list? If you have something more that you want to share about dragonvale sakura dragon, then, post it here and let the other dragonvale fans know. More to this, if you check back here for more information about this mobile game later on, you will find that we have updated our blog for you!


  1. Claudia says:

    I tried tree (lv.11) and flower (lv.11), breeding 10hrs… I hope it’s sakura…

  2. Tyler Reed says:

    why r people so stupid did you even read the damn description

  3. Lolol says:

    Lol chill Tyler. Add me for gem for gem I have dragon sai tree
    “N! Dubz”

  4. ~ash ley~ says:

    Flower & plant only gets you flower or poison according to Sandbox results…

  5. Paw Paw says:

    Breeding the new Sakura dragon may take several attemps. I have two Game Center ids and am up to lvls 21 and 23. Both ids have EBCs; so was able to make 4 attemps at a time… since last night I have breed 4 trees, 2 moss, 4 flower, and 4 poison dragons before finally getting a Sakura egg this morning. The pair that worked were Flower and Tree both level 7, on their third try. So far no luck with level 10s or 12s. I have only been playing this game for about 2 months; and my second id for about 6 weeks.

  6. Smurf*73 says:

    Lava also takes 10 hours to breed, so even it says the incubation time is 10 hours it doesn’t mean you have sakura dragon.

  7. Jrabbit022=D says:

    Just hatched my Sakura I did level 10 flower plus level 10 tree hope this helps and if u don’t believe. Me add me and check out my place.

  8. Bunkie G says:

    Wow, Tyler! Description gives one of the breeding possibilities as tree & flower. I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to breed moon & rainbow for months…I got my dodo & Sakura on my first tries…I was excited those two came out cuz my others haven’t been….
    Calm Down!

  9. Andrea says:

    I tryed to get a flower dragon but it turned out to be a poison dragon how does that make sence

  10. missmoomooo says:

    Does lava and plant work?

    • Crusherman96 says:

      no I tried it and I got another lava. Weird

      • Cartoondan123 says:

        It should work. Keep trying. Although you’ll will probably get a bunch of lavas in the process, all the different ways of breeding the Sakura yield long breeding/incubation times (mosses 12 hrs, trees 14, lava 10 ). However lava has the same time as Sakura (10 hours), so you won’t know if it’s lava or Sakura until its incubating

  11. Lp says:

    A plus b works

  12. KiwiPom says:

    Why do people ask “does this work”?
    My answer tryl like everyone else does

  13. Johnny5646 says:

    I got mine with a flower and tree as well, took a few tries though.

  14. Lesley says:

    I just got the Sakura dragon first try with flower and tree!!!

  15. Ben says:

    Got in while breeding flower15 with tree15 in EBC.

  16. Just got 10 hrs wait time on flower and tree. I only need dodo, sandstorm, and pan long. I keep trying but nothing is working for them kinda getting frustrated.

  17. Kirst. says:

    Add Me! I accept Everybody and Gem for Gem dailt(:

  18. Love2lol says:

    I want that dragon SO bad!!! There so cute!!! I’m going to try tree dragon and flower dragon. Hope it works. :)

  19. Namonam says:

    Flower lv 10 and Tree lv 10 .it actully work. I Got the sakura dragon at 1st try.

  20. Space-Clown says:

    Tried all the combos, numerous times, cave and breeding island but still can’t get this one :(

  21. GertieB66 says:

    Tried lvl 9 tree with lvl 9 flower and got a poison egg. Now tried same but flower then tree and have 10 hr breeding time. Keeping fingers crossed! Now if I could only get a rainbow…

  22. I tried flower and tree both lvl. 10 and got it second try.

  23. Daniel says:

    I’ve got every dragon apart from moon, frost fire and Sakura, steel, panlong and dodo plz help

  24. I tried tree and flower and got one after 5 tries. If anyone wants to add me on game center I have every single dragon except for the dodo ( including 2 moons, 1 sun, 3 rainbows, 2 pan longs, and every other breed). Add me as “SilverDragon ;) ” without the quotation marks :)

  25. My game center name is also the title of this comment ( in the green), and I can offer help to anyone for breeding advice.

  26. Drago-Yves says:

    Hi… i’m Lv.28 and after 6 – 8 times i tried to breed Tree & Flower.. no Sakura… okay, this time i need a lot more patience! Now i change the dragons… I do love DragonVale !! Hope for more Levels!!!

    • Dan says:

      Don’t change dragons! Stick with it. That combo should yield a Sakura out of eight tries. You change your dragons, you skew your results!

  27. Janel says:

    I want to add more ppl and I don’t know how ??

  28. I have been trying tree and flower and tree and fire a million times and no luck!!! Go on you if you got Sakura.

  29. MIKEY POWERS says:

    I’m waiting 10 hours with a lvl 10. Tree on the left and a lvl. 13 flower I better b a Sakura or else

  30. MIKEY POWERS says:

    I’m waiting 10 hours with a lvl 10. Tree on the left and a lvl. 13 flower

  31. Anon says:

    With whatever combination of dragons I use I keep getting a 14 hour waiting time

    • Dan says:

      You are unlucky. A tree should pop up no more than one in four tries. The developers used basic logic in the breeding results if you Track them. If you keep trying you should get one using any combo with plant, fire, and earth, but stick with the same two in the breeding cave repeatedly, otherwise you skew your results.

      I used flower and tree. My results were: Sixteen tries yielding: two Sakura, three tree, one moss, five poison, five flower, not in that order.

  32. KL0820 says:

    Flower 10 + tree 10, 10th try or something like that, finally got one, aiming for nr 2 now, keep on trying.

  33. Frenadp says:

    I had no luck with any combination,if you have anything besides tree+flower ples let me know

  34. Derek says:

    I just tried flower and tree and have an 10 hour wait, does that mean I got the dragon?! Add me dcabral19 I WILL send you gems daily if you send me one!!

  35. uj0a says:

    Someone please add me as a friend ill trade gem for gem everyday my game center nickname is on top in the color green

  36. xXBURTON714Xx says:

    Sakura and what will make Sakura again??? Add me XXBURTON714XX

  37. Jettagirl07 says:

    I keep getting a tree dragon w the flower and tree. 14hr incubation time. Gee thanks… >(

  38. I got mine second try but it was Flower (left) + tree ( right).. First one was lava and second was sakura.

  39. keely23 says:

    I’ve tried breeding fire+moss three times, flower+earth twice,poison+earth twice, and tree+fire once. All of them resulted in a lava! And I’m a level 18! Any suggestions?

    • Dan says:

      Stick with the same combo repeatedly. Don’t change breeding tactics. All of those combos you tried should one out of about eight tries.

      Also try flower and tree together. People seem to have the best luck with that.

  40. Aileen says:

    Both me and my friend have tried lvl 10 tree on left and lvl 10 flower on right and it worked both times

  41. Arrowslinger29 says:

    I breed fire and moss and get lava moss tree poison and flower every time!:-(

  42. Alibra 7 says:

    Umm, peps been tryn since I saw the news of the two new dragons i want Sakura so badly I’ve tried tree n flower and flower n tree both are lv10 and I’ve even made the flower a baby cuz someone posted not on this site but another thats how to get it. Why is it so hard, what else can be done

    • Dan says:

      Keep trying. Odds are about one in eight tries with a flower and tree. I bred that combo sixteen times to get my two Sakura.

    • conner says:

      moss&fire (ps usually takes 30 min. so its probibly a good choice

    • Alibra 7 says:

      Kay I’ve stopped switching The order and have stuck with plant n tree and now it’s my eighth try with one flower plant in the hatchery and another tree on the bloody way, what the, so far I’ve only gotten flower, poison, n tree multiple times but no Sakura. Why is it not working for me I’m a level 16 is that why?

  43. mrs.masse says:

    Just got a sakura dragon on my first try by using a lvl 10 flower and a level 10 tree!!

  44. Firefly says:

    i got it with lvl 10 tree and flower on EBI after 2 tries

  45. Mandy says:

    I just got a gem tree, anyone interested in friending me so we can share gems? If so my game center name is **7Mandy7**

  46. Lava has the same breeding time as Sakura (10 hours), so you won’t know if it’s lava or Sakura until its incubating by looking at its egg.

  47. Daina says:

    For a Sakura is the time for the dragons to finish breeding 14 hours?? I tried level 10 tree and level 10 flower and i hope it works!! This is my second try!!

  48. Sam says:

    Dude Ben it’s ebi epic breeding island not epic breeding cave

  49. DragonXKS says:

    I bred lvl 10 flower and lvl 10 tree about 7 times on the ebi then i got it.

  50. Person says:

    Got it on first try at the epic breeding cave :) flower lvl 9 and tree lvl 9

  51. choam68 says:

    Just tried tree and flower, and got a lava dragon! WTF?!

  52. Evilspinner says:

    Tree and flower works, as with everything in Dragonvale need to be patient with possible other dragons hatching than the one you want.

  53. Derek says:

    Having NO luck with flower and tree! How many times do I need to do this?! How do I get a dodo dragon too?!

  54. truerocket says:

    I got sakura first two tries in a row with EBI
    tree (lv12) left
    flower (lv 12) right
    both times were with baby dragons from FoY don’t know if that really makes a difference.

  55. Soph says:

    Got a Sakura using a lvl 10 flower dragon and a lvl 10 tree dragon first time on breeding island. Lolz

  56. Anthony says:

    If I get 15 gems a day I can get an epic breeding soon so add me


  57. Anthony says:

    April 24, 2012 at 10:36 pm
    If I get 15 gems a day I can get an epic breeding soon so add me

  58. Gerald says:

    I tried breeding a Sakura dragon with tree and flower but the bar that shows up after, that tells us when it’s gonna be finished , didn’t show up. What am I supposed to do?

  59. Corrie says:

    What are the chances of it being a lava if you put tree left and flower right?

  60. Sharpshot66 says:

    I have 12 hours is it a Sakura

  61. kat says:

    i did tree (left) and flower(right)
    10 hours breeding time
    soooo hope its sakura!!

  62. kat says:

    its not
    sakura is 10 hours breeding time

  63. Lou says:

    Willow and Earth will not work for me, neither will flower or tree! I want dodo and Sakura sooo bad, and I never got bloom, either! I’m having really bad luck. Good luck!

  64. Derek says:

    7 times with flower and tree….all lava

  65. Fish says:

    You can also breed the Sakura dragon with level 10 lava and level 10 plant dragons. The dragon is soooo cool!!!!! The breeding must take place in the breeding cave.

  66. Jirath A. says:

    The breeding Sakura dragon is very difficult. I try more than 10 times. But I had the bloom dragon.

  67. Chen says:

    I have done tree flower and no result

  68. People says:

    I know how to get the dodo dragon

    (in that EXACT order!)

  69. Pinkiespongy says:

    I finally got my 16 hours wait with the combination of Earth + Fog. I hope its Dodo. I tried earth+ chrome for like 30 times and i got est 38millions gold from selling the iron dragon and no success. And then i tried earth+ fog, i got it on the first try on regular breeding cave. Just got my sakura after 50 times though. Keep sticking with flower and tree, u will get it someday, keep intercharging the order. All of my friends and i got sakura on epic breeding cave. It only works there, i guess!

  70. chelsie says:

    got one twice in a row with tree and flower both level 15 just keep trying this dragon is worth it :)

  71. Ricsi9 says:

    Please add me as your friend to help each other giving gems! :)

  72. Julia says:

    does clover and fire work after a while?

    • ~Darkling~ says:

      In theory they should produce a Sakura dragon, but I haven’t heard if anyone has successfully bred a Sakura with fire and clover. I bred my two Sakura dragons with the tree and flower combination.

  73. Lisa says:

    I have tried all of the combinations multiple times in various orders but with no success. Any advice?

  74. Mr. Semtex says:

    i forgot the last time i was on my game. i bet i got like 100 gems ready 4 use. still i wont use them

  75. Anthony says:

    This is crazy hard , I just finished my 22 time with Tree and Flower. Yes 22! Then I also did a few Tree and Lave , maybe 5 times. Now I’m just starting Tree and Poison. I have never wanted a dragon this much , we have two adult Cherry Blossom tree in the back yard and for as long as I can remember they have always been there every spring , grew up with them and love them dearly , now to have a Sakura dragon is just awesome! But can’t get it :/ , I’m level 22 , gosh :(

  76. Hanae says:

    Tried Flower and Moss, result: 2 tries, 2 Sakura Dragons

  77. Bryan Tee says:

    I breed Sakura dragon in 10 hour.i breed in tree dragon and flower dragon 4 times.it got 10 hour.now I breed now.find your answer.

  78. Hethurbee says:

    My dragonvale app won’t load. Any suggestions on how to make it
    Load? Was working fine this morning

  79. I’m looking for people with jail broken I pods or any one to send me jems

  80. Sammy says:

    The breeding time is about 30 mins – then 10hrs for the actual hatching time!!!

  81. Che-Pau says:

    I’m level 20 and still haven’t got Sakura. Hopefully it will happen soon. I’m looking for friends to share gems with, so please add me as Che-Pau

  82. Anon says:

    Ive tried for weeks now to get this dragon with every conceivable combination and I have yet to get this dragon I am lvl 23 all dragons lvl 10 with both the breeding cave and the epic breeding island and NO luck

  83. Spark says:

    I have about 6 Sakura Dragons. :)

  84. Peter says:

    Puse el Sakura Dragon en la Breeding Cave para hacerse, pero pone que para que llegue a la incubadora le queda media hora, así que esa combinación no es, pero así SIEMPRE!
    Por favor ayúdenme necesito la combinación para un Sakura Dragon urgente!

  85. J says:

    If I have a sakura dragon then what is the best thing to breed it with to get another one…flower?

  86. Dragon says:

    Flower and Tree

  87. erin says:

    i got it with flower and tree in the epic breeding island :)

  88. Paul says:

    I just got it on the second attempt. Flower/Tree. The first attempt got me a Poison Dragon which is only a 30 minute incubation period. So I’m thinking. Flower/Tree is a good way to go.

  89. Sivert says:

    I tried flower lvl 15 and tree lvl10 now i have an brown egg whit some flowers on. I made it at first try on epic breeding island;)

  90. Lola says:

    At least one of ur dragons has to be level 11 and over

  91. Sakura + Flower = 12 hr egg I’ll let you know when it incubates out of gems :(

  92. Samantha says:

    Im trying tree and fire wish me luck!!!

  93. Javsos says:

    Wow I just get my Sakura, tree and flower on the epic Island on second try

  94. George says:

    I think breeding the Sakura dragon is impossible because I’ve tried probably every combination mentioned and still haven’t got 1 yet wat do I do

  95. secretman says:

    Lv10 tree on left and Lv10 flower on right worked 1st and 2nd try.

  96. Griffin says:

    I sill cant get it ive tried to get it atleast 40-50 times after it came out screw

  97. M€lon says:

    I bred fire dragon (left) and moss dragon (right) got it first try

  98. Madcherry says:

    Im breeding flower and miss wish me luck it’s 10 hrs but this is like my seventh try an I always end up getting lava and tomorrow is the last day!

  99. Mack says:

    I have tried so hard and it leaves tomarrow… Please help :(

  100. Taz says:

    Took me alot of goes, but i got Sakura by breeding level 10 flower with Level 10 tree on the epic breeding island. Keep trying the same combo over and over. Your bound to get it eventually, if you don’t run out of time first.

  101. ryan says:

    had 200 gems used them all to try and get try and get the sakura dragon before time expired. i keep getting tree dragons each time no what the combination was.

  102. Nonna2k says:

    I kept breeding tree with fire in the epic breeding island and finally got my Sakura yesterday. I think if you keep trying with the limited time dragons repeatedly, you will always get it before the deadline. Thus has happened to me with the leap year, bloom, and now sakura. You just have to be patient & repeat, repeat, rrpeat.

  103. Jlynn says:

    used all my gems cleaning up messes trying to get Sakura. Was it worth it, no. I still don’t have her. Oh well. Work on the next dragon special.

  104. add me my name is

  105. Fizzy says:

    Still trying to get it after trying through day and night to get this thing since release. I have has no luck. Hell at this rate I would have had my 50 plant dragons by now but I kept selling. They need to bump the algorithm to pop after so many tries.

  106. Sprocket07 says:

    I’ve tried Flower + Tree SO MANY TIMES. TT___TT And today’s the last day for the Sakura dragon, too. I’ve spent all my gems, and still no luck.

  107. Madcherry says:

    Exactly like me. Spent all my around 100 gems to get Sakura and still no luck… Somebody tell the developers to make us gamers luckier. Our Luck rating for Dragonvale is

  108. Been trying like mad for this Sakura. Then breed the wrong combo and end up with a rainbow. It’s all been very unpredictable for me so far. But I won’t complain about receiving a rainbow

  109. Derek says:

    Gem for a gem! Add me dcabral19

  110. Diego says:

    I’m trying tree+fire= 14 hours in normal breeding cave. Is it gonna work to get sakura???

  111. Woyem says:

    Add me Woyem I got gift tree

  112. Damian says:

    I tried several times to get. This dragon but wouldn’t come out
    I used tree + flower

  113. Faze_Dragon says:

    I have been trying for about 6 days now. I still haven’t gotten it. Any suggestions?

  114. Gamerfreak says:

    Hey do you think plant and obsidian would work plz add me on Game Center my name is %gamerfreak%

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