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Dragonvale copper dragon has been released and the first question that the many dragonvale fans out there dragonvale copper dragonwant answered is, “How do you breed the new dragonvale copper dragon?”. There may be much to be said about this new dragonvale dragon. However, before we even look into breeding the dragonvale copper dragon, here are some basic features of the Copper dragon that you will have to know:

  • Copper Dragon habitats

The habitats for the dragonvale copper dragon are two and they are the lightning habitat with the  metal habitat. This is because the copper dragon element consists of lighting element and metal element.

  • Dragonvale Copper Dragon Incubation Period

The Incubation period for the copper dragon is 20hours. As such, should you get a dragon that has a 20 hours incubation period, then, you should know that you have most likely landed yourself on the dragonvale copper dragon.

  • Dragonvale Copper Dragon Breeding

Breeding the copper dragon is not such a difficult task. here, we present to you the best breeding combinations for the dragonvale copper dragon as per the experiments carried out by our huge base of dragonvale fans. As such, the best working breeding combinations for the dragonvale copper dragon are:

- Dragonvale Cactus Dragon and Dragonvale metal dragon

- Dragonvale Metal Dragon and Dragonvale Lightning Dragon

-Dragonvale firefly dragon and Dragonvale metal dragon

- Dragonvale Metal Dragon and Dragonvale Sonic Dragon

- Dragonvale Bloom Dragon and Dragonvale Brass Dragon

The dragonvale copper dragon breeding can take place either in the epic breeding cave or the normal breeding cave.

  • Buying the dragonvale copper dragon

Sometimes, you dont know how to breed the dragonvale copper dragon and feel that you should instead buy your copper dragon. If you decide to buy the dragonvale copper dragon, then, you have to know that the copper dragon in dragonvale will cost you 750 dragonvale gems.

  • Dragonvale copper dragon Egg

Do you know how the dragonvale copper dragon egg looks like? If you do not know, then, by description, the egg for the copper dragon is plain white in color and somehow shiny

The dragonvale copper dragon breeding is not complicated and you will easily get it from the above mentioned combinations. Do you know any other combinations for breeding the dragonvale copper dragon? If you do know of the other ways of getting this dragonvale dragon, then, be kind enough to share your knowledge with the rest of the dragonvale fans. Otherwise please come back frequently for more updates on this mobile game.


  1. Got it with magnetic & lightning 1st try on ebi
    Add us gem for gem, we take a screenshot of who gave us a gem and delete it after returning the favor
    GC names:

  2. Jrod2k88 says:

    I just got two copper dragons at the same time! I breeded a cactus and metal on the epic breeding island and on the second bloom and brass and both got 20 hours!!! Add me Jrod2k88

    • jayden whittaker says:

      Dream Killer email jkfwhittaker@gmail.com please add me daily player always send gems.
      emerald dragon: crystal on left, lichen on right. in the breeding island helps. also higher levels dragons help. It does work and also good chance of getting a 48hrs breeding time. sun, moon or rainbow.

      Copper dragon – Metal (left) Lightening (right) 20hrs breeding.

      Good luck.

  3. Lvl 10 lightning then lvl 10 metal on cave first try

    • eomer123 says:

      I tried to get the gold dragon but got a copper dragon.
      I used a chrome dragon and a scorch dragon.
      They were both level 10.

  4. RabbitAqui says:

    I’m trying Metal & Linghting! And I’m going end up w/ a Copper Dragon! On my frist try woohoo

  5. polo says:

    me too. i did magnetic and lightning and it worked first try!!

  6. Sarah says:

    I breeded the Sonic dragon (Lvl 8) and the Metal dragon (Lvl 7) and I got a 20 hour wait.

  7. designprefix says:

    It’s really nice & helpful article, i’m share this post to with my friends. thanks a lot

  8. DragonXKS says:

    I bred cactus(10) with metal(10) on EBI 1 time and got the copper dragon.

  9. An says:

    who want to have all edition limited dragon ,ask me in coptrangdethuong1998@gmail.com

  10. An says:

    Sorry it coptrangdethuong1998@yahoo.com i will online in10 a.m and 4p.m i will hack gem,gold and treats for who want to have. My add game center is and ansuper 48

  11. janice says:

    i am getting a new ipod. will i have to start dragonvale over or is it saved on gamecenter?

  12. Caroline thomas says:

    I got mine from Water (left) and Lightning (right). On my 7th attempt. I was trying to get Current or Plasma. But got 20 hours instead. In the Basic Breeding Cave. I can not get Current or Plasma for the life of me. *sigh*

  13. Major player says:

    Lol I got it with lvl 7 on first try the same thing happens with all my dragonvale dragons

  14. Sumer says:

    I just breed my lvl 10 Lightning with my Level 10 Rust in normal breeding cave. I got a 20 hour breed time. I was trying for a plasma but i will certainly take it.

  15. Sharonmmarr says:

    The egg color I got for Copper was purple with a blue lightning strike on it.

  16. Sylvia says:

    Does anyone know how to get the forge dragon?

  17. Answer man says:

    I got it by breeding magnetic and willow

  18. AwesomeGirl says:

    Do you have to get an update to aquire the copper dragon?

  19. Shdw graf says:

    I just got a copper by breeding a butterfly and a chrome

  20. Leah says:

    I got the Copper dragon by breeding Chrome and Scorch. Also you can get a Forge dragon with that same exact combination twice!

  21. confedential says:

    can u breed it even when the time has passed.

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